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If you’ve ever wondered what the Naruto Shippūden filler chapters are, or where you can find a list of all the Naruto filler episodes, look no further. Do you want to skip the Naruto and Naruto Shippūden filler to go straight to the important stuff? We help you!

If you have already finished watching Naruto Shippuden, here you will also find a guide to watch Boruto without filler . If what you need is a guide with the Naruto sagas and his arcs, here you have it.

If the anime series Naruto is known for something , and its direct continuation, Naruto Shippūden , it is for the number of chapters it has. The anime series, made by the Pierrot studio , is based on the manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto . The plot focuses on Naruto Uzumaki , a teenage ninja who is disowned by the other inhabitants of the Hidden Leaf Village because the demon known as the Nine-Tailed Fox is sealed inside him . Will Naruto be able to become the best ninja?