22 animes dubbed into Latin Spanish that you can’t miss

Many of us, anime fans, had our first approach to the genre with series dubbed into our language. And maybe we still have preference when it’s not a day to read subtitles. For this reason, in this list we wanted to recall some classics that we saw dubbed on channels like Cartoon Network and Animax, or on national television. In addition, we will mention those new promises that are worthwhile and that you may not have known were available in Latin Spanish.

Note: The dubs mentioned are the originals broadcast on television, since they were the ones that made the series recognized. We will not take into account the “redubs” that Funimation is currently doing, which do not have the participation of the entire original cast.

Tokyo Revengers (2021)

11 - Best Dubbed Anime - Tokyo Avengers

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Crunchyroll

The most famous series of 2021, Tokyo Revengers has many elements that attract. Its main story deals with time travel, but it’s also very much into the world of biker gangs that were very popular in late 1980s Japan.

The main plot follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old man who feels he has hit rock bottom. His best time was in high school, when he had his first and only girlfriend, and when he had a group of very good and loyal friends. That same day, he finds out on his local news that Hinata Tachibana, his first girlfriend, had been murdered by a biker gang.

After trying to make sense of such a tragedy, Takemichi finds himself deep in thought when he falls onto the subway tracks. In that instant, he believes that his life is flashing before his eyes, as he is reliving a very familiar scene from his past 12 years ago. But when he finally connects the dots, he realizes that he just traveled back in time.

After reliving that moment, he convinces himself that he must save Hinata, no matter what it takes.

Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)

22 - Best Dubbed Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Enzo Fortuny (Yuji Itadori)
Available on: Crunchyroll

Juuji Itadori has a bit of an interest in the paranormal, and his friends from the occult club are much more enthusiastic than he is. One day, one of his classmates shows up with a real cursed object and, by opening it, unleashes a dangerous presence in the school.

After these events, Yuuji’s life will change completely when he swallows the cursed object and discovers the true power behind it.

It turns out that what he has inside now is the spirit of Ryomen Sukuna, one of the most fearsome demons in history. This gives him superhuman power that is difficult to control. But now Juuji is valuable, and he will have to enter the school of sorcerers if he hopes to survive and control the presence of a hellish being like Sukuna.

Kimetsu No Yaiba (2019)

9 - Best Dubbed Anime - Kimetsu No Yaiba

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Funimation, Crunchyroll

The most outstanding series of 2019. Also known as Demon Slayer, in Kimetsu No Yaiba we meet Tanjiro Kamado, the eldest of his brothers. His family works selling charcoal, and one day he is trapped away from home by a snowstorm. After hearing the omen that a storm like that could attract demons, Tanjiro rushes over to his house.

Upon arrival, he finds his biggest nightmare. Her entire family has been murdered in cold blood by a demon, and only one survivor remains, her sister Nezuko. She is on the verge of transforming into a demon, and she attacks him without thinking. Tanjiro refuses to hurt her, and after much effort, a demon hunter intervenes.

The young man is Giyu Tomioka, a high-ranking hunter who acknowledges that Nezuko seems to know who his brother is and that the young woman is reluctant to harm him. Thanks to this, the swordsman advises Tanjiro to become a hunter. This will give him access to information that could transform his sister into a human.

Dragon Ball (1986)

1 - Best Dubbed Animes - Dragon Ball

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Mario Castañeda (Goku), René García (Vegeta)

Dragon Ball , follows a small Son Goku, who meets a young girl named Bulma. She is searching for the magical contraptions known as the Dragon Balls, and directly came across the boy.

Goku already has one in his possession, and refuses to give it up, so they form a partnership to continue the journey. In the process, they will be joined by multiple characters, and Goku will have to learn how to improve his martial arts as an important tournament approaches.

Dragon Ball is an indisputable classic in all its presentations. In its multiple seasons we could appreciate an excellent dubbing job, and the voice of Mario Castañeda gave the character immediate credibility, which contrasted with his sweet and innocent disposition. It was broadcast in Latin America through the Cartoon Network cable network.

Naruto (2007)

2 - Best Dubbed Animes - Naruto

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Isabel Martiñón (Naruto), Víctor Ugarte (Sasuke)
Available on: Netflix, Crunchyroll

Naruto, another anime that can be called a timeless classic, follows the story of a young outcast. Naruto Uzumaki is a young orphan who dreams of showing everyone what he is capable of. His dream is to become the most important ninja in the village, the hokage, a very important political figure.

Despite feeling lonely, Naruto grows up as a happy-go-lucky young man who spends his time making pranks and pranks. Eventually, he enters the school to become a ninja, and thanks to one such prank, he manages to make a good impression.

When he meets his teacher and the team of students that will accompany him for the rest of the course, he is motivated by a rival. And not only loving, but also as an excellent student with a valuable lineage. This is Sasuke Uchiha, a lonely young man who doesn’t seem to get along with anyone, but the friendship he establishes with Naruto will mark them both forever.

The original edition of the dubbing was broadcast by Cartoon Network for Latin America, and both seasons were in charge of the same studio. The same interpreters were called for Latin American editions of the franchise’s video games.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

4 - Best Dubbed Animes - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Victor Ugarte (Shinji)

Neon Genesis Evangelion is responsible for popularizing the mecha genre in the 90s. Acclaimed by critics and fans alike, Evangelion set the tone and inclined anime creators to focus on plots much richer in human and philosophical content. It is one of the most important series of its generation.

It follows a 14-year-old teenager named Shinji Ikari. The young man, after reconnecting with his cold and absent father, is forced by him to pilot a robot that will be used to fight against “alien” invaders that threaten humanity. These beings, called angels, are vulnerable to the weapons created by NERV to combat them, the Eva, robots armed with specialized technology.

Soon, Shinji will discover that he is not the only viable pilot of these robots. The more he knows the other pilots, the more he is overwhelmed by the weight of saving humanity.

Cowboy Bebop (1998)

5 - Best Dubbed Animes - Cowboy Bebop

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Genaro Vásquez (Spike) Alfonso Ramírez (Jet Black)

This futuristic series with elements of science fiction mixed with western is one of those unmissable gems. Cowboy Bebop takes place in the year 2071 and follows the adventures of the crew in charge of the Bebop ship, who are bounty hunters.

In the story we meet Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, crewmates who travel throughout the solar system. They look for cases to solve to earn monetary rewards. They will eventually be joined by three colorful new characters, Faye Valentine, a femme fatale , Ed, a hacker, and Ein, a Corgi dog.

Fruits Basket (2019)

20 - Best Dubbed Animes - Fruits Basket

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Funimation

Tohru Honda is a young woman who has always treasured her relationship with her mother. Now that she has been orphaned, she uses her teachings as inspiration, and one of them is to try not to bother anyone with her problems. This makes her decide to move to a tent when the family that is taking her in asks her to find a place to stay for renovations.

However, this is short-lived, as during a torrential rain, their tent is destroyed, and Tohru feels humiliated when the one who reaches out to her is a classmate. But not just anyone, but rather the most popular prince in the school: Yuki Sohma. He, along with her cousin, offer her lodging in exchange for domestic work, and Tohru accepts happily because she feels useful.

Eventually, Tohru will discover the terrible secret that keeps the Sohma family away from other people: a curse that makes them turn into animals of the Chinese zodiac when hugged by someone of the opposite sex. And Tohru, in all her simplicity, could be the key to getting them out of the jam.

Card Captor Sakura (1998)

6 - Best Dubbed Anime - Card Captor Sakura

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Cristina Hernández (Sakura), Yamil Atala (Kerberos), Enzo Fortuny (Yukito)

Many young people from the generation of 90-2000 entered the world of anime thanks to this series. Sakura is a lovable heroine who is very easy to love, and the series also deals with themes like filial love, loyalty between friends, and romance in a very respectful and cute way.

Sakura Kinomoto is a 9-year-old girl whose only concern is learning how to get up early to go to school. Her brother sometimes gets on her nerves, and her father takes good care of them despite having a lot of work. Being an anthropologist and university professor, she has an extensive library which she does not have enough time to take care of.

One day, Sakura decides to help him clean the library, and being alone at home, she trips over a curious book that gives off a kind of halo of light. Opening it, she finds cards that she thinks may be tarot, and reads one out loud.

When this happens, the cards shoot out. Shortly after, the guardian of said cards tells him that he has caused a disaster, and he will have to become Card Captor to help him restore order, and return the magic cards to his original seal.

86: Eighty-Six (2021)

12 - Best Dubbed Anime - 86 Eighty-Six

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Crunchyroll

Another of the hidden treasures of spring 2020, 86 is based on a series of light novels. The story takes place in a distant future where humanity has been divided into empires.

The Republic of Saint Magnolia has been fighting the Giad Empire for nine years. The Republic has suffered many losses at the hands of the Empire’s automated drones, called Legions, and have developed their own units, which are led by a commissioner.

Although the public believes that the war is being fought between machines, the reality is different, much darker. Republic units are piloted by the outcast group called the 86. This is the lowest rung of Saint Magnolia, victims of racial discrimination and treated as second-class citizens.

Beastars (2019)

14 - Best Dubbed Anime - Beastars

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Netflix

In a civilized society where anthropomorphic animals live, the dynamics of carnivores vs. herbivores must change for the common good. The story created by Paru Itagaki is a fantasy drama that explores an unusual couple dynamic between a wolf who falls in love with a rabbit.

Legoshi is a gray wolf who appears intimidating, but actually has a heart of gold and a kind disposition. However, much more is expected of him because of his appearance and his status as a carnivore, and Legoshi doesn’t know how to fulfill these expectations. When he meets Haru, a white rabbit who immediately catches his eye, he feels her instincts take over.

This begins to change him in fundamental ways, when he also strikes up a friendship with Louis, the most popular herbivore in school. Louis constantly challenges him, and because the deer is also seeking a relationship with Haru, Legoshi lists him as his prized rival.

Slayers (1995)

7 - Best Dubbed Animes - Slayers

Country of dubbing: Venezuela
Featured actors: Jhaidy Barboza (Rina)

Rina Inverse is a powerful and greedy sorceress who travels the world stealing treasure from bandits she meets. Rina is very capable, and one day, during a confrontation, an idiot nobleman mistakes her for a damsel in distress, and “saves” her from bandits. Even though she could handle the whole thing on her own, her attention doesn’t hurt.

The problem begins when, among his new treasures, he finds a powerful magical artifact, which will gradually bring several bandits and thieves closer to his path. Rina will have a protector, but she is unaware that the future of humanity could be at stake.

Darling in the Franxx (2018)

19 - Best Dubbed Anime - Darling in the Franxx

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Funimation

Studio Trigger makes the best mecha anime, and Darling in the Fraxx mixes elements of Gurren Lagann with a heartwarming romance. This original story follows humanity in a distant future where the race is nearly extinct, thanks to giant beasts called Klaxosaurs.

The survivors have moved to safe areas with massive fortresses called Plantations. And the children who have grown up in this environment will be trained to control robots called the FranXX, the only weapons capable of defeating the monsters. In addition, they have to do it in pairs of boys with girls.

This is how we meet Hiro, who lost all his confidence after failing the pilot’s exam. When he skips his graduation, he hooks up with a young woman who introduces herself with her code: Zero Two, the infamous pilot known as “the couple killer.” Before they can digest the information, they have a seizure, and Zero Two leaves to fight, but she discovers that her partner is dead. She offers Hiro the job, and together, they take him down without much trouble. Now Hiro is a pilot, which he wanted so badly, but at what cost?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

8 - Best Dubbed Anime - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Country of dubbing: Venezuela
Featured actors: José Manuel Vieira (Edward), Jhonny Torres (Alphonse)

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who are fascinated by the art of alchemy, and are very good at it. Being children of an absent father, her connection with her mother is very special, and they use alchemy to help her in any way they can. But when her mother falls ill, there’s not much they can do, and eventually, the woman passes away.

Devastated by her loss, they decide to commit alchemy’s greatest taboo: trying to bring her back. This brings them serious consequences, where Alphonse loses his entire body and Edward loses a leg. The young man, desperate to save his brother, hands over his right arm to retrieve his brother’s soul, and transmutes it into metal armor.

This deeply traumatic event molds them into two highly calculating and intelligent young men, and introduces them to the other side of alchemy.

After gaining fame for their curious appearance, the Elric brothers join the military. This, to gain insider information on the only item that could restore Alphonse to his body: the Philosopher’s Stone. The series was broadcast in Latin America through Animax and featured a Venezuelan dubbing that launched Jhonny Torres and José Manuel Vieira to fame.

Sword Art Online (2012)

10 - Best Dubbed Anime - Sword Art Online

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Funimation

One of the biggest isekai in recent years, SAO transports its protagonists to a world inside a video game. When the new MMO game called Sword Art Online comes out, it comes with the cutting edge technology called “NerveGear”. This allows your players to control their avatars with their thoughts.

At this time we meet Kirito (real name Kazuto Kirigaya), one of the privileged few who managed to buy the first edition of the game. When he enters, he knows the elaborate world of Aincrad, completely medieval. But he will soon discover that not everything is so idyllic, since the game developer does not allow them to leave it.

If you intend to get out of this hell, you will have to agree with other expert players, since the only way to achieve it is by completing one hundred levels of the game.

Hellsing (2001)

13 - Best Dubbed Animes - Hellsing

Country of dubbing: Venezuela
Featured actors: José Manuel Vieira (Alucard)

This version of Hellsing is not the most optimal to follow the story, but it is the only dubbed version of the series. Unfortunately, much of this anime deviates from the original ending by preempting the release of the manga, which was still in print at the time of its premiere.

The anime follows an organization called Hellsing, which is tasked with dealing with supernatural threats. This organization must deal with a vampire threat that is terrorizing the small town of Cheddar, and Integra Fairbrook, the president of Hellsing, calls on her best weapon to take on the task.

His weapon is Alucard, a vampire who works to eliminate his own kind. However, during the altercation, he ends up injuring a young policewoman, Victoria Seras, who he gives her the choice to die, or live as her fellow vampire. The young woman agrees to be transformed, and together, they will work on other commissions for Hellsing. But Victoria first has to learn to control her new impulses.

Noragami (2014)

3 - Best Dubbed Animes - Noragami

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Funimation

Yato is a very, very underrated god. He finds his status as a minor god humiliating, and he goes to great lengths to make an impression on potential “followers” of him to remain in his memories and offer him prayers. This changes a bit, however, when he meets Hiyori Iki.

This young, ordinary student saves Yato from being run over by a truck. In the process, Hiyori’s soul separates from her body, transforming her into a han’yo, a being on the brink of the spirit world and the human world. Her only connection to the spirit world is Yato, so she decides to accompany him on his journey to gain fame and recognition.

Eventually Yato, who had been abandoned by his ancient sacred treasure (which serves as a weapon), meets up with Yukine. Yukine has the form of a wandering soul and the mind of a teenager, as he passed away very young. She will soon become Yato’s sacred treasure and it will be his job to protect both him and Hiyori.

InuYasha (2000)

15 - Best Dubbed Anime - InuYasha

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Enzo Fortuny (InuYasha)

Kagome Higurashi is a young woman with an ordinary life. She is studying in high school, and despite not having a very clear future for her, her family supports her and loves her very much. The Higurashi are in charge of an ancient well and a temple, and Kagome, one day, feels a call from the well.

Once there, he falls into the structure, to discover that it was transported back to ancient times, during the feudal wars. In this new scenario, she runs into a person with animal features who treats her with contempt and refuses to call her by her name, instead calling her Kikyo.

Eventually, Kagome discovers that she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a powerful priestess tasked with protecting an ancient jewel that gives yokai powers. And InuYasha, her new “friend”, wants to get the pearl to transform into a full demon.

The Knights of the Zodiac (1986)

16 - Best Dubbed Anime - The Knights of the Zodiac

Country of dubbing: Mexico
Featured actors: Jesús Barrero (Seiya)

Another classic anime that became very famous in Latin America when it premiered thanks to its plot, quality and dubbing. The original series has 114 episodes and has multiple OVAs that continue the story. Saint Seiya , as it is also known, follows a group of young men called “saints” or “knights”, who must defend the Greek goddess, Athena.

Seiya is the protagonist of the story, and he is an orphan boy who is selected to participate in the galactic tournament along with other young people. The prize of this tournament is that the finalists will be selected as the bronze knights, destined to protect Saori Kido, the reincarnation of Athena.

Bleach (2004)

17 - Best Dubbed Animes - Bleach

Dubbing Country: Mexico
Featured Actors: Eduardo Garza (Ichigo), Liliana Barba (Rukia), Victor Ugarte (Uryu)

Part of the most recognized anime of its generation and a member of the Big 3, Bleach received rave reviews upon its release. Unfortunately the end of the manga and the anime differ greatly and as such, the series is considered unfinished because it did not wait for the manga to give it closure. However, he is much loved by fans.

The series follows a young teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki, who lives his life without realizing that the world is connected to spirits. This blissful ignorance ends when he has an encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami who is trying to defend her family from an evil spirit that wants to attack them.

After Ichigo and Rukia’s encounter, the girl loses her powers, forcing Ichigo to cover her work for her. When she realizes the young man’s potential, she offers him a permanent position as a shinigami, but she must first train him.

Mob Psycho 100 (2016)

21 - Best Dubbed Anime - Mob Psycho 100

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Crunchyroll

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is a young man who is aware that he has special powers. His psychokinetic powers are very powerful, and he’s learned this the hard way: when he gets too excited about something, things get out of control and someone ends up getting hurt.

Because of this, Mob has decided to hide his powers and leave them as if they were simple magic tricks to impress his companions. But one day she meets Reigen, a man who claims to have powers, like him, and who will teach her to control them little by little. However, Reigen is a con artist, and not everything he has told Mob is true.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (2020)

23 - Best Dubbed Animes - Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Dubbing country: Mexico
Available on: Crunchyroll

All anime fans have wondered what the process is to create it, and the trio of protagonists in this story will go one step further. Midori Asakusa is a girl who sees the world differently, and lives drawing with her notebook on her nose. Her imagination is free and creative, and it is this explosive combination of hers that leads her to dream of being an animator for television series.

She and her best friend, Sayaka, are complete opposites, with Sayaka being the one tasked with bringing Midori back to reality. But when the two accidentally run into model Tsubame Misuzaki, who is obsessed with illustrating the human form, Sayaka sees an opportunity.

Now, the three of them are part of the school’s animation group, and thus begins the wonderful journey of creativity behind seeing the world with innocent eyes full of passion.