4 Overwhelming Reasons Why Vegeta Is Better Than Goku

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball , it is impossible not to like Goku! But it is undeniable that the best moments of the anime have been given to us by Vegeta.

Vegeta is not the hero of the series and he doesn’t need to be either. And that’s just one of the reasons that makes him a fantastic character.

At the risk of being attacked for it (kamehameha!), we list our reasons for considering Vegeta better than Goku.

1. He has royal blood from the Saiyans


Vegeta belongs to the alien Saiyan race , a people known for their brutality and thirst for conquest. They were feared for many years until a terrible mass genocide destroyed their population. Only a few survived, among whom was Vegeta.

Vegeta is the eldest son of King Vegeta, which makes him part of royalty, specifically Prince of the Saiyans.

2. From Villain to Ally: A Thrilling Transformation Story

Goku may be the hero of Dragon Ball , but even the biggest fans admit that his story and personality have evolved little in all these years.

Vegeta is another story. His narrative arc is classic: a terrible villain who undergoes several attitude changes, progressively becoming an ally. When Vegeta first appeared in Dragon Ball , very few could have imagined that he would become a family man. And even less so that he would marry a human, a race that he deeply despised at first.

Currently, Vegeta is a hero and seeks to always do what is best for everyone. He put aside his extreme individuality and allows himself to love his family and his friends.

Vegeta’s transformations make him a very interesting character, with a story of growth and redemption that makes him more realistic to the audience than Goku himself.

3. His dedication to training is absolute


Vegeta trained throughout his life to be the strongest and achieve his goals. Contrary to Goku, he is the typical example of an “accidental hero” who gets everything right without too much effort.

Our favorite anti-hero was an elite warrior dedicated to daily training since he was a child and was still defeated by Goku. But that warrior spirit dedicated to his cause makes him an example to follow, unlike someone who was born to be a hero due to some higher will that determined his destiny.

4. Charismatic personality


Vegeta has a charismatic personality, despite being often cold, distant and arrogant. The truth is that he has become a fan favorite due to his bitter and sorrowful character, typical of an anti-hero.

Vegeta’s coldness and aggressiveness are easily explained if we look back at his origin and past. His race and his planet were destroyed by the dictator Frieza, which explains much of his anger and hatred. Being the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta naturally has a sense of superiority over everyone.

Curiously, all that arrogance and serious attitude often generates humorous situations accidentally, and thus we can enjoy countless comic moments caused by him inadvertently in the series.

Today, Vegeta is still one of the most intelligent characters in the series, but with a more laid-back attitude, even smiling and cracking jokes, something that would never be expected of him before.