All About Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru Characters

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru which is also known as My Dress-Up Darling , began as a manga series published in the seinen magazine Young Gangan. In 2022 it was adapted into a 12-episode anime. Since then, Marin Kitagawa has been crowned waifu of the year.

In this article we will explore a little more about the most captivating girl in Sono Bisque Doll. In addition, we will also talk a little about the other characters that make this series so entertaining.

Marin Kitagawa

1 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Marin Kitagawa

Age: 15 years
Birthday: March 5
Height: 1.64m

Marin is the main protagonist of the series. Although she is the protagonist of her, the series is not set from her point of view, but that of her male counterpart: Wakana Gojo. Marin is an attractive and popular young woman whose style closely resembles the urban gyaru tribe. As a gyaru, Marin takes great care of her appearance, she is always wearing makeup and wears long, false nails and colored contact lenses.

The girl works as a model to pay for her lifestyle, which we soon discover is that of a lost otaku . Her hobby, however, leans more towards her eroge games, visual novels with racy scenes for adults. But she is not limited to this, as she is a fan of anime series and she seems to be very knowledgeable about the world of events and cosplay .

1 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Marin Kitagawa 2

Gojo and Marin meet before school starts, and Gojo is surprised that the girl is so open about what she likes. From that moment on, he begins to secretly admire her. That same day, they coincide in cleaning the salon. Marin discovers that Gojo often takes on assignments he doesn’t like so he doesn’t get in trouble or make others uncomfortable. The girl thinks this shouldn’t be the case, since if Gojo is also uncomfortable or annoyed by the task, she shouldn’t accept it. This is one of her most notable interactions.

The next day, Marin finds Gojo using the school’s sewing machine. After berating him, the girl discovers the boy’s fondness for hina dolls , and is very vocal about her admiration of his abilities. Also, she admits to the boy that she also has a hobby: cosplay .

Marin’s greatest wish is to become the characters she likes the most from her favorite things. And discovering that Gojo knows how to make doll clothes, she tries to convince him to try making her a video game character outfit. Following this, they establish a friendship that eventually develops into mutual romantic feelings.

their cosplay

1 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Shizuku-tan

  • Shizuku Kuroe: Marin calls her Shizuku-tan affectionately. She is a character from the eroge visual novel, Slimy Club 2. Being the first costume she’s made, Gojo makes the mistake of wearing a very hot fabric for summer.
  • Black Lobelia: She is the villain of Flower Princess, a fictional anime of magical girls that mixes elements of Card Captor Sakura and Maho Shoujo Madoka Magica. She did it together with Sajuna Inui, who played Shion Nikaido, the protagonist of that series, but in her “dark” mode, Black Lily.
  • Veronica: Fictional character from an eroge video game whose name is omitted from the series. She is only seen wearing the outfit during the OP of the anime, as Gojo asks her not to try it on with him near her, since she shows too much skin.
  • Rizu-kyun: Rizu is the protagonist of Sucukoma, a fictional manga series within the series. She’s a succubus who “haunts” a writer, but really just wants him to sleep more. Her outfit was practically created by Gojo from scratch, as the manga drawing was too simple and didn’t show enough detail.

Fun facts

1 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Black Lobelia

  • Her eyes are actually brown, and she is embarrassed to be seen without her colored contacts.
  • She is an orphan of a mother and her father works in another state. Because of this, she lives alone.
  • He does not know how to cook, only fatty, fast and unhealthy foods.
  • She is good with finances and has learned how to save since she started cosplaying .
  • He is a collector of merchandise from the series and video games he likes, even having a dakimakura (printed pillow) of Shizuku-tan.
  • Veronica’s character is inspired by Ramlethal Valentine, from the Guilty Gear series of fighting games .

Wakana Gojo

2 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Wakana Gojo 1

Age: 15 years
Birthday: March 21
Height: 1.85m

Wakana Gojo is the protagonist of the series. He is the heir to a traditional hina doll shop , which became his passion since he was very young. However, he feels some pressure, since he has not been able to perfect the art of creating his carved wooden faces. However, he is very good at making the traditional costumes of himself in miniature. He is very creative and passionate about what he likes, but his personality is very shy and closed when it comes to his social life with classmates.

When we first meet Gojo he is a reserved and lonely young man. This is due to childhood trauma. Showing his fondness for traditional hina dolls to a friend , the girl treats him with contempt and insults him, calling him “sick” because he likes dolls. After this incident, Gojo decides to hide his true passion from him, and is unable to make human connections for fear of being judged.

This completely changes when he meets Marin Kitagawa. The first time she hears her speak from a distance, the girl makes clear her contempt for those people who do not respect the tastes of others. When she hears her say that, she is surprised, since she is such a popular girl, she thought that she would care a lot about what they say.

2 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Wakana Gojo 2

After another encounter where the girl reminds him that it’s okay to say no to things he doesn’t like, Marin’s personality cuts deep into the boy’s heart.

One day, they meet in the home economics room. There, Gojo was taking the opportunity to sew an outfit for a Hina doll, and Marin is surprised that a boy knows how to sew. However, she is not malicious, but with genuine curiosity, she approaches him to ask what she is doing. Finally, Gojo lets his guard down, and shows her the doll he is making the costume for. Marin finds it beautiful, and applauds Gojo for her dedication, passion, and knowledge towards such beautiful art.

After this, Marin confesses to the boy her hobby of cosplay , and they both come to an agreement. Gojo would try to help her make character outfits that she liked. But since he is an extremely detailed and dedicated boy, he is not left alone with the surface. But, in addition, he decides to consume and investigate the video games and series that Marin likes, to better understand the characters.

general skills

2 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Wakana Gojo 3

  • She knows about makeup thanks to the hina dolls , for which she is the one who does Marin’s makeup for her cosplays .
  • He has a very detailed eye, which has allowed him to choose with much more creativity and precision the exact colors and shades of the wigs that the characters Marin plays should wear.
  • He is resourceful, making accessories out of ordinary things, like making false teeth out of fake nails to save on expensive prosthetics.
  • Thanks to his sincere personality, he is able to tell when an arrangement or a suit is wrong, but in a constructive way.
  • He likes to try new things and it doesn’t bother him that Marin shares his hobbies with him, as he dives deep into them right away and enjoys them like a true fan.
  • He is able to focus at superhuman levels when engrossed in a job. The first suit he made for Marin was completed in one night.

Fun facts:

2 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Wakana Gojo 4

  • He is orphan of father and mother, lives with his grandfather, from whom he learned the art of hina dolls. They have a very close relationship.
  • He talks to the hina dolls he creates, as if they were people.
  • She doesn’t like to use the word “beautiful” lightly, as she only reserves it for something that genuinely takes her breath away.
  • It is applied in school.
  • The outfit he wears outside of his school uniform is a samue , which was worn by Buddhist monks.
  • She wears false eyelashes and eyelash glue in the pockets, in case any doll loses her eyelashes.

Sajuna entered

3 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Sajuna Inui

Age: 17 years old
Birthday: Not available
Height: Not available

Sajuna is a minor character in the series. Known to Marin as Juju-san, Sajuna is a very famous cosplayer on social media. She has never been seen in person at conventions. Despite looking small, she is older than the protagonists, being 17 years old at the beginning of the story. Originally, Marin and Gojo speculated that she was much younger than them, so they were really surprised to meet her.

Marin admires her a lot, she is a follower of her social networks and knows all her previous cosplay . Thanks to this, we know that Sajuna prefers to focus on characters from magical warrior series, or mahou shoujo. Many of her previous costumes were of protagonists of series of this style, very similar to Card Captor Sakura.

3 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Sajuna Inui 1

When he meets Gojo and Marin, he behaves very coldly towards them. Her first interaction with Gojo is embarrassing, as the boy accidentally sees her without clothes. Thanks to this, she forces him to “pay” her for the embarrassment she went through, asking for a costume. However, Ella Sajuna has a very specific reason for wanting a Gojo costume: she felt jealous of how well made Shizuku de Marin’s costume was. By her own admission, she “fell in love at first sight with the outfit Gojo made”.

Eventually, when they collaborate together for the costume and ensuing photo shoot, the girl begins to develop feelings for Gojo. She also understands Marin’s personality a bit more. Sajuna’s approach to cosplay is more “professional” than hers. Sajuna knows better how to control her expressions with ease, while Marin is always so excited by what she’s making of her that she can’t help but smile.

After the collaboration with Marin, his fans begin to speculate if one day he will appear at a convention. Sajuna also breaks the rule of “no collaborations” with her, but after her experience she is exhausted, and decides that maybe collaborating with her is not her thing.

their cosplay

3 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Shion Nikkaido

  • Protagonists of varied magical girl series : In episode 3 we can see a series of photos of those cosplay on screen.
  • Mirai: In the montage of episode 3 we can see that she has dressed up as Mirai, the protagonist of the fictional anime Flower Princess.
  • Shion Nikkaido – School Uniform – Flower Lily: One of the ones we get to see in more detail is that of Shion Nikkaido, a character from Flower Princess. This version of Shion is in the school uniform, but his first costume, which was purchased and not custom made, was as Flower Lily, the magical version of Shion.
  • Shion Nikkaido – Black Lily: During one of the Flower Princess arcs, Shion’s transformation crystal becomes corrupted and she transforms into a dark version, named Black Lily. This is the outfit that she asks Wakana Gojo for.

Fun facts

3 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Black Lily

  • He is afraid of storms and the dark
  • His personality is described as tsundere.
  • Her Mirai cosplay is extremely similar to Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura .
  • Shion’s character closely resembles Homura from Madoka Magica. The outfit he wears in his Flower Lily form is very similar to Madoka Kaname’s.

Shinju Inui

4 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Shinju Inui

Age: Not available
Birthday: Not available
Height: 1.78m

Shinju is Sajuna’s younger sister. Despite being her younger sister, she looks much more mature. Shinju is an amateur photographer, and her passion for photography started when her older sister started cosplaying . She is a kind, sweet and shy girl. She knows a lot about the subject, she has a professional camera and lighting team. She also helps Gojo and Marin understand concepts to improve things like lighting, and she’s great at editing programs.

On the other hand, we discover that she has hidden her desire to cosplay her sister so as not to equate attention or create competition with her. Gojo, observant as he is of her, was able to notice that he wanted to cosplay , and contacts her after her to discuss the matter.

The surprising thing is that the girl wants to dress up as a boy character, and this poses certain obstacles, especially to make her body look more masculine. However, between her and the boy they manage to find information on the internet. Also, Gojo offers her one of her school uniforms, as her outfit is pretty much the same for the character.

Finally, when Marin and her sister see her in disguise, they show her that her fears were unnecessary.

their cosplay

5 - Sono Bisque Doll Characters - Soma

  • Soma: He is one of the male characters in Flower Princess. He was the one who broke the heart of Neon, Shion’s older sister, also known as Black Lobelia.

Fun facts

  • It is speculated that he is between 13 and 15 years old.
  • He is the first character in the series to comment on his intention to crossplay. As the word implies, it is a mix between crossdressing and cosplay.
  • Soma, the character he disguises himself as, is incredibly similar to Touya Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura. References are even made to his romantic relationship with Yukito Tsukishiro, a highly famous BL relationship. In Flower Princess, the character of “Yukito” is named Sakuya.
  • In chapter 9, there is a clear reference to one of the most important and famous scenes of Touya and Yukito in Card Captor Sakura, represented by the characters Soma and Sakuya.