All about the 16 most important characters of Tokyo Avengers

Tokyo Revengers is the most notorious shounen manga in recent years, and its anime adaptation has also caused a stir. The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who discovers that he can travel through time, and uses that power to save a girl he once loved.

We warn that this article could contain spoilers.

1. Takemichi Hanagaki

1-Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Takemichi Hanagaki

Age: 26 (Alternate Present) / 14 (Past)
Birthday: June 25
Year of Birth: 1991
Star Sign: Cancer
Association: Tokyo Manji

Takemichi is a young man who longs for his golden days, when he was little and had friends and even a girlfriend. Now, his adult life is nothing relevant, he has no confidence, and he just apologizes over and over again when he messes up. One day, he finds out on the news that his girlfriend from the past, Hinata Tachibana, was killed by the Tokio Manji gang group, along with her little brother.

Before getting into an accident on the train tracks, Takemichi thinks back to that time in the past where he was really happy. And to his surprise, he becomes a Time Leaper , a person with the ability to travel to the past.

Now he has everything in his hands to save Hinata’s life. Also, she gives him a chance to change the route of the leaders of Tokio Manji so that they don’t transform into a criminal gang.

Little by little, Takemichi is understanding the limitations of his ability, and little by little changing his personality thanks to the influence of the gang. This transforms him into a determined and courageous young man, with unwavering conviction.


  • Time travel with certain limitations.

Fun facts

  • His favorite food is potatoes, especially potato chips.
  • He doesn’t like ghosts.
  • He loves puzzles and is very quick at solving them.
  • He has Mikey’s original uniform saved.

2. Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

2- Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Manjiro Sano Mikey

Age: 27 (alternate present) / 15 (past)
Birthday: August 20
Year of birth: 1990
Star sign: Leo
Association: Tokyo Manji – Leader and founder

Known mainly as Mikey, Sano is the founder of the Tokyo Manji gang, also called “Toman”. As the teenager that he is, he carries himself in a carefree manner and likes to play pranks on his classmates. He is a young man who is determined to protect the honor of his friends.

As the leader of the gang, he transforms into a boy with an imposing aura. Although the members of the same respect him, they also fear him. The events that occur during the story force him to mature very quickly, and his charisma as his leader never changes, but his inner self is full of melancholy and sadness. He has a dangerous darkness inside.

In your duality, traumatic events from your past can lead you down the right path just as easily as down the wrong path. If he doesn’t have the right people to guide him, he becomes corrupted, becoming a terrible criminal in the present. Takemichi’s mission is to protect Mikey and lead him to the path of light as many times as necessary.


  • He is capable of fighting using martial arts.
  • It has a lot of strength.
  • He is the strongest member of Tokyo Manji.

Fun facts

  • His favorite foods are dorayaki , omurice , and taiyaki .
  • He doesn’t like spicy food.
  • He is capable of dislocating his limbs on his own.

3.Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

3- Characters Tokyo Revengers - Ken Ryuguji Draken

Age: 27 (alternate present) / 15 (past)
Birthday: August 20
Year of birth: 1990
Star sign: Leo
Association: Tokyo Manji – Co-founder and vice-leader

He is the vice-president and one of the founders of the Tokyo Manji gang. He is a lot like Mikey, as he is easy going. But his focus is on improving his fighting skills, and he enjoys fighting opponents more formidable than himself. He behaves indifferently towards people he considers less than himself.

However, Draken is the logical and mature one between himself and Mikey, forcing the leader of the group to apologize when the occasion calls for it. But he is easier to annoy, and when he loses his temper, he becomes angry and violent. Despite this, he tends to protect those he loves, even though he doesn’t like to show feelings of affection.

His fighting skills are terrifying, and he has a strength and will worthy of inspiring fear. In addition, he has mechanical knowledge and is able to repair the motorcycles of his companions.


  • He is the second strongest member of Tokyo Manji.
  • He has a lot of physical strength.
  • He is a smart and tough fighter.

Fun facts

  • He would like to have half the body of a motorcycle.
  • He doesn’t like the perfume of the elderly.
  • Gives good advice.
  • His favorite food is spicy curry.

4. Keisuke Baji

4-Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Keisuke Baji

Age: 14 (past)
Birthday: November 3
Year of birth: 1990
Star sign: Scorpio
Association: Tokyo Manji – Captain of the first division, founder

He is one of the founding members of Tokyo Manji, and stands out as the captain of the first division. He shows a wild personality, as he likes the adrenaline rush of fighting. In fact, he is capable of picking a fight just for the pleasure of beating someone up in the street.

He is so loyal to Toman that he is able to pass himself off as a villain to his teammates to protect them. He is very insightful, realizing right away who can really do Toman harm.

He knows how to act very well, and is able to fool even those closest to him when they believe that he has betrayed Tokyo Manji and joined Vallhalla. His passing is the catalyst behind Mikey making poor decisions and derailing into a life of crime, taking the entire gang with him.


  • He is a formidable fighter.
  • It has a lot of strength.
  • He is one of the strongest members of Tokyo Manji

Fun facts

  • He doesn’t like boiled food.
  • He wants to have his own pet store.

5. Tetta Kisaki

5 - Tokyo Avengers Characters - Tetta Kisaki 1

Age: 25 (Alternate Present) / 13 (Past)
Birthday: January 20
Year of Birth: 1992
Star Sign: Capricorn
Association: Tokyo Manji – Antagonist

Kisaki is the main antagonist of the Tokyo Revengers storyline , and is the one who masterminded Hinata Tachibana’s murder in the original timeline. He managed to quickly rise through the Toman ranks by manipulating Mikey.

He is an extremely ambitious and ruthless character, who is capable of doing anything to achieve his goals. Although he is not physically imposing, he instills fear in those he leads. His dream is to become the top criminal in Tokyo. When he was little, he was an insecure and shy boy. Having been isolated as a child makes him create an inferiority complex that transforms him into an unscrupulous being.

Kisaki sees his subordinates and superiors as tools to achieve his goals, and manipulates them to his heart’s content. He is willing to frame everyone for his criminal acts, and intends to move chips to get others to sacrifice in his place when something gets out of hand. But this does not mean that he does not have charisma, rather it is the opposite. He is able to convince everyone that what he declares or asks for is the right thing, and this is how he manages to rise through the ranks of whatever gang he belongs to.


  • He is very intelligent and convincing.
  • He easily manipulates all those close to him.

Fun facts

  • He is good at studying, especially math.
  • he likes plants

6. Kazutora Hanemiya

6 - Tokyo Revengers Characters - Kazutora Hanemiya

Age: 27 (alternate present) / 15 (past)
Birthday: September 16
Year of birth: 1990
Star sign: Virgo
Association: Ex-Tokyo Manji, founder – Vallhalla

One of the founding members of Tokyo Manji. He is the antagonist of the Valhalla arc. Kazutora is a young man who has a very dark past. During his childhood, he suffered from domestic violence, and hated to see happy families. This creates a very strong emotional dependence on the Tokyo Manji group and on Mikey as their leader. He is capable of doing anything to keep the group happy.

He was very dependent on Baji, who kept his little sanity in check. However, due to her impulsive personality, many of her criminal acts ended in tragedy, which deeply traumatizes the group. He is extremely violent, mentally unstable and prone to sadism.


  • He is a competent fighter.
  • He has practical knowledge that allows him to be good at stealing.

Fun facts

  • He likes stolen things.
  • He doesn’t like the members of Toman.

7. Shuji Hanma

7 - Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Shuji Hanma

Age: 28 (Alternate Present) / 16 (Past)
Birthday: October 27
Year of Birth: 1989
Star Sign: Scorpio
Association: Former Commander Vallhalla – Tokyo Manji – 6th Division Captain – Antagonist

As the second antagonist in Tokyo Revengers, Hanma is Tetta Kisaki’s right-hand man. He can be described as an adrenaline junkie, seeking excitement as a way to deal with her boredom. He thus ends up in the street gangs. When he realizes that no one can beat him, he starts to get bored again, which leads him to Kisaki’s ideas, which provide him with a different kind of excitement.

He doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions, let alone the collateral damage of his actions. This extends even to valuing his own life. His personality is cruel and enjoys violence, enjoying the chaos created by the crimes he plans with Kisaki, especially seeing that there are people who are directly affected by them.


  • He is an extremely skilled fighter and has a lot of physical strength.

Fun facts

  • He can’t stand other people.
  • He dreams of doing absolutely nothing, and hiring slaves to do everything he has to do during the day.

8. Takashi Mitsuya

8 - Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Takashi Mitsuya

Age: 27 (Alternate Present) / 15 (Past)
Birthday: June 12
Year of Birth: 1990
Star Sign: Gemini
Association: Tokyo Manji – Second Division Captain, Founder

Captain of the second division of the Tokyo Manji gang, he is one of its founding members. He has two sisters, Luna and Mana Mitsuya. He has a good disposition towards people and is usually quiet and calm. He is the one who stays positive within the gang.

He is peaceful, and prefers not to start fights if possible. But if things get out of control and physical violence is required to defend someone, he will not hesitate to attack. He is the father figure of his two sisters, since he is the son of absent parents.


  • He is an excellent fighter.
  • It has great resistance and withstands many blows.

Fun facts

  • He knows how to sew and is the leader of the home economics group at his school.
  • Identifies fabric types by touch alone.
  • Type with one finger.
  • Her idol is Coco Chanel.
  • He dreams of being a designer.

9. Nahoya Kawata (Smiley)

9 - Tokyo Revengers Characters - Nahoya Kawata

Age: 25 (alternate present) / 16 (past)
Birthday: May 25
Year of birth: 1989
Star sign: Gemini
Association: Tokyo Manji – Captain of the fourth division

He is the captain of the fourth division of Tokyo Manji and is noted for his fighting skills. His loyalty is to Mikey, and he shows him a lot of respect, but he also feels a lot of responsibility to his fellow gang members. This responsibility is also shown to her brother, who is her twin, but a little younger than him.

When he fights, he is impossible to read, as he is constantly smiling. He doesn’t like to see his brother cry, so he understands that his greatest loyalty will always be to his family.


  • He is excellent at fighting, and it is difficult to predict his movements or what he is thinking, since he is always smiling.
  • Runs very fast.

10. Hinata Tachibana

10 - Tokyo Revengers Characters - Hinata Tachibana

Age: 26 (Alternate Present) / 14 (Past)
Birthday: May 1
Year of Birth: 1991 Star
Sign: Gemini
Association: Takemichi’s ex-girlfriend

It is the reason why Takemichi begins to travel through time. Hinata had a relationship with Takemichi when they were young, and his murder prompts him into action when he discovers his powers. In the present where we start the story, she is killed along with her brother by the same gang that we are getting to know little by little, Tokyo Manji.

The girl is a very sweet and kind young woman. She is easy to make friends with, and she takes care of others within her abilities. Her way of treating her people makes Kisaki fall in love with her, but her rejection marks him deeply to the point of dreaming of becoming a renowned criminal. This misunderstanding occurs after Kisaki thinks that the reason why Hinata falls in love with Takemichi is because he is a gang member, and not because the young man really saved her from a dangerous situation with kindness and empathy.

Fun facts

  • He likes the chocolate.
  • He doesn’t like bitter coffee.
  • He knows how to play the piano very well.
  • His favorite animal is the dolphin.
  • She dreams of becoming a nurse.

11. Naoto Tachibana

11 - Tokyo Revengers Characters - Naoto Tachibana

Age: 25 (Alternate Present) / 13 (Past)
Birthday: April 12
Year of Birth: 1992
Star Sign: Aries
Association: National Police

He is the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana. He suffers the same tragic fate as his sister by being killed by the Tokyo Manji gang, but as Takemichi alters the past the first time, he manages to save only Naoto’s life, who becomes a detective.

In the future, he is a very competent detective, who has enviable deduction skills. He is able to collect small information and use it to find answers to big questions. Also, his position as a detective gives him access to information that is difficult to obtain.


  • deduction capacity.
  • Access to sensitive information.

Fun facts

  • He is very good at calligraphy.
  • He dreams of being a police officer.
  • He loves being in the bookstore.

12. Masataka Kiyomizu

12 - Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Masataka Kiyomizu

Age: 26 (Alternate Present) / 14 (Past)
Birthday: January 18
Year of Birth: 1991
Star Sign: Capricorn
Association: Ex-Tokyo Manji – Leads his own gang with classmates (antagonist)

Known as Kiyomasa, he is one of the minor Tokyo Avengers antagonists. He was the leader of a gang made up of his classmates, and was formerly part of Tokyo Manji. He is a character with cruel and ruthless tendencies, who is used to humiliating those he considers inferior to him.

He establishes an underground fight club, taking liberties for himself that the gang did not grant him. This greatly upsets Mikey and Draken, who confront him directly and stop the operation.

13. Atsushi Sendo (Akkun)

13 - Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Atsushi Sendo Akkun

Age: 25 (Alternate Present) / 13 (Past)
Birthday: December 2
Year of Birth: 1991
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Association: Tokyo Manji, Administrator

Also known as Akkun, Atsushi is a member of the Tokyo Manji gang. Atsushi is very loyal to his friends and the gang. He is the leader of a gang of his own, and he cares a lot about those who accompany him.

In the timeline where Kisaki becomes the leader of Toman, he is unable to accept his orders, deciding not to acknowledge him as his superior.

Fun facts

  • His dream is to become a hairdresser.

14. Takuya Yamamoto

14 - Tokyo Revengers Characters - Takuya Yamamoto

Age: 26 (Alternate Present) / 14 (Past)
Birthday: July 15
Year of Birth: 1991
Star Sign: Cancer
Association: Not in a gang – Loyal to Takemichi

He is a classmate of Takemichi’s, but they share a childhood friendship. He is shy and doesn’t like to fight. But if his friends are in danger, he is able to defend them at any cost. He is a terrible fighter, nonetheless.

Fun facts

  • He doesn’t like rice.
  • He wants to become a muscular man.

15. Makoto Suzuki

15 - Tokyo Avengers Characters - Makoto Suzuki

Age: 25 (Alternate Present) / 13 (Past)
Birthday: December 28
Year of Birth: 1991
Star Sign: Capricorn
Association: Not in a gang – Loyal to Takemichi

He is a friend of Takemichi, and his classmate. He is very loyal towards Takemichi and his classmates. He is also not good at fighting, but thanks to his interest in comics, he has learned wrestling moves.

Fun facts

  • She likes erotic novels and movies.

16. Kazuchi Yamagichi

16 - Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Kazushi Yamagishi 1

Age: 25 (Alternate Present) / 13 (Past)
Birthday: February 9
Year of Birth: 1992
Star Sign: Aquarius
Association: Not in a gang – Loyal to Takemichi

Another classmate and friend of Takemichi. He is a young man who is not applied as a student, but who is very focused on the subjects that interest him. This knowledge has gotten his friends out of various jams over the years. He is interested in learning more about street gangs and their members.

Fun facts

  • He doesn’t like to fight.
  • He knows very rare facts about gangs that are not very public, which makes him seem well connected.

17. Nobutaka Osanai

17 - Personajes Tokyo Revengers - Nobutaka Osanai

Age: 29 (Alternate Present) / 17 (Past)
Birthday: December 5
Year of Birth: 1988
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Association: Moebius

He is the former leader of Moebius, an enemy gang of Toman. He is gruff and violent, and ignores or dismisses other criminals who are not in his gang. He feels very confident in his abilities as a fighter, but in reality he is dim-witted and easy to manipulate. As an adult he works in construction and follows Kisaki’s instructions, fulfilling his requests. As an adult he behaves very differently from his youth, as he is afraid of authority and terrified of Tetta Kisaki’s wrath.

Fun facts

  • He knows how to box.
  • He wants to own a club that is famous and earns him a fortune.
  • He is a fan of John Travolta.