Anime | Discover the best action anime!

One of the most popular genres of anime, be it shounen, seinen, or fantasy, is action. Our favorite animes always have a moment where the animation shows what it’s capable of, whether it’s seeing a melee fight or an epic battle between swordsmen. Do you know the best action anime out there? Well, here we present them to you!

We are going to try to include not only the typical things that are expected from such a list, but also series that made a difference in their times and within their main genres. Enjoy!


Dragon Ball Z (1989)

1 Dragon Ball Z - Anime Action

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen
Studio: Toei Animation
Sagas: 3 + 2

In this animated classic that we should all know by now, we follow Goku, who lives a peaceful life with his wife and son after winning the world martial arts tournament five years earlier.

Naruto (2002)

59 Action Anime - Naruto

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Shounen
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Sagas: 2

Naruto, a young orphan in the village of Konoha, has always been marginalized for having a sealed beast inside that could wipe out the entire village and all its inhabitants. Despite being an outcast, Naruto tries to see life in the most positive way possible, and dreams of becoming the highest ranking ninja in the entire village, the Hokage, to prove to everyone that he is up to no good.

Trigun (1998)

2 Trigun - Action Animes

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen
Studio: Madhouse
Seasons: 1

Vash Stampede is the world’s most wanted man, with a bounty on his head in the billions of dollars. He is a ruthless villain, who kills without thinking and can wipe out entire cities without blinking an eye. Or at least, that is what is said. In reality, Vash is not cruel, but rather tender, and he has never killed anyone in his life and avoids violence at all costs.

Knights of the Zodiac (1986)

3 Knights of the Zodiac - Action Animes

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shounen
Studio: Toei Animation
Sagas: 5 + 1

In ancient times, a group of young men had to fulfill the task of protecting the goddess of war and wisdom, Athena. These youths could fight without weapons, only their fists were so powerful that they could raise storm runes. Now, in the present, a new group of young people must apply to fulfill this sacred task, and among them is Seiya, a young man who has been training for six years to obtain the Pegasus armor.

Cowboy Bebop (1998)

4 Cowboy Bebop - Anime action

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Space
Studio: Toei Animation
Seasons: 1

In this space epic, we find ourselves in the year 2071, when humanity has colonized various planets and moons in the solar system, leaving the already uninhabitable earth behind. Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter aboard the Bebop ship, trying to help keep peace in the galaxy.

One Piece (1999)

5 Action Anime - One Piece

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Studio: Toei Animation
Seasons: 1 (airing)

After the execution of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, the world changed. The legendary pirate, as his last words, declared that he had hidden the greatest treasure in the world, known as One Piece. This, created the era of a world full of pirates. Among them, Luffy D. Monkey, a 17-year-old boy who seems anything but the typical pirate, and who is attracted to the One Piece due to the adventure that comes with finding it.

Sailor Moon (1992)

5 Action Animes - Sailor Moon

Genre: Action, Magic, Romance, Shoujo
Studio: Toei Animation
Seasons: 1

In the story we follow Usagi Tsukino, a normal student who, when she saves a cat with a moon mark on its forehead, completely changes her life. The cat reveals that meeting her was not an accident, but that her destiny is to become a Sailor Moon, a planetary guardian with the power to protect the earth.

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

6 Action Anime - Hunter x Hunter

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen
Studio: Madhouse
Seasons: 1

Gon Freecs, a young man who dreams of following in his missing father’s footsteps, will enroll in the legendary hunter’s trial to gain the skills he needs to find him. In this test, he will meet curious and interesting allies who will become great friends, and together they will join forces to live an adventure like no other.

Bleach (2004)

7 Action Animes - Bleach

Genre: Acción, Aventura, Comedy, Sobrenatural, Sounen
Estudio: Studio Pierrot
Temporadas: 1

Ichigo Kurosaki is an average student, whose life changes drastically the day his family is attacked by a Hollow, a corrupt being that seeks to devour human souls. During this attack, Ichigo meets Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami, who gets hurt during the attack protecting the young man’s family, so she offers him help. Rukia agrees, and turns Ichigo into a shinigami, a person who has connections to the spirit world and the world of the living.

Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho (1992)

8 Action Anime - Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Martial Arts, Shounen
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Seasons: 1

Yuusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent with no promising future, gets a chance to change his life when he saves the life of a young boy by throwing himself in front of a moving car. This sacrifice is so out of character that the authorities of the spirit world are unwilling to let it go. Koenma, the heir to the throne of the spirit realm, offers Yuusuke a chance to reincarnate, but only after completing certain tasks. With the help of the Goddess of Death Botan, he will have to put an end to the evil presences within the earth, as a spiritual detective.

new promises

Shingeki No Kyojin (2013)

9 Animes accion -Shingeki No Kyojin

Genre: Action, Military, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Studio: Wit Studio
Seasons: 3 + Final (final season not broadcast)

Centuries ago, humanity was decimated to near extinction by monstrous humanoids called Titans, forcing the remaining humans to hide behind concentric walls. In the future, after suffering a traumatic loss, Eren Jaeger decides to join the reconnaissance troops, the only branch of the military dedicated to hunting down Titans outside the walls. With the support of his adoptive sister, Mikasa Ackerman, and his friend Armin Arlert, Eren will try to fight a war against these beings before they wipe out the last vestiges of the human race.

Boku No Hero Academia (2016)

10 Action Anime - Boku No Hero Academia

Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen
Studio: Bones
Seasons: 4 (on air)

Izuku Midoriya is part of that small 20% in a superhuman society that has no special abilities. Since he was a child he learned that life is not fair, but he is unable to let go of the dream he has had all his life: to be a hero. One day, when one of his friends is threatened by a villain, Izuku acts without thinking, and shows the most incredible hero of all time, All Might, what he is truly made of. After this fateful encounter, Izuku inherits a special power that will give him super strength, but he must learn to control it if he hopes to become a hero.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

11 Animes de accion - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Genre: Action, Military, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
Studio: Bones
Seasons: 1

In a universe where Alchemy is a science that borders on magic, Edward and Alphonse Elric commit the greatest taboo in existence: After losing their mother, they try to use alchemy to bring her back to life. This mistake will cost them dearly, Edward loses a couple of limbs, while Alphonse loses his entire body. Now, Edward must bear this guilt and his brother’s soul transmuted into a metal armor, while both try to find the philosopher’s stone, the mythical artifact they need to recover Alphonse’s body.

Assassination Classroom (2015)

12 Animes de accion - Assassination Classroom

Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen
Studio: Lerche
Seasons: 2

After a monster threatens to wipe out the earth after destroying half the moon, an elite school decides to work with the government to train a group of would-be delinquent students in the subtle art of assassination, fulfilling the only requirement raised by the creature: that she be the teacher. Now, their time is short, and they must hone their skills with the monster’s teachings. But interestingly, this being is the best teacher these guys have ever had, and he will teach them how to fight against a system that tries to take advantage of them and keep them complacent with the status quo.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

13 Action Anime - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Vampires, Shounen
Studio: David Production
Seasons: 6 (on air)

In the year 1868, Dario Brando saves the life of a nobleman, George Joestar. George will adopt Dario’s son, named Dio, trying to pay off the debt he owes to his rescuer. But Dio, who is not satisfied with his situation, will try to take the Joestar house and make it his own, using an Aztec stone with great supernatural powers. With this artifact he will try to take down George and his son Jonathan “JoJo” Joestar, unleashing a chain of events that will continue to change the course of history for years to come.

Fairy Tail (2009)

14 Action Anime - Fairy Tail

Genre: Action, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
Studio: Satelight, A-1 Pictures
Seasons: 1

Lucy Heartfilia is a young mage searching for heavenly keys, and her dream is to join a famous guild and become a full-fledged witch. But when she is tricked into being kidnapped, she meets Natsu, a member of the legendary Fairy Tail guild, who invites her to join them.

Yakusoku No Neverland (2019)

15 Animes de Accion - Yakusoku No Neverland

Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Shounen
Studio: CloverWorks
Seasons: 1 + 1 (airing)

Grace Field House is a peaceful community, where a group of orphaned children live who seem like a big family under the guardianship of their sweet “mother”, Isabella. During the day they have to take a daily exam, but afterwards, they have all the free time to play and have fun. However, this quiet time always stops at the time of a new adoption. The funny thing is that after one of the children is adopted, the orphanage seems to lose all contact with him, and they are never heard from again.

Kimetsu No Yaiba (2019)

16 Animes de Accion - Kimetsu No Yaiba

Genre: Action, Historical, Sounen, Supernatural
Studio: ufotable
Seasons: 1 + film (without broadcast)

Tanjiro Kamado is the eldest son, and the only one who can provide for his family after losing his father. One day, returning from a successful coal sale, he discovers that his entire family was slaughtered by a demon. Everyone except his sister Nezuko, who doesn’t seem to recognize him and ruthlessly attacks him. However, Tanjiro doesn’t have the heart to hurt her, and when a swordsman offers to help him, he begs him not to finish off her sister. The young swordsman seems to see something special in Tanjiro, since he not only helps them, but also offers them to join the demon hunters, who are the only ones who could help Nezuko become human again. Thus, Tanjiro embarks on a journey that will take him through different regions and meet others like him.

Swordsmen and Samurai

Akame Ga Kill (2014)

17 Action anime - Akame Ga Kill

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Studio: White Fox
Seasons: 1

Night Raid is the assassin branch of the Revolutionary Army, a resistance group that came together to stage a coup against Prime Minister Honest, whose greed and thirst for power led him to take advantage of the young emperor’s lack of experience. Now, without a just and capable leader, the nation sinks into poverty and falls into ruin. The Night Raid group believes that murder is not the right way to resolve conflicts, and these beliefs attract young Tatsumi, a gullible young man from a small village, who travels to find a way to make his town prosper. .

Samurai Champloo (2004)

18 Action Anime - Samurai Champloo

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai, Shounen
Studio: Manglobe Seasons

Fuu Kasumi is a clumsy young waitress who works at a tea house, and her life seems uncomplicated…until one day she spills a drink on one of her customers. Fuu is now harassed by a group of samurai, and enlists the help of another swordsman inside the store, named Mugen, who defends her using a breakdance-like technique. Not satisfied with the fight that just ended, Mugen seeks conflict with a ronin named Jin, whose technique is classic and elegant. When the fight ends, they both end up locked up, and Fuu breaks them out with the excuse of making them her bodyguard.

As payment for getting them out of jail, Fuu gives them a mission to find the samurai who smells like sunflowers, and the three of them go on an adventure.

Samurai X (1996)

19 Action Anime - Samurai X

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Samurai, Shounen
Studio: Gallop, Studio Deen
Seasons: 2

In the last years of the Bakumatsu era there lived a legendary assassin, named Battousai the Ripper. Known for being ruthless and without equal in the entire country, Battousai disappeared during the Japanese revolution. Ten years later, just hearing his name can strike fear into the soul of any warrior.

However, no one knows that Battousai no longer lives as an assassin, but has taken on the identity of the peaceful Kenshin Himura, a wandering samurai with a positive attitude and unwavering will, who has sworn never to kill again and to dedicate his life to protecting to the weak.

Kill La Kill (2013)

20 Action anime - Kill La Kill

Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, School
Studio: Trigger
Seasons: 1

Ryuuko Matoi, en búsqueda del asesino de su padre, encontrará una única pista: la espada tijera. Este descubrimiento la llevará a la academia Honnouji, una escuela diferente a las demás, puesto que su jerarquía es llevada por la presidenta del consejo estudiantil Satsuki Kiyuuin, y sus subordinados, la Elite Four. Luego de un enfrentamiento con uno de ellos, Ryuuko encontrará un misterioso uniforme que le entregará habilidades especiales, a cambio de… un traje que deja muy poco a la imaginación.

Dororo (2019)

21 Action Anime - Dororo

Género: Acción, Aventura, Histórico, Samurai, Shounen, Sobrenatural
Estudio: Tezuka Productions, MAPPA
Temporadas: 1

La historia sigue a Hyakkimaru, un niño que fue abandonado por su padre luego de ser ofrecido como sacrificio para unos demonios. El niño, luego de ser rescatado y cuidado por un médico, aprende a luchar, y tendrá que defenderse de los seres que lo reclaman. Poco a poco, al derrotar a cada uno de los doce demonios, irá recuperando una parte faltante que le arrebataron como parte del ritual.

Ninja Scroll (2003)

22 Action Anime - Ninja Scroll

Género: Aventura, Histórico, Terror, Sobrenatural, Samurai, Romance, Fantasía, Shounen
Estudio: Madhouse
Temporadas: 2

Juubei Kibagami no tiene tiempo para la política ni para las facciones en guerra de la Japón feudal. Se dedica a ser un espadachín por contrato, y en uno de sus viajes, conoce a la joven Kagero, a quien le tendrá que salvar la vida de un hombre que cuenta con una habilidad sobrenatural. Kagero, es la superviviente de un clan ninja, y necesita investigar la plaga que acabó con su aldea.


Escaflowne (1996)

23 Action Anime - Escaflowne

Género: Aventura, Drama, Fantasía, Mecha, Romance, Ciencia Ficción, Shoujo
Estudio: Sunrise
Temporadas: 1

Hitomi Kanzaki is a 15-year-old girl with a passion for tarot and fortune telling. But in her predictions, the sudden appearance of a young man named Van Fanel, who comes into her life facing a terrifying dragon, would never have been expected. Luckily, the boy wins the battle, but at the end, a mysterious light surrounds them both, and transports Hitomi to a universe called Gaea, a mysterious land where the Earth hangs from the sky.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006)

24 Animes de accion - Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Genre: Action, Military, Science Fiction, Drama, Mecha, School
Studio: Sunrise
Seasons: 2

It tells the story of Lelouch Lamperouge, a young member of an elite school with above average intelligence who is accidentally involved in a confrontation between the forces of the rebellion and the government of Britannia. To save his life, a mysterious woman grants him the Geass, an ability that consists in the absolute obedience of those who listen to instructions given by Lelouch. Thanks to this, the young man is unharmed, and then begins to devise other uses of Geass for the rebellion against the tyranny of Britannia. This is how Zero is born, a masked avenger who will help restore Japan’s freedom.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

25 Animes de accion - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mecha, Science Fiction
Studio: Gainax
Seasons: 1

Simon y Kamina están acostumbrados a sus vidas bajo tierra, pero Kamina se niega a conformarse con que eso es lo único que existe. Un día, luego de que Simon encontrara en una expedición un misterioso taladro que parece la llave a un robot misterioso, su colonia es atacada por un monstruo que cae del techo. Finalmente, Kamina confirma sus sospechas de la existencia del mundo más allá del subterráneo, y pronto, descubrirán juntos el poder de ese misterioso robot que parece obedecer y conectar solamente con Simon.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

26 Action Anime - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Género: Acción, Ciencia Ficción, Mecha, Drama
Estudio: Gainax, Tatsunoko Production
Temporadas: 1 + película de cierre

In the year 2015, humanity is about to be eliminated, and its last hope lies with Nerv, a specialized agency of the United Nations, which builds the Eva, robots that are the only ones capable of fighting against the invasion of the Angels. , powerful celestial beings that little by little have decimated humanity. Shinji Ikari, a normal 14-year-old boy, will have to follow his father’s instructions to become a pilot of one of these Evas, at the instruction of his father, whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Darling in the FranXX (2018)

27 Action Anime - Darling in the FranXX

Genre: Action, Drama, Mecha, Romance, Science Fiction
Studio: A-1 Pictures, Trigger, Cloverworks
Seasons: 1

Humanity has been put in check by beasts known as the Klaxosaurs, and the survivors have had to hide in fortresses called Plantations. The children born in these shelters will have to study to become pilots of large mecha called the FranXX, the only weapons capable of fighting the invaders. Hiro, the protagonist of the story, has lost motivation after failing the aptitude test.


Berserk (1997)

28 Action Anime - Berserk

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Military, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Studio: OLM
Seasons: 1

Guts, un mercenario que nació directamente del cadáver de su madre, vive su vida por el siguiente asesinato a cometer. Luego de encontrarse con una tropa de mercenarios formidables llamados Band of the Hawk, Guts es reclutado por su encargado, el carismático Griffith.

Hellsing (2001)

29 Action anime - Hellsing

Género: Acción, Terror, Sobrenatural, Vampiros, Seinen
Estudio: Gonzo
Temporadas: 1

Hellsing es una organización especializada en eliminar amenazas sobrenaturales. En esta ocasión, se trata de un grupo de vampiros que están transformando a los habitantes del pueblo de Cheddar en ghouls. Para acabar con ellos, la jefa de la organización, Integra Fairbrook, envía a su soldado más formidable, un vampiro poderoso llamado Alucard.

Highschool of the Dead (2010)

29 Animes de accion - Highschool of the Dead

Género: Acción, Terror, Sobrenatural, Ecchi, Shounen
Estudio: Madhouse
Temporadas: 1

En un universo donde, de un día para otro, los muertos comenzaron a caminar la tierra nuevamente, Japón ha entrado en caos. Cuando la escuela de Takashi es rodeada por zombies, jura proteger a la novia de su mejor amigo, que quedó abandonada a su suerte cuando el chico con el que salía se convirtió en zombie. Pronto, ambos unen fuerzas con otros estudiantes para encontrar a sus familias y descubrir la causa tras este fenómeno.

Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

30 Action Anime - Tokyo Ghoul

Género: Acción, Misterio, Terror, Psicológico, Drama, Seinen
Estudio: Studio Pierrot
Temporadas: 3

Tokio es una ciudad sin ley, llena de monstruos llamados Ghouls. Estos seres se alimentan de la carne humana y actúan como salvajes, pero la mayor amenaza que presentan para los humanos es el hecho de que se mimetizan entre las personas normales, y se esconden dentro de la misma sociedad. Ken Kaneki es el protagonista, un joven que luego de sufrir un accidente que casi lo deja ciego, recibe un transplante que lo adentrará en lo más profundo de la sociedad Ghoul cuando tenga que aprender a dominar su hambre por la sangre humana.

Mob Psycho 100 (2016)

31 Action Anime - Mob Psycho 100

Género: Acción, Slice of Life, Comedia, Sobrenatural
Estudio: Bones
Temporadas: 2

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama es un joven que cuenta con poderes sobrenaturales que lleva años intentando controlar y ocultar. Un día, bajo el ala de Reigen Arataka, un estafador que clama ser psíquico, Mob descubre el verdadero potencial de sus poderes cuando le paga por utilizarlos.

Durarara!!! (2010)

32 Action Anime - Durarara!!!

Género: Acción, Misterio, Sobrenatural
Estudio: Brain’s Base
Temporadas: 4

Mikado Ryuugamine has always wanted to live in the city, seduced by the excitement that comes with it. When a friend invites him to move to Tokyo, he doesn’t think twice. His move will be marked by witnessing an urban legend, the “black rider”, a person who travels on a black motorcycle that has become part of the myths of Tokyo. After this meeting, he begins to suffer supernatural events, which affect him, and all the inhabitants of Ikebukuro.

Devilman Crybaby (2019)

33 Action Anime - Devilman Crybaby

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural
Studio: Science SARU
Seasons: 1

In a universe threatened by demons, only the will and a pure heart can control us, transforming that possessed human being into a Devilman. Akira Fudou is a sentimental boy and from the outside, he looks like a weak and impressionable young man. However, he has empathy for others, and when his childhood friend Ryou Asuka asks for his help in discovering the demons that haunt the city, Akira ends up lost in the confrontation, and possessed by a demon. He is now a Devilman, and Ryou will take advantage of his powers to act as a vigilante against these supernatural forces.

Elfen Lied (2004)

34 Action Anime - Elven Lied

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Seinen
Studio: Arms
Seasons: 1

Lucy is a different species of human in her genetic makeup, known as “Diclonius”. This will lead her to be the subject of cruel scientific experiments at the hands of the government. When she is presented with the opportunity to escape from her, she Lucy, corrupted by her isolation and the torture she endured, will unleash chaos and perpetrate an unprecedented massacre at the time of her escape.

Angel Beats! (2010)

35 Action Anime - Angel Beats!

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Supernatural
Studio: PA Works
Seasons: 1

Otonashi, un día, descubre que está muerto al abrir los ojos. Una joven llamada Yuri, que viene armada con un rifle, le explica que se encuentran en la vida después de la muerte, y Otonashi se da cuenta de que lo único que recuerda, es su nombre. Yuri le explica que es la líder del Shinda Sekai Sensen, (Frente de batalla de ultratumba) y está en guerra con una niña llamada Tenshi. Sin creerle a Yuri sobre la naturaleza de la chica, decide acercarse a negociar, pero el encuentro no sale como esperaba.

Noragami (2014)

36 Action anime - Noragami

Género: Acción, Aventura, Comedia, Sobrenatural, Shounen
Estudio: Bones
Temporadas: 2

En un universo lleno de dioses, los seguidores y creyentes son todo. Yato, un dios menor, no es un dios popular ni reconocido, pero está dando lo mejor de sí para obtener nuevos seguidores y mantener su recuerdo latente para los humanos. Sueña con la fama, pero poco a poco, luego de un encuentro fatídico con una joven con una extraña conexión con el mundo espiritual, su estatus como dios menor desconocido comenzará a tambalearse.

Owari No Seraph (2015)

37 Action Anime - Owari No Seraph

Género: Acción, Milicia, Sobrenatural, Drama, Vampiros, Shounen
Estudio: Wit Studio
Temporadas: 2

Owari no Seraph es un anime shounen sobrenatural postapocalíptico que sigue la búsqueda de un joven por venganza, mientras lucha por la amistad y la lealtad contra probabilidades aparentemente imposibles. Luego de que un virus misterioso matara a todos por encima de la edad de 13, la humanidad cae bajo las garras de vampiros sedientos de poder, y los convierte en donadores de sangre.


Haikyuu!! (2014)

38 Action Anime - Haikyuu!!

Género: Comedia, Deporte, Drama, Escolar, Shounen
Estudio: Production I.G.
Temporadas: 4 (en emisión)

Hinata Shouyo siempre ha soñado con jugar voleibol, a pesar de no contar con un equipo que lo apoye. Sus amigos de la escuela primaria lo ayudan a llegar a un torneo donde el único que da lo mejor de sí es Hinata, y luego de una vergonzosa derrota, el chico promete que vencerá a aquél muchacho que lo confrontó en la pista. Cuando finalmente se gradúa de primaria e inicia sus estudios en la escuela de sus sueños, cuál es su sorpresa al encontrar a ese muchacho como miembro del mismo equipo…

Kuroko No Basket (2012)

39 Action Anime - Kuroko No Basket

Género: Comedia, Escolar, Shounen, Deporte
Estudio: Production I.G.
Temporadas: 3 + película de cierre

Once upon a time there was a legendary team called “the generation of miracles”, a team full of talented young people called prodigies. These top five team members were crowned the prefectural champions for three years in a row. What nobody knows is that what kept them together was a sixth member, invisible to many, but crucial for the balance and peace of the huge egos that existed within the team. This sixth member is our protagonist, Kuroko.

Captain Tsubasa (1983)

40 Action Anime - Captain Tsubasa

Genre: Action, Shounen, Sport
Studio: Tsuchida Productions
Seasons: 4

Tsubasa, a young man who dreams of joining an excellent soccer team, moves from his small town to the city of Nankatsu, renowned for its excellent school soccer teams. Entering one of the schools, Tsubasa realizes that his talent has a lot of competition, and he will compete with his classmates to stand out among them.

Slam Dunk (1993)

41 Action Anime - Slam Dunk

Genre: Comedy, Sport, Drama, School, Shounen
Studio: Toei Animation
Seasons: 1

Hanamichi Sakuragi is recognized for all the wrong reasons. He is known to be rude, haughty, and unpopular with women. He hates basketball but is desperate to find a girlfriend. So when one day a beautiful girl, with whom he falls in love at first sight, invites him to join the school basketball team because of his height, Sakuragi accepts without a second thought.

Megalobox (2018)

42 Action Anime - Megalobox

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Slice of Life, Sport, Drama
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Seasons: 2

Megalo Box es una versión evolucionada del boxeo común, que implementa la utilización de prótesis mecánicas llamadas Gear, para aumentar la velocidad y el poder de sus usuarios. A pesar de que Joe tiene talento para el deporte, la naturaleza del mismo es ilegal, así que debe restringirse a participar en las peleas establecidas por su jefe, e incluso perderlas, de ser necesario. Pero todo esto cambia cuando el campeón actual de Megalo Box entra en su vida, pidiéndole una pelea, encubierto como cualquier otro contrincante.

Hajime No Ippo (2000)

43 Action Anime - Hajime No Ippo

Género: Comedia, Deporte, Drama, Shounen
Estudio: Madhouse
Temporadas: 4

Ippo Makunouchi ha pasado toda su vida siendo un marginado, recibiendo abusos de sus compañeros. Por esto, siempre ha soñado con tener la voluntad de luchar contra este abuso, pero nunca ha tenido la pasión para lograr este sueño. Luego de sufrir un desmayo después de una pelea con uno de sus abusones, Ippo es rescatado por Mamoru Takamura, un boxeador profesional. Pronto, Takamura le enseñará a pelear para darse valor y que lo dejen de subestimar de una vez por todas.

Prince of Tennis (2001)

44 Action Anime - Prince of Tennis

Género: Acción, Comedia, Deporte, Escolar, Shounen
Estudio: Trans Arts
Temporadas: 5

We follow the story of a young tennis prodigy named Ryoma Echizen. The son of a legendary player, the young man shows himself to be a promise of the sport, and by joining one of the strongest schools in the prefecture, he will change the perspective of his teammates and rivals alike.

police investigation

Psycho-Pass (2012)

45 Action Anime - Psycho-Pass

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Police
Studio: Production IG
Seasons: 3 + 3 OVAs + 2 movies

In the 22nd century, the face of justice has changed. Now, Japan uses the Sybil system, an objective way to determine the threat level of any citizen, evaluating his mental state and his willingness to commit a crime, known as the Psycho-Pass. The inspectors must discern this information, serving as judges and executors, outside the law. But what if this system really isn’t as objective as you think?

Death Note (2006)

46 Action Anime - Death Note

Genre: Mystery, Cop, Supernatural, Thriller, Sounen
Studio: Madhouse
Seasons: 1

The human universe exists in parallel with that of the Shinigami, beings that are also known as gods of death. However, they are not all powerful, and must work under strict rules not to interfere in human life, since they could cause chaos and havoc in their path. Ryuk, one of these beings, is fed up with bureaucracy, and wants to experience something new: handing over a notebook of death to a human being. Dropping it to Earth, it is found by Light Yagami, a young prodigy who will eventually become an avenger of justice, harnessing the notebook’s powers to put an end to crime.

Science fiction

Mirai Nikki (2011)

47 Action Anime - Mirai Nikki

Genre: Action, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural, Thriller
Studio: Asread
Seasons: 2

Deus Ex Machina, the God of time and space, goes unnoticed by Yukiteru Amano, who believes that he is simply his imaginary friend. However, one day, Deus reveals to her that he really is a powerful entity, and gives her a diary with detailed entries about his future. Soon, Yukiteru and 11 other people will have to fight each other in a pitched battle to become the successor of Deus Ex Machina, and will form alliances to try to last as long as possible.

Kiseijuu: Sei No Kakuritsu (2014)

48 Animes de accion - Kiseijuu Sei No Kakuritsu

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, Seinen
Studio: Madhouse
Seasons: 1

Humanity is invaded by beings with parasitic qualities that infiltrate humans, getting into their vulnerable brains and devouring everything in their path by transforming them into monstrous beings. Shinichi Izumi, a 16-year-old student, will have to deal with one of these parasites, which will try to invade him but could not reach his brain, staying in his right hand instead of his. Now, this parasite named Michi, depends on Izumi for his life, and he will have to defend it from hostile parasites that seek to wipe out the threat to his species.

Steins;Gate (2011)

49 Action Anime - Steins;Gate

Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction
Studio: White Fox
Seasons: 3

Based on a wildly successful visual novel, we follow Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed “genius” scientist, who spends his time inventing futuristic gadgets with his fellow labs. In one of these experiments, they finally create something promising: the microwave telephone, which is dedicated to transforming bananas into a strange green gel.

Made in Abyss (2017)

50 Animes de accion - Made in Abyss

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Seasons: 2

The abyss, a hole that seems to be infinite, is full of uncharted wonders. Riko, a young daughter of explorers, decides to go into it with the support of her robot companion, but what they find inside her is beyond her wildest dreams…or nightmares.

One Punch Man (2015)

51 Action anime - One Punch Man

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Parody, Supernatural
Studio: Madhouse
Seasons: 2

The story, which is a parody of the typical fighting shounen, follows Saitama, a character who already has the greatest powers imaginable for a human being. But that power comes with the consequences of it, and the reality is that Saitama is tired of being the strongest, and he wants to find any enemy who stands up to him, but he doesn’t seem to do anything more than beat them with a single blow.


Sword Art Online (2012)

52 Action Anime - Sword Art Online

Genre: Action, Videogame, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Seasons: 6 (on air)

In this isekai about an MMORPG called Sword Art Online we follow Kazuto Kirigaya, known as Kirito, a young man who is enjoying the premiere of this new technology called NerveGear, which will allow him to fully control his avatar. During his first taste of the game he finds that only ten thousand people have a copy, and he can enjoy an interesting medieval fantasy. However, he soon finds out that he can’t get out of the game, as the creator has trapped them inside until they get past a hundred levels.

The Rise of the Shield Hero (2019)

53 Animes de accion - The Rise of the Shield Hero

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Seasons: 3

Naofumi is one of four legendary heroes, chosen from the modern world of Japan, appointed to defend the Melromarc universe. Each of these heroes is assigned a weapon, and Naofumi is somewhat disappointed to find that he was assigned the shield, which is unimpressive. And he doesn’t seem to be the only one who thinks so, since his teammates make fun of him and leave him to train alone and forgotten.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016)

54 Animes de accion - ReZero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Studio: White Fox
Seasons: 3 (on air)

Subaru Natsuki is perplexed as his boring ordinary life is snatched away from him and transported to a strange and complex fantasy universe, where as he begins to walk, he is attacked by bandits. Luckily, a beautiful woman named Satella defends him, and asks for her help to find a person who stole a badge. Subaru, grateful to the young woman, decides to accompany her.


Fate/Stay Night (2006)

55 Action Anime - Fate/Stay Night

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Magic, Romance, Fantasy
Studio: Studio Deen
Seasons: 2 + 3 movies

Shirou Emiya has lost his family in a fire, and in gratitude to that person who saved his life, he takes his last name, and swears that he will become a defender of justice. One night, he finds himself before a supernatural apparition: Two powerful entities are fighting each other, and Shiro is right in the middle of the confrontation. Luckily, he comes out unscathed, but seeing himself threatened by one of these entities, without thinking, Shirou summons a Servant of his own, an ancient being from the spirit world who is destined to protect him during the Holy Grail War.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad (2016)

56 Action Anime - Magi Adventure of Sinbad

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Studio: Lay-duce
Seasons: 3

At the moment of Sinbad’s birth, the most powerful magical beings in the kingdom of Pathevia will be seen hailing the arrival of the son of destiny. However, the young man himself is unaware of his importance, and he lives a peaceful life despite the war, but all that changes when a stranger appears in his life.

Ao No Exorcist (2011)

57 Action Anime - Ao No Exorcist

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Seasons: 2

After a fight with his adoptive father, Rin Okumura discovers that he is really the son of Satan, the king of demons, ruler of Gehenna. After the tragic loss of his adoptive father at the hands of Satan himself, Rin swears revenge on him, and decides to join the True Cross academy, where he will become an exorcist to end all things related to demons.

Nanatsu No Taizai (2014)

58 Animes de accion - Nanatsu No Taizai

Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Supernatural
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Seasons: 4 (airing)

In a world similar to the European Middle Ages, we find the kingdom of Liones, a prosperous place that suffers a coup at the hands of those who swore to protect it. Now, under a new tyranny, the Seven Deadly Sins, ancient legendary soldiers defending the kingdom, will have to find a way to reclaim the kingdom and restore peace.