Anime | The best of Yuri for fans of the genre!

Shoujo-ai (also known as its more adult variation, “yuri”) is a Japanese term meaning “love between girls” and is generally used to characterize anime, games, manga, or other media that revolve around romantic relationships between girls. two women or give it some importance.

We have prepared a list of the best shoujo-ai anime for anyone who is a fan or wants to learn more about the genre!

Note: Lately we have noticed that official database pages like MyAnimeList have marked this genre as Girls Love. However, we will continue to use the terms “yuri” and “shoujo-ai” to identify these series, until there is a more standardized way of calling them.

26.Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san (2018)

8 - Animes yuri - Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

Genre: Comedy, Girls Love, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Episodes: 12

Rumors of a terrifying girl going out at night abound, but Akari Amano isn’t afraid of that. One night, she decides to find out if the legend is true, and she embarks on a journey through the forest. She immediately goes missing, but she is rescued by a vampire named Sophie Twilight. The funny thing is that Sophie looks a lot like the girl in the story, but she is not scary at all, quite the opposite. She looks like a doll, she’s kind, and she’s a vampire who orders the blood she needs to survive online.

Akari immediately takes a liking to the girl, and decides to move into the mansion with her. This is how their life together will begin.

25. Konohana Kitan (2017)

9 - Animes yuri - Konohana Kitan

Genre: Fantasy, Girls Love, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12

Yuzu, an inhabitant of a small town full of spirits, will have to start her first day at the Konohanatei traditional inn. Yuzu has a good disposition but no experience, and Kiri, the affable local shop assistant, takes her as her ward.

Yuzu will eventually prove that her addition to the employee roster lifts spirits at the inn, despite her clumsiness.

24. Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! (2019)

10 - Animes yuri - Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

Genre: Action, Shoujo-Ai
Episodes: 12

Miyako Hoshino, a college student, has a lot of social anxiety. He doesn’t like to interact with other people and his fondness for costumes takes up a lot of his spare time. But when he meets a friend of his younger sister, Hana Shirosaki, he becomes obsessed with her adorable image and starts asking her to try on the costumes she makes for him.

23. Happy Sugar Life (2018)

11 - Animes yuri - Happy Sugar Life

Genre: Action, Shoujo-Ai
Episodes: 12

Satou Matsuzaka is a high school student who has gained a bad reputation for having short-lived relationships with men. The reality is that she doesn’t have feelings for them, so she doesn’t put in the necessary effort. However, the day he meets Shio Koube, everything he should have felt with the boys, he feels with her.

Satou moves in with Shion, under the pretense that she lives with her aunt. But the story turns dark when we discover that Shion is capable of doing anything to protect her relationship.

22.Akuma No Riddle (2014)

1 - Animes yuri - Akuma No Riddle

Genre: Action, Shoujo-Ai
Episodes: 12

Also known as Riddle Story of Devil, it is something of a hidden gem within the genre. The premise is full of action and interesting moments, as we follow a protagonist named Haru Ichinose, whom all of her classmates want to kill.

Haru enters a girls’ school where she meets Tokaku Azuma, a young woman who has the same purpose as her classmates. The idea is that, after completing the work, they will be able to fulfill any wish. But when Tokaku, who is determined to take down Haru, meets her for real, he falls in love with her. Now, he will have to protect her from all the other girls.

21. Sakura Trick (2014)

2 - Animes yuri - Sakura Trick

Genre: Comedy, Shoujo-Ai, Romance, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12

This series is one of the most important of the new generation. We follow Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, inseparable friends since they were in elementary school. However, when they meet again in high school, they end up in opposite seats on each side of the room.

Thanks to this distance, their relationship evolves little by little, and what they knew as friendship is now romance. But not everything is rosy, and the girls will have to hide their relationship from their friends and a very jealous older sister.

20.Adachi to Shimamura (2020)

3 - Animes yuri - Adachi to Shimamura

Genre: Shoujo-ai, Romance, Slice of Life
Episodes: 12

After recommending Sakura Trick, it makes sense to try to match her with something this sweet. Well , Adachi and Shimamura is well worth it, and it’s one of the cutest yuri anime out there.

The story follows Adachi and Shimamura, two girls who become friends after having a chance meeting and spending a wonderful afternoon together. They meet outside of school, where classes, peers or social expectations do not exist. This is why your evening is so special. And after going through something like that, they begin to think of each other as something much more than a friend. But those feelings could end their friendship, or turn it into something much more magical.

19. Netsuzou Trap (2017)

4 - Animes yuri - Netsuzou Trap

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo-ai
Episodes: 12

In this series we focus on the romantic relationship between Yuma Okazaki and Hotraru Mizushima, two best friends since childhood. When they start high school, Yuma finds a boyfriend, and since it’s her first experience with anyone, she begs Hotaru for advice.

But things get complicated when Hotaru decides to kiss her. Now Yuma doesn’t know what she should do, since she doesn’t want to lose her friend, and that kiss from her awakened things in her that she didn’t expect. But there is also the issue of betrayal towards her boyfriend…

18. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san (2014)

5 - Animes yuri - Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Genre: Comedy, Shoujo-ai
Episodes: 12

This list would not be complete without the presence of at least one romantic comedy. In this story we introduce Inugami and Nekoyama, two complete opposites, like cats and dogs.

When these two girls meet, their story begins, and the relationship transforms into something adorable and cute with each episode. Thanks to their very different behavior, there are many misunderstandings, and Nekoyama’s shyness makes Inugami feel insecure.

17. Asagao to Kase-san (2018)

6 - Animes yuri - Asagao to Kase-san

Genre: Romance, Shoujo-ai
Episodes: 1

This OVA is only 58 minutes long, but that leaves no room for drama and misunderstanding. Instead, we meet Tomoka Kase and Yui Yamada, two girls who start dating.

The two have very different personalities, while Yui is quite quiet, Kase is extremely popular, being the star of the track team. But during the time they spend together, they want to understand and get to know each other better, enjoying the magic of being in love for the first time.

16. Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

7 - Animes yuri - Revolutionary Girl Utena

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes: 39

In this absolute classic of the genre, we meet Utena Tenjou, a young woman who swears to become a prince. Now that she’s grown up, she has a peculiar heirloom: a ring of roses that, upon entering her new school, enlists her in fierce competition.

There he discovers that the prize is the Bride of the Rose, Anthy Himemiya, a young woman who has magical powers. After Utena takes the prize, she realizes that she wants to free the girl, but first she must try to free the academy from her ideals.

This series has two versions, the original series with 39 episodes and a movie from the year 99.

15. Citrus (2018)

1 Citrus Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo-ai
Studio: Passione

Citrus is one of the most recent anime on this list. It follows the story of Yuzu Aihara, a young woman who, after her mother remarried, has to transfer schools and start a new life. This, Yuzu takes as an opportunity to start fresh and finally meet the love of her life.

However, she transfers to an all-girls school, and there she meets Mei Aihara, the student council president. She is an intimidating and beautiful young woman, who steals her first kiss. But the surprises do not end there, since when Yuzu returns home, she discovers that Mei is her new relative; the daughter of her mother’s new husband. What will this mean for both of them?

14.Kanamemo (2009)

2 Kanamemo Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Thriller
Studio: White Fox

Kanamemo shows us how the life of the young student Kana Nakamachi changes dramatically as soon as her grandmother dies.

Fate leads her to the Fuhshin Gazette, a local newspaper delivery company that gives her a place to live, and as payment she works for the company.

Fuhshin Gazette is made up of unique characters, such as Yume Kitaoka and her girlfriend Yuuki Minami, the simple Hinata Azuma, the alcoholic Haruka Nishida, and the young but mature Saki Amano. But not everything is fun in this new reality, as Kana has to deal with a very demanding and adventurous job!

13.Sasamekikoto (2009)

2 Sasamekikoto Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo-ai
Studio: AIC

Sasamekikoto introduces us to Murasame Sumika, a popular girl at her school thanks to her excellent grades and exemplary performance in various sports.

The young woman has a secret that she never revealed to anyone, she is super in love with her schoolmate, Kazama Ushio.

Ushio is usually very popular, but she has yet to realize that Sumika has a crush on her as other girls have always rejected her.

12.Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku (2007)

4 Blue Drop Tenshitachi no Gikyoku Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Shoujo-ai
Studio: Gonzo

Blue Drop: Tenshitachi no Gikyoku tells the story of Mari Wakatake and the events that killed all the inhabitants of Kamioki Island and left the protagonist with no memory.

Mari entered against her will into an all-girls school, isolated from the rest of civilization, Kaihou Academy. Although everything seems calm, Mari is unaware that someone is secretly watching her, waiting for her memory to return to normal.

We later discover that Mari may have been the only human survivor on Kamioki Island, but she soon discovers that is not the case when a spirit with the body of a girl begins to stalk her.

11. Aoi Hana (2009)

5 Aoi Hana Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Romance, Shoujo-Ai, Slice of Life
Studio: JC Staff

Aoi Hana focuses on the special relationship between two girls, Fumi Manjoume, who is shy and sensitive, and Akira Okudaira, who is sincere and kind. They were best friends when they were just kids, but all that changed when Fumi and her family moved away.

Years later, Fumi returns to her hometown and ends up joining the Matsuoka Girls’ School. That’s when she finally meets Akira. Despite the expected meeting between the two, the relationship is no longer the same.

Little by little they try to recover the lost friendship between the two, but will they be able to do it?

10. Kannazuki no Miko (2004)

5 Kannazuki no Miko Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Magic, Romance, mecha, Shounen, Shoujo-ai
Studio: TNK

The anime Kannazuki no Miko begins in the small and quiet town of Mahoroba, it is there that we meet two students from the prestigious Ototachibana Academy, who are opposites of each other. Himeko is shy and insecure and on the other hand, Chikane is sassy and elegant.

Despite their differences, they love each other and there is nothing to separate them, no matter how hard they try. On the (shared) birthday of the two girls, a sinister voice takes charge of one of her friends to attack them.

It is at this very moment that the lunar and solar priestess powers that were hidden in Himeko and Chikane’s bodies awaken, eliminating all the evil present there. Thus begins a new adventure for the two young women!

9. Strawberry Panic (2006)

6 Strawberry Panic Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo-ai
Studio: Madhouse, Imagin

In Strawberry Panic we follow the character of Aoi Nagisa, who has just transferred to a Catholic girls’ school, called Starrawberry Dorms.

Starrawberry Dorms is divided into three different groups of students (Lulim, Miator, Spica), all of which have their own president, uniform, and activities. Nagisa ends up being selected for Miator’s group, and attracts the attention of the entire school after a sequence of incidents involving Student Etoile (representative of all three groups in the school).

Shizuma, is a kind of idol for everyone. Meanwhile, Nagisa and Shizuma begin to fall in love, but slowly a love triangle develops as well!

8. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl (2006)

7 Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo-ai, Slice of Life
Studio: Studio Hibari

This is one of the most original anime on the list, which chronicles Hazumu’s new life as a simple and shy boy who had a great passion for gardening and long walks in the mountains.

After much reflection, he finally gained the courage to confess his love for her to Yasuna, but unfortunately the girl rejected him.

Sad and dejected, he decided to climb Mount Kashimayama, the place where they met, to reflect on what had just happened. In that place he made a wish on a shooting star and his life changed completely! Now he is her, and he has to start her life as a woman!

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7. The Witch Hunter (2007)

8 The Witch Hunter Anime Shoujo Ai

Genero: Aventura, Drama, Misterio
Estudio: Bee Train

The story of The Witch Hunter, also known as Eru Kazado revolves around Ellis and Nadi. The anime begins with Ellis accused of alleged murder, having to flee from an underground society they call “Hunters”.

After a while, he ends up meeting a bounty hunter named Nadi, who was looking for Ellis to get the bounty for her capture. Finally, Nadi gives up on the idea and decides to help Ellis recover the truth about her past.

This series takes place in a very characteristic environment that takes us back to the old “westerns”.

6. The Movie (2015)

9 Kanamewo Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Drama, Shoujo-ai
Studio: N/A

Kanamewo is, without a doubt, a strange production, there we meet a young woman (her name is not revealed) who during a bike ride ends up encountering a very injured and weak tree goddess.

It is revealed that the land of the sanctuary of this goddess is being used for construction, the young woman decides to help, taking the deity to her house.

The two begin to create a very special relationship, but a question hangs in the air: what will happen to the goddess once the works are completed?

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5. Noir (2001)

10 Noir Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Action, Mystery, Drama
Studio: Bee Train

Noir tells the story of Mireille Bouquet, a hit woman who receives an email from a young woman experiencing amnesia. But it is later discovered that, despite her memory loss, she is a very efficient killing machine.

The story takes us on a journey into the past of the two girls, which ends up taking them to the capital of France, Paris. However, someone prevents them from reaching their destination.

The anime offers diverse content to fans, traveling from action to humor, always based on a well-assembled and super interesting story. Without a doubt, a mandatory anime for all fans of the genre.

4. Mai otome (2005)

11 Mai otome Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic
Estudio: Sunrise

Mai otome ‘s plot takes place in the distant future, more specifically on the planet Earl, which was colonized by terrestrials centuries ago.

In this new society, female virgins take on the role of so-called Meister Otomes (royal security). In the anime we follow the character of Arika Yumemiya who came to the Kingdom of Windbloom in search of her mother, who was a Meister Otome.

As soon as he arrives, Akira meets an exemplary student named Nina Wáng, and the heir to the Windbloom throne, Mashiro Blan. The series mixes various elements, and is at least a refreshing offering within the genre.

3.Yuru Yuri (2011)

12 Yuru Yuri Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Shoujo-ai
Studio: Doga Kobo

Yuru Yuri focuses on the life of Akari Akaza, a student who attends an all-girls school (a very common premise in this genre), and her reunion with her childhood friends Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou.

At school, Yui and Kyouko decide to create the “Amusement Club”, which now occupies the room of the now-defunct tea club, and as soon as Akari joins her friends at her new club, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, she thinks she was in front of her. to the tea club. Only when the girls explained that it had disbanded did they manage to convince Chinatsu to join the entertainment club.

But what is the goal of the group? Just provide entertainment and good times to its members. Based on a manga, this anime is a comedy about a group of girls who decide to spend their free time drinking tea.

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2. Bloom Into You (2018)

13 Bloom Into You Shoujo Ai

Genre: Romance, School, Shoujo-ai
Studio: TROYCA

Bloom Into You tells the story of Yuu, a young girl who was a big fan of shoujo (romantic type) manga and looks forward to the day a boy declares his love for her.

However, when a boy from her school confesses to Yuu, she doesn’t feel anything, she’s super disappointed and confused.

Everything changes as soon as Yuu sees the beautiful Nanami turn down a suitor with maturity and confidence. Inspired by this, she decides to ask the girl for help. After that, their ” shoujo ” romance begins in a way she could never have imagined.

1. Oniisama e… (1991)

14 Oniisama e Anime Shoujo Ai

Genre: Psychological, Drama, School, Shoujo, Shoujo-ai
Studio: Tezuka Productions

Oniisama e … is not an anime for everyone, since it offers a somewhat sad and heavy story.

The plot is deceptively simple, with Nanako and her childhood friend Tomoko entering a special school for girls only and where all the students are rich and upper class. The series tells the events that happen during Nanako’s school days, as she recounts everything about her in letters that she sends to her brother.

As we said, this is not a light anime, so if you are a bit sensitive, we do not recommend watching it, however, its quality is indisputable.