Boruto | Top 10 Anime Fights (So Far)

Well, who follows Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is already aware that what is not lacking are epic battles, incredible abilities and powers, and impressive scenes.

With this in mind, SuperFans has put together a list of Boruto’s biggest fights, battles that deserve our attention. Do you agree with us? Let’s get started!

10. Boruto vs Hanabi

Boruto vs Hanabi | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Okay, maybe you think there are many other fights much more epic than this one. However, it is good to see that from the very beginning, the anime provided us with battles, even in training, that were very well choreographed and creative.

Here we see Boruto using his classic multiplication technique and yet losing to Hanabi. While not exactly the most visually stunning battle, it does mark the beginning of the anime, right there in episode 9, showing the mood of the upcoming fights.

9. Sakura vs Shin


This fight deserves a spot on this list for its extensive use of opponents’ abilities. It is amazing to see the display of speed and dexterity with which Sakura responds to the moves and resources that Shin uses.

In addition, the environment in which they fight makes for an even more interesting aspect, with chases in a kind of stone labyrinth. It also highlights Sakura’s strength and strategic mind. It happened in episode 22.

8. Sasuke vs Kinshiki

Sasuke vs Kinshiki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The speed of the blows, the precision of the movements and the ingenuity used by Sasuke and Kinshiki guarantee an impressive battle.

Sonoplasty is also a highlight of the scene, with blows that sound almost like airplane turbines. This fight continued in episode 54.

7. Naruto y Sasuke vs Momoshiki

Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The fighting dynamic that Naruto and Sasuke demonstrate in this battle is unique. The movements are perfectly synchronized, with strokes that seem to complement each other.

From the aesthetic aspect of the battle to the soundtrack, the scene in episode 64 is a really beautiful thing to see. Despite showing great skill, Momoshiki ends up cornered by the duo.

6. Boruto, Mitsuki y Shikadai vs Shino

20 - Boruto, Mitsuki y Shikadai vs Shino

Considered by many fans to be one of the best fights in anime, this battle cast a Jounin, trained and prepared to kill, as the opponent.

In the cutscene, Shino ends up frustrated at not being able to develop his class. For this reason, he ends up being dominated by the evil chakra, which pits him against his students: Boruto, Mitsuki and Shikadai.

The fight was long, and the ninjas had a hard time overcoming the master. Mitsuki was responsible for making Shino return to himself with his Lightning Style.

5. Boruto, Sarada y Cho-Cho vs Kakou

21 - Boruto, Sarada y Cho-Cho vs Kakou

In another fight led by the new generation, we see Boruto facing Kakou. Soon after, Kakou, Sarada, and Cho-Cho’s powerful Particle Style: Atomic Disassembly Jutsu shock the warrior.

And it is Sarada who realizes the opponent’s weakness. After using a particle style, the fighter cannot use a ninjutsu for some time. Still, Kakou tries to use the feature again, which ends up killing him.

4. Mitsuki vs Shinki

21 - Mitsuki vs Shinki

Just because of the power of the opponents, fans were expecting an epic fight. But the ensuing battle demonstrated a parallel between the powers of the warriors, who remained, for example, tethered for a long time, each displaying new abilities and responding to the opponent’s attacks from above.

Still, we know that Mitsuki could have done more, like Sage Mode, whose power would be hard to match for Shinki’s other ability.

However, before she could use her full power and truly defeat her opponent, Mitsuki gives up the fight, focusing on what was best for her team and the desire to continue fighting alongside her friends, which for miscellaneous reasons would not be. possible if you used sage mode.

3. Sumire vs Mitsuki

22 - Sumire vs Mitsuki

Episode 13 of the anime brought a crazy fight between Sumire and Mitsuki. In addition to showing the extensive use of the powers of the two warriors, Boruto interrupts the battle with a surprise for everyone.

Before the two kill each other, Boruto stops them from delivering what could be the final blow. Then we see his eye shine and activate the Ninjutsu of Teleportation.

2. Naruto y Sasuke vs Uchiha Shin

23 - Naruto y Sasuke vs Uchiha Shin

This fight is literally beautiful to watch. In broad daylight, the aesthetic aspect of the battle was due to the elegance of Sasuke’s blows and the extent of the power and resources that both he and Naruto used against Shin.

But the thrills of this battle were not only in the opponent’s fighting prowess, but also in surprises. As Sasuke asks Naruto to take care of Sarada, a sword appears out of nowhere hitting Naruto. This is the power of Shin, he can control people’s weapons, and thus he becomes the seventh Hokage.

The battle seemed lost, with Sasuke taking several hits to protect Sarada. But Sakura arrives this time.

1.Boruto y Sasuke

24 - Boruto y Sasuke

This battle undoubtedly tops the list of Boruto’s epic fights. Mainly because the conflict went far beyond just two fighters, engaging several of the warriors in a unique display of skill.

Furthermore, the moment also marked the revelation of Biijus and Uchiha’s hidden power. The event was epic in different proportions, with several impressive scenes.

So do you agree with our list or would you have other fights that you think should be on this ranking?