DeathNote | What led Light Yagami straight to his downfall?

Death Note is an anime that needs no introduction and if there is something that made it great, it was, without a doubt, the construction of its characters. Light Yagami is someone exemplary, brilliant and calculating, but everything changes with the possibility of having the lives of others in his hands, thanks to the Death Note. We invite you to read the most important hits and misses in the history of Yagami Light.

The murder of Lind L Tailor


L Taylor

Light’s first oversight occurs when L prepares a trap making him believe that it was he who appeared in an international broadcast exposing his face and name. Tailor heats things up by insulting Kira and her sense of justice.

Without thinking, and giving a show of power, Kira decides to take the Death Note, write this name and a few seconds later, we see Lind L Tailor die of cardiac arrest. As Light celebrates his very short victory, a second transmission appears with L’s voice explaining that everything had been set up.

Thanks to this recklessness, L was able to close Kira’s range of action to the Kanto district since, despite having said that the broadcast was international, he decided to do it by region to quickly rule out whether the murderer was in Japan. This mistake also made it clear that Light was capable of assassination from a distance.

School timetable and police database



L was quickly able to figure out that Kira murdered only outside of school hours and that she had access to exclusive police data.

This led him to suspect that the murderer could be young and that he had a connection with a member of the police, perhaps a relative. Under this premise, L decides to investigate the Yagami family and they place more than 60 cameras throughout the house.

Murder under surveillance


Potato Chips

Ryuk comments on the cameras at home and with a simple extortion, in exchange for apples, Light manages to find out where they are located. Thanks to this, she devised a plan that started by controlling each of her actions in perfect detail and thus removing any suspicion that there was about him.

The big move occurs by pretending that he was studying for an entrance exam, which his father confirms to L, and with his left hand he wrote names in the Death Note. In the process, Light ate potato chips from a bag that she had as a decoy.

From the camera angle, a responsible and motionless Light Yagami could be seen in front of his desk studying all night. The deaths that occurred that night would close a perfect alibi.

Getting Raye Penber to murder other FBI agents



Upon discovering that Raye Penber was part of the FBI who was in Japan, Light decides to devise a master plan to get rid of him.

This plan consisted of proving his identity to him and thus manipulating him into writing the names of all the agents and directors who were in charge of the investigation.

Penber had no choice but to write their names without thinking of the consequences that this would entail. At the time of getting off the train, Light had already planned that his death would occur half an hour later, when leaving the train.

Refuse the Shinigami Eyes Deal

miss (theory)


Ryuk offers the Shinigami eyes to Light to find out the name of Raye Penber’s fiancée in exchange for half his life. Light ignores this proposal considering that she was not worth it and managed to obtain her name under his own means.

Had he accepted this deal at the time that L sees Misa as a potential suspect and isolates her, it would have allowed Light to kill L and get out of future trouble. If we analyze the outcome, it is possible that Kira would have lived longer with only half of her life at her disposal.

Give up the Death Note and its memories



When Light finds himself between a rock and a hard place, and he knows that L is suspicious of him, he does the unthinkable: he relinquishes the Death Note while in police custody and loses all memories that bind him to it.

In this way, he manages to completely deceive L, making him believe in the innocent image he projects after losing all trace of memory of his Machiavellian personality as Kira.

For a long time, he collaborated as L’s right-hand man in the investigation against Kira. She eliminated all suspicion and got the police to believe that the culprit was Kyosuke Higuchi, who becomes obsessed with Misa and leads Rem to explain that she must stay away from such a heinous man.

After this, a chase towards Higuchi begins which culminates in L and Light having contact with the Death Note, which allows L to see the goddess of death Rem and Light to recover his memories.

Create fake rules for the Death Note



Another brilliant moment was making the police force believe that the Death Note had rules that made it impossible for the bearer to stop writing on it for long periods of time.

This gives Light a perfect alibi to free himself and Misa from suspicion, since they were in L’s custody for almost two months. Also, there is the fake rule of the Death Note which states that the owner can’t stop writing names in the notebook for more than 13 days, otherwise he will die.

Trust Teru Mikami



Trusting Teru Mikami was the mistake that cost Light his life. Mikami was a person whose beliefs and convictions almost completely aligned with Kira’s, but as the story progresses it is discovered that he is too impulsive to handle the responsibility of the Death Note.

Many would say that Mikami was a fanatic, but at first he could have looked like any other Kira. He had a strong sense of justice and divided people into two very sharp categories: good people and bad people.

When he receives the notebook, he takes it as a divine act, having been chosen by God, which leads him to suspect that his fanaticism could be catastrophic.

Nonetheless, Mikami’s character behaves cautiously and intelligently, taking various steps to continue influencing the world with Kira’s beliefs, selecting Kiyomi Takada as his spokesperson.

Cornered at the end of the series, that caution goes overboard in attempting to assassinate Takada. This would be his downfall since Kira had eliminated the same person minutes before.

The result is that Near realizes Kira’s true identity based on the time it took for Takada to pass away.




Despite all the strategic mistakes Light Yagami made, it is said by many that pride was his true downfall. From the beginning, after confirming that the Death Note worked, Light had in his hands the power to be a god.

As the plot progresses, we can see how the need to be recognized and admired was increasing. Kira found pleasure in this and indulged in the game of greatness in front of L. Unable to escape from this vicious circle, her plans became more and more careless because of her arrogance.

Despite having had everything to avoid it, this attitude brought Yagami Light to his undisputed end.

Light Yagami’s death

Mistake of the series?


Much is made of Yagami’s death and how Death Note ended. The opinion that the series should have ended after L’s death is one of the best known.

Kira was a perfectly constructed character with a questionable ending. Under the different premises of the series, the fact of having continued her work, of the god she believed to be her, was a feasible scenario.

The plot was drawn out unnecessarily and this ended with a humiliated Light Yagami begging for Ryuk to help him. Unlike Rem, Ryuk would not sacrifice his life to change the course of history. This led to him finally being the one to write Light’s name in the Death Note and the entire journey ending in those last prayers.