Dragon Ball | All about Ultra Instinct, Goku’s greatest technique

At the end of the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super we got a chance to see Goku using a new technique, called Ultra Instinct, and ever since this has been referred to as the most powerful technique the Saiyan has ever used.

According to Dragon Ball anime canon , Ultra Instinct is more powerful than any Super Saiyan transformation, making the warrior who masters it become one of the most powerful in the universe. But is it really so?

Although the transformation has been little explored in Dragon Ball Super , it has been gaining some prominence throughout the promotional anime, Dragon Ball Heroes . But what is the real power of this transformation?

Unknown potential

Goku Ultra Instinct VS Jiren

What we broadly understand about this ability is that it is an ability that allows whoever reaches it to react purely instinctively to their opponent’s attacks. Its manifestation is denoted by silver pupils and the user being surrounded by bluish energy.

According to official information about Ultra Instinct, they claim that this is a state of mind that only divine beings (and now Saiyans) can achieve.

This state of mind makes Goku faster, in fact it makes Goku faster than his own thoughts.

So far it is still not possible to get an idea of ​​the true power of Ultra Instinct, as we only saw Goku fully master the technique during his fight against the Universe 11 warrior Jiren.

During that little fight where Goku completely mastered the transformation, it was possible to see that Ultra Instinct made the Saiyan reach the peak of his potential (so far) and was in his most powerful form.

However, it is impossible to say what the limit of this new transformation is, as little has been explored in both the anime and manga.

Goku still doesn’t have what it takes

Goku Ultra Instinct Kamehame

As already mentioned in the anime, Goku manages to master the technique, however his body is not yet ready to withstand the transformation for a long time, nor to use all the power that it allows him to achieve.

This opens a very interesting opportunity for Goku’s power to be even greater than what we have seen so far, the Saiyan is always trained or it is natural that his body is even more capable of resisting Ultra Instinct.

As he is an ambitious guy who only thinks about fighting (and the protagonist of the anime) it is natural that Goku ends up becoming the most powerful character in the entire franchise thanks to this technique.

Something even gods can’t do

Goku Ultra Instinto Super Saiyan

The proof that Goku can’t control the Ultra Instinct form, is the fact that even the Gods of Destruction can’t, even though they’ve spent millions of years training.

In fact, this form is so rare and works in such an unpredictable way that everyone, even the High Priest, was shocked to see Goku manage to reach Ultra Instinct level in the fight against Jiren.

There is yet another explanation, if Goku had managed to reach the Ultra Instinct form when he wanted to, he would have done it sooner. In fact, in some moments of the Tournament of Power we saw that the Saiyan did not manage to exceed the limits of his power, even when he wanted to.

Ultra Instinct is a different form than all the other transformations that Goku has achieved, but there is another very interesting detail!

Ultra Instinct is not exclusive to Saiyans

Ultra Instinto Saiyan Goku

Unlike other transformations that Goku has obtained, Ultra Instinct is not exclusive to the Saiyan race. Obviously we can’t say if characters like Krillin or Yamcha would be able to reach this level of power, since the transformation must depend on several factors, including the potential of each warrior.

However, it is possible that other characters who excelled in the Tournament of Power will be able to achieve this new form at some point in the future of the franchise.

In fact, as we said before, several Gods of Destruction have already tried to transform into Ultra Instinct, who knows if Beerus will be able to reach this state in the future? Or if Jiren could do it? He could become the most powerful character in the entire franchise.

Of the different Ultra Instincts

Goku Ultra Different Instincts

When Goku was finally able to fully master the Ultra Instinct technique, increasing his power level, he came to have silver hair.

This is a huge difference from the interim form of Ultra Instinct that Goku had used up until then, where he was excellent at defense, but still very limited at attack. Also visually, Goku only had gray eyes, while his hair remained black.

This means that there are actually two different types of Ultra Instinct and, unsurprisingly, they have different names.

Discover the names of the different forms of Ultra Instinct

Goku Ultra Instinct Two Names

Recently, one of the Dragon Ball Super series writers revealed that Ultra Instinct’s interim form has another name. According to the same writer, this version of Ultra Instinct should be called ‘Ultra Instinct Omen’ or ‘Ultra Instinct Sign’, with Goku being the first character to achieve this form in the entire Dragon Ball multiverse .

In other words, the silver-haired version is called only Ultra Instinct and not ‘Ultra Instinct Master’ despite it being a widely used designation by fans of the series.