Fun facts you (probably) didn’t know about Naruto Shippuden

After a decade of broadcast (2007 – 2017), Naruto Shippuden definitely came to an end, leaving anime fans a little orphaned.

If you have seen all 500 episodes of the Shippuden phase, you must be aware of the amazing adventures that the ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village and their allies went through. But do you really know EVERYTHING about the series of the ninja who dreamed of being Hokage?

We reveal some curiosities about Naruto that you probably did not know.

The Nine-Tailed Fox is inspired by Yu Yu Hakusho


Masashi Kishimoto , the creator of the manga / anime, was inspired by Kurama Youko , a character from Yu Yu Hakusho , to create the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox from Naruto.

Kurama Youko was a yukai-fox reincarnated in the body of a child, with the ability to transform into a 4-tailed Kitsune . Kitsune is the Japanese word for “fox” and represents an iconic character from Japanese folklore.

According to legend, the Kitsune has magical powers and great intelligence. Additionally, she possesses the ability to transform into human beings, usually assuming the form of a beautiful woman or an old woman.

As portrayed in the anime/manga, one of the Kitsune ‘s physical characteristics is their tails. Every thousand years she grows a new one, adding a total of nine. According to legend, with each new transformation the fox becomes smarter and stronger.

Naruto is voiced by women

naruto shippuden

Actually, this is something that a lot of people know about. Both in the original version (in Japanese) and in the Latin American version, Naruto Uzumaki is voiced by a woman. Like the protagonist of the series, many other male characters also come to life thanks to the voice of dubbing actresses.

In Brazil, Úrsula Bezerra is the one who gives voice to the ninja that gives the series its name. What’s more, the dubber received in 2008 an award considered the “Oscar of dubbing” for her work as Naruto. In Mexico, the actress Isabel Martiñón is in charge of bringing the character to life, while the great Javier Balas lends his voice to Naruto in the Spanish version.

In the original anime dub, Naruto was voiced by Junko Takeuchi. This famous Japanese voice actor has worked on great series, such as Hunter x Hunter , Digimon Frontier , Metabots , One Piece, Highschool of Death , among others.

Naruto was initially going to be a culinary manga.


During an interview in 2012, Kishimoto revealed that Naruto was going to be a culinary manga.

For those who don’t know, “naruto” is the name of one of the typical ingredients of Japanese ramen (or lamen), consisting of a kind of cooked dough with fish, forming a spiral in the center after being cut into slices.

The setting for the entire plot of the series, according to its creator, would have been one of our ninja hero’s favorite places: the Ichiraku restaurant .

In fact, this restaurant exists in real life and was quite frequented by the mangaka while he was in college. Ichiraku specializes in serving ramen and is located across from Kyushu University, a region known for its excellent lamen eating establishments.

The funniest thing about this whole story is that the “naruto” (ingredient) is not served with the real Ichiraku’s ramen. Would Naruto be an homage to Kishimoto’s favorite restaurant or a criticism of the menu to suggest they put naruto in the ramen?

Sage of the Six Paths and Buddhism

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

The character Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki , known as the Ancient One of the Six Paths ( Rokudo Sennin ), was created taking inspiration from a teaching of Buddhism: the teaching of the six wishes .

Another character that was also created based on this teaching of Buddhism is Pain (alias used by Nagato), who with the help of his Rinnegan was able to create the six paths of Pain ( pain is pain in English).

Naruto would not be human

naruto zorro

According to the original script for the series, which was later published in Akamaru Jump magazine (now Jump NEXT ), Naruto would not be a human being.

Masashi Kishimoto’s initial idea was for the ninja to be a fox with the ability to take on a human appearance, just as the Kitsune legend tells.

Kishimoto’s editor eventually convinced the mangaka to change his plans, because he thought that readers would be able to connect better with the character if he were a human being.

Toads are tributes to Japanese actors

naruto toads

Gamabunta , Gamaken , and Shima are the three toads that Naruto summons to help him during fights. Since “Gama” is the Japanese word for “toad” , the rest of the names are tributes to famous Japanese personalities.

Shima is Shima Iwashita , known for having acted in Gokudou no Onnatachi and Harakiri , among other movies.

Ken (Gamaken) is Ken Takakura , known for having appeared in Operation Yakuza and Black Rain (directed by Riddley Scott).

Bunta (Gamabunta) is Bunta Sugawara , an actor who acted in Jingi Naki Tatakai ( Battle Without Honor and Humanity , 1973), Spirited Away , and other major productions.

Susanoo is a god


One of the most powerful jutsus used by users of the Mangekyou Sharingan is the Susanoo.

The Mangekyō Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼, literally Kaleidoscope Revolving Copier Eye ) is the second most advanced form of the Sharingan, second only to the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. This evolution gives its user access to great power and the ability to perform forbidden and mysterious techniques; furthermore, it is distinguished from a normal Sharingan by its appearance, which drastically changes its design depending on the wielder of the dōjutsu. The name of this powerful technique, as well as several others present in the anime/manga, is inspired by Japanese mythology.

Susanoo is considered the god of the sea and storms, according to the Shinto religion, and the brother of Amaterasu (the sun goddess) and Tsukuyomi (the moon god). Just like the Susanoo, all the others are also names of powerful techniques that are used by some members of the Uchiha clan.

First manga to win the Quill Awards


The global success of Naruto was thunderous, at the height of other great Japanese anime / manga, such as Dragon Ball and Knights of the Zodiac , for example.

As an example of this success, Naruto was the first manga to win the “Best Novel” award at the 2006 Quill Awards . This institution rewards the best fiction publications in world literature, which is something to keep in mind.