Learn more about Shoto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki is one of the most beloved and interesting characters in My Hero Academia. At first, his personality seemed cold and calculating, but little by little, as he has acclimated to his peers, he has shared more about himself and his likes, as well as creating particular ties with Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, Momo Yaoyorozu and Katsuki Bakugou. . Being one of the most promising characters in the series, here we bring you some background information about the son of the second strongest hero.

1. His name mixes up his skills

1 Shoto Todoroki Data Name

The surname “Todoroki” includes the characters for the word “roar” and “fire”, so the union would be “roaring fire” (轟) while his name contains the kanji for “burn” (焦) and “freeze” (凍). Also, the surname Todoroki is quite common in Japan.

2. His father had him to generate a “perfect” hero

2 Shoto Todoroki Padre

One of the reasons why Todoroki doesn’t get along with his father is because Endeavor raised him very coldly. But in addition, the other reason is in the treatment of his brothers: because Shoto was his father’s “perfect experiment” by mixing his wife’s abilities (ice) and his (fire) exactly and effectively, his father ignored and behaved very absently with his other siblings.

3. He has several brothers

3 Shoto Todoroki Brothers

As we have already mentioned, Shoto is the only one of Enji Todoroki’s heirs to obtain the ability from both his mother and father in equal parts. Because Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) wanted a perfect hero, he had several children, among whom we know Fuyumi, Toya and Natsuou by mention. We have seen his older sister a couple of times in the anime, and we also know that Shoto never had the freedom to play and spend time with his siblings, which made him a lonely boy and somewhat isolated from reality, which is why his change of personality to someone more pleasant and pleasant with others is an important growth considering his traumas since he was a child. However, the issue with his brother Toya Todoroki appears to be an interesting mystery, as the young man appears to have disappeared.

4. The scar he has was given to him by his mother

4 Shoto Todoroki Scar

This information is not news for anime fans, but we must treat it as something important to also explain the anger and apprehension that Shoto feels towards other people and above all, towards his father. Her mother, named Rei Todoroki, was a good and kind woman who suffered for many years from the abuse and anger of her husband Enji, and usually defended Shoto before her husband. However, one day, she had a nervous breakdown that led her to pour boiling tea on her own son’s face, right on her left side, as a way of hurting her husband’s pride. . Immediately remorseful for what happened, Rei used her ice ability on the burn, leading fans to presume that Shoto’s scar isn’t from the boiling water, but rather due to ice being applied too quickly to help him. in a desperate attempt to make amends for his mistake. If anything is known about burns, it is that ice or cold water should not be applied to them as it could leave a terrible scar as a result.

After this crisis, Rei Todoroki was committed by Enji in a psychiatric hospital.

5. It is not always number one

5 Shot Todoroki Lucha

Although Enji Todoroki wanted to raise the perfect hero, Shoto is full of flaws and has not always been the most outstanding in various fields. Firstly, despite having entered the UA school through recommendations, he was not number one in the test, since Inasa Yoarashi was the one with the best test score, meaning that, by rejecting the UA proposal , Todoroki will be the first to be the second best score originally. Also, we must remember that he lost to Bakugou after his confrontation with Deku at the UA sports festival. Furthermore, along with Bakugou, he was one of the few students in class 1-A who failed the provisional license exam.

6. His hero suit was redesigned very soon

6 Shot Todoroki Traje

Few of us remember Todoroki’s aesthetic when he was introduced, because in one of his first appearances, his entire left side was covered with ice, and his hero suit was very flashy but impractical. After the academy sports festival, when he finally made peace with his left side, he started wearing a simple outfit with a PE uniform and a utility belt.

7. His genetics are also interesting

7 Shoto Todoroki Facts Chimerism

Apart from having the particularity that her two eyes are of different colors (a genetic quality called heterochromia), we can also assume that she suffers from chimerism, because her hair is divided in the exact half, with both colors of her hair. fathers. Chimerism is also a genetic disorder where two different cells fuse, resulting in a living being that has two different cell types and a different genetic makeup. In most cases, these cells have different DNA, as if they were two beings in one.

8. Fun facts about his character profile

8 Shoto Todoroki Original Character

According to Horikoshi (the mangaka of the series), Soto’s favorite food is soba, Japanese noodles. Although soba is normally consumed in a hot soup, Shoto prefers to eat soba that is prepared and then allowed to cool. Another interesting fact is that one of the earliest conceived characters for the story. Aside from Izuku, Katsuki, and Ochaco, Shoto was the first character Horikoshi envisioned for the school setting in which part of the My Hero Academia plot would take place .