Man’s Best Friend?: 70 Lovable Anime Dogs (And Some Not So Lovable)

Puppies have definitely earned the title of man’s best friend, and not for free. Who does not like to see a dog, even if it is animated? That is why here we bring you a list of the 70 most adorable puppies in anime, to remind those furry ones that have probably made more than one smile.

1. Black Hayate / Fullmetal Alchemist

Black Hayate

He is Riza Hawkeye’s pet. Sergeant Kain Fuery found him in the street and could not take care of him, since animals were not allowed in his bedroom. It is Lieutenant Hawkeye who decides to keep it when she sees that it would have to be returned, if no one could take care of it.

2. Peter Martinez / Todoke’s chemistry

Maru Kimi ni Todoke

Also known as Maru, Pedro Martinez is a street dog that Sawako and Shouta saw on their way to school. Shouta decides to keep it and make him an official member of his family. Pin is the one who gives him the name of Pedro Martínez and Sawako nicknames him Maru.

3. Tobimaru / Stranger: Mukou Hadan


Tobimaru is a beautiful Akita, Kotarou’s pet, a faithful and friendly companion who gives the series very funny moments with Nanashi and Kotarou.

4. Akamaru / Naruto


The charismatic Akamaru is one of the most recognizable puppies in current anime. He is the pet of the famous character Kiba in Naruto , who received him when he was only four years old. Akamaru becomes this boy’s faithful companion and ends up being a key element in the entire development of Kiba’s story, as well as for his combat strategies.

5. Ein / Cowboy Bebop

Ein Cowboy

Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was the subject of experiments that increased his brainpower. He is part of the crew on the famed Cowboy Bebop series and a great friend of Edward’s.

6.Pakkun / Naruto

Pakkun Naruto

Pakkun is in charge of leading Kakashi’s Ninken team. He can speak and his voice is deep. He is a loyal dog to Kakashi and his companions. He has a lazy attitude but doesn’t hesitate to help, when needed.

7. Sadaharu / Gintama


Sadaharu is an Inugami (god dog) who was abandoned because his owners had financial problems. Kagura is the one who takes care of him afterwards. He is a good sized dog wearing a small red collar. His mission, in Gintama , is to help the characters with the problems that come their way.

8. Wanta / Elfen Lied

Wanta Elfen

It is the little puppy that always keeps Mayu company. His eyes are bright and he looks very similar to a labrador retriever. Mayu could feed him small pieces of bread since she couldn’t give him anything else. The name given by the first owner of it was James.

9. Den Rockbell / Fullmetal Alchemist

The Rock Bell

This adorable black puppy lost his front left leg for unknown reasons. However, Winry Rockbell, his owner, decided to send him an automail to allow him to continue enjoying his doggy adventures. Den is another of the most recognized dogs in the world of anime.

10. Tetsuya Number 2 / Kuroku no Basket


Tetsuya #2 is Tetsuya Kuroko’s pet. He is in charge of taking care of the whole team and, in some way, has become the boys’ favorite pet. He wears an adorable number 16 shirt. He’s a puppy like any other, he barks, plays and has an incredibly loyal attitude.

11. Zeke / Highschool of the Dead

Zeke Alice

Zeke is Alice’s pet, which they rescued shortly after saving her. She first appears escaping from some zombies. He is an intelligent and brave dog despite being small, as he learns to alert his friends to the presence of the dead to help them prepare for his arrival.

12. Alexander / Fullmetal Alchemist


Alexander is the puppy best friend and companion of Nina Tucker, official pet of the family. With Edward and Alphonse, he is a playful, attentive and affectionate dog. And yes, we know what you are thinking… he will never stop hurting.

13. Heen / Howl’s Moving Castle

Out Howls

Hin (pronounced Hee-n) is a small, very old, brown and white dog. He works for Madame Suliman as an errand runner and discreet, if unreliable, spy. He seems to replace Percival from the books.

14. Antoinette / Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High

Antoinette is the faithful companion of Ouran High School Host Club ‘s protagonist , Tamaki. In the case of the anime, Tamaki impulsively buys her, but in the manga, she is a welcome gift to Japan for little Tamaki. However, her origin is not as important as the fact that she is an affectionate, charismatic, sweet Golden Retriever dog with her owner and the rest of the Host Club and very similar to her owner.

15. Guts / Kill La Kill

Guts Kil la Kill

Guts is a pug who wears a hooded sweater that covers his ears. He is recognized for his eating habits, as he eats with great pleasure. Also, he likes to look up Ryuko’s skirt.

16. Makkachin / Yuri!!! on Ice


Makkachin is a large, brown, curly-coated poodle typical of his breed. He loves to run alongside Viktor and Yuuri during training, without the need to go on a leash as he is a very obedient dog.

17. Menchi/ Excel Saga

Michi Excel

Menchi is Excel’s dog, who seems to hate her due to Excel initially catching her to eat her and keeping her as “emergency food”. He often tries to escape from Excel, but he never succeeds. At the end of each episode he sings a song full of sadness for not being able to run away.

18. Chou Chou / One Piece


Chou Chou is an Orange Town resident, keeper of a pet store. He has a will of steel, as the store used to be owned by his deceased owner, Hocker. After a while, he becomes the owner of a dog food store.

19. Vicchan / Yuri!!! on ice


Vicchan was Yuuri Katsuki’s pet during his teenage years. Due to Yuuri’s admiration for Viktor Nikiforov, she decided to buy the same dog, although she was sold the miniature version of it. She consequently calls him Vicchan, a simplified version of the name Viktor.

20. Iggy / Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Iggys Gif

Iggy is a street dog from the streets of New York. Reluctantly, he becomes an ally of the protagonists on their final expedition to Cairo, Egypt to defeat DIO.

21. Bee / Dragon Ball

Bee Dog DBZ

Bee is Majin Boo and Mr. Satan’s dog. His breed is Labrador. He was found by Majin Buu in the city. The puppy did not show fear, and it caused him such curiosity that he decided to take him with Mr. Satan to his lair. Although they discover that the reason he didn’t run away was because he was injured and malnourished, the dog remains with the villains once his health is restored.

22. Kazuhito HARUMI / Dog & Scissors

Kazuhito Gif

Kazuhito Harumi is the main male lead, and was a book-loving third-year high school student until he was killed by an armed robber while protecting a young girl at a cafe. He was then reborn into his current form, a small dachshund.

23. Cherry / Lucky Star

Cherry Lucky

Cherry lives with Minami Iwasaki and her family in their home in Tokyo. She initially looks big and intimidating, but Cherry is actually quite calm and laid back with the rare exception that she will growl, bark, and slap Hiyori.

24. You / Blood-C

You Blood C

“Inu-san” (as Saya likes to call it) is about a mysterious little dog that roams the city and Saya gets a lot of attention from. His true identity is that of Kimihiro Watanuki, the protagonist of XXXHolic, a manga and anime by CLAMP, whom Saya made a wish to long ago.

25. Enek / Spice and Wolf

Enek Spice and Wolf

Enek is a puppy with very dark black fur, with white details down to the ankles and a white muzzle. He is a sheepdog, companion of Nora Arendt.

26. Oslow / The Seven Deadly Sins

Oslow Seven Deadly

Oslo is King’s pet, an incredibly cruel wild creature that will hunt enemies until he successfully kills them. Oslo is implied to be the reincarnation of Rou from 3000 years in the past.

27. Beck / BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

Beck Dog

This curious Frankenstein is Ryusuke’s pet. He is the reason the band is called Beck.

28. Apo / Space Brothers

Ap Space Brothers

Apo is Hibito’s pet dog (a pug) who loves hot dogs and is the BEST alarm clock in the world. His name, “Apo”, is from the Apollo lunar missions.

29. Shu / Dragon Ball

Shu Dragon Ball

Shu is a humanoid dog. He is part of Pilaf’s group and from the beginning of Dragon Ball he was trying with his master Pilaf to conquer the world. Previously Shu was an expert dog trainer, probably because he is one. It is revealed that he, along with Mai, were recruited by Emperor Pilaf through an advertisement.

30. Love / Shiki

Love Shiki

Love is the dog of the Tanaka family. He has the ability to tell Shiki apart from humans, and thus behaves differently towards Yoshikazu once transformed into Shiki.

31. Tadakichi-san / Azumanga Daioh


Tadakichi-san, also known as “Mr. Tadakichi”, is Chiyo’s pet dog. He is a Great Pyrenees dog, and is big enough for Chiyo to ride on his back. Sakaki is very fond of her because she allows him to pet him without biting her.

32. Rice / Fat

Rice Gantaz

Rice is a very neglected stray dog ​​who has been living on the streets for quite some time. His fur is dirty and his body is a bit scrawny. Kei Kishimoto was the one who put the basic costume on the missions where he accompanies him.

33. Holy / One Piece

Holy One Piece

Holy is a giant dog, who was trained in martial arts by Ohm as his pet and companion in his battles.

34. Koromaru / Persona 3


Koromaru’s personality is based on the famous dog Hachikō. He is kind and has shown extreme loyalty, having decided to stay at his master’s shrine long after his death and go for a walk every day like he used to with his master. She considers the sanctuary a sacred place.

35. Shiro / Crayon Shin-Chan

Shiro Shin Chan

Shiro is a white puppy (Shiro means white in Japanese) that Shin-chan found in a cardboard box. While he is a beloved member of the family, he is neglected thanks to his owner’s forgetfulness and his short attention span. He is a highly intelligent dog, often displaying logic and intellect that surpasses the human owners of him.

36. Cerberos / Eyeshield 21


Hiruma’s pet. He is known for his excessive appetite and extraordinary intelligence of his. He is able to defeat other dogs and force them to be his servants.

37. Potato / Air

Potato Air

Potato is a street dog who lives in the city and follows Kano often. Potato has also been helpful in finding Kano when she gets dazed and wanders the city at night.

38. Yomi / Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Yomi Unbreakable

Yomi was an automaton and the mother of Frey’s automaton, Rabbi. She is similar to a wolf, with an honest and assertive personality.

39. Detective Kun-Kun / Rozen Maiden

Detective Kun Kun

Detective Kunkun is a puppet dog. He is a fictional character who participates in his own television show, parodying a famous detective series. Ironically, the Rozen Maiden love this show.

40. Lasso / One Piece

Lasso / One Piece

Lasso is Babe’s cannon-dog. He turned into an animal after consuming the devil fruit. After the dissolution of Baroque Works, he has become the mascot of the Spiders Cafe.

41.Yonakuni-san / Maria Holic


Yonakuni is Dorm Leader’s pet dog, who helps her look after the place. Whenever Yonakuni is seen in the anime alone with the Dorm Leader, the Dorm Leader can be seen regularly singing disturbing songs about the act of devouring meat or other strange topics.

42. Mike / Hunter x Hunter

Mike X Hunter

Mike is a huge purple dog belonging to the Zoldyck family. His front paws resemble that of a human rather than a dog. He is a dog that has gone through strict training, just like the rest of the family. Mike tries to memorize the appearance and scent of strangers, shows no emotion and is difficult to control.

43. Nira / Run with the Wind

Hard Run

Nira is the mascot of the Kansei University running team. She lives with Haiji and his ten teammates. She seems to be very close and friendly with Haiji, even above the actual owner of him. She is taken out for walks regularly.

44. Tanuki / Super Lovers

Tanuki SuperLovers

Tanuki is the Kaido brothers’ dog, originally thought to be a raccoon. Mr. Onodera was the former owner of him, but being sent to the hospital, he asks Ren to take care of him. During his stay with the Kaido, Tanuki and Ren become very close and Mr. Onodera allowed him to keep him so as not to separate them.

45. Danny / Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo Danny

Danny is Jonathan Joestar’s pet dog. He is a huge and athletic Harlequin Great Dane. He is a brave and reckless dog, since he came to save Jonathan’s life.

46.Tatsumaki / Dog Days


Tatsumaki is a dog from the Biscotti republic. He is responsible for traveling to the other world and asking the hero to return to Flognarde. He is a member of the Biscotti Knights squad.

47. Winnie / Free! Eternal Summer

Winnie Free!

Winnie is the dog of Rin’s exchange family in Australia. She is very fond of Rin, and Haruka gets a chance to meet her when they visit Lori and Russell.

48. Romero / Zombieland Saga

Zombie Land Saga

It’s Koutarou’s dog. He is a poodle breed, and since he is a zombie, he can eat foods that would be bad for normal dogs. His favorite food is cuttlefish.

49. Vulcan / Cross Ange

Vulcan Cross Ange

Vulcan is Jasmine’s pet, who knows how to sell and handle money. He usually has a pilot’s hat with yellow lenses.

50. Chikuwa / Laid-Back Camp


Chikuwa is Ena Saitou’s dog. He is energetic, likes to walk and hates the cold. He shares certain similarities with a similar Chihuahua on YouTube.

51. Tarou / My Roommate is a cat


Tarou is a Golden Retriever that belongs to Sonoko Tanabe, Subaru’s neighbor. He is playful and friendly in appearance, but a bit silly.

52. Arnold / Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Arnold Jojos

Arnold is Reimi Sugimoto’s pet. Like Reimi, he is also a ghost that accompanies her while she waits in the alley. He is a very friendly and loyal dog.

53. Afro-ken / Afro-ken

Afro Ken

Afro Ken was created by San X, he is a puppy with a colored afro. He is innocent and always in a good mood. In addition, he is willing to try new things at all times and is attracted to things that resemble him.

54. Strelka / Little Busters!


Strelka is a large Siberian wolf who is always with his mate, Belka. His names are associated with Belka and Strelka, the dogs that were launched on the moon after Laika.

55. Shiro / Psychic School Wars


Shiro is Seki Kenji’s dog, the protagonist of this feature film. His owner takes him out to the beach every day as an excuse to see Kahori Haruka, the girl he likes.

56. Pochi / Soul Eater

Pochi Soul Eater

Pochi is a Shiba Inu belonging to the Harudori family. It is Tsugumi’s pet. He is playful, optimistic and friendly.

57. Kuma / Tsurune

Kume Tsurune

Kuma is Seiya Takehaya’s dog. His name means “bear” in Japanese. He is an affectionate dog, very playful and friendly. He is very fond of Minato and knows that he and Seiya have a very special friendship.

58.Kurimaru / Anohana


Kurimaru doesn’t have much importance in the series, but Menma seems to take notice of him. We found him so adorable that we couldn’t help but share him on this list.

59. Umbra / Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

Umbra Dog FF

Umbra is a dog that appears in both the Final Fantasy XV game and the animation Brotherhood, Final Fantasy XV . He is a very loyal servant and is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret’s pet.

60. Cezar / Castlevania Season 2

Cezar Castlevania

Cezar is a pug that belongs to Hector, a human necromancer who is a member of Dracula’s army. He doesn’t seem to fear even the terrifying Carmilla, but maybe that’s because he already died once.

61. Missile / Ace Attorney

Missile Ace Attorney

Missile is a Shiba Inu member of the Los Angeles Police Department. His caretaker is Detective Dick Gumshoe.

62. Buy / Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV


Pryna is another dog owned by Lunafreya Nox, and has an appearance in Brotherhood, Final Fantasy XV as a puppy. She is Umbra’s little sister.

63.Sasuke / Inazuma Eleven GO

Sasuke Inazuma

Sasuke is an elderly dog ​​who has been good friends with Tenma since he was very young.

64. Corgito / Hozuki’s Coolheadedness


Corgito is a dog that has a very brief appearance during the second season of Hozuki’s Coolheadedness . He appears in episode 11, and we felt it was absolutely necessary to mention him because…his name is Corgito!

65.Rush / Rockman: Hoshi ni Negai wo

Rush Rockman

Rush is a robot dog, his owner is Mega Man. He was created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to be a support unit and has the ability to transform into different things, such as submarines and jets.

66. Taroimo / One Piece


Taroimo is a cyborg dog from Karakuri Island. He has the ability to launch missiles from his mouth, and can fire lasers from his eyes.

67.Hokuto / Beyblade: Metal Fury


Hokuto is a talking Beyblader dog. He is the dog of the Koma village, but he is Hyoma’s pet. His personality is very serious and defiant.

68. General Pepper / Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins

General Pepper

General Pepper is the well-known commander of the Cornerian army in the Lylat system. He offered Fox McCloud an official position after finishing the famous game Star Fox 64 . Pepper served in the army with James and Peppy and was their commander and later became his best friend. We can enjoy his presence in most installments of the Star Fox saga and in the anime Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins.

69. Jump / Astro Boy

Jump Astro

Jump was Tobio’s dog, who passed away. He then becomes part of Astro’s family, even though they didn’t accept him at first. In the 1980 series he has a very important role as he accompanies Astro on many of his adventures in space.

70. Gin / Ginga Nagareboshi Gin


He is a little Akita Inu that Gohee Takeda decides to train. The three scars that he has on his snout were obtained from a battle with a huge bear. Once he discovers the wild dog pack he begins recruiting dogs with the help of Ben, Smith and Cross.