Meet the female characters of Boku No Hero Academia!

The female characters of Boku No Hero Academia are powerful, intelligent and also… they are beautiful girls! We all have a favorite, so in this small list we are going to meet the most important ones.

But beware! This article contains spoilers for the latest seasons of the Boku No Hero Academia anime.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu, also known as Creati, is the vice-president of class 1-A at UA High School. She is one of the most diligent students at UA, prudent, dedicated, and a natural leader. Her ability is very useful as a support, as she can create objects that she knows using her body fat. She has an impressive intellect, even qualifying her as a genius, as she is analytical and an excellent strategist in battle.

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka, also known as Uravity, is one of the main protagonists of the series and Izuku Midoriya’s possible future romantic interest. She is a cheerful and dedicated girl who dreams of becoming a competent heroine to help her parents have a decent future once they are older. Her hand-to-hand combat ability has improved exponentially throughout the series, especially after her confrontation with Katsuki Bakugo and her brief internship at Gunhead’s martial arts school. Her special ability is Zero Gravity, which allows her to nullify the effects of gravity on solid targets, living or not, by touching them with her fingertips. This takes all the weight off them and makes them float.

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui, also known as Froppy, is a nice, sweet girl who is very concerned about her friends and classmates from class 1-A. She is Uraraka’s closest friend at school, and they are often together constantly because they are such a great team. Tsuyu’s abilities are very simple: she can do everything that frogs do, such as sticking out her tongue, jumping great heights, camouflaging herself, and sticking to walls. Due to her frog abilities, when she is very cold she is able to go into hibernation, thus she ends up not being very useful in icy environments.

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, also known as Pinky, is another of the students in class 1-A at the UA school. Mina is a cheerful and calm girl, she is also very sociable and loves being with her friends. Her special ability is to fire a corrosive liquid from the body, and she can control its solubility and viscosity. Her only weakness is that her skin eventually loses its resistance against it, so she can’t produce acid too steadily.

Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro, whose heroine name is Earphone Jack, is another one of the female students in class 1-A. She is a pragmatic and quiet girl, but she likes to make jokes, especially her classmate, Denki Kaminari, who is usually the target of many of her ironic comments. Her ability is to use the earphones hanging from her ears, and when she connects them to something, her Kyoka can send the vibration of her heartbeat to that object to perform an offensive attack. She can stretch her earlobes for several meters and also allows her to hear sounds and vibrations around her.

Toru Hagakure

Toru Hagakure, also known as Invisible Girl, is another of the students in class 1-A at UA, friendly, cheerful and relaxed. Her ability is to be invisible, her body is totally invisible and she can only show her location through her clothes. Another part of her ability is that she can refract light that touches her body, and she can blind those who attack her.

Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki, known as Vine, is a student in UA class 1-B. She is a humble, modest and courteous young woman. Ibara is very skilled, as she placed fourth in the school entrance exam, and she is compared to Kamui Woods in the way she handles her special ability. This ability is that her hair turns into vines that she can manipulate to defend and attack. Also, she can voluntarily separate them from her body, which allows her to move easily.

Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo is another student in class 1-B, known as Battle Fist. She is a formidable fighter, with great intellect and excellent tactical abilities. Her ability is called “Big Fist”, which allows her to gigantize both hands. Another of her abilities is to have increased stamina and strength once she uses her ability, as she is able to carry people larger than her in appearance using her giant hands.

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume is an extremely interesting character, as she does not possess any special super-heroic abilities like her companions. Rather, Mei’s ability is to be super smart as a backup and support for the heroes. She is a girl who specializes in making special support machinery for the specific abilities of heroes, such as those in charge of making the costumes of the heroes of yesteryear. However, in the case of Mei, the girl is a bit eccentric, and that makes the characters get distracted by her exuberant personality and not focus on the fact that she can be of great help to them. She is a character with a lot of future potential!

Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama, whose heroine pseudonym is Midnight, is a professional heroine and a teacher at UA High School. Her personality is playful and flirtatious, but she also has an unpredictable, serious and temperamental side. Her outfit is in the dominatrix style, so she carries a whip and a tight-fitting outfit. Interestingly, this suit is made of very thin cloth, as her ability is to expel “spores” that cause sleep, for which she needs her suit to be easy to break.

Kaoruko Awata

Kaoruko Awata is a young heroine known as Bubble Girl. She is Sir Nighteye’s partner, and works at his agency. Her ability is to create bubbles filled with a specific aroma, being able to make them with a pleasant or unpleasant aroma whenever she pleases.

Yu Takeyama

Yu Takeyama, also known as Mt. Lady, was one of the first heroes we met in the Boku No Hero Academia anime . Her ability is gigantification, which makes her a very interesting support hero. The young woman is a vain young pro hero, trying to steal the limelight from many other up-and-coming young heroes.

Emi Fukukado

Emi is a professional heroine also known as Ms. Joke, whose first appearance caught the attention of many fans by denoting a very close relationship with the character of Professor Aizawa. Her ability is quite curious, as she is such a contagious laughing fit that she disables her opponents and makes them vulnerable to attacks, as her cognitive abilities are compromised. Thus, she Emi takes the opportunity to attack them and leave them unconscious.

Nana Shimura

We don’t know much about Nana Shimura beyond the fact that she is the pre-All-Might hero to receive One For All, her special ability that transforms her into a super-human, with enormous strength, agility, stamina, and speed. What little we find out later in the anime, is that Nana Shimura had a grandson, the young leader of the League of Villains, Tomura Shigaraki.

Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is the first antagonist on our list, a member of the League of Villains. She is one of the most popular villains in the series. Her personality is cheerful, despite having tendencies towards sadism. Her special ability is to transform into other people after ingesting her blood, to the point of being able to imitate her voices. The more blood she drinks, the longer she can remain that person. Himiko also has a visible obsession with Izuku Midoriya, the series’ protagonist.

Nejire HadoMore

Nejire is another debutant girl in the anime, having first appeared in the anime in episode 62. She is a third-year student at UA, and is also part of the group called The Big 3, the strongest students in the school. Nejire is a highly curious, kind and talkative girl. Her special ability is to use her vitality and discharge it as shockwaves. She works alongside Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui for their studies of professional hero jobs.


This girl is still a mystery to those of us who watch the anime, so we won’t give much information about her. What we know so far is that she is being kidnapped by Kai Chisaki, who refers to her as a very useful tool. We still don’t even know what her ability is, so we have to wait a bit to find out more about her!

Who is your favorite girl from Boku No Hero Academia ? Did we miss anything on this list?