My Hero Academy | Learn more about Ochaco Uraraka!

She is the main heroine among the UA students and the possible future romantic interest of Izuku Midoriya. She is one of the “best girls” of the anime My Hero Academia with a kind, humble but ambitious personality and full of desire to excel. We are talking about Ochaco Uraraka. Do you want to discover a little more about her? Well this article is perfect for you!

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1. She was the original Mt. Lady

Mt Lady Ochaco My Hero AcademyFrom left to right, the original concept for Deku, Bakugou, Uraraka, and All Might.

In the original concept of the series, Ochaco was called “Yu Takeyama”, known as Mt. Lady and had the ability to become giant. Eventually, the mangaka gave up on this idea as he thought that, for a main character, this could be a problem. Her name, ability, and her hero pseudonym were changed in favor of the new concept, and the whole idea was used to create who we now know as Mt. Lady.

2. Humility and determination

Humility Ochaco Uraraka My Hero Academy

One of the things that makes Uraraka such an endearing character in the series is her humble origins. She originally from a small town with parents who work in a common construction company. Interestingly, another thing that shows her financial problems, compared to the rest of her classmates, is that she is the only one who does not have a smartphone in the class, rather she uses a flip phone.

Ochaco’s parents are very proud of her, they care about her health and well-being, which makes their relationship really special. Her reason for wanting to become a heroine is also very noble: she wants her parents to be able to stop working in the future and retire from her with the money she provides them.

3. Tactical skills and intelligence

Team Ochaco Uraraka My Hero Academy

Even though Uraraka doesn’t seem like one of the most powerful fighters, she has evolved quite a bit in her prowess, through rigorous training and complicated practice. One of her weaknesses, something she herself comments on, is that she is very prone to getting dizzy when floating, which is why she practices levitating for long periods of time to get used to the sensation.

On the other hand, in the school sports festival arc, his confrontation with Katsuki Bakugou made it very clear that he is not one to give up easily. He never asked his friends for help to prepare for the match against Bakugou. This is something that shows that his ability to devise combat tactics is excellent. It’s important to remember that he managed to take Katsuki by surprise a couple of times.

She is a formidable fighter who has improved through martial arts and self-defense classes. Apart from this, we have to remember that in the list of the most academically outstanding students within class 1-A, Ochaco came in fifth position, and in the entrance exam she came in third.

4. She is a formidable ally

Ally Ochaco Uraraka My Hero Academy

One of the reasons why Uraraka has so much potential as a hero is that she knows how to play as a team. At the beginning of the series we could see how she worked side by side with Midoriya a couple of times. She also unwittingly confronted Himiko Toga alongside Tsuyu Asui, making use of her martial arts knowledge to defend against her and taking advantage of Asui’s frog skills to keep her distance from the villain.

Eventually, this ability to play as a team will also be appreciated by Nejire Hado, a third-year girl who is one of the best students in the academy. This grants her a recommendation to work under the tutelage of Ryukyu, the heroine registered at number 10 in the ranking.

5. She can be jealous

Jealousy Ochaco Uraraka My Hero Academy

If something characterizes Ochaco, it is the tranquility with which she manages her relationships. However, that does not always apply, and the one who wins her affections, Izuku Midoriya, has sometimes had encounters with other women that have brought to light some hints of jealousy on the part of the young woman.

During the cavalry battle, the young Mei Hatsume offers herself as a partner for the team. Although her artifacts were useful, the fact that Izuku paid more attention to the collaboration that Hatsume gave them, with her inventions over Uraraka’s abilities, did not sit well with him. Above all things, Ochaco enjoys the attention that Izuku gives her, being very close friends with a special connection. However, on rare occasions when he has to compete for the boy’s attention, we see her jealousy take over.

6. Has a curious resemblance to a villain

Himiko Toga Ochaco Uraraka My Hero Academia

We already mentioned Himiko Toga, a major villain from the League of Villains whose ability is to transform her body into a person whose blood she has drunk. When these two girls meet, Himiko recognizes a small detail in Uraraka: Uraraka is also in love with her.

While Himiko’s vision of love is obsessive to the point of identity replacement (becoming the one you “love”, in Himiko’s case a replica of Stain), her comparison is not without similarities to Uraraka’s attitude. towards Izuku. Why? Because in many situations, Ochaco has been found wondering what Izuku would do, and he wants to follow in his footsteps due to the admiration he feels for his good qualities, such as his intelligence and ability to put together quick and effective strategies.