One-Punch Man: facts and curiosities about Saitama, or “The Bald Man with a Cape”

Saitama— “affectionately” known as the “Caped Bald One”—is the protagonist of One-Punch Man , a series originally created as a webcomic by the mangaka who goes by the pseudonym ONE. Later, due to its growing popularity, the series was recreated in manga form by Yusuke Murata.

In 2015, One-Punch Man enjoyed an anime version made by Madhouse ( Death Note ), and since then it has continued to win more and more fans.

This superhero manages to defeat all his enemies with a single blow (hence the name of the series). With incredible strength and a rather unique sense of humor, Saitama became the only hope of City Z, his homeland… Although no one recognizes him.

Being a hero is his hobby


Saitama spent several years saving Earth without ever earning due recognition for his actions. In truth, many of his heroic deeds were responsible for making King a “living legend” among heroes and monsters, because he was always the one who got the credit for saving people (when in reality it was all Saitama’s doing). .

But our bald friend never cared in the least about being in the spotlight. For Saitama, being a hero is just a hobby and his main purpose is to keep his city ( Z-City ) free of dangers (mainly supermarkets, since he loves to take advantage of a good promotion!).

Only after spending some time, Saitama, in the company of Genos, decides to enroll in the Hero Association, since he wanted to stop being seen by people as a “crazy man in disguise”.

Saitama’s powers


Saitama’s main characteristic is his incredible physical ability. As we have already mentioned, our hero manages to throw punches so powerful that they literally blow his enemies to pieces!

Furthermore, one punch from Saitama is so powerful that it can be compared to the destructive power of several nuclear bombs . To get an idea of ​​the dimension of the hero’s strength, it is enough to refer to when he destroys the menacing Dragon meteorite, which was going to decimate Z City from the map, and this with just one hit!

In addition to possessing seemingly limitless strength, Saitama is also super fast. He manages to outrun Sonic , a ninja-hero from Z City known for moving at the speed of sound.

We can show Saitama’s superiority when he faced Sonic, having no problem fighting the speedster and anticipating his moves. As if that weren’t enough, the “Caped Bald Man” managed to break Sonic’s steel sword with his mouth, just by biting it with his teeth!

Even (although it has not been officially confirmed in the series) some people are convinced that Saitama can move faster than the speed of light!

Last but not least, another noteworthy feature of Saitama’s powers is his incredible physical strength. The guy manages to fight without breaking a sweat, shows no signs of fatigue, and seems to be immune to pain and thermal energy as well. Even after receiving fire blasts in the face, the hero always maintains an unflinching and apathetic look, as if he is bored and unmotivated, as his extreme invulnerability means that there are no rivals to match him.

To get an idea of ​​Saitama’s resistance, it is enough to remember when he was attacked by the powerful telepath Geryuganshoop , capable of crushing his opponents with a force of gravity similar to that of two black holes. What happened then? Any! Saitama remained unflinching. In other words, Saitama is so tough and strong that he can withstand even the incredible power of a black hole’s gravitational pull!

Psychic attacks also have no effect on our hero. As Tornado was able to verify, Saitama’s willpower is so great that mental powers are useless against him.

How did Saitama get so strong?


The answer to this question was apparently already given to us when Saitama and Genos were in the House of Evolution facing Asura Kabuto (Carnage Kabuto).

According to the hero, the secret to his power lay in his “special training” system , consisting of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 sit-ups, and a 10K run , a sequence he religiously repeated every day. It is also essential to eat three meals a day and not use air conditioning, whether in summer or winter, to train the body’s resistance.

Genos, Dr. Genus, and Asura couldn’t believe that such power could come from such simple training. By the way, many fans do not accept that all of Saitama’s power is the result of his training. Thus, various theories began to emerge about how the hero would have managed to reach such a high level of strength.

Theories about Saitama’s power


One of the theories that was gaining strength among fans is that Saitama accidentally injected a super-powerful monster cell into his body . However, as we know, people with these cells tend to turn into monstrous creatures, but Saitama may have somehow suppressed this peculiarity, or, perhaps, there is still a chance that he will transform into a monster in the future if he releases all his stored power.

Cosmic theory says that all of Saitama’s power originates from super-powerful beings that inhabit other galaxies. As we saw in the Alien Invasion saga, Lord Boros is proof that intergalactic creatures exist in the One-Punch Man universe . With his training, Saitama would have “awakened” the latent power that always existed in his body, and that would have its origin in beings from other planets.

There is also the mystical theory (not very popular among fans), which defends that Saitama conquered his full strength through magic.

Lastly, the “god” theory suggests that the hero of City Z received all of his abilities directly from a god! Such a hypothesis would not be entirely abnormal in the anime, if we remember that the Beggar Emperor revealed that his own powers were granted to him by a god.

Other people dare to go even further and maintain that Saitama could be the reincarnation of a god, but that he only managed to release his powers with a lot of motivation, which would explain why they emerged years later, after he began to train hard.

Could it be that in addition to monsters and alien creatures we can expect to witness a confrontation between heroes and gods? It doesn’t seem entirely impossible.

What are Saitama’s weaknesses?


So far the series has shown us Saitama putting up with just about anything. No enemy has been able to be an invincible challenge for One-Punch Man. All this makes us think: could it be that Saitama has a great weakness?

Nothing is confirmed yet, but some situations already seen in the anime, manga and webcomic seem to want to indicate a probable “Achilles’ heel” in Saitama. One of the most common examples is when Lord Boros managed to launch the hero to the Moon!

Before hyper-jumping back to Earth, Saitama had to hold his breath, showing us that he can’t be freely exposed to space. We already know Saitama is VERY tough, but how long could he hold his breath for? Minutes? Hours? Days?

Let’s imagine Saitama receiving a blow that would throw him directly into the void of space, with no way to project himself back to Earth… How long would the hero hold out before dying of suffocation?

Well, this theory is just a hypothesis about a likely way to defeat Saitama. Would it work in practice? We’ll have to wait to find out…

Saitama inspired the creation of the Hero Association


As revealed to us in the series, the Hero Association was created after Agoni, the billionaire behind the organization, saw his grandson being saved by an “unsung hero.”

If we look closely at Agoni’s face, it’s easy to immediately see who his grandson is: the boy with the “ass chin” that Saitama saved when he didn’t have his powers yet.

On that occasion, Z City was under attack by the Kanirante , a man who transformed into a crab-monster after eating too many crustaceans. Saitama was returning from a job interview (which by the way hadn’t gone well at all) when he ran into the monster. Kanirante let Saitama live, saying “his prey for him was a boy with a dimple in his chin”.

Shortly after, Saitama met that boy and tried to warn him that the crab-monster was after him. The boy drew nipples on the monster while it slept in the park, angering the creature.

Kanirante, in a sudden attack, was about to kill the boy, but Saitama managed to rescue him. After taking a good beating, the hero finally managed to defeat the monster.

This was a decisive episode not only for the creation of the Hero Association, but also for Saitama to decide to start his intense training that would give him the powers that we have already talked about.

Can Saitama really manage to defeat anyone?


There are several theories on the Internet that simulate fights between Saitama and Goku and Saitama and Superman , for example. Who do you think would win a battle between them? It’s hard to say, because even the most powerful Saiyan in the universe and the Man of Steel never managed to defeat an enemy with just one punch…

A popular theory suggests that only ONE PERSON would be able to defeat Saitama: himself!

Fans of our hero’s adventures know that Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution creates clones of himself and other monsters to experiment on. After Saitama passed through the Genus lab, it is likely that the scientist managed to get hold of some of his DNA, facilitating the production of One-Punch Man clones.

But, would a clone of Saitama be enough for him to have all his powers? No, but Dr. Genus knows the capacity that the hero’s body can reach and, with intensive training, he could make the clones equal or exceed the current strength of the Caped Bald Man!

This is an interesting hypothesis to say the least, don’t you think?

Saitama X Blast


Another rather interesting theory involves Saitama and the top S-Class hero: Blast.

We still don’t know the true identity of this superhero, but as revealed in the webcomic , he bears many physical resemblances to Saitama. Those little evidence were enough for fans to launch several theories about the identity of Blast.

One of the best known involves Saitama and his past: would Blast be One-Punch Man’s father? We know very little about Saitama’s life, only that he always wanted to be a hero since he was a child. Perhaps his incredible strength is hereditary and his progenitor is none other than the mysterious Blast, the world’s strongest hero…at least according to the Hero Association.

Saitama, a criticism of the “pattern heroes”


Unlike Dragon Ball and Naruto , One-Punch Man is an anime made for the young-adult audience, that is, it is a seinen and not a shounen . This is clearly noticeable in the super violent and visceral scenes shown in the series.

But, if we pay attention, OPM goes far beyond powerful hits and bizarre monsters. Saitama and several other characters from the anime are comically an important satire on the classic image we have of heroes.

In an exaggerated way, One-Punch Man makes us reflect on superheroes as “simple, ordinary people.” For example, why when people look at Saitama can’t they believe that “little bald man” is capable of saving the planet? The explanation lies in having a distorted view of who the real heroes of this world are.

Saitama excels due to an enormous force of will and his pure desire to want to help, without expecting great things in return. The greatest example of this is his training, a sequence so simple that it becomes ridiculous, but that no one, apart from Saitama and his incredible determination, has been able to perform.

The Unlicensed Cyclist is another example of an “everyday hero.” Unlike Saitama, even though it was obvious that he couldn’t do anything to defeat the Deep Sea King, the “bicycle hero” didn’t hesitate to risk his life to save people.

And finally, the definitive proof of Saitama’s true intention in his “fight against evil” was seen at the end of the Sea King saga. After defeating the sea creature in front of hundreds of witnesses, people began to criticize him, commenting that after all it must not be such a powerful monster if that “little man” had managed to destroy it with just one blow.

In an attempt not to take all the credit away from the other heroes who had taken a good beating from the Deep Sea King, Saitama declared to everyone that the monster was actually already weakened when he faced him, and if he hadn’t had it been for the other heroes he would never have managed to beat him.

Saitama could have received all the laurels of victory on that occasion, but for him that was indifferent; the important thing is that finally the city was safe and he could go back to his house, make the shopping list and take advantage of the latest promotions at the nearest supermarket.