Saint Seiya | The most powerful gold knights of Knights of the Zodiac!

Knights of the Zodiac will always be one of the most iconic series of the 1990s for Latin American anime fans. Within the story we know all kinds of knights, their skills and one of their most important functions: to protect the goddess Athena.

But the most popular knights in the plot are the Golden Knights, representing each sign of the zodiac. For their rank, let’s say, they are stronger than the Bronze and Silver Knights. But of the twelve, who is the best of all? Take a look at our list.

1. Libra Dohko

Despite not actually appearing in the Battle of the Twelve Houses, thanks to other media we know a little more about him. Actually, he is the Roshi, also translated as the old master, the Master of Shiryu, and he deserves to be here because he is indeed one of the best Golden Knights.

This has been said in both anime and manga, but it’s good to reinforce how powerful Libra Dohko is. Although he actually couldn’t show all of his powers in a battle against Aries Shion, he was able to match the other Knight. We must not forget that when he shows that he can fight normally, assuming his old form, it is one of the most remarkable moments in anime history.

2. Saga of Gemini

The second position of the best Golden Knights is for Gemini Saga. The character has the most destructive technique among the twelve Saints and is proficient in mind control, dimensional expansion, and illusion techniques. Despite suffering from a “personality disorder”, being tough is a part of Saga, as no one has really taken the knight down.

After noticing that he caused several problems, creating the war that the Sanctuary was in, Saga decides to commit suicide in an attempt to clear his name and get rid of Lemur , a negative side that the goddess Ker integrated into his being when he was a newborn. . A calculating gentleman with unrivaled rudeness, he deserves to be in second place.

3. Shaka de Virgo

Considered the closest man to the gods, Shaka is the warrior with the largest cosmos of the Golden Knights. In some translations he is also said to be closest to the patriarch, who used to be Gemini.

Another point that leads us to believe that Shaka is one of the most powerful is that he is the only knight who can master the eighth sense. This ends up putting him a level above many other knights. Furthermore, he has already forced Camus, Shura and Saga to use a forbidden technique to defeat him so he can go to Hell to accompany Athena.

4. Mu de Aries

Fourth place goes to one of the calmest gentlemen we know. That doesn’t quite match the description of someone who is the sign of Aries, does it? But Mü can be calm, and yet his strength is quite remarkable. It takes a while to actually see the saint in action, but when that happens, you can tell that Mü is going to teach a lesson.

His telekinesis powers are among the greatest among the Golden Knights and his defensive technique, Crystal Wall, is as powerful as Shaka’s Khan. Also, Mü is the wisest knight among the twelve, and his help in fixing the Bronze Saints’ armor was very helpful.

5. Camus of Aquarius

In the manga, Camus is Hyoga’s teacher, although having changed in the anime, the two meet sooner or later. And many fans believe that he is at the level of Mü, or even Aioria.

But that doesn’t detract from her merits, as her attack, Aurora Excecution, is one of the most beautiful ever seen in anime. Already in the Hades Saga, we can see the effectiveness of him in the battles between Mü and Shaka, who are stronger than him. We must not also forget that, thanks to Camus, Hyoga reaches his seventh sense and the battle between the knights becomes one of the most unforgettable in anime.

6. Capricorn Shura

The Capricorn Knight is without a doubt one of the best melee fighters in anime. But there are so many mistakes that end up taking some of the credit that Shura should have, like the fact that his Excalibur, the holy sword, didn’t result in effective opponents more powerful than him.

Many fans end up writing off the fact that he has the victory under the Sagittarius Horseman, as some details about this have been shown in spin-offs.

7. Leo majority

Aioria, Aioros’s brother, couldn’t be left out of this list, right? The Sagittarius Knight’s younger brother underestimated himself, saying that his sister was a traitor, and to prove himself better, he trained alone to reach the level he reached: the Lion Knight.

Another factor is that he faced Seiya in a memorable battle until he was struck down in combat by the Pegasus Knight during the Battle of the Twelve Houses. In addition to proving to be a person beyond his brother, Aioria’s strength and charisma make him the favorite of many fans.

8. Scorpio Milo

If there are two harmed knights in the anime, one of them is Milo. But that doesn’t take away from the beauty of one of his most amazing attacks: Scarlet Needle.

Think about it, you get hit by a killing blow that simulates 14 needles and can cause pain so surreal it drives you crazy. But still in the anime, he seemed to have weakened himself to positivize other characters.

However, we want to limit that Milo in theory should be on a par with Aioria, and in Episode G, it is shown that they were the youngest and always had a great rivalry.

9. Aphrodite of Pisces

The Battle of the Twelve Houses has many unforgettable moments, that is a fact. But there aren’t many things that can get Pisces Aphrodite up this rank, especially since her fight with Shun is frustrating.

This fight only served to prove that the Knight of Andromeda is as powerful as many imagine. Also, his moves weren’t as exploited as they deserved, giving the character a “pathetic” appearance, that he just used the title of being a Golden Knight to intimidate the opponent.

Although Pisces cannot show his true power, in the spin-off Soul of Gold he shows his great cunning, and helps the other knights to deceive the god Loki.

10. Aioros de Sagitario

Although his actual powers were never shown, as he died while protecting Saori Kido, who was a baby, Masami Kurumada has repeatedly stated that he was one of the most powerful knights.

We don’t know if it’s because the creator of the Knights of the Zodiac is a Sagittarius or if the character has grasped the concept of being part of something bigger, since Aioros may be the embodiment of two concepts to be a knight: loyalty and determination. But in his few appearances, you can see that the knight would do anything to protect Athena.

11. Taurus Aldebaran

Taurus Aldebaran

The other harmed character from Knights of the Zodiac that was curiously used most of the time as a convenience in the anime is Aldebaran of Taurus. He is an interesting knight, but he turned into a punching bag and died before facing Saga and other knights in Hades.

After all, our dear gentleman had his merits. Thanks to Aldebaran, fans were able to understand how the Golden Knights’ heads worked. And after Seiya ripped a horn from his armor, he let the knight follow him to save Saori.

12. Deathmask

Deathmask / Mask of death

Surely this is a unanimous position. Deathmask can be arrogant and just mock opponents for his position as a Golden Knight, but it’s just that. And he still does that sort of thing with opponents weaker than him, I mean, the Cancer rider thing is sheer arrogance.

Another important point about the character is that he is not among the most loyal to Athena. I mean, if he goes wrong, Deathmask is the first knight to roll over.

However, the Cancer knight has the ability to separate the soul from the body without touching his opponent, and could spell real danger for those fighters without teleportation abilities.

In July 2019, Netflix released a new version of Knights of the Zodiac.