Shingeki no Kyojin | Important anime moments | Summary

Attack on Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin ) es un manga serializado escrito e ilustrado por Hajime Isayama.

It tells the story of humanity in a 19th century German aesthetic era, struggling to survive during attacks by giant humanoid beings called titans. The titans are dedicated to eating humans for pure pleasure. After a long wait, fans were able to witness how the story of Eren, Levi and his group of soldiers continued.

That is why we want to remember the most outstanding moments of the series in these years and that you enjoy them once again with us.

1. The fall of Shiganshina

Season 1 / Episodes 1-2

colossal titan episode 1

Attack on Titan begins its story by declaring humanity an endangered species. For over a hundred years, they have lived in fear of the Titans, a race of predatory humanoid beings who roam this universe looking for people to devour.

No human being seems to know much more about the titans or their origins, and the humanity that has survived them have barricaded themselves inside gigantic walls, creating small metropolises sheltered from these beings.

Life within these walls seems to be peaceful, but for Eren Jaeger, our protagonist, it is boring. Eren wants to fight for humanity, to live an unparalleled adventure that will give him the freedom that he longs for. Because of this, he wishes to join the militia corps that is dedicated to breaking out of the walls and exterminating titans to study them and learn more about them.

Eren lives within Shiganshina, a small town that shelters him, his mother, and his two best friends. Armin Arlert, a smart boy who is constantly teased by his classmates for having different beliefs, and Mikasa Ackerman, a girl whom Eren’s family adopted when he was just a girl. Mikasa, for her part, is strong, quick and agile, terrifying when she gets angry.

Peace in Shiganshina is compromised when a colossal titan that has never been seen before destroys the walls. This forces the inhabitants to move inland and become refugees. In the frenzy of the attack, Eren and Mikasa discover that her home was crushed by a rock, and Eren’s mom suffered serious injuries that prevent her from walking.

In a desperate attempt to save her, a soldier friend of the family, Hanness, tries to confront the titan. But this allows him to realize that his skills in these years of peace are not enough. Desperate to at least save the children’s lives, he takes Eren and Mikasa in his arms, fleeing the scene and leaving Eren’s mother behind.

The tragedy continues, and Eren witnesses how a titan with a huge smile devours his mother.

After these events, the famine within the metropolis is such that a quarter of a million people are exiled outside the walls. Among these exiles is Armin’s grandfather, who was the trio’s only remaining Guardian. Due to this series of events leaving them orphaned, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa decide to join the military to reclaim what is left of their world.

2. The Battle of Trost

Season 1 / Episodes 3-16

colossal titan eren

After enlisting in the military, we meet the rest of the cadets and companions of Eren, Mikasa and Armin, the secondary cast of the series.

However, the tranquility does not last long. Shortly after graduation, the titans prepare another offensive, again led by the colossal titan. Despite the unit’s years of training, these titans remain a huge threat, and the group is decimated in no time.

In a desperate attempt to save Armin’s life, Eren is wounded in battle by a titan, being dismembered and shortly after devoured, but that is not the end of our protagonist’s story.

During his agony, Eren discovers that by drawing blood in a moment of rage, he can become a Titan. In a stupor, Eren uses his Titan form to decimate the others and give the cadets another chance, before returning to his human form, tired and unconscious.

This results, logically, in terror and mistrust on the part of the military who witnessed the act, but Eren emerges unscathed from the interrogations offering his services as a titan to be used in battle.

Eren, afraid of making mistakes when fulfilling the mission of sealing the hole in Wall Rose, requests the support of the elite reconnaissance troops. This is a team of expert soldiers with skills to explore the world outside the walls.

The leader of this military force is Captain Levi, a highly enigmatic soldier with exceptional abilities who does not trust Eren. In addition, they also work with Hange Zoë, a doctor who has a morbid fascination with titans and is dedicated to studying them.

After a massive effort from everyone involved, Eren manages to plug the hole in the wall, but not before going berserk and almost killing Mikasa. From this, we can conclude that Eren is not able to fully control himself when he is transformed into a Titan.

Shortly after the Battle of Trost, Eren is put on trial where it is established that he will only survive under the supervision of reconnaissance troops. He happily joins Levi and Hange in the deadliest branch of the military, hoping to be trained by them to control his once-Titan-transformed state of mind.

Many of his colleagues accompany him in this decision – including, obviously, Armin and Mikasa-, joining the regime to continue this battle against the greatest threat to humanity.

3. The Female Titan

Season 1 / Episodes 17 – 25

female titan

During Eren’s training they discover that Hange is studying two Titans, nicknamed Sawney and Beane. However, an unknown traitor kills Sawney and Beane to prevent further study and escapes to the area outside the walls.

To discover the traitor, the protagonists go on an expedition in search of the truth about his nature; which Eren believes that she is buried in Shiganshina, in the basement of her house. Unfortunately, they don’t get very far: they discover a female Titan who is out to kill them all in cold blood.

After showing that he has incredible human intelligence, the military concludes that he must be a human transformed into a titan like Eren.

The scouting regimen suffers countless losses to bring this titan down, but all to no avail: it has an ability to transform its skin into an organic crystal that protects its weak spot.

Mikasa and Levi try to tire her out, but even with Eren’s intervention in Titan form, they are unable to capture her, resulting in many more human losses.

As Eren recovers from the defeat, Armin and Mikasa begin to speculate on who the female titan might be, and concoct a plan together with the 104th division to draw her out of hiding. To carry out their plan, they use Eren as bait, simulating a release from intensive care.

It turned out that the female titan was none other than Annie Leonheart, a reserved and quiet fellow cadet. Annie confesses, but she doesn’t reveal any more information before fighting a frantic battle against Eren and the others.

In her titan form, Annie destroys the capital behind Wall Sina, but the cadets manage to stop her so that Eren can face her again.

As he delivers the finishing blow, Eren hesitates, and Annie surrounds her body in the organic crystal she produces, forcing the military to take her into custody without having any way of questioning her.

The first season ends full of uncertainty, since it is not known which humans can transform into titans and if they are infiltrated in the military. Unlike Eren, they might not be in favor of humanity.

However, you cannot leave without leaving us with one last surprise: the last scene reveals an area of ​​the main wall falling where, inside it, there is nothing more and nothing less than a titan.

Titans not only live outside the walls, they seem to live inside them as well.

4. The beast titan

Season 2 / Episodes 1 – 3

beast titan

The second season of Attack on Titan picks up right where the first season left off. Hange Zoë questions Pastor Nick, a member of the church of the cult of the walls, to find out why there are titans inside the walls.

Before they make any progress, however, the cadets of the 104th Division encounter another crisis: Wall Rose has fallen, and Titans are on their way south.

All the members of the militia run to inform the nearest neighbors, but Miche Zackarius has a deadly encounter with the new titan enemy, a furry giant far more cunning than any other.

After the arrival of the new group of titans, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Levi and Hange try to discover the conspiracy behind the titans in the walls. Sasha returns to her old home and after a dark encounter with a titan, she manages to get out of it alive.

Elsewhere, Connie returns to her old village, Rakago, to find it destroyed. The house she shared with her family is in ruins, crushed under a titan. The funny thing is that Connie finds said titan strangely familiar, and after meeting her, the Titan responds to her greeting, and we discover that the creature looks like a titan version of her mother.

Again the question arises, where did the titans come from?

5. Christa and Ymir

Season 2 / Episodes 4 – 6

christa ymir

After the surviving cadets regroup and look for a place to block the entrance of the wall Rose titans, we can discover the history of other characters that have not been explored.

We start with Ymir. Many years ago, Ymir lived in a distant village, and seemed to be the object of a cult’s devotion. When the cult members are caught and punished by the authorities, they are punished using a mysterious injection and then left to fend for themselves in the woods.

Years later, Ymir and Christa meet as cadets during brutal training in the dead of winter, and begin to develop a close friendship.

Ymir es una de las pocas personas que conoce un secreto importante de Christa: la chica es miembro de la verdadera familia real, y su verdadero nombre es Historia Reiss. Durante este ejercicio, Ymir y Christa hacen una promesa de cuidarse mutuamente. Ymir agrega que cuando sea el momento, le revelará su mayor secreto a Christa.

En el presente, Ymir y Christa se encuentran atrapadas en un castillo abandonado luego de no encontrar ningún agujero en el muro Rose. Sin aviso alguno, el titán bestia arma una ofensiva, y envía a varios titanes a atacarlos. A pesar de sus esfuerzos por dar pelea, terminan acorralados.

Poniendo como prioridad la vida de Christa, Ymir realiza un sacrificio inesperado. Se corta la mano con un cuchillo, convirtiéndose en un titán, atacando a los demás y defendiendo al regimiento militar en el proceso.

Esa inyección que recibió cuando era una niña la transformó en un Titán capaz de volverse humana, igual que Annie y Eren. Originalmente, Ymir había pasado 60 años vagando la tierra como un titán, pero eventualmente recuperó su humanidad, y está dispuesta a utilizar sus poderes para proteger a una mujer que parece ser dueña de sus afectos.

6. Bertholdt y Reiner

Temporada 2 / Episodios 6 – 10

reiner bertholdt

Luego de que nuestro trío protagonista vuelve a reunirse con el resto de sus compañeros en la batalla del castillo Utgard, la felicidad les dura muy poco. De inmediato, crecen las sospechas entre amigos, una vez que se descubre que Ymir era un titán.

El pastor Nick le advirtió a Hange que Christa era la clave de los titanes dentro de los muros, y el hecho de que no encontraran agujeros en el mismo, les hace pensar que hay traidores entre los humanos.

Finalmente se descubre de manera abrupta que Reiner y Bertholdt son el titán acorazado y colosal, respectivamente, cuando Reiner aborda a Eren y le dice que se vaya con ellos para evitar más masacres.

Eren, lógicamente, no se toma esto nada bien, y le responde transformándose en titán para luchar con Reiner en una batalla épica.

A pesar de que Eren pelea de una forma increíble, Bertholdt y Reiner preparan un ataque que lo toma por sorpresa, logrando secuestrar a Eren y a Ymir y huir con ellos. Eren está inmovilizado debido a las heridas que sufrió durante la batalla con Reiner, e Ymir está negada a atacarlos hasta tener una ventaja sobre ellos.

Reiner and Bertholdt bear a grudge towards Ymir, who in the past seems to have attacked one of their friends. But little by little they convince her to join her side by offering a safe exit for her and Christa. Despite Ymir feeling that both Bertholdt and Reiner are somewhat mentally unbalanced due to years working as double agents, he accepts the offer, and helps them bring Eren to his hometown.

7. The coordinate

Season 2 – Episodes 11 – 13

smiling titan

During Bertholdt, Reiner and Ymir’s escape attempt, the cadets decide to chase after them to rescue Eren. But they meet many titans that roam the area. In this bloody battle, Erwin Smith loses an arm after offering himself as a distraction, and many other military men are devoured or crushed as they struggle to get close to Eren.

As Mikasa tries to rescue Eren, they discover that they have to face the same smiling titan that murdered Eren’s mother all those years ago. But Private Hannes tries to save them. Unfortunately, his abilities prove insufficient, and he is devoured in a heroic and tragic act. Thinking that his death is inevitable, Mikasa confesses his love for Eren, but his emotions awaken a new ability within him: he can control titans with a scream.

He uses his abilities to force other Titans to kill the Smiling Titan, and then secures a victory for his friends, despite failing to prevent Bertholdt, Reiner, and Ymir from escaping.

On the other hand, in the city, Hange and Connie confirm with Commander Pyxis that the Titan invasion did not originate outside the walls, but within Rakago City. This means that no matter how many walls they build, humanity will never be safe from invasion.

And, on the horizon, we see the apparent mastermind behind all these events: the beast titan, promising to stir up more trouble for our heroes.

8. Government conspiracy?

Season 3 / Episodes 1 – 2


At the beginning of the third season, Levi’s group is resting and supporting Eren, who is unable to master the ability to create the organic crystal. The reason he feels pressured to do so is because Hange is convinced that it is the only way to effectively seal the hole in the wall Maria.

While this is going on, there is Christa’s predicament. The girl decides to use her real name, Historia Reiss, and is having trouble dealing with past events.

On the other hand, there are problems in the districts: Pastor Nick is brutally murdered, and they make it look like a robbery. However, Hange and Levi discover that it is the first part of a conspiracy created by the military police. The government seems determined to erase any knowledge of royal blood from Historia, and of the secrets of the titans. In addition, they are willing to use their influence in the military to kill anyone who gets in the way.

Before the militia can finish off Levi’s squad and capture Historia and Eren, our heroes manage to evade them. But before he escapes entirely, Levi discovers that there is another group looking for the squad. It is a group of expert assassins who have modified the omnidirectional devices of the military to work with pistols instead of swords.

And not satisfied with that, they are also willing to kill people, not titans. Their leader is Kenny the Ripper, who has a curious connection to Levi.

Kenny and his group manage to capture Historia and Eren, leading them to the girl’s father, Rod Reiss. Eren is a prisoner, but Historia is surprised to discover that her father seems to want her back with open arms.

At this point in the story we discover a number of important story arcs for the plot. First, King Fritz, who sits on the throne, is a puppet, and Rod Reiss is the true heir. That translates to Historia being the next heir to the kingdom, but this is just the beginning.

9. History Reiss

Season 3 / Episodes 3 – 6

History Reiss

To expand the political plot a little further, we discover that Historia’s life has been plagued by misery and loneliness.

Her mother Alma was a servant of Rod Reiss, who was expelled to the countryside upon discovering her pregnancy and Historia’s birth. Her mother’s resentment of her was a mixture of disdain and anger. Historia’s first connection to her mother Alma de ella was once when she pushed her and drew blood from her nose, and the poor little girl thinks that’s the only affection she deserves from her.

A pesar de esto, hubo una figura positiva en su vida: Frieda, a quien ella llamaba hermana, que le enseñó a leer y escribir. Historia nunca creyó posible recibir semejante afecto. Sin embargo, luego de que Reid hace que Alma sa asesinada y envía a Christa a la milicia, Historia perdió todo recuerdo de Frieda, hasta que volvió a encontrarse con su padre.

Pero esto no fue un accidente. Frieda tenía el poder e alterar los recuerdos de las personas de cualquier manera que lo desease.

Este poder es heredado por los miembros de la familia real, quienes transmiten estos talentos por generaciones junto con la habilidad de los titanes. Bajo las ruinas de una catedral familiar, Rod lleva a Historia y a Eren a una caverna de cristal, donde la familia Reiss ha realizado el ritual del titán durante años.

Para poder reclamar los poderes de un portador a otro, el sucesor real debe consumir al predecesor en forma de titán. Simplificando: Rod tiene una dosis del suero que se utiliza para transformarse en titán, e Historia debe usarlo para comerse a aquél que tenga el poder de su familia.

Por esto es que Eren ha sido secuestrado junto con Historia. Eren es quien posee el poder del titán fundador gracias a un plan de su padre, Grisha Jaeger. Rod pretende que Historia recupere su derecho de nacimiento a la fuerza.

10. El legado Ackerman

Temporada 3 / Episodios 6, 10

Kenny Ackermann

Meanwhile, Levi and the rest of the squad are on the run from the law, trying to deal with the knowledge that the monarchy they protect is a sham. Knowing that they cannot save Eren and Historia while they are on the run, Levi speaks with Commander Erwin and General Pyxis to put together a near-suicidal plan. The plan is to unite the citizens, overthrow King Fitz, and proclaim Historia as the rightful queen.

Weaving a daring political plot, they succeed in overthrowing the government and Levi and Erwin’s allied military leaders take over as Levi and the others continue their journey to rescue the hostages.

But the complications do not stop appearing. Levi, meanwhile, has to deal with family issues. It turns out that he and Kenny share the same last name, the same one that Mikasa also shares. A series of flashbacks shows us that underground cities existed, and Levi lived with his poor mother, until she succumbed to illness. Kenny found the starving orphan and raised him to become a cold-blooded killer like himself, as it was the only way to survive underground.

The Ackermans are not just any assassins, their lineage is intertwined with the royal family. Before establishing a feud with the nobility, the Ackermans were knights and protectors of the crown for generations. It is even implied that this family has superhuman powers, reflexes, and impressive strength, which explains why Mikasa, Levi, and Kenny are so deadly in battle.

Eventually, Kenny meets Rod Reiss’s little brother Uri in his Titan form, who nearly kills Kenny. Their association would last for decades. Kenny would become a confidant to the heir to the throne, and the soldiers serving Uri would become part of Kenny’s gang.

11. The story of the titans

Season 3 / Episode 6 – 12

eren crystal cave

The good news is that Historia isn’t about to kill her friends, so she gives Eren some sanity back. As Levi’s squad storms the cave and disposes of Kenny’s group, Rod Reiss consumes the remainder of the Titan serum in desperation. His titan form is giant, the largest seen to date.

In his transformation, about to crush everyone in the cave, Eren manages to use the ability to produce the organic crystal, protecting his friends. Meanwhile, the giant titan crawls into the Orvud district.

The heroes escape, succeeding Historia as queen, while trying to defend Orvud from the massive threat of Rod Reiss.

Historia decides to ask Erwin to be the one to deliver the coup de grâce to the titan Rod, and manages to win the approval of the town with this heroic act. Having restored peace, Eren and the others return to their original plan, which is to seal the hole in the Maria wall forever.

Coronation Reiss Story

After crowning Historia, Eren decides to speak with his former instructor, Keith Shadis. Shadis had known Grisha since their youth, revealing to them that Eren’s father came to his village with amnesia, and it took him years to build a reputation as a doctor.

Later, between that timeline and the loss of Wall Maria, Grisha discovered the Titan powers in the Reiss clan. When Carla, Eren’s mother, was killed in the attack of the titans, she stole the founding titan’s power. Motivated by misfortune, Grisha kills the Reiss but Rod escapes, then injects Eren with the serum to prevent him from falling into the wrong hands.

As we deal with this new information, Levi runs into Kenny, who, dying, shows him that he has an injector with the titan’s serum. At this time a new objective is created, in addition to repairing the wall. They must investigate the secrets left in the basement of the Jaeger family.

12. The power of the enemy

Season 3 / Episode 13, 14

titan beast bouldering

At the beginning of the new season, we focused entirely on the Maria wall. The Levi squad arrives with a plan in place: plug the holes on either side.

Using cloaks that protect their identities to hide Eren and with the ability to create the organic crystal, they manage to seal one of the holes, but Armin begins to feel insecure as he doesn’t see any Titan inside Shiganshina. Because of this, he begins to think where the enemy might be hiding. He soon comes up with the answer: within the walls. Desperate, he stops the operation, proving his theory and asking Erwin for a search squad to keep Eren safe.

Erwin, having witnessed the genius of Armin’s plans in the past, hands over the chain of command to the boy. Armin, determined but nervous, asks the soldiers to feel the walls of the wall to see if they find any gaps.

His theory proves to be correct when Reiner attacks them from within the walls of the walls, practically catching the squad off guard. But soon after, things get even more out of control with the arrival of the beast titan, who attacks them with a stone, blocking the horses’ exit and trapping them inside the wall. But the beast titan is not alone: ​​with him is an apparent army of titans, and the squad is more threatened than ever.

13. The Battle for Shiganshina

Season 3 / Episodes 15, 16


After finding Reiner’s hideout, the remaining military of Erwin’s squad try to plan an effective confrontation against the Armored Titan.

The reason why they are hopeful is because a new series of explosive weapons were created whose power could penetrate Reiner’s armor. And with Levi’s strategy or Mikasa’s skills, they could take down the Dreadnaught finally.

However, despite his efforts, his plan is cut short by Bertholdt, who is waiting for a signal from Reiner to attack. Armin tries to mediate with his old partner, but the boy seems determined, and operates against the militia forces.

Se transforma en el Titán Colosal, y utiliza su habilidad de expulsar aire caliente para incendiar las casas hechas de madera dentro de Shiganshina, mandando a volar a varios militares que quedaban desprevenidos. Su misión es acabar con los caballos y dejarlos sin salida dentro de la ciudad, para acabar con ellos de una vez por todas.

No obstante, Erwin, toma otra decisión. En lugar de defender lo que resta de sus fuerzas, deben concentrarse en recuperar la información del sótano de Grisha Jaeger. Así se lo notifica a Levi, y su segundo al mando le pregunta si está planeando una misión suicida, y Erwin le dice que su única oportunidad de aprender la verdad, es descubriendo qué hay dentro de ese sótano.

Finalmente, Erwin decide sacrificarse para crear una distracción de humo suficiente para eliminar la visión ventajosa del Titán Bestia. Mientras, Levi deberá usar a los Titanes que rodean al Bestia para acabar con él. El plan es exitoso, hasta que aparece el Titán Carro, quien huye con la persona que encarna el Titán Bestia después de que Levi dudara por un segundo más de lo debido en sus acciones.

14. El sacrificio de Armin

Temporada 3 / Episodio 17


On the other hand, inside the walls, Eren and Armin consider how to stop the Colossal Titan. His teammates are decimated, Officer Hange is missing in action and they have no options left, so Armin decides to study Bertholdt’s behavior. While observing him, he discovers that the Titan is losing strength and muscle from emanating his heat attack, and comes up with an idea that could end his troubles…and his life.

Armin engages Bertholdt directly, and exhausts his heat attack, giving Eren an opening to attack him from the back of the head. However, the blonde suffers terrible burns during this strategy, and despite the victory, he feels bitter about his possible demise.

What we did not expect is that Levi had an injection that is capable of healing a person on the brink of death, and Eren begs him to use it on Armin. When the commander decides to accept, the only survivor of Erwin’s suicide attack, Floch, appears with Erwin at his back, badly injured but still breathing.

15. Levi’s Decision

Season 3 / Episode 18


For minutes that seemed like forever, Levi had to make the toughest decision of his career: whether to save his mentor Erwin’s life or save Armin, who could go down in history as his successor.

After a tremendous argument with Eren and Mikasa over who should get the injection, Armin is the chosen one. Luckily, they have the presence of Bertholdt, which means that Armin, turned into a Titan, will have to eat the boy to inherit his powers and become the new Colossal Titan.

Having lost Reiner and the man behind the Beast Titan to the Chariot Titan, this feels like a bitter victory. But the story still needs to unfold when we finally find out what’s inside Grisha Jaeger’s basement.

16. The Basement

Season 3 / Episode 19

In Fritz

Finally, our protagonists reveal the mysterious contents of Eren’s basement. In it, they find three books belonging to Grisha – Eren’s father -, and inside one of them, a photograph.

Indeed, a photograph. At first, the military are surprised because they think it is an elaborate portrait, but then they discover that there is a civilization beyond what they know and it is outside the walls and the island that contains them.

Through an apparently telepathic connection between Eren and his father’s memories produced by his writings, we discover that Grisha unintentionally caused the death of his younger sister. In a dramatically more advanced civilization than we know in the series, we see the distinction of classes. Grisha and his sister are Eldians. The rest are citizens of Marley, the “great” civilization that seeks to spread its belief that the Titans are basically the children of Satan.

When Grisha’s sister is killed solely for being from Eldia, Grisha begins to question everything her father has taught her about humanity, about her past, and the origin of the titans.

In her process of rebelling against Marley, Grisha meets Dina Fritz, direct heir to the royal family, and together, they have a son, Zeke Jaeger, who we’ll talk about later.

Another important discovery that comes from Grisha’s memories is his first wife’s amazing connection to the Laughing Titan, who devoured Eren’s mother. As it turns out, when Dina Fritz and Grisha are exiled from Marley, they are first injected with the formula to become a Titan.

When Dina transforms, we can clearly see that she is nothing more and nothing less than the smiling Titan. This titan killed Eren’s mother and family friend Hannes and was later killed by Eren when using his coordinate powers.

18. Heirs of Ymir

Season 3 / Episode 20, 21


Apparently, the Eldians are all heirs to a woman who made a pact with a “demon”, which gave her the first powers of the Titan. That’s where the Founding Titan that we mentioned earlier comes from.

Ymir Fritz, the woman in question, used that power to promote prosperity and peace. She farmed her land, created roads and bridges, and rapidly advanced this new civilization. After an undetermined period of time, Ymir passed away and her soul split into nine successors, many of the titans/changeling humans we already know, the Colossal Titan, Dreadnought, Female, Chariot, Jaw, and Beast.

However, his memories would live on forever thanks to the power of the Founding Titan.

The Eldian empire was divided into eight houses, each led by one of nine titans, who were in constant conflict for generations. The Founding Titan, under the power of the Fritz family, was in charge of restoring the balance between the other heirs of Ymir. After conquering much of the land, various nations, like Marley, created a huge hatred towards Eldia, and wanted her annihilation.

Finally, it was disbanded after 1700 years at the end of the Great Titan War. Dividing themselves between those who exiled themselves to Paradis Island alongside King Fritz 145, and those who stayed on the mainland to be interned in Marley’s internment zones.


The Eldians of Paradis Island reside in a large walled territory, seeking protection from the threat posed by the titans. They are unaware of the existence of the rest of civilization.

Here, we make a full circle. We finally understand the reason behind humanity’s delay within Paradis. The best and most innovative invention of his has been the three-dimensional mobility device. Legal measures within the walls and teaching within them seek to limit the advancement and development of civilization.

On this island the belief has been maintained for generations that they are the only human survivors of the terror of the Titans. When in reality, all the humans that reside there can transform into the fearsome creatures.

20. The truth behind the royal blood

Season 3 / Episode 20, 21

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Royal Blood

Armin transcribes the details Eren gives him of Grisha’s memories, discovering that Eren Kruger had a wish to restore Eldia. This led him to participate in the town’s persecution of him in order to maintain his false identity.

Kruger then reveals that those who possess the Power of the Titan live for only thirteen years, along with the two means of succession and the nature of the Coordinate. Afterward, he asks Grisha to infiltrate Paradis and take the Founding Titan from the royal family.

Kruger explains his reasons for selecting Grisha as he advises her to start a new family before proceeding to inject her with the Titan serum, “incoherently” mentioning Armin and Mikasa.

In the present, Eren and Mikasa are released to participate in the conference between the government. Historia also attends after reading Ymir’s farewell letter, glimpsing her friend’s memories of her as a result. With the evidence presented before the council, Hange laments that her enemies now include humans other than Titans, while establishing that Eren could command the Pure Titans despite not being of the royal bloodline.

At that moment Eren realizes that he ordered the Pure Titans because he touched Dina Fritz’s Titan form. This he keeps secret for fear of what the military might do to history if he were to reveal this knowledge.

The Sea Attack on Titan

En la reunión del gobierno de Paradis, Historia decide que la gente dentro de los muros debe saber la verdad sobre los Titanes. Además, que la ruptura del muro por parte de los Titanes fue el comienzo de una invasión planeada por el estado de Marley.

Esta información se encuentra con reacciones mixtas entre la población. Cuando Hitch se acerca a los sobrevivientes en una ceremonia para honrar a sus camaradas caídos, Floch le dice lo heroico que fue Marlo, y también plantea la difícil pregunta de por qué Armin recibió el suero en lugar de Erwin, una decisión controvertida incluso entre los supervivientes.

Historia presenta a los nueve sobrevivientes con sus medallas, Eren le toca la mano e inmediatamente se inunda de recuerdos de la familia real Fritz, lo que indica una conexión a través de la sangre de Titán.

A year after the attack on the Trost district, the titans within Wall Maria were killed and the inhabitants returned to their villages to begin rebuilding and farming.

Six years after the fall of the wall, the reconnaissance troops, including the survivors, begin expeditions outside the wall again. One day they find a Titan unable to move due to his small arms and legs, and realize that they must be near the perimeter wall where Marley turns the Eldians into Titans.

21. Finally, the sea

Season 3 / Episode 22

Armin at sea

Riding further on, they finally reach the wall where Grisha became a Titan, and for the first time see the shimmering ocean. They play happily in the water, although they realize that they will only find enemies across the sea, instead of the freedom they were looking for. This small victory feels bitter.

22. Marley’s Bow

Season 4 / Episodes 1 – 4

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Marley's Bow

Finally, we meet the enemies beyond the sea. Season four (subtitled as the show’s final season) kicks off by introducing us to complete strangers.

Now based on Marley, we discover that they are at war with another nation. The country’s military finds itself battling allied forces from the Middle East, but Marley is harnessing the might of the Titans to prove his might. However, it becomes clear that this strength is needed less and less, as powerful weapons that neutralize creatures have been developed.

At this time we meet the heirs of the titans, Gabi Braun and Falco Grice. Gabi, as a strategist, shows a lot of promise, managing to use her innocent girlish image to trick enemy forces into staging an explosive attack on an armored freight train.

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Titans

We soon meet Zeke again, who uses his Titan power for a powerful aerial raid, transforming Eldians into pure Titans. We also see Reiner again, who joins the battle alongside the Jaw Titan.

After the confrontation and the losses, a peace agreement is signed, but everything indicates that Marley will have to redouble his efforts to recover the Founding Titan from the hands of Eren Jaeger.

The idea is to revive the Paradis Island operation to capture Eren and buy time to restructure his military, and modernize it for a world where titans are no longer needed. But taking the island is proving difficult, as they have not heard from the ships they have sent to Paradis for three years. This makes it clear that the island has at least two of the nine titans.

In Liberio, we meet Reiner’s family, who is Gabi’s cousin. Reiner is extremely confused after his time in Paradis, and despite the indoctrination he has undergone in Marley, he does not seem to hold a grudge or disgust at them, like most of the inhabitants of Marley. This confuses Gabi, who is totally radicalized.

A meeting of leaders will be held in the small city of Liberio. During it, the Tybur family, who have the Warhammer Titan, will announce plans to resume the operation to retrieve the Founding Titan from Paradis Island.

23. Reiner and Eren

Season 4 / Episode 5

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Reiner and Eren

En un Flashback descubrimos que el grupo de guerreros que iban a recuperar a los Titanes contaba con un grupo de cuatro personas, no tres. Entre ellos estaban Annie (la titán hembra), Bertholdt (el titán colosal), Reiner (el acorazado) y Marcel, quien tenía el poder del Titán Mandíbula. Eventualmente, Marcel es devorado por Ymir, quien se queda con sus poderes y desaparece.

Falco, el joven guerrero que mencionamos anteriormente, se encuentra convencido de que no cuenta con las habilidades suficientes para el programa, pero está decidido a heredar a la Mandíbula si se trata de proteger a Gabi. Camino a casa, se encuentra con un soldado herido que quiere hablar con él.

This “soldier” is Eren Jaeger, whose plan is to infiltrate Liberio to disrupt the Tybur ceremony and steal the Warhammer Titan. Eren uses the connection he establishes with Falco to trick Reiner away from his lookout post, and finally the great enemies reunite.

We have to remember that all of this is a little over four years later, and both Eren and the people of Paradis have honed their fighting skills to a remarkable degree.

During the Tybur ceremony, he exposes Eldia’s story in another way. The War of the Titans was planned by King Karl Fritz, and he colluded with the Tybur family to create the story of Helos.

24. The True Story of Helos

Season 4 / Episode 5

1 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Eren

A prominent figure in the Marley legends, a participant in the War of the Titans, he is credited with putting an end to “devil on earth”. This mythological figure is the creature that made the deal with Ymir Fritz, giving him the power of the titans.

The world was convinced that this hero, Helos, of Marley origin, put an end to the evil being. But in reality, it was a propaganda created by the Tybur family and King Fritz.

The king decided to shut himself up on the island of Paradis voluntarily, taking all his people with him. He would renege on whatever war his successors brought them, and this would keep the world free from the titan menace.

But now that the Founding Titan was at the hands of Eren, who is out of line with real ideas, the “danger” loomed again. For this, he uses his influence and power to declare war on Paradis again.

25. The Warhammer Titan

Season 4 / Episodes 6 – 8

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Warhammer Titan

Eren and Reiner meet inside the basement, with Falco as a witness. After having an argument, Eren tells Reiner that they both symbolize the same thing to each other. Reiner is the bad guy for Eren, and Eren is the bad guy for Reiner. Reiner begs Eren to finish him off, out of guilt for killing so many humans on Paradis, including his former partner.

When Eren hears the applause after the Tybur’s declaration of war, he begins to transform into a Titan. Reiner is terrified, but uses his strength to protect the innocent Falco.

After destroying the stage where Willy Tybur was, Eren has an epic battle against the Warhammer Titan, which he eventually ends up winning. Thus, Eren has within himself the power of three titans: Founder, Attack and Warhammer.

During this surprise attack, Marley’s forces come together to neutralize Eren, but are interrupted by the Paradis soldiers. Mikasa defends Eren, while Sasha, Levi and the rest actively join the battle.

1 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Jean

This arouses the attention of Zeke, who transforms into the Beast Titan and supports both the Chariot and the Jaw in a violent and clumsy attack. Soon, both Gabi (who was in the audience) and Falco realize that Eren intends to devour the Jaw as well, and they beg the unconscious Reiner to wake up.

After joining the battle, Reiner is exhausted and hesitant, giving Eren the upper hand, who overwhelms him and walks away. Thanks to Mikasa, they manage a retreat that is hindered by the invasion of Falco and Gabi inside the ship. If they can’t stop them from escaping, they may do their best to attack.

Gabi, who saw several of her “compatriots” die, finds herself desperate for a victory. Thanks to her military training, she lands a shotgun blast on Sasha, who she assessed as the best sniper (and biggest threat) of the group.

The shot is accurate and deadly, and Sasha collapses to the ground. After this brief pause to grieve the loss of her mate, we find out that Zeke is working in conjunction with the reconnaissance regime, and the plan went perfectly, except for the little soldiers’ invasion.

26. The Brave Volunteers

Season 4 / Episodes 9 – 10

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Volunteers

Three years ago, we discovered that Paradis Island captured the crew of a Marley ship. This happens thanks to the work of the anti-Marley volunteers, a group of rebel soldiers who intend to liberate the people of Eldia.

This group of volunteers were handpicked by Zeke Jaeger. Eren assumes that Zeke managed to find a way to work around Karl Fritz’s peace treaty, and that they could both use their powers to awaken the titans within the walls, to drive the entire world away from the island.

Among the crew we find a cook named Nicolo, who fell in love with Sasha. He, in particular, mourns her death, and invites her family to a meal in her honor.

Meanwhile, Zeke is under Levi’s watch, as the Eldia government still doesn’t trust him. In addition, they keep him away from Eren (who is locked up) because of the fear caused by his joint power. However, it is thanks to Zeke and the volunteers that Paradis has improved a lot in terms of technology, and two years before, he established an important connection with the nation of Hizuru.

These new allies offered Eren the ability to use the Rumble to keep the rest of humanity off the island while they caught up with industrial development. But, they did it with the purpose of taking advantage of all the mining riches of Paradis and keeping it, without having to share it with anyone.

27. The real plan

Season 4 / Episodes 10 – 17

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - The Rumble

Eren and his cold and aloof demeanor has his teammates perplexed, isolating them more and more. Meanwhile, Hange Zoë is forced to deal with a group of unruly soldiers, when Flock and three other soldiers are caught giving information to Eren during her confinement.

This creates the intrinsic fear that there is a faction that does not follow the greater good, but supports Eren in his impulsive plans and wishes to join him with his brother. These fears are realized when we discover that the anti-Marley soldiers declare themselves Jaegers, and turn against Dot Pyxis.

Meanwhile, at Marley, they assume Zeke is working with Eldia, and brand him a traitor. Reiner, eager to fight, asks them to make a surprise attack.

After a commander is assassinated by the avowed Jaegerists, a major rift arises within the militia, and Pyxis keeps her promise to keep the brothers apart.

1 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Tatakae

But what he didn’t expect was that inside all the supplements they stole from Marley’s ships, they would find wine with liquid from Zeke’s spinal cord. Drinking this wine can transform any child of Eldia into a Pure Titan, as Zeke wishes.

By the time Levi finds out, it’s already too late. All of his soldiers have drunk the wine, and Zeke uses it to put Levi in ​​danger and escape. After a terrible and bloody confrontation where Zeke almost lost, Levi is seriously injured, and Zeke escapes with his life.

Eventually, he meets Flock and the group of Jaegers, while Hangë escapes with the unconscious and bruised Levi, using the river.

1 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Levi

The Jaegers manage to break Eren out of his prison, explaining to the remaining unconvinced soldiers (read Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Connie) the truth behind their plan.

The idea of ​​the Jaegers is to use the powers of the Founding Titan to genetically modify the people of Eldia. Little by little, the generations would become infertile, until finally the people of Eldia could not reproduce.

Many are against this genocide, and after Eren personally threatened Mikasa and Armin, his two friends know that there is something more behind this plan. The group of friends he made in his childhood and adolescence are now behind bars and unable to stop him or make him see reason.

Meanwhile, little by little Marleyan forces have infiltrated Paradis, and Pieck, the user of the Titan Chariot, is one of the key players. She tries to charm Eren and the Jaegers, but she fails, and during a tense moment, Gabi’s wife Eren to ensure she doesn’t transform.

28. Marley’s Invasion

Season 4 / Episodes 17, 18

When they are negotiating on the roof, Eren asks him to point at the enemy, and Pieck turns to point at him. At this very moment we see Marley blimps entering Eldia’s airspace, led by none other than Reiner.

1 - Summary Attack on Titan - Attack

They launch an attack from all angles, with armed soldiers infiltrated inside the city, quickly destroying the militia that is inside the walls and they only have the mobility system.

Eren joins the battle, but is overwhelmed by Reiner and the various weapons of the Chariot Titan, who is fully armed. As this occurs, one of the Jaegers fears for Eren’s life, and begs Mikasa, Armin, and the others to help him.

After being freed, Armin begins to suspect that Eren is not convinced with the cause he claims to support, but his suggestion is ignored in favor of trying to win the battle.

When all seems lost, Eren finds himself able to breathe when his brother, Zeke, appears, staying on top of the wall to get a better view and protect him from other angles.

Meanwhile, the militia tries to regroup, dividing the soldiers into those who drank marrow and those who didn’t. Those who are safe are forced to use omnidirectional equipment to attack the invaders.

However, the order doesn’t last long, as Zeke becomes overconfident thinking Pieck’s Titan chariot is out of order. In reality, Pieck has gotten out of the Titan from him, and left the bones behind him as a trap for his attention. On those bones is Theo Magath, the captain of Marley’s army, who manages an accurate shot to the neck of the Beast Titan, throwing him from the tower and leaving Zeke possibly badly injured.

29. Two brothers

Season 4 / Episode 19

1 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Colt

During the time that Zeke is motionless, Colt Grice, Falco’s older brother, approaches him. He begs her not to use the scream, since his brother has drunk the liquid with Zeke’s marrow, and he will transform into a pure Titan, with no chance of saving himself.

Zeke looks at him in horror, and for a second he seems touched by the older brother’s devotion, but his plan doesn’t depend on just one person. So he uses the scream. Colt decides to hug Falco tight, and dies trying to protect him, due to the explosion. The little boy transforms into an abnormal Titan with a long neck, and Zeke orders him to help Eren escape. Falco’s Titan focuses on trying to devour Reiner’s neck, which is kept protected by his armor.

It should be noted that this means that Pyxis, and many other soldiers who were in the district, have been transformed into Pure Titans.

Eren continues his fight with Reiner, while Porco Galliard uses Jaw to further immobilize him. However, he receives a devastating blow that leaves him on the ground, almost without strength. In this moment of sobriety, he seems to receive a memory from his brother, who confesses to tricking the military into choosing Reiner as the battleship and keeping Porco safe on Marley.

What this means is that Porco’s older brother is the cause of much of Reiner’s psychological trauma, who was not the strongest candidate for the Armored Titan. This makes him reflect and repent, because the guilt of Reiner’s current state has eaten at him since he saw him return to Marley.

Porco decides to heal himself and leave his badly injured Titan behind, appearing in front of Falco, who loses interest in Reiner’s neck and promptly mindlessly devours it.

During all of this, Eren manages to immobilize Reiner using the bio-crystal, and escapes from his Titan through it. He starts to run towards Zeke, but just before he arrives, he is shot by an anti-titan weapon caused by Gabi Braun, who had seen everything that happened with Falco and was in shock.

This rips Eren’s chop head off, which lands in Zeke’s hand.

30. The roads

Season 4 / Episode 19

1 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Ymir

After the contact, the two brothers meet in the Caminos. This place unites all of Ymir’s heirs, regardless of distance or blood relationship. Thanks to these paths, Marcel’s memories were transmitted to his brother Porco, as well as the memories pertinent to Armin and Mikasa towards Eren Kruger.

Zeke appears to Eren as an older, adult figure, who has been waiting for him for many years. They are soon approached by a little girl, who is the image of Ymir, the Founder. There, Zeke asks Eren to order him to hand over his power to him, since they both agreed on the plan to euthanize the Eldians. However, Eren refuses, saying that he had only manipulated Zeke to get to this point.

When Eren speaks to Ymir and asks her to lend him her power, the girl ignores him and approaches Zeke. He is trying to understand Eren’s betrayal, and explains that Ymir follows any instruction as long as it is from someone with royal blood. She describes the Founder as a puppet with no will, and who accepts all those of royal blood as his master, giving all of the Founder’s powers to him. Eren, quite simply, was a key to unlock those powers.

Zeke thanks Eren for his honesty, and tells him that he forgives him, as he knows that his father has brainwashed him. However, he says that she will “fix” it using the Founder’s powers.

31. Memories of the future

2 - Resumen Attack on Titan - Grisha derrotado

Season 4 / Episode 20

During Grisha’s flashbacks, Zeke discovers that Eren has always been a passionate boy filled with rage towards the Titans. Also, he finds out that he saved Mikasa by killing the human traffickers who tried to kidnap her. In this way, Zeke pretends to show Eren the truth behind Grisha’s manipulation, but what really happens is that Zeke finds the human part of the man he believed to be a monster.

Furthermore, he realizes that communication between the Paths is two-way, and that Eren can influence Grisha’s actions from the future. In this process, Grisha becomes aware of Zeke’s presence, and apologizes for wasting their time as a family. Grisha begs him to stop Eren, but he realizes that it is already too late: there he can see the silhouette of his youngest son, looking at him with a terrifying intensity.

32. The Rumble

3 - Summary Attack on Titan - Eren declares war

Season 4 / Episode 21

Zeke quickly tries to make amends for his mistake of taking Eren back in time, but Ymir decides to ignore his requests. Eren breaks free of her chains and runs to Ymir, discovering her past as a slave, only able to follow the orders of the royal family. Ymir was always abused and used as a weapon, so Eren uses her empathy to show the girl that she doesn’t need to obey anymore.

Thus, he manages to start the Rumble. Eren, using the power of the Paths, lets all of Ymir’s subjects know that he intends to wipe out the rest of the world, leaving only them alive. Likewise, he will let the Titans out of the walls, and finish off all those who try to kill the people of Eldia.