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Without a doubt, the Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen movie was quite an emotional journey, but it also introduced us to three important characters for the story. In this article we want to focus on the two main antagonists, Akaza and Enmu, and the Pillar of Fire, Kyojuro Rengoku. Hopefully we can sate his curiosity.

Note: This article focuses on the events of the anime and the movie. We try not to give substantial manga spoilers so as not to ruin anyone’s experience.

He comes

1 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Akaza

Age: 200 years old
Birthday: N
/A Affiliation: 12 Demon Moons
Title: 3rd top rank

Akaza is the secondary antagonist of the movie Kimetsu No yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen . He is a demon affiliated with the 12 moons, holding the position of the top third rank.

As a demon, he is a stubborn, strong and impulsive being. One of his favorite things is fighting strong demon hunters, and he often learns their names to remember them. During his battles, he often insists his opponent to know his name, and doesn’t stop until he gets it. His way of honoring these fights is by remembering the names of all those he has defeated.

He displays an almost pathological need to get stronger, which gives him a certain inferiority complex with the two demon moons ranking above him. He doesn’t trust said demons and sees them as his enemies. Muzan sees him as a formidable fighter.


4 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Akaza

Akaza boasts strength and stamina worthy of a top rank among the 12 Demon Moons. According to what Akaza himself has mentioned earlier, Rengoku has not been the only victim of him, as he has fought and defeated several past pillars in battle.

  • Superhuman Strength: His physical strength is phenomenal, making him one of the most powerful demons in the series. The power of his punches and kicks is capable of generating a shock wave so powerful that it becomes visible. With this strength, he was able to penetrate Rengoku’s solar plexus during their battle.
  • Enhanced Speed ​​and Reflexes: He is faster than a pillar, evidenced in his fight against Rengoku. Not even trained hunters like Tanjiro or Inosuke are able to follow his movements with their eyes.
  • Unlimited Stamina and Stamina: Due to being a demon, Akaza is unable to tire, taking attacks and injuries without depleting his energy. Despite receiving deep cuts that could have decapitated any lesser demon, in Akaza’s case they didn’t even slow him down.
  • Absolute Durability: Since he is one of the high-ranking devils under Muzan Kibutsuji, his body has impressive durability. This is due to the large concentration of demon king blood he has ingested. This is why the fire hashira found it almost impossible to cut off parts of his body in one blow.
  • Tactical Intellect: Due to the fact that he has lived for two centuries, Akaza has learned as much as possible about hand-to-hand martial arts. The talent that he has shown for the matter is entirely natural, but his interest in the subject has helped him learn optimal techniques to improve his movements and never hinder his battles. He is able to adapt to his opponent just by analyzing him for a few minutes, predicting his attacks and strategizing against him during a single fight.
  • Regeneration: His regeneration powers are the most impressive seen in the series, only comparable to what we can assume Muzan Kibutsuji possesses. He is able to regrow lost limbs, and repair deep cuts that, in the case of any other demon, would have paralyzed him.
  • Extrasensory Perception: All high-ranking demons have enhanced senses above the range of humans. Furthermore, Akaza has enhanced that ability by mixing it with his blood demon art , which allows him to gain information about his surroundings and his opponents, despite being at long distances. Also, she can recognize her weaknesses.

demon blood art

3 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Akaza

His main ability as a demon, known in English as blood demon art , is the generation of shock waves. The pressure he produces using his superhuman strength in his kicks and punches, forms waves of air that hit the opponent. These waves are displayed in a blue color, and your enemy can take damage from long distances. He has even gone so far as to create craters in the ground with his force.

Next we will talk about the combat techniques he has used so far:

  • Destructive Death: This style of martial art mixes the Soryu martial style, which Akaza has known since he was a human, with his shockwave abilities that he learned as a demon.
  • Needle Compass: It manifests in a snowflake shape on the ground, and detects the location of its opponents and incoming attacks, based on the enemy’s will.
  • Air Technique: Akaza, striking the air in front of him, creates a powerful wave that he sends towards his enemies. Multiple waves can be created, and they are so fast that they take less than a second to travel.
  • Disorder: Upon hitting repeatedly, it creates a column of waves so strong that it was able to stop Rengoku’s Tiger Breathing technique.
  • Annihilation: It is one of his most powerful techniques, where he creates a shockwave so powerful that it can wipe out the surroundings and stop the best Fire Breathing technique, Purgatory.

Fun facts

  • He is the only one of the twelve moons who refuses to eat or kill women.
  • He is one of Muzan’s favorite demons, due to his loyalty and seriousness.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Nobunaga Shimazaki, also plays Mahito, one of the main antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen , and Gaara, a major character in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden .


3-Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes-Enmu

Age: N /A
Birthday: N
/A Affiliation: 12 Demon Moons
Title: Lower 1st Rank

Enmu is the main antagonist of the movie Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen. His main affiliation was with the twelve demon moons under Muzan Kibutsuji, and he held the title of the first lower rank.

The first thing we know about Enmu is that he is a character with sadistic tendencies, who enjoys making human beings suffer and hurt. Enmu was one of the lower ranks that met before Muzan during episode 26 of the series. During this scene, we see Muzan finish off the rest of the demons, leaving Enmu last.

As Enmu shows Muzan his thanks for killing him personally, the demon king changes his mind before delivering the final blow.

Rather than kill him, Muzan injects him with a generous amount of his blood, tasking him with taking down the Pillars, especially Tanjiro Kamado.

After giving him the task, Muzan promises Enmu more blood as a prize, and shows him the location of the protagonist.

In the movie, Enmu demonstrates his enhanced abilities as the first lower rank of the twelve moons.


5-Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes-Enmu

Being the first of the lower ranks, Enmu possesses physical and mental ability above other demons, almost reaching the strength of the higher ranks. By receiving Muzan’s blood, this allowed her to increase his innate abilities even further.

  • Enhanced Speed ​​and Reflexes: Muzan’s blood granted him enhanced reflexes and more speed.
  • Flesh Manipulation: Like all demons, Enmu can manipulate his own skin.
  • Flesh Separation: Using her own flesh and blood, she can create and separate extra members to communicate, creating independent messengers. Thanks to the blood he obtained from Muzan, he was even able to create the illusion of another being identical to him, to distract from the fact that he had merged with the train.
  • Fusion: Allows him to merge into large inanimate objects, assimilating the train as his own body, and using it to feed on its passengers. The train has organs and bones, showing that even the fusion must be consistent with the base body. Thus, Tanjiro and Inosuke come to the logical conclusion that they must still have a neck they can cut.

demon blood art

10 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Enmu

His main ability as a demon is dream manipulation. Using it, he can enter, manipulate and control people’s dreams. He can even kill the person by finding his spiritual center within the dream, destroying his mind and leaving the body in a vegetative state.

One of his favorite activities is to show his victim a beautiful and pleasant dream, to gradually transform it into a nightmare that makes him feel helpless. Thus she manages to end his will to live or continue fighting.

By being unaware of the people inside his victims’ nightmares, he can make crucial mistakes. It can make them say things that the affected person recognizes as impossible, waking up due to anger or confusion.

Also, the soul of the victim can touch the infiltrator inside the dream, changing his will, as happened in the case of the young man inside Tanjiro’s mind. The purity and honesty of his soul made her change her mind and lose the will to kill him. Because of this, Enmu decides to send agents to carry out this task, instead of doing it himself.

  • Special Ropes: Enmu can create a rope from his own skin that connects ordinary humans to his victims to enter their dreams. To enter, they must tie the rope on the wrist of both people and enter a deep sleep.
  • Sleep induction: Forces people to sleep immediately, either directly or indirectly.
  • Sleep Tickets: By mixing her blood with the train tickets, Enmu can put anyone who has touched them to sleep, making them vulnerable to her powers.

fighting techniques

6-Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes-Enmu

  • Unconscious Hypnosis Whispers: A mouth forms on the back of her hand, signaling the victim to sleep, forcing them to do so immediately.
  • Unconscious Sleep Eyes: Enmu creates dozens of eyes on his skin with the Japanese kanji for sleep (夢, Yume ) imprinted on the iris, and upon seeing them, the victim falls asleep.

past as human

When Enmu was a human, she couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. This caused problems for the people around him. When he became an adult, he began to abuse hypnosis therapies, and used to lie to terminally ill patients about a miraculous recovery.

Muzan encountered Enmu as a human, and fatally wounded him, in order to devour him. However, despite no longer having any internal organs, Enmu began to talk about how much he admired Muzan and his strength. The demon king was surprised because he had not felt pain after such an injury, and changed his mind, transforming him into a demon.

After the encounter, Enmu improves his abilities to ascend between the demon moons and shows his gratitude to Muzan, despite not remembering his physical form.

Fun facts

  • His name includes the kanji for dream and nightmare.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Daisuke Hirakawa, also plays Rei Ryugazaki in the series Free! , and Youichi Tanaka in Ao Haru Ride.

Kyojuro Rengoku

7 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Kyojuro Rengoku

Age: 20
Birthday: May 10
Affiliation: Demon Hunters
Title: Pillar of Fire

Kyojuro Rengoku was a tall, athletic young man with peculiar yellow hair with red accents. He was an enthusiastic young man, especially when it came to fulfilling his job as a pillar. Sometimes even his excitement could be interpreted as eccentricity. The first time we meet him in the anime is in episode 21, but we find out much more about his story in the Mugen Ressha-hen movie.

Rengoku is shown to be a very kind and friendly young man, willing to teach Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu from the moment he meets them on the train. He has an extraordinary fighting technique, which makes the trio of protagonists want him as their teacher.

He has an unbreakable moral code that he inherited from his mother. The most important principle of that code dictates that the reason he is a strong person is to protect those who are not as skilled as he is. The young man takes this task very seriously, and his priority has always been to save the innocent and defenseless.


8 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Kyojuro Rengoku

As a fire Hashira, Rengoku is one of the strongest swordsmen in the hunter corps. Even a demon as powerful as Akaza is able to admit that Rengoku’s strength is far beyond that of a normal human.

In his confrontation with him, Akaza comments that it is a waste that Rengoku is a mere human. He offers to transform him into a demon to improve his abilities so that he lives forever.

  • Superhuman Strength: Rengoku boasts strength that goes beyond human canons due to the arduous training to become a pillar. This allows her to swing his sword at speeds nearly impossible for an ordinary human to perceive. Even inflicted with a mortal wound, Rengoku does not let go of his sword for a moment, which surprises his enemy Akaza during the battle. In the demon’s words, his strength is “incredible”.
  • Enhanced Speed ​​and Reflexes: Rengoku’s speed and reflexes are so impressive that he can even lose sight of himself in the blink of an eye. With the speed of his movements, he caused tremors in the ground that nearly lifted the train off its tracks. His reflexes are demonstrated during Akaza’s attack on Tanjiro. Just as he is about to touch it, Rengoku cuts his hand to prevent contact.
  • Resistance and Stamina: The resistance that the fire pillar demonstrates is incredible. In a separate manga story about a previous mission, we find out that he ruptures his own eardrums to prevent damage. During this action, he doesn’t even close his eyes, even though it must be painful, but Rengoku endures the discomfort and continues to fight, as if nothing had happened.

fighting style

9 - Mugen Ressha Hen Personajes - Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku uses the fire breathing technique taught to him by his father. Next we will explain the forms of his attacks:

  • First Form – Unknown Fire: This is the first technique we see on film, and it consists of a high-speed, concise attack that involves one, or multiple swings of the sword, decapitating its enemy. It has enough force to lift the train off the tracks.
  • Second Form – Rising Scorching Sun: In this move, slash upwards.
  • Third form – Universe on fire: The attack is made in a downward arc.
  • Fourth Form – Ripple of Blooming Flames: Rengoku swings the sword in a circular fashion, defending against incoming attacks or decapitating multiple opponents at once.
  • Fifth Form – Tiger: In this attack, he unleashes a series of powerful slashes that take the form of a tiger, attacking his opponent at a speed impossible to visualize.
  • Ninth form – Purgatory: This technique is the most powerful of all. In a dazzling and devastating attack, the swordsman must be in an elevated position. For the movie adaptation, this attack appears as a titanic dragon with blue eyes that shoots blue electricity from its mouth. After the blow, the surroundings seemed engulfed in flames, recreating a flaming purgatory entangled in a whirlwind of heat and fire.

Fun facts:

  • Every time he eats his favorite food, sweet potato, (also known as sweet potato) he screams “yummy!” at the top of his lungs. At the beginning of the movie, he does it constantly while eating.
  • He had a very distant ancestor who ate too much tempura, and according to Rengoku, this caused his hair to take on that peculiar color.