Steller’s sea bream Izuku Midoriya (Deku) in my hero academia

In a world where it is super normal to have superpowers, can you imagine being born without them? That is what happened to Izuku Midoriya, protagonist of the acclaimed manga and anime My Hero Academia ( Boku No Hero Academia , originally). However, the lack of so-called “gifts” or quirks did not stop Deku, as he is better known, from continuing to dream of becoming a hero.

The first season of Boku No Hero Academia aired in April 2016, with the second and third premieres in the same month in 2017 and 2018. This year, however, anime fans had to wait a bit longer, but the new episodes premiered in the month of October.

If you’re new to the acclaimed anime and want to explore more of its history to see if it’s worth following (and it is, by the way!) Or if you’re just a fan who wants to make sure you know all the details of Deku’s history , this is the article for you. So let’s go there!

1. How Izuku Acquires His Powers

25 - All Might

Izuku lives in a world where 80% of the population is born with superpowers. And he, well, he wasn’t part of that 80%. This, however, did not stop the shy boy from dreaming of becoming a superhero. Especially given the rising crime that threatens everyone.

However, one specific meeting would change Deku’s life. Unexpectedly, the young man finds himself involved in a battle against a villain to save his childhood friend. In the midst of this situation, the powerful hero All-Might sees in him the true heart of a hero and decides to reward the boy by sharing his own powers with him.

After a long and hard training, Deku receives the powers. All-Might’s intention is for Deku to become his successor as a hero and representative of peace. And to prepare for the mission, the young man goes to the school for heroes in training.

2. El poder “One For All”

Izuku Midoriya One For All

Passed down for generations, this power allows its holder to pool the energy of all those who have used it, ensuring superhuman strength, agility, and endurance.

However, an untrained body could suffer serious collateral damage by receiving this individuality. For this reason, Toshinori Yagi, the All Might, decided to train Izuku before making him the ninth user of the One for All power.

Throughout the story, and with the experience gained in battle and at the UA (school for training heroes where All Might also works), Izuku is learning more and more how to control his new power.

3. Knowledge is also power

Izuku Midoriya knowledge

Even when Deku (or Izuku) didn’t have his quirk yet , he had another point going for him: his thirst for knowledge.

Motivated by his desire to become a hero, the young man studied both the powers of professional heroes and the abilities of villains he might one day face. And being aware of such information is very useful to the student hero throughout his battles.

He even makes various notes on heroes and villains in a notebook he calls Hero Analysis for the Future . And the more he studies, the more he will strengthen his analytical mind, capable of forming complex battle plans.

4. An awkward side

Deku Smash

Sometimes when Deku’s emotions are running high, such as when he’s in battle, the hero can develop a bolder and more intrusive side that causes many viewers to compare him to Katsuki Bakugo.

Bakugo is Deku’s childhood friend and classmate in the school of heroes. However, he is known for an aggressive temper and a superiority complex which has led him to bully Deku. He is not surprising, since he doesn’t like that more emotional side and tries to keep it in check.

5. He has great fighting skills

Deku vs Todoroki

In addition to his individuality, One for All, and his vast analytical knowledge on heroes and villains, Izuku has another great point in his favor: his martial arts skills.

With time and more training, the hero can even develop a fighting style that prevents him from getting injured. To do so, One for All power flows throughout his body, causing his speed to increase.

However, the move, called One For All: Full Cowling, sacrifices his strength over speed, making Izuku’s fighting skills critical to victory.

6. Could he have more quirks ?

Deku Black Whip

Although he has never manifested individualities before, it seems that Izuku now has not just one but 6 more.

So far only one of them has been revealed, the Black Whip. This individuality belonged to one of the previous users of One For All, so it is expected that the others will also be acquired by the hero in this way.

When Izuku can access this power, he can launch and extend black vines from his arms. The risk of this power is that it seems to be tied to the emotions of its user.

7. The mystery of his father

Thank you, Padre

In the manga and anime, the plot gives us very few details about Izuku’s father. His name was Hisashi Midoriya and he left his wife Inko and his son to work abroad. However, the character has yet to appear.

Due to this mystery, many fans theorize about Izuku’s possible relatives, suggesting siblings and other family members among the characters that appear in the anime. Other speculation continues to bet on Hisashi being a villain.

What is also known is that his quirk was the ability to breathe fire through his mouth.