The 14 most important characters in Shingeki No Kyojin

Shingeki No Kyojin , also known as Attack on Titan , has one of the most fascinating character lineups in anime. In this article we will focus on the most important characters in the series and tell a bit of the history that we have known so far in the anime.

Warning: The article contains spoilers from the most recent seasons , so if you haven’t caught up with the series, we recommend you don’t read it.

Eren Yeager

1- Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Eren Yeager

Age: 15
Birthday: May 30
Height: 1.83

Eren is the protagonist of the story. At the beginning of the series he is an impulsive boy with only one mission: take down the titans. This is due to various traumatic experiences, including the death of his mother at the hands of one of them. In addition, he is seen as very resentful of the incompetence of the military inside the walls who have the responsibility of protecting the citizens, and that is why he decides to join the militia.

Eren and Mikasa were raised together, with Eren’s mother constantly asking Mikasa to protect him. Previously, Grisha Yeager, Eren’s father, was the Ackerman family’s doctor, and they trusted him a lot. This is why it is understandable that Mikasa moved to live with the Yeager after being orphaned. However, they are not technically related, as Mikasa was never adopted by the Yaegers.

Armin and Eren are very good friends, and Eren used to defend Armin from bullies when they went to class together. Armin had beliefs that did not align with society, such as that there was something beyond the walls. However, Eren and Mikasa always promised her that they would fulfill her dream of knowing the sea together. This makes Eren feel a lot of disdain for the passive society that was willing to live and die within the walls.

He is a very competent fighter, although he can act without thinking at times. This often gets him into trouble and he relies heavily on Mikasa to resolve those mishaps. In chapter 5 of the series we discover that Eren is an intelligent Titan, that is, a human being who can transform into a titan at will. This makes him a great tool for uniting with him and fighting enemies with him.

His father’s story helps uncover one of the series’ most surprising mysteries. The knowledge he passes on to him and the memories they share due to his titan heritage causes Eren to have radical ideas towards Marley’s government and his people.


2- Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Attack Titan

  • Attack Titan: He has superhuman strength, increased stamina, and after drinking the bottle with the hardening serum, he can harden his body and form sturdy pillars. Titans can regenerate quickly and easily. But above all, the attack titan has the possibility of giving future memories to its past users, that is, Grisha has experiences and memories that belong to Eren in the future.
  • Founding Titan: As the holder of the coordinate, having contact with a member of the royal family allows Eren to mark a specific target to attack. This occurred during a brief contact with Dina Fritz, who was attacked by a group of Pure Titans after Eren remembered that she was the Titan who killed her mother.
  • Warhammer Titan: By stealing this Titan from Lara Tybur, Eren can use his hardening and weapon creation powers from the Titans’ special crystal to attack and defend.
  • Eren is a very notable fighter, graduating fifth in his class from military school.
  • His balance using vertical maneuvering equipment is excellent, as he was able to stay straight with faulty equipment for a few seconds.

Fun facts

  • His last name is a derivative of the German word “jäger” , which means hunter.
  • The mangaka decided to give him dark hair to make it easier to draw lines of action around him, as he is a very energetic character.
  • Isayama, the mangaka , was very surprised to learn that Eren had gained popularity, as he considered him a character slave to the plot and difficult to understand.
  • His Titan form is based on the martial fighter Yushin Okami.
  • Isayama dismissed the idea that Eren had always known he was a Titan.

Mikasa Ackerman

3- Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Mikasa Ackerman

Age: 15
Birthday: February 10
Height: 1.76

Mikasa is, hands down, one of the most powerful characters in the series. She also, she is the second protagonist of the story. After her family was killed by a group of human traffickers, she moves in with Eren Yeager and her parents, Grisha and Carla. She is one of the last descendants of the Japanese shogunate who moved to Paradis Island, related to the Azumabito clan.

Her relationship with Eren is the one that motivates her the most. Even though they grew up together, Mikasa is assumed to have a crush on him, as she protects him with characteristic ferocity. However, Eren doesn’t seem to reciprocate. Interestingly, she Mikasa is a pacifist. She never had any intention of leaving the Maria Wall, but rather she would have been satisfied living the rest of her days locked up there with her friends. But due to the promise she made to Eren’s mother, she feels compelled to protect him and join the military.

He also has an extremely close relationship with Armin, whom he adores like a brother. However, her protective nature towards Eren takes precedence, and she has more than once been seen to be able to prioritize Eren’s life over Armin’s.

One reason behind his exceptional combat abilities is his lineage. Being part of the Ackerman clan, Mikasa has the blood of outstanding warriors who have fought for years to defend the crown of Eldia. His surname ties her filially with Levi, another very prominent warrior in history.

Mikasa used to be a much more outgoing and childish girl, however due to her traumatic experiences she abandoned that image and became a stoic and cold adult.


  • Vertical Gear Dexterity: She is called a genius when it comes to her dexterity and agility with 3D gear.
  • Strength: He has greater physical strength than most of the men in his unit. He is capable of lifting eight thunder lances with ease, as well as having the ability to stab them into enemies, and detonate them, without fail.

Fun facts

  • She is the heaviest woman in the entire series, weighing 68 kg in total.
  • Her design is based on a woman who worked with Isayama. This influenced the fact that Mikasa was Asian, since the original idea of ​​her was for her to be Western like the rest of the characters.
  • Its name is based on the Mikasa ship, of the Japanese imperial army, which was the most important during the war with Russia.
  • The band Veil of Maya has a song called “Mikasa”, inspired by the character.

Armin Arlert

4- Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Armin Arlert

Age: 15
Birthday: November 3
Height: 1.69

Armin is the third protagonist of the series. He is friends with Eren and Mikasa since they were very young. It is thanks to his conviction that Eren decides to look for a way to end the titans to know what lies beyond the walls. Armin may not be the most prominent fighter in his group, but he is a very crucial strategist for the development of the story.

He has a curious nature that leads him to thoroughly investigate the world around him. This also made Armin an easy target for his school’s bullies, but he always had Mikasa and Eren to defend him. However, this brought him self-esteem problems, since he believed himself to be a burden to others, but it also made him feel an urgent need to prove his worth.

During his training as a soldier, he felt inferior to other recruits, until the time of his graduation. Once they graduated, he realized that his intelligence was just as useful in the military as brute force and skill with weapons. Armin is very analytical, and prefers to analyze things to solve them in the least problematic way. This, coupled with his intelligence, good judgment, level-headedness, and ability to anticipate conflict, make him a very reliable tactician.

After the battle to retake the Shiganshina district, Armin sacrifices himself to capture the colossal titan. Since he didn’t die during the mission, Eren begs Levi to use the Titan Injection to save him. Shortly after they receive news that Erwin is seriously injured. This leads to a confrontation with Levi where in the end the commander chooses Armin.

Soon after, Armin inherits the colossal titan.


5- Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Colossal Titan

  • Colossal Titan: Like all human Titans, he can recover from grievous injuries and transform at will. The Colossal Titan has an explosive transformation that generates hot steam around it, so it’s especially dangerous in bodies of water. Also, you can generate steam at will. It has a strength superior to that of other titans, thanks to its size and its regeneration capacity is very fast.
  • High Intelligence: Armin, being physically weak, uses his powers of reasoning and observation to assess situations on the fly. This has helped his teammates numerous times who don’t have as high an anticipation ability as Armin’s.

Fun facts

  • He is the only one of Levi’s squad who is not among the top 10 students in the military school.
  • His design in the manga, with a round nose, makes him look weaker, according to Isayama. Also, this makes him unique among his characters.
  • His birthday falls on the same celebration of culture day in Japan.

Levi Ackerman

6- Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Levi Ackerman

Age: early 30s
Birthday: December 25
Height: 1.60

Levi is probably the most popular character in Shingeki No Kyojin . He is the captain of the special operations squad of the scouting brigade. He is known as the strongest soldier humanity has. This is due to his lineage, as the Ackerman clan was always made up of formidable warriors who defended the throne of Eldia.

Levi had a very rough childhood, and thanks to this, he is obsessed with cleanliness. That is why he prefers to present himself to the nines and for his surroundings to be as neat as possible. Apart from his way of carrying dirt, Levi is a very cold and difficult person to get along with. He often speaks inconsiderately and can sometimes even come across as rude.

When he lived in the underground area within the walls, he refused to take orders from anyone, until he meets Erwin Smith. However, he used to put all his trust in his comrades and eventually, when he enters the military, in his subordinates. His respect for Erwin Smith is because he shares his vision for the brigade. Despite this, Levi usually operates alone, personally taking on difficult Titans to prevent further losses.

He shows no empathy for the Titans, murdering them in cold blood and without regard. This, however, makes him very regretful when he finds out that everyone with Eldia’s blood is capable of becoming a Titan. This discovery leads him to the conclusion that all this time he has been murdering human beings, and he feels disgusted at the idea.

Levi may be a character who has the makings of a leader, and has earned the respect of many, but he often loses his mind when people ignore him in difficult decisions. This leads him to react with violence uncharacteristic of his stoicism.


  • Skill with vertical equipment: He is one of the most adept characters when using this equipment, so much so that it is said that he is the best when operating it.
  • Strength and Agility: He is considered as valuable as an entire brigade. Even before joining the military, he was seen as an extremely strong soldier.

Fun facts

  • His age is one of the great mysteries of the series, since Isayama has repeatedly refused to give a specific number. The only hints he has given are that he is in his late 30s, and that he is older than he appears.
  • At some point, Levi wanted to open a tea shop.
  • He is unable to get drunk, which means that his tolerance for alcohol is very high.
  • He only sleeps two to three hours.
  • Levi cuts his own hair.
  • He doesn’t like to put anything in his tea because he can’t afford it financially.

Erwin Smith

7 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Erwin Smith

Age: Not available
Birthday: October 14
Height: 1.88

Fue el comandante del escuadrón de reconocimiento. Muy inteligente y cauto, fue un comandante sumamente responsable y respetado. Sus tropas eran importantes para él, pero no dudó en sacrificarlas si eso significaba salvar al resto de la humanidad. Y gracias a lo mucho que lo admiraban, sus tropas estuvieron más que dispuestas a sacrificarse a su orden.

Su personalidad siempre fue muy compleja, ya que era un hombre serio, calculador y consciente del futuro. A pesar de que confiaba en sus hombres, fue capaz de discernir rápidamente que tenían un espía entre las tropas, y debido a esto, generó un círculo cercano, cerrado, para compartir información delicada. Era muy elocuente al hablar, y esto sacó a Eren de aprietos durante el juicio militar.

Erwin might seem extremely stoic, but he always had unshakeable ideals and a keen curiosity about what lay beyond the walls. This is the reason why he leads the entire operation back to Shiganshina, to find out what was hidden in the basement. He even prioritized uncovering this information and proving his father’s theories correct, over defending humanity.


  • Fierce and dedicated fighter, capable of sacrificing his own safety if crucial to a mission.
  • He was a great strategist.

Fun facts

  • He never wanted to establish a relationship with anyone due to the uncertainty of when he would die.
  • He is the only commander to have been promoted before his predecessor passed away.

Hange Zoe

8 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Hange Zoë

Age: Not available
Birthday: October 14
Height: 1.70

He inherits the title of reconnaissance squadron commander directly from Erwin, who appoints him before his death. He is in charge of investigating the titans and making inventions that can hurt them more effectively. His passion to investigate the titans comes after a lot of hatred, since joining the squad he felt disdain and disgust towards said creatures.

He is a crucial member of the military, as his intelligence allows him to put together essential tactics to attack the titans. Also, he is in charge of designing weapons, and anti-titan cannons are one of his inventions (called “executioners from hell”).

Thanks to his studies, the information provided by Eren and Connie’s conjectures, he comes to the conclusion that all the inhabitants of the island can become Titans, and that originally, they were always human beings. This completely changes his way of studying creatures.


  • Superior Intelligence: The different way of seeing the titans gave humanity invaluable information. Thanks to discovering that Eren was a titan, he acquired new information about the nature of the creatures.
  • Vertical Gear Skill: Due to his desire to study the Titans, his ability to react when he was close to one allowed him to evade them at just the right moment.

Fun facts

  • Isayama, the author of the play, refused to give Hange a specific gender, saying that the reader is free to interpret the character as they prefer. However, in the anime she was given feminine characteristics, despite the fact that her voice actress, Romi Park, often plays young male characters and her voice has been described as androgynous.
  • He has a close relationship with Levi Ackerman.
  • His name in the West is usually translated to Hans Zoe.
  • The character’s first feature to be established was his goggles.

Pure brown

9 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Reiner Braun

Age: 17
Birthday: August 1
Height: 1.85

Reiner Braun es el protagonista principal del arco de Marley. Fue un miembro importante del escuadrón de Levi. Sin embargo, resultó ser un traidor enviado por Marley para capturar al Titán Fundador, quien resultó ser Eren Yeager. Miembro de los guerreros marleyanos, es el joven designado al Titán Acorazado. Es el vicecapitán de esta unidad.

Creció en la zona cerrada de Liberio, ya que era hijo de un hombre marleyano con una eldiana. Gracias a su herencia eldiana, fue seleccionado como uno de los niños que entrarían en el programa militar de los guerreros. Este programa se basa, en parte, en adoctrinar a niños de la raza eldiana para pensar negativamente hacia sus iguales. Esto hace que Reiner crezca pensando que las personas de la isla Paradis son unos monstruos.

Su infancia fue bastante complicada, teniendo en cuenta que era un niño de sangre mestiza que fue abandonado por su padre. Esto lo volvió retraído y callado, pero tenía la voluntad de volverse un guerrero, convencido de que esto haría que su padre regresara a casa. En el año 845 lo envían a la isla Paradis junto a Bertoldt, Annie y Marcel Galliard para infiltrarse dentro de la milicia y descubrir quién tenía posesión del Titán Fundador.

Luego de perder a Marcel cuando es devorado por Ymir, Reiner comienza a imitar su personalidad. Se convierte en un adolescente más asertivo, incluso amenazando a sus compañeros para asegurar que siguieran sus órdenes. Pero esto no significaba que les era indiferente, sino al contrario, Reiner siempre fue profundamente fiel a sus compañeros.

This characteristic would prove an obstacle for him when making decisions that could hurt the Eldians, whom he also came to see as friends. In the Marley arc, we notice that Reiner doesn’t have any kind of grudge towards them. Rather he humanizes his actions before a town that sees them as evil beings.


10 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Armored Titan

  • Armored Titan: Like all Titans, Reiner is capable of regenerating and healing any injury, including lost limbs. The Armored Titan has a special skin that differentiates it from other Titans, as it is highly resistant to blows and injuries. This ability also allows him to harden certain weak points at will, sacrificing speed and combat ability to protect himself. He can also sharpen that hardened hide to make spikes and climb walls.
  • He is extremely proficient as a soldier and fighter, as well as having exceptional dexterity with special equipment to maneuver.
  • In close combat he is the best among all his companions.

Fun facts

  • Thanks to his confrontation with Eren in the basement, we discover that the regeneration granted by the titans depends on his will to live. Reiner at this point in the story has completely lost her, that’s why he takes too long to heal after protecting Falco.
  • He is the favorite character of Isayama, the author of the play.
  • The psychological problems presented by the character are similar to dissociative identity disorder, which is usually associated with a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bertholdt Hoover

11 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Bertoldt Hoover

Age: 16
Birthday: August 1
Height: Not available

Bertholdt Hoover es uno de los antagonistas principales de la primera mitad de la serie. Miembro de la clase 104 de los militares en entrenamiento, se graduó de tercero en la clase. Eventualmente se unió al grupo de reconocimiento a cargo de Levi Ackerman. En el año 845 rompió el Muro María junto a Reiner Braun y Annie Leonhart, intentando recuperar el Titán Fundador para llevarlo de vuelta a Marley. Era el antiguo usuario del Titán Colosal, hasta que Armin Arlert lo devoró.

Bertholdt siempre fue muy callado, y no tenía mucha fuerza de voluntad, simplemente sabía seguir órdenes. Se identificaba a sí mismo como un cobarde y no tenía mucha autoestima. Este comportamiento le permitió ser el guerrero menos involucrado emocionalmente durante su misión. No sentía ningún tipo de remordimiento por sus acciones ni mucho menos se arrepentía de ellas.

Bertholdt learned to use his Titan’s powers immediately, displaying an intelligence rarely seen in the series.


12 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Colossal Titan

  • Colossal Titan: As the former user of the Colossal Titan, Bertholdt transformed into a 60 meter tall titan. Although his movements were slow and heavy, he made up for it with the strength of his long limbs. His Titan form also boasted the ability to generate heat which he expelled from the body, under pressure. This served to defend against attacks using vertical equipment.
  • Bertholdt was the only warrior capable of making his Titan disappear in seconds.

Fun facts

  • He is the only human character to be modeled after his Titan, with the author wondering what kind of person he would turn out to be if the Colossal Titan was a weak, fearful, and docile human.
  • He used to sleep in very strange positions, and the students of division 104 had a game of predicting the weather using his sleeping poses.

Annie Leonhart

13 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Annie Leonhart

Age: 16
Birthday: March 22
Height: 1.53

She is the antagonist of the Female Titan arc. A user of the Female Titan, Annie is one of the Marley spies who came to Paradis to bring chaos to the island and force the Founding Titan out of hiding. Her loyalty only belongs to the people of Marley, her parents and her companions, Bertholdt and Reiner. She was part of the 104 military training group and joined the military police brigade.

Annie is an exceptional fighter, so much so that she graduated fourth in her class of recruits. However, she is quite closed and has a hard time working with others. She is the one in charge of espionage among the warriors, infiltrating her underground as a refugee to follow Kenny Ackerman, who had royal connections.

His apathetic way of treating others does not go unnoticed by Eren and company, who try to gain his trust. It can even be said that Annie admires Eren’s way of being, who remains very firm in her convictions. She and the protagonist had different training sessions, with Annie showing him her way of fighting to help him lose his stiffness.

This earns him the jealousy of Mikasa, who came to feel that they were getting too close. Annie also has a complicated relationship with Armin, who constantly visits her during her induced coma and talks to her about all of her ex-partners and the progress of the operations they perform.

Despite being a spy, Annie only longs for a normal life. The only reason she wants to return to Marley is to see her father again, whom she loves very much.


14 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Female Titan

  • She is the most outstanding hand-to-hand fighter of all the students, only being comparable to Mikasa. She knows martial arts, and her fighting style is admired by all the students.
  • Female Titan: Aside from typical Titan regeneration, Annie can crystallize certain parts of her body for convenience. This allowed her more than once to shield her neck from Mikasa and Levi’s attacks, and to emerge from the confrontation unscathed when they finally caught her. The induced coma she is in is thanks to the crystal that the titans produce.
  • Titan Control: With his scream, he is able to call for help from pure titans, but the range of it is limited.

Fun facts

  • His fighting style resembles Muay Thai.
  • Her hair is based on a photo of Avril Lavigne.
  • He talks in his sleep and does “special” effects that emulate when he is practicing kicking against trees.
  • She uses her hood to get away from people when she needs to be alone.

Jean Kirstein

15 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Jean Kirstein

Age: Not available
Birthday: April 7
Height: 1.75

He is the sixth best recruit in class 104. He is originally from the Trost district within the Rose Wall, and joined the military hoping to have a peaceful life by participating in the police squad. However, he joined the reconnaissance regimen after discovering his own leadership potential.

Jean is very crude and doesn’t think when he speaks, constantly causing conflict. He is so pragmatic that he prefers not to put himself in dangerous situations, and so he intended to join the military police, as it guaranteed him a relatively quiet life.

During her time as a student, Jean was very easily frustrated, reacting violently most of the time. This immediately alienated him from Eren, as he hated people with unshakable ideals and “impossible” dreams.

However, Marco, one of his peers, always saw his leadership potential. Thanks to his own insecurities, Jean was able to stay out of harm’s way and analyze situations quickly. Another important fact is that Jean may seem selfish, but in reality he is very faithful to his companions, and highly values ​​the lives of his soldier friends.


  • His leadership skills are comparable to Armin’s. He is also capable of making important tactical decisions when necessary.
  • He has very good aim with firearms.
  • Es capaz de manejar las lanzas eléctricas con mucha destreza.

Datos curiosos

  • Isayama creó originalmente a Jean y a Armin como un solo personaje.
  • Es uno de los personajes preferidos de Isayama, solamente superado por Reiner.

Connie Springer

16 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Connie Springer

Edad: 16
Cumpleaños: 2 de mayo
Estatura: 1.58

Miembro de la promoción 104 de reclutas, se graduó como el 8vo de la clase. Es originario de una aldea rural en el Muro Rose llamada Ragako. Es un personaje carismático y dulce, que siempre dice lo que piensa y le gusta presumir de lo que puede hacer. Sin embargo, esa disposición dulce y familiar que tenía, fue corroída poco a poco debido a las tragedias que ha vivido.

Cada encuentro con los titanes transformaba más a Connie, que pasó de ser un chico ruidoso y feliz, a un joven retraído y lleno de ira. Esto debemos también sumarlo al hecho de que Connie es uno de los primeros en sacar la conclusión de que todos los humanos en la isla pueden transformarse en titanes, ya que encuentra a su madre transformada en Titán cuando visita su antigua aldea.

Esto lo traumatiza a un punto irreparable, transformándolo en un joven iracundo y que no piensa las consecuencias de sus actos. A pesar de esto, es sumamente fiel hacia sus compañeros, especialmente con Sasha y Jean, quienes se volvieron sus amigos más cercanos en el regimiento.


  • Es rápido y habilidoso con el equipamiento vertical, tan rápido, que casi nunca se ha enfrentado a un titán frente a frente.

Datos curiosos

  • Connie se corta su propio cabello.
  • Isayama only created the character to fill out the top 10 students in the regiment.

Sasha Blouse

17 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Sasha Blouse

Age: 16
Birthday: July 26
Height: 1.73

Sasha was a member of the reconnaissance squad and graduated 9th in the recruit class. She joined the squad after seeing Eren’s determination to eliminate all the Titans. She was best known for her love of food, as she always stole rations and loved potatoes. She is originally from Dauper, a small town south of Wall Rose.

Sasha was always a great friend to her peers, fun and with a friendly personality. She was initially shy and nervous when faced with stressful situations, but she was very intuitive. Also, she was very brave, and she knew how to judge moments of danger.

She had a rough childhood when Wall Maria was destroyed, as the refugees severely cut food supplies. This justifies her passion for eating, as he previously hunted for her and her family. She also explains her great skill with firearms and excellent marksmanship, as she was the archer wing of the family.

Her big heart and empathy for children was what caused her downfall, as she was unable to kill Gabi Braun when he had her in his sights and established as a threat.


  • She was one of the best snipers in the regiment, having hunted all her life with a bow and arrow.
  • She knew how to hide very well and was skilled at stealing, constantly stealing food from kitchens.

Fun facts

  • Her name comes from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, showing Isayama’s intention to make her the comic element of the series.
  • Isayama intended to kill her in volume 9, but her editor felt so bad that he begged her not to do it so soon.
  • He likes all food, without exception.

History Reiss / Krista Lenz

18 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Reiss Story

Age: 15
Birthday: January 15
Height: 1.45

She is the current queen within the walls. She is the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, and the last heir to the family name. She was forced to live in isolation, and when her mother was killed, she was sent inside the walls under another identity so that she would join the militia, awaiting her death through incompetence. However, her history she always showed a lot of judgment and intelligence when she was in the regiment.

Historia was originally very shy and did not know how to interact with others. But when she establishes friendship with Ymir, the other girl notices her empathy and sweetness, and her desire to be perceived as a good person. Ymir always protected her, even when she made impulsive decisions that could put her in danger. Due to her upbringing, Historia felt that she was an unnecessary weight in society, and she preferred to die inconspicuously and incurring great losses.

She lost her memory when she was a child and her true identity became a mystery. But this changes when she reunites with her father and recovers all her childhood memories of her.

When she discovers her true identity as the heir to the throne within the walls, Historia grows into an assertive and courageous young woman. She even dares to hit Levi to show that she is not afraid of humanity’s strongest soldier, and as revenge for treating them poorly in the regiment.

She establishes a close friendship with Ymir, who after protecting her for a long time, reveals herself as a human Titan. She also considers Eren one of her best friends, and rejects his idea of ​​a genocide in Marley.

Fun facts:

  • Historia is 10th in her class, but that’s because Ymir dedicated herself to wasting time to make her rank better.
  • Isayama created her for the purpose of her being the moe character , but it wasn’t until the Royal Government arc that she really felt like she gave her a personality.
  • She was the most popular girl in the class and it is known that many of her classmates were in love with her.

Zeke Yeager

19 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Zeke Yeager

Age: 25
Birthday: August 1
Height: 1.83

Zeke Yeager is the main antagonist of the third season and the user of the Beast Titan. He is the captain of Marley’s warrior unit, whose mission is to retrieve the Founder Titan from Paradis Island. Zeke is a highly intelligent character who uses his logic and deduction to manipulate both sides of the war and achieve his own ends.

He is the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, which makes him Eren’s half brother. Also, he is a member of the royal family on his mother’s side. He is smart and curious. In his first encounter with a Paradis soldier, he wanted to find out about the workings of vertical equipment, and about his language.

Zeke’s view of the Eldians in society is extremely negative, even nihilistic. Since he was a teenager he preferred that his race did not exist, which leads him to think of the possible genocide of Eldia as an acceptable future for his people. This is partly because his entire childhood was partly manipulated by his parents and then rejected by all the adults in his life.

Zeke feels very sorry for Eren, whom he sees as another victim of his father. Grisha, when Zeke was young, forced him to join Marley’s warrior program to work as a spy for his cause. Grisha and Dina, his mother, gradually distanced themselves from Zeke in favor of continuing to mobilize the rebels, which generates excessive rancor on the part of the little boy. Also, Zeke only interacted with his grandparents, who disliked the Eldians and considered them monsters.

After much rejection and resentment towards his family, Zeke ends up betraying them to the government, saying they were rebels to an army officer. This causes Grisha and Dina to end up on Paradis Island, but Grisha manages to save himself from being transformed into a Pure Titan, and inherits the Attack Titan.


21 - Shingeki No Kyojin Characters - Beast Titan

  • Beast Titan: This Titan has the ability to transform people of the Eldian race into pure Titans and make them do his bidding. However, he is limited to people who consumed or were injected with his cerebrospinal fluid. Zeke’s scream is capable of transforming them and in addition, these special titans can move at night. The Beast Titan is one of the only Titans that is capable of speech.

Fun facts

  • The Beast Titan resembles the Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, etc.
  • He is a fan of baseball, which led him to practice with rocks in his Titan form.
  • His birthday is the same day as Reiner Braun.

Other relevant characters

20 - Shingeki No Kyojin Personajes - Grisha Yeager

  • Grisha Yeager: Father of Eren and Zeke. He was part of the Eldian Restoration along with his first wife, Dina Fritz, but was betrayed by his son Zeke. Later, he was appointed as a spy inside Paradis Island to take the Founder Titan from the Reiss family after inheriting the Attack Titan. The information he kept in his basement was a crucial element in discovering the truth beyond the walls.
  • Ymir: User of the Titan Jawbone and Historia Reiss’s greatest ally. She was used as a subject of devotion in a sect of the goddess Ymir, which led to her being captured by the police and transformed into a pure titan. In this form, she devours Marcel Galliard, which allows him to revert to her human form by inheriting the Jawbone Titan.
  • Gabi Braun: Reiner’s cousin, a member of Marley’s warrior program. She is to blame for Sasha’s death. Possible heir to the Armored Titan.
  • Falco Grice: Candidate for the warrior program and possible heir to the Armored Titan. His innocence helps Eren Yeager to infiltrate Marley and this brings about the confrontation with Reiner and the consequent loss of the Warhammer Titan.
  • Pieck Finger: User of the Chariot Titan. Major antagonist in the war against Marley.
  • Porco Galliard: Younger brother of Marcel Galliard, the user of the original Jawbone Titan. He inherits said titan after Ymir’s capture. Major antagonist in the war against Marley.