The 15 most important characters of The Knights of the Zodiac

We know that Saint Seiya , also known as The Knights of the Zodiac, is a long series. That is why we want to highlight in this article the most important characters for the different plots of classic anime. In this article we are not talking about who is the most powerful, but who is the most important and without whose presence, the original series would not have been what it is.

Let us begin!

1. Saori Kido

1 - Saint Seiya Characters - Saori Kido

Age: 13 years
Birthday: September 1

Without Saori, the series would have no head or tail. She is the cause behind all the events that occur in the story. Being the most recent reincarnation of the goddess Athena, the character has a great responsibility on her shoulders.

His spirit and willpower are unbreakable, and he is very aware of his mission in life. This humble and loving personality causes the knights to show him great loyalty. He prefers to resolve conflicts with the gods peacefully, even opting to expel the god’s soul from the body of its bearer, who is innocent.

His relationship with Seiya differs a bit from the rest of the knights. Seiya insists that he fights for Saori, not for his duty as a bronze knight. Saori takes care of him with great compassion when he is badly injured.


  • Nike, Goddess of Victory
  • shield of justice
  • papyrus magic seals
  • Athena’s blood

2. Saga of Gemini

2 - Saint Seiya Characters - Gemini Saga

Age: 28
Birthday: May 30

Considered a god, he was a fair and kind saint with everyone. However, the duality of him is constantly present in the series, and the “bad” side of him is identified by his gray hair. This character is considered by the characters in the series and even the fans as one of the strongest gold knights of his generation. He has a brief antagonistic role from the Black Knights Saga to the Twelve Houses Saga.

Due to this duality that we mentioned before, he suffers from two disorders: schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder, previously called “multiple personality disorder”. The bad side of him that is really called Lemur , the bad omen that the goddess Ker integrated into his being when he was a baby, transforms him into a ruthless and unfeeling being. The sole purpose of this evil version of Saga is to defeat the goddess Athena at any cost.

He is one of the best-armed characters in the series and one of the most complex. His cunning is only rivaled by his power, and for this reason many of his companions see him as a born leader.


  • galactic explosion
  • Another dimension
  • Ghostly Demonic Fist
  • Gemini Maze

3. Seiya de Pegaso

3 - Saint Seiya Characters - Pegasus Seiya

Age: 13 years old
Birthday: December 1st

We know that Seiya is the protagonist of the series, but we feel that he is more of a vehicle that carries the plot, and there are characters much more relevant and pertinent than him within it. Little Seiya was orphaned along with his sister, and they were welcomed into the Graad Foundation.

There, Seiya was selected among several orphans to enter a rigorous training program abroad in order to obtain the sacred mantle and become a saint to serve the goddess Athena. Seiya conducts his training at Athena’s shrine under the tutelage of Marin, a silver saint.

When he obtains the title of silver knight, Seiya transforms into a very powerful character. He can summon the power of the Cosmos and this grants him extraordinary speed and strength. His sense of honor and his desire to protect Saori make him become the most faithful knight of the goddess Athena.


  • Pegasus Meteor
  • Pegasus Kite Fist
  • Pegasus Spin Shock

4. Dragon Shiryū

4 - Saint Seiya Characters - Dragon Shiryū

Age: 14 years
Birthday: October 4

Shiryū is the bronze dragon knight. He is the disciple of Dohko of Libra, one of the main characters in both the manga and anime, and is considered one of the most prudent and wise among the bronze knights.

He is an extremely noble character with a great sense of responsibility towards his friends. In addition, he is very loyal, and does not hesitate to sacrifice himself in order to help his teammates. The young man believes that he cannot depend on his armor to be a good fighter, which is why he usually takes it off if the situation warrants it, “to get all his potential.”

Shiryū is also an orphan boy who was taken in at Mitsumasa Kido’s orphanage. There, he was selected for the training program to obtain the armor from him, and he trained under Dohko of Libra, a master to whom he shows loyalty and affection. Another who earns his unwavering loyalty is Seiya, who saves his life during the Galactic Tournament.


  • Rozan Rising Dragon Supremacy
  • Flight of the Lushan Dragon
  • Lushan Dragon Rising
  • Hundred Dragons of Lushan
  • Excalibur

5. Hyoga de Cygnus

5 - Characters of Saint Seiya - Hyōga of Cygnus

Age: 14 years
Birthday: January 23

Hyōga is the Bronze Saint of Cygnus, a disciple of Camus of Aquarius, and the Crystal Saint. He may seem like a proud and cold character, but as an ally, he has a lot of compassion and can be completely trusted. Hyōga lost his mother when he was six years old, and lived most of his life in Eastern Siberia.

After losing his mother, he considers becoming a bronze knight to rescue the ship where he was shipwrecked with his mother, who decided to sacrifice herself to save him. But those selfish feelings are shunned by the gentlemen’s code of conduct.

As a disciple of Camus of Aquarius, his confrontation against his master is very hard, but in the end he ends up winning because his blow, Execution of Aurora, reaches the same blow landed by Camus, which generates a cold so low that it kills his master. , and leaves Hyoga dying.


  • Diamond dust
  • Kholodnyi Smerch
  • Lightning of Aurora
  • Freezing Ring

6. Shun de Andromeda

6 - Saint Seiya Characters - Andromeda Shun

Age: 13 years
Birthday: September 9

He performs as the knight (or saint) of bronze, from the Andromeda constellation. He is the most peaceful young man among all the protagonists, he has a gentle nature and prefers not to hurt others if he can help it. He is the younger brother of Ikki, the Phoenix Saint. Shun is known to have the purest soul among the knights, which is why Hades selects him as his guest.

His personality even leads him to commit recklessness such as giving up fighting for fear of hurting his enemies, and he is quite capable of sacrificing his life to save others.

When he is selected to be one of the children to receive the bronze armor, he has to go to the Island of the Death Queen, knowing that his destiny would be to die there, due to his weak build and frail appearance. But his brother, named Ikki, prefers to go in his place, so Shun is transferred to Andromeda Island.

Both Seiya and Ikki try to get Hades out of Shun’s body, to no avail, until Saori expels Hades’ soul.


  • cloud chain
  • Andromeda Nebula
  • Rolling Defense
  • thunder wave
  • Nebula Storm

7. Phoenix Ikki

7 - Saint Seiya Characters - Phoenix Ikki

Age: 15 years
Birthday: August 15

Also known as the Phoenix Bird in Latin America. He is the bronze knight of the Phoenix constellation. Shun’s older brother, he is a character who acts with a certain indifference towards others. One of the main characteristics of him is that his cosmos is the most violent and aggressive among all the Saints.

He usually works on his own, and the Knights prefer it that way, but when they need help, he usually shows up at very convenient times. Ikki is met a little later than the rest of the main Knights, and he plays the role of the antagonist during his introduction. However, he eventually becomes a valuable ally.

Ikki trained with people who treated him with contempt, and grew up thinking that only hatred would give him strength after losing his beloved Esmeralda. But he didn’t hold to this philosophy for long, and tends to have a lot of compassion and affection for his younger brother, for whom he would do anything.


  • Flaming Wings of the Phoenix
  • Phantasmal Fist of the Phoenix
  • teleportation

8. Libra Dohko

8 - Saint Seiya Characters - Libra Dohko

Age: 18 years old (in appearance), 261 years old in reality
Birthday: October 20

Also known as the Old Master, he used to be a Bronze Saint who was promoted to Libra Saint. Interestingly, Dohko’s appearance in the anime was his first among the Gold Saints, but the true extent of his power was unknown. In the original series he is credited for having trained Shiryū, Okko, and Genbu.

This character is, according to the manga writer, the most powerful among the Golden Knights and the entire series. The way he looks in the anime has three versions: the old version of him, the version where the empty Libra armor is seen, and finally, the young version of him.

During his appearance as the Old Master, he proves to be an excellent tutor to his disciples, and his understanding of the Cosmos is broad and based on experience. During his young appearance, he is a friendly and cheerful boy, even joking. Rebellious and impulsive, he chooses to follow his hunches rather than abide by the rules.


  • Rozan Rising Dragon Supremacy
  • Hundred Dragons of Lushan
  • Golden light
  • Athena Exclamation
  • Misopethamenos
  • Divine Hundred Dragons of Rozan
  • Harmony with Nature

9. Eagle Marine

9 - Saint Seiya Characters - Eagle Marin

Age: 16 years
Birthday: March 18

This female character is one of the two most important, despite being secondary. She serves as the silver eagle saint. For women, it is a requirement to hide her femininity behind a mask. Marin was in charge of training Seiya to obtain the pegasus armor.

Marin is a very brave woman, with a very high sense of justice. When she trains Seiya, she is demanding and doesn’t let him go wrong. She has a younger brother whom she lost when she was little, and since then she has never stopped looking for him. Having this in common with Seiya makes her connect emotionally with her student.

Interestingly, this character has long been speculated to be Seiya’s older sister. The ages coincide, and even many silver saints within the series create the rumor within it. But Kurumada originally wanted Marin to be an older character, and she scrapped the idea when she realized that many fans thought she was Seiya’s older sister. Eventually, the girl meets her long lost brother, and Seiya finds his sister as well.


  • Meteor Fists
  • Eagle Toe Flash
  • Void Strike

10. Mū of Aries

10 - Characters of Saint Seiya - Mū of Aries

Age: 20 years
Birthday: March 27

Mū is the knight of Aries, in charge of repairing the sacred armors. The first time we meet him in the series is thanks to Shiryū, who brings to revive the bronze armors that belong to him and Seiya. This character does not trust the Patriarch, for which he has turned his back on everything that the Sanctuary means, living a life isolated from the place. However, he does not intend to neglect his task as a Knight, as he wishes to purify the Sanctuary.

This character has a very delicate and stylized design, which shows his high rank. She has no eyebrows and two dots on her forehead that are similar to Shinto priests and Heian-era women.

As a knight, he is one of the most peaceful among his peers, but that does not mean he is weak, rather the opposite, and his philosophy is not to resort to violence unless it is extremely necessary. He usually resolves conflicts with words, not fists.


  • Crystal Wall
  • Stardust Revolution
  • Starlight Extinction
  • crystal net

11. Leo majority

11 - Saint Seiya Characters - Aiolia de Leo

Age: 20 years
Birthday: August 16

This is the gold knight under the constellation of Leo. Aiolia serves as the protagonist in the Episode.G and Soul of Gold spin -offs . His older brother is Aiolos, who ended up being a traitor. Due to this connection, Aioria feels an obligation to clear his name and that of his family, swearing unwavering loyalty to the Patriarch.

His heart, however, is pure, and he knows how to identify justice. He is one of the first Golden Knights to follow Athena’s authority, this despite his relatively explosive personality. He is one of the bravest saints of the golden order.

He is a brave and noble knight, willing to fight for justice. His character is serene, which makes him connect very well with his teammates. But when he is threatened, or feels imminent danger, he fully transforms into an aggressive being who can attack even at the slightest provocation.


  • Lightning Bolt
  • Plasma Flashing

12. Shaka de Virgo

12 - Saint Seiya Characters - Virgo Shaka

Age: 20 years
Birthday: September 19

The gold knight of Virgo, protector of the House of Virgo. His companions believe that he is the reincarnation of Buddha, but in reality it was Buddha who mentored him. His ability to observe allows him to discover hidden truths behind appearances.

Shaka, as we discussed before, is compared to Buddha. From this, we know that his personality is serene and he behaves like a sage. He knows perfectly the physiology of man and the world. Unfortunately, this makes him extremely proud and boastful when fighting enemies he considers inferior to him.

At first, it is even questionable if his allegiance lies with the goddess Athena. In fact, it is understood from the beginning that Shaka fights for the Patriarch. He can be very quiet, but he gets upset very easily, and he has a ruthless and cruel side.


  • Demonic Surrender
  • Six Paths of Reincarnation
  • Tenkūhaja Chimimōryō
  • Treasure of Heaven
  • Omg
  • Against
  • Seal to Absorb the Buddha’s Teachings

13. Dragon Marino Kanon

13 - Saint Seiya Characters - Sea Dragon Kanon

Age: 28 years
Birthday: May 30

He is the twin brother of the Saga of Gemini, and his successor in the Saga of Hades. Commander of Poseidon’s army, he plays the role of Sea Dragon General, Leader of the Seven Generals, and Knight of Gemini. Saga and Kanon are identical, with the only difference being their hair lengths.

This character has a very substantial importance in the universe created by Kurumada, speaking of both manga and anime. He is responsible for the main events of the plot, including the saga of the war of the houses, as well as the awakening of the god Poseidon.

The way to see Kanon at the time of his introduction, was with the eyes of an enemy and antagonist. He was the one responsible for tempting his brother to seek greater power for his own gain, and Saga refused to think the same way as his brother, which ends in Kanon being imprisoned in Cape Sounion.


  • golden triangle
  • Phantom Fist
  • galactic explosion

14. Poseidon

14 - Saint Seiya Characters - Poseidon

Age: Not available
Birthday: Not available

One of the Twelve Olympian Gods, Poseidon is the god of the oceans. He is the villain who leads a crusade against Athena thanks to him being mistaken for Kanon and not fully awake. He was awakened by Kanon after spending multiple centuries sealed in a Trident. This was done by Athena in the mythological age during the First Crusade.

The character of Poseidon is actually a benevolent god, but he is very harsh with humans who rebel against the divine will. He is even capable of destroying the planet they inhabit, since by rebelling against the will of the gods, they despise everything they have given them.

His spirit was hidden in the Amphora of Athena, in an underwater sanctuary in the temple of the water god. Kanon decided to release him by breaking Athena’s seal, assuring him that the goddess had finally reincarnated.


  • Immortality
  • cosmic downloads
  • Control of the oceans and rains

15. Hilda from Polaris

15 - Saint Seiya Characters - Hilda de Polaris

Age: 16 years
Birthday: January 4

Hilda de Polaris is the representative of the Norse god Odin in the land of Asgard. She was created to beg the god to keep the North and South poles frozen, as this would maintain the balance of the Earth.

Her personality is that of a generous, sweet and sensitive girl, always concerned about her people and her people. Her power is less than Athena’s, but they are comparable in terms of healing and purity. Hilda is a peaceful young woman who, after being enchanted with the Ring of the Nibelung, becomes cold and unscrupulous.

After falling before the power of the Ring, which was given to her by Poseidon, Hilda summons her divine warriors from Asgard, who obey her orders and enter to fight Athena and her knights. After regaining her sanity after the fight, she helps Athena search for the god Poseidon to defeat him.


  • Healing
  • The ring gives him powers that allow him to launch energy spheres
  • freezing air
  • Telepathy