The 17 most famous devil fruits of One Piece

The famous Akuma No Mi (also known as Devil Fruits) are the mystical fruits that have already given great powers to various characters in the One Piece universe , including the protagonist Luffy. In total, 132 Devil Fruits have been featured in over 900 episodes of the anime. Take a look at the 17 most famous and powerful and learn (or remember) which characters got their powers.

And at the end of the article we explain more about Devil Fruits and their categories!

1. Gomu Gomu no Mi (Fruta de Goma)

1 - Gomu Gomu No Mi - Luffy

Type: Paramecia
Who consumed it: Monkey D. Luffy

At a very young age, Luffy accidentally ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, not knowing what fruit it was. His body ended up taking on the properties of rubber, which, along with a lot of training and Luffy’s creativity, gave him incredible defense and combat capabilities.

Luffy’s rubbery body is immune to many attacks, even the most violent ones, such as gunshots, cannonballs, or even big falls. Also, his rubbery body is a natural insulator to electrical attacks. The ability to stretch any part of his body allows the pirate to resize him in whole or in parts, to increase the intensity, range and power of his attacks.

But the possibilities that Luffy found in his powers went further. The pirate manages to stretch his blood vessels to gain strength and speed due to the increased speed of his blood flow.

2. Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Fruit)

2 - Hana Hana No Mi - Nico Robin

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Nico Robin

The Hana Hana no Mi grants the person who consumes it the power to replicate parts of their body on any surface, be it an inanimate object or a living being. This provides the user with the ability to fight multiple opponents at the same time from their different sprouted limbs.

The fact that only Robin knows where each replicated part will spring from puts this element of surprise in his favor, which is extremely useful both for attacking even the fastest opponents and defending himself.

The eyes and ears can also be replicated in different places. This makes the power of this fruit a very useful resource for obtaining classified information and other espionage or surveillance tasks.

3. Yomi Yomi no Mi

2 - Yomi Yomi No Mi - Brook

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Brook

The Yomi Yomi no Mi is responsible for introducing us to Brook. This is because the fruit is behind the pirate having managed to come back to life, if only as a skeleton. Not surprisingly, the fruit’s name is derived from the Japanese word “Yomigaeru,” which means “resurrection.” Furthermore, “Yomi” is also the name given to the underworld in a Japanese belief.

This new life that the fruit gives its user can only end if the person drowns, as those who eat Devil Fruits lose the ability to swim. But until that happens, the user has a kind of immortality going for them.

Brook has already demonstrated another power provided by the fruit. He can do a kind of astral projection, during which he separates his soul from his skeletal body and can move as he pleases. The pirate can still repair his bones with the energy given by the Devil Fruit, as well as having some influence over other human souls through his music.

4. Bara Bara no Mi (Fruit of the Pieces)

4 - Only Only No Mi - Buggy

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Buggy

The power of this fruit allows its user to literally split their body. In addition to making the person who consumes it immune to attacks with cutting weapons, this Devil Fruit allows the user to separate and control different parts of their body, even being able to levitate and move as far as they want.

Splitting occurs when an opponent tries to cut Buggy, only for the severed part to separate from his body, or by the pirate’s own volition. However, there is a distance limit between him and the parts of him that determines when he loses control over them.

Buggy developed different fighting techniques from the abilities the fruit gave him. One of them is the ability to launch his hands holding knives towards the enemy. Furthermore, he manages to separate his body into several pieces and spins around the opponent at incredible speed, to prevent them from escaping and attacking him.

5. Hito Hito no Mi (Human Fruit)

5 - Hito Hito No Mi - Tony Tony Chopper

Type: Zoan
Who consumed it: Tony Tony Chopper

The Hito Hito no Mi is responsible for giving Tony Tony Chopper his human personality. This fruit literally turns an animal into a human hybrid, retaining its animal physical characteristics but being able to think, feel, and act like a human. The effects of the fruit have given the reindeer great intelligence. Curiosity: if a human consumes it, they will only see their intelligence increased.

His newfound intellectual abilities led Chopper to research and create a drug he named the Rumble Ball. Whenever he uses the drug, Tony Tony Chopper can change his physical form, either making him taller and more muscular, or growing his fur until he resembles a ball. He uses these resources in battle, both for attack and defense.

6. Ito Ito no Mi (Fruto del Hilo)

6 - Ito Ito No Mi - Donquixote Doflamingo

Type: Paramecia
Who consumed it: Donquixote Doflamingo

This Devil Fruit makes the user capable of producing extremely thin threads. They are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but strong enough to control whatever they latch onto. After eating her, Donquixote Doflamingo began using the ability to even “fly”, connecting her strings to clouds.

The ultra-fine thickness of the wires also allows them to be used for cutting the vast majority of surfaces. When attached to an opponent’s spine, the strings can be used to control the victim like a puppet. The cables still have incredible resistance, not being damaged by different blows or even by fire.

7. Ope Ope no Mi (Fruit of the Operation)

7 - Ope Ope no Mi - Trafalgar Law

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Trafalgar Law

This fruit provides different and incredible powers to those who consume it, which is why it was called “Akuma no Mi Suprema”. The first power is the ability to create a kind of spherical room. In this room, the user has full control over what is inside such as people, weapons, vehicles and everything else.

The power that made it one of the most coveted fruits is that of granting eternal youth to another person in exchange for the current user’s life. But this Devil Fruit still allows the user to perform miraculous surgeries and be able to cure various diseases, even physical disabilities.

8. Ushi Ushi no Mi, Modelo Jirafa

8 - Ushi Ushi no Mi, Modelo Jirafa - Kaku

Type: Zoan
Who consumed it: Kaku

The giraffe model Ushi Ushi no Mi gives its user the ability to transform at will into a human-giraffe hybrid or a giraffe at all.

The transformation also allows Kaku to increase the strength of his various attacks. To do this, he combines the size and physical strength that he gains in his animal form with the speed and stamina that he already had even before consuming the fruit.

9. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Fruta de la zarpa)

9. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi - Bartholomew Kuma

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Bartholomew Kuma

After consuming this fruit, Bartholomew Kuma developed paw-like markings on his hands, gaining the power to violently repel anything he touches. This includes tangible bodies such as people and objects; and intangibles such as air, ghosts, and even the physical sensation of pain. Since his marks and power are permanent, Kuma often wears gloves when he doesn’t want to use his power.

Kuma has also mastered the ability to use it for defense. He is able to react to any attack, or even to transport himself, propelling himself across great distances with incredible speed.

10. Moku Moku no Mi (Fruta del humo)

10. Moku Moku no Mi - Smoker

Type: Logia
Who consumed it: Smoker

The Moku Moku no Mi gives its user the ability to create and control smoke, and even transform into smoke. This ability provides Smoker with multiple battle and defense abilities, as he can easily dodge different attacks or even enter environments through the smallest of entrances.

Smoker even uses a semi-transformation to use only his lower body as smoke and be able to “fly” and move at high speeds. But he still has control over the density of his smoke, being able to surround his opponents and then trap them. The same density control can be used to turn smoke into weapons.

11. Sube Sube no Mi (Soft Skin Fruit)

11. Sube Sube no Mi - Alvida

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Alvida

The Sube Sube no Mi makes the user’s body completely slippery, to the point where even the user becomes slimmer by losing the fat that slips out of their body. This feature is very useful in terms of defense in combat, as almost all types of attacks slip through the user’s body without actually hitting them.

Using the slippery factor, Alvida, who consumed the fruit, can move great distances at incredible speeds by reducing her body’s friction with surfaces.

12. Mera Mera no Mi (Fruit of Fire)

12. Mera Mera no Mi - Sabo

Type: Logia
Who consumed it: Portgas D. Ace and later Sabo

This devil fruit gives its user the ability to create and control fire and turn their own body into fire. This feature allows for different forms of attack and defense, or even a combination of both at the same time. The user can, for example, turn into flames to avoid being hit and still burn their opponent in the process.

However, the power of this fruit meets resistance against other Devil Fruit users, who also allow transformation into some kind of element of nature. This was the case with smoke and ice, whose collision of elements nullified the attacks of both. Also, the user of Mera Mera no Mi can be hit and defeated by the one consuming Magu Magu no Mi, as magma is superior to fire.

13. Magu Magu no Mi (Fruit of Magma)

13. Magu Magu No Mi - Almirante Sakazuki

Type: Logia
Who consumed it: Admiral Sakazuki

It allows its user to transform their own body into pure magma, as well as being able to create and control magma at will. The heat from the magma created is capable of instantly vaporizing an iceberg and boiling the surrounding water.

However, Admiral Sakazuki can be hit by some types of Haki and the powers of Marshall D. Teach, a user of Yami Yami no Mi, a fruit that grants him the power to produce and control darkness.

14. Yami Yami no Mi (Fruit of Darkness)

14. Yami Yami no Mi

Type: Logia
Who consumed it: Marshall D. Teach

Whoever consumes the Yami Yami no Mi gains the incredible dark power to create and control darkness in any way they want. Considered unique even within the Logia type, this fruit is seen as the most evil among the Devil Fruits.

The darkness created by the user envelops the opponent like a void capable of devouring and crushing, as well as absorbing different types of attacks. Also, the darkness can create a kind of vortex, similar to a black hole, that sucks in everything around it.

But Yami Yami no Mi has another equally feared power: it can nullify the powers of other Devil Fruits with just a touch from its bearer.

15. Goro Goro no Mi (Lightning Fruit)

15. Goro Goro no Mi

Type: Logia
Who consumed it: Enel

Like other Logia Fruits, Goro Goro no Mi is among the most powerful Devil Fruits. Able to make its user produce, control, and transform into electricity, it became known as invincible.

After consuming the fruit, Enel also gained control over the voltage of the electricity it produces or converts into, reaching a lethal voltage of up to 200 million volts. With his transformation complete, he can still pass through solid matter like an electrical current, as well as being able to travel at lightning speed.

Another extremely useful feature is the possibility of defibrillation, that is, the user can use its electricity to revive their own heart if it stops. The main weakness of this fruit, however, is the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which gives the user the properties of rubber, a natural insulator. That is, Enel’s attacks are not effective against Luffy.

16. Gura Gura no Mi

16. Gura Gura no Mi

Type: Paramecia
Who used it: Edward Newgate and later Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

While not a Logia Fruit, a category known to be the most powerful, this Devil Fruit has earned a reputation for being able to destroy the world. This is because it grants its user the power to cause catastrophic earthquakes. And this power is no less in intensity than a Logia fruit, making it the most powerful Paramecium fruit.

The shock waves or vibrations caused by the power of this Devil Fruit are capable of traversing great distances, even underwater or through the air, and can level entire islands at once.

By stealing, with an unknown method, the powers of the Gura Gura no Mi, Blackbeard became the only being to possess the power of two Devil Fruits at the same time, something that caused the death of those who tried it. Between the power of the earthquake and the power of darkness, he presented himself as invincible.

17.Suke Suke no Mi

17.Suke Suke no Mi

Type: Paramecia
Who consumed it: Absalom and then Shiryu

This Devil Fruit grants whoever consumes it the power of invisibility. The user can not only turn invisible, but can also make any object invisible, including, for example, ships. Although the fruit does not grant other abilities such as strength or speed, the invisibility function can be very useful, both for attacks and defenses.

In addition to being able to make imperceptible escapes and hide completely, the user can carry weapons with them, making them equally invisible, to perform surprise attacks. The power still proves to be of great help in spying and obtaining sensitive information.

What are the Akuma No Mi and what are their categories?

Akuma No Mi

Also known as “devil fruits”, Akuma No Mi have their origin shrouded in myth and legend. The main one affirms that the fruits were created by a demon of the seas, which is why those who consume them lose the ability to swim, although they acquire other powers. It is also believed that the secret of the power of the Devil Fruits is hidden in the Grand Line.

Because they are rare and grant incredible powers, the fruits are extremely coveted and valuable on the market. There is only one Devil Fruit of each type. If the user of a certain fruit dies, the power of this Devil Fruit will be reborn in any fruit, which will take on the peculiar appearance of the original.

Akuma No Mi Categories

Paramecia: These Devil Fruits provide their users with powers that turn them into a species of superhuman, allowing them to transform their body structure and modify objects around them. Luffy is a user of a Paramecia fruit, gaining the properties of rubber.

Zoan: Users of Zoan fruits gain the ability to transform into human-animal hybrids. There are even those who consume the Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit and can transform into a kind of extinct animal. The Mystic Zoan-type fruit allows the user to transform into a mythological animal.

Logia: This rare type of Devil Fruit is considered to be the most powerful. This is because it grants its users the power to create and manipulate elements of nature such as earth, fire, water, ice, smoke, energy, magma, and darkness.