Tokyo Ghoul | All about the story, characters and seasons

Tokyo Ghoul is a media franchise based on the manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. It was later adapted for an anime produced by the famous Studio Pierrot. The anime has four seasons and has officially ended. The manga is also finished.

The plot focuses on a series of strange murders that take place in Tokyo. Based on the evidence, the police conclude that the deaths are the result of attacks by “ghouls”, beings that have a taste for human flesh. Classmates Kaneki and Hide develop a theory that ghouls mimic the appearance of humans, which is why they have never seen one.

In this article you will find the main themes of the Tokyo Ghoul seasons , as well as information about the most important characters!

Beware, because the anime and manga have already ended, the conclusion of the stories of these characters will also be told.

1st Season

Tokyo has become a cruel and ruthless city, a place where cruel creatures called “demons” coexist alongside humans. The citizens of this great metropolis live in constant fear of these thirsty savages with a huge appetite for human flesh.

However, the greatest danger with ghouls is their ability to disguise themselves as humans and easily blend into society.

Based on Sui Ishida’s best-selling supernatural horror manga, Tokyo Ghoul follows the character Ken Kaneki, a shy and studious college student who is instantly attracted to Rize Kamishiro, an avid reader, like him.

However, Rize is not exactly who she appears to be, and this unfortunate encounter leads Kaneki deep into the world of ghouls, beings that live in the dark with an appetite for human flesh.

Surprisingly, Kaneki ends up being saved by the enigmatic waitress Touka Kirishima. He thus begins his new secret life as a hybrid ghoul, and now he has to find a way to fit into both societies.

2nd season

In the controversial season two, the ghouls have not lost their taste for blood. After weeks of torture at the hands of Aogiri Tree, Kaneki turns out to be a completely different ghoul. He is no longer the calm and peaceful young man who has managed to control his appetite for blood…

In fact, Kaneki starts by devouring everyone, including other demons, to get his full power back. He later joins the organization that manipulated him, Aogiri Tree, and this ghoul faction quickly becomes involved in the war between other ghoul groups and against the CCG.

As the war between humans and demons intensifies, one question remains: what makes someone a monster?

3rd season

Two years have passed since the CCG attack on Anteiku. Although the environment in Tokyo has changed drastically due to the growing influence of the CCG, the demons continue to pose a major problem to society as they become increasingly wary, especially the terrorist organization Aogiri Tree, which recognizes the growing threat of the CCG. .

The creation of a special team, known as the Quinx Squad, may give the CCG the strength to eliminate the unwanted residents of Tokyo. As humans who have undergone surgery to make use of the ghouls’ special abilities, they participate in operations to eradicate these dangerous creatures.

The leader of this group, Haise Sasaki, is a ghoul/human hybrid who was trained by special-class investigator Kishou Arima. However, Haise Sasaki is a more complex person than he seems and he has unknown memories that disturb his tranquility.

4th season

Kaneki Ken has finally regained his memories, but this once again puts him at a crossroads in the war between his human side and his ghoul side.

After donning a pair of glasses to emulate the look of his mentor Arima, Kaneki’s new task is to coordinate Eto’s interrogation. The interrogation deals with “One-Eyed Owl” after he reveals his ghoul nature in an interview regarding the publication of his latest book, where he claims that it will bridge the gap between the two sides of the war.

Now trapped in the Cochlea, Eto eagerly awaits the One-Eyed King’s awakening, but only Kaneki seems to understand what he is really planning.

Main characters

Ken Kaneki

Birthday: December 20
Height: 1.70m

Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul . Initially, he was an ordinary human studying Japanese literature at Kamii University and living a normal life. But everything changed after Rize’s kakuho was transplanted into him, turning him into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. During one story arc he changed his name to Haise Sasaki to hide his identity. By the end of the series he marries Touka and they have a daughter together.

Touka Kirishima

Birthday: July 1
Height: 1.56m

Touka Kirishima is the main female character. She is a ghoul, a former waitress at the Anteiku cafe. When hunting she wears a rabbit mask, earning her the nickname Rabbit. She studied at the Kiyomi school. In the Ella: Re arc she becomes the manager of the Anteiku cafe, and after its destruction she moves to the 24th district along with the members of Goat. She develops a romantic relationship with Ken Kaneki and marries him at the end of the series, giving him a daughter, Ichika.

Rize Kamishiro

Birthday: October 8
Height: 1.64m

Rize Kamishiro was a ghoul and the adoptive daughter of Matasaka Kamishiro. Born into the Washuu clan, Rize was the illegitimate daughter of former CCG president Tsuneyoshi Washuu. When she was a child, she escaped from the V clan and organization. After the accident that ends her life and she sees her kakuhou transplanted from her to Ken Kaneki, we find out that she is alive, and that she was captured by doctor Akihiro Kanou. Her kakuhou of hers was used to transform Nashiro Yasuhisa and Souta Washuu-Furuta into ghouls.

Shuu Tsukiyama

Birthday: March 3
Height: 1.80m

Shuu Tsukiyama was the infamous gourmet ghoul of the 20th wing. He belongs to the extremely wealthy and influential Tsukiyama family, his father being Mirumo Tsukiyama. He used to be a member of the Ghoul Restaurant, until he betrayed them to join Ken Kaneki’s group. His motives weren’t noble, as he was obsessed with the boy’s scent and wanted to eat him. However, he eventually learns to like her as a person, and thanks to that connection, his absence and eventual disappearance from her makes him very sick. After recovering, he helps Ken to recover the memories of him. After the death of his cousin, Karren von Rosewald, he joins Goat and the White Suits.


Birthday: Not available
Height: Not available

Yoshimura is an SSS ranked ghoul. He is the manager of the Anteiku cafe, which on the outside looked like an ordinary cafe, but behind the scenes, it was a place to help ghouls in need, in addition to providing food to everyone in the 20th wing. His main goal is to help everyone. those ghouls who were unable to feed themselves, and his dream was to live among humans, since he believed that peace was possible between both species.

Hinami Fueguchi

Birthday: May 21
Height: 1.62m

Hinami Fueguchi is a ghoul whose parents, Asaki and Ryouko Fueguchi, were killed by ghoul investigators. After this traumatic event, he develops an almost filial relationship with Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima. As she grew older, she was targeted by various organizations, but they made mistakes and never managed to eliminate her. After joining Kaneki’s group, after the time skip, she joins the Aogiri Tree, gathering information and setting up strategies. Her alias is Yotsume. She is currently a member of Goat.

Koutarou Amon

Birthday: April 7
Height: 1.91m

Koutarou Amon worked as a ghoul investigator. He was Kureo Mado’s last partner, and his last partner in the organization was Akira Mado, his daughter. He was declared dead by the CCG, although his body was never recovered and he was posthumously promoted to Special Class for his service. Eventually, during the Rushima operation, he turned up alive as a ghoul hybrid.

Renji Yomo

Birthday: July 9
Height: 1.82m

Renji Yomo is Yoshimura’s right arm. He is an old friend of Uta and Itori. Due to his eating habits and his bird-like mask, he earned the nickname Raven (meaning raven). Two years after the Owl Suppression Operation, he returns together with Touka to bring coffee:re. Eventually, he joins the Goat organization.

Hideyoshi Nagachika

Birthday: June 10
Height: 1.71m

Hideyoshi Nagachika, also known as Hide, is an ordinary human and Ken Kaneki’s best friend. He went to Kamii University for two years, studying English as a second language in the international studies department. At one point, he started working at CCG and soon became a research assistant, helping Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado. During the Owl Suppression operation, he disappeared to take on the identity of the Scarecrow. This allowed him to hide his true identity, posing as a low-ranking ghoul, establishing effective espionage within enemy factions.

Nishiki Nishio

Birthday: February 4
Height: 1.77m

Nishiki Nishio is a ghoul, a second-year student at Kamii University’s Department of Pharmacy, and Kimi Nishino’s boyfriend. He was badly injured in a fight with Ken Kaneki, but eventually became a waiter at the Anteiku cafe and an ally of it. He earns the alias Snake from the CCG. Eventually, he joins the Goat organization, created by Ken Kaneki.


Birthday: December 2
Height: 1.77m

Uta is a ghoul and an old friend of Renji Yomo and Itori. He owns HySy ArtMask Studio, where he sells masks. Furthermore, he is also a member of the Clowns. He is known by the name “Faceless” to CCG investigators.

Kureo Mado

Birthday: January 24
Height: 1.77m

Kureo Mado was a top-class ghoul investigator and Koutarou Amon’s former partner and mentor. He was a fan of the quinques (weapon used by the researchers). Among others, he killed the demons Applehead and Ryouko Fueguchi. He passed away during the investigation of Hinami Fueguchi and “Rabbit”, the alias Touka was known by in CCG.

Eto Yoshimura

1 - Eto Yoshimura

Birthday: Not available
Height: 1.51m

Eto Yoshimura is the creator of the Aogiri Tree organization. She is the true identity of the One-Eyed Owl, the ghoul-hybrid daughter of Yoshimura and Ukina. The human identity she adopted was that of Sen Takatsuki, a horror novelist who is mentioned throughout the series. After being defeated by Kichimura Washuu, she was captured to turn her body into the artificial owl. However, she managed to escape.

Kishou Arima

1 - Kishou Arima

Birthday: December 30
Height: 1.80m

Kishou Arima was a special class investigator, known as the Grim Reaper of the CCG. He was a prominent figure in the organization, and was believed to have the intelligence of a genius. During his 18 years as a researcher, he had many accomplishments. He created the prestigious S3 squad to deal with large-scale operations, and he was a highly agile fighter. However, Arima was a double agent, working with the ghouls as the One-Eyed King. He conspired with Eto Yoshimura to gain guardianship of Ken Kaneki, in order to prepare him to take his place as One-Eyed King.

Juuzou Suzuya

3 - Juuzou Suzuya

Birthday: June 8
Height: 1.60m

Juuzou Suzuya is a special grade ghoul investigator. In the past, he was called Rei Suzuya. Originally his first partner was Yukinori Shinohara, but currently he develops as the leader of the Suzuya squad. He was the one responsible for the investigation behind the gluttonous ghoul (Rize Kamishiro). Eventually, she was assigned to investigate the Nutcracker, Sector 13. After Kishio Arima’s demise, she was declared his successor, assuming leadership of S3 squad.

Kichimura Washuu

4 - Kichimura Washuu

Birthday: February 29
Height: 1.75m

Kichimura Washuu is the main antagonist of the entire Tokyo Ghoul saga. Previously, he worked as the director of the CCG. He was involved in multiple organizations and was responsible for many events in the series. His original name is Souta Washuu-Furuta, the illegitimate son of CCG’s former owner, Tsuneyoshi Washuu. He was also noted as an agent of V. When he worked as a ghoul investigator, he used the alias Nimura Furuta. To achieve his goals, he used different identities to infiltrate various organizations. As a member of the Clowns, he calls himself Souta, and was responsible for the incident that turned Kaneki into a hybrid. Interestingly, he is a hybrid ghoul, like Kaneki, and is the wielder of Rize Kamishiro’s kagune.