Who are the most powerful Boku No Hero Academia villains?

Villains are a crucial part of Boku No Hero Academia. In this article we will tell you a little about the most powerful that currently exist in the series. Watch out! That if they are not up to date, we discuss recent events regarding these characters, so there is a risk of spoilers for the most recent season of the anime. We will not touch recent moments of the manga.

1. All for One

1 - Boku No Hero Villains - All for One

Real Name: Shigaraki
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Quirk: All for One

All for One is All Might’s nemesis, having a Quirk completely opposite of his. His main power is to steal other people’s abilities and mix them both in his own body and in other people’s bodies. He is the most dangerous and menacing villain within the series, and his real identity is known to be that of the brother of the first bearer of One for All.

All for One took Tomura Shigaraki as an apprentice when he was little, after rescuing him from the streets. In the meantime, he was working with Doctor Garaki to create indestructible beings called Nomu, who possessed abilities, but were not vulnerable to them.

Eventually, we discover that these Nomu are based on real people, meaning they could either be genetically modified youths, or recovered and modified wounded. He is currently locked up in Tartarus Prison, following the confrontation at Kamino Ward and his defeat at the hands of All Might.


2 - Boku No Hero Villains - All for One 2

  • All for one: Allows you to steal other Quirks and use them, but also allows you to give them to people without Quirks . Also, you can mix skills with each other to use them in combat.

He currently has an incredible variety of quirks , but among the most notable ones he has stolen are:

  • Search: Stolen from Ragdoll, it can observe and monitor up to a hundred people at a time, including location and weak points.
  • Warping: Produces a black liquid that acts as a portal. It has a huge range and capacity, as it can carry the entire league of villains, including the Nomu.
  • Forced Activation: He can force his opponent to activate his Quirk against their will, whether they are conscious or not.
  • Infrared: All for One is blind, relying on Infrared and Search to keep it from being vulnerable to attacks.
  • Life Force: Given by Doctor Garaki, the Life Force gives him impressive stamina and longevity.
  • Super Regeneration: Allows you to quickly heal your wounds, but does not remove scars from past injuries.
  • Radio Waves: Interrupts radio waves to hinder the communication of his enemies.

2. Tomura Shigaraki

3 - Villanos de Boku No Hero - Tomura Shigaraki

Real Name: Tenko Shimura
Birthday: April 4
Height: 1.75m
Quirk: Decay

Tomura Shigaraki is the grandson of Nana Shimura, the pre-All Might user from One for All and the main antagonist of the series. His role has evolved from the leader of the League of Villains to the Paranormal Liberation Front. Currently, he leads the organization after having won a match against Re-Destro where he fully awakened his Quirk from him.

His father was cruel to him due to his mother’s rejection of his family. In reality, Nana Shimura decided to stay away from her family to protect them, but Tenko’s father never understood this. Her mother was nice to him. At the moment of awakening his ability due to fear of severe punishment from his father, he ends the life of his entire family and destroys his house.

This is the only time we see this scale of the Decay until the confrontation with Re-Destro. Shimura has very radical ideals, hating everything he has to do with Hero society. The most logical reason is due to the rejection that his ability generated around him, since many who receive “dark” or “questionable” abilities are treated as outcasts in society.


4 - Villanos de Boku No Hero - Tomura Shigaraki 1

  • Decay: Allows her to disintegrate anything she touches with all five fingers, but that was before fully awakening her. The effect affects both organic matter and objects, and the disintegration is like a virus that spreads quickly and can take over the entire body of the affected person if that part is not amputated.
  • After the fight with Re-Drestro: Currently, in the anime, his ability is contagious, meaning anything that comes into contact with Decay, organic or not, can quickly vanish. Also, he doesn’t need all five fingers to activate the quirk . However, Tomura has power over the ability, to the point of controlling who is affected by it.

3. Kurogiri

5 - Villanos de Boku No Hero - Kurogiri

Real Name: Not Available
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Quirk: Warp Gate

When we meet Kurogiri he is a mysterious character who doesn’t talk much. However, he is crucial to the League of Villains’ transportation, and appears to be one of the masterminds behind their plans. Another thing we know is that he seems to be in direct contact with All for One. We found out more recently that Kurogiri is a Nomu, an artificial being created in Daruma Ujiko’s laboratory.

He works on the theory that his true identity is that of Oboro Shirakumo, a former classmate of Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada. Interestingly, much of Kurogiri’s personality seems to retain Oboro’s. His relationship with Tomura is relatively cold, but Kurogiri seems to care, in a very honest way, for the boy’s physical and mental well-being.

Shirakumo was killed during fieldwork, but his body was never found. It is assumed that those who recovered his remains were the villains (specifically All For One), and transformed him into Kurogiri, Tomura Shigaraki’s right-hand man.

Kurogiri is currently in an induced coma to prevent him from activating his powers and transporting the League of Villains to the prison where he is being held.


6 - Villanos de Boku No Hero - Kurogiri 1

  • Warp Gate: It is an artificial ability, created with Oboro’s quirk , Cloud, as the main base. The ability allows Kurogiri to generate a thick, dark mist, which acts as a portal to another location. It is coordinate based, so to use it, he must know the exact location where he must open the exit portal.

4. Nomu

7 - Boku No Hero Villains - Nomu

Real Name: Not Available
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Quirk: Not Available

The Nomu are beings generated in the laboratory by Doctor Garaki and All for One. Many of them are made from already existing bodies, that is, corpses, with abilities, but which have been modified at the molecular level. They are also known as artificial humans, and the modifications they have received make them practically indestructible and highly dangerous.

Kurogiri is believed to be the first Nomu to be created. Versions of these Nomu are called “high-end”, and are capable of communication, unlike the ones used in the USJ incident.

8 - Boku No Hero Villains - Nomu 1

Among their “types” we have those of lower quality, which have destructive quirks , increased muscle mass, useful for slowing down and trapping enemies, or even those that have teleportation abilities. The way to differentiate them is the color of their skin, which is mostly opaque.

Medium-types have more useful abilities, such as the ability to fly, and their skin is lighter. The level above this is, for example, the one that appeared in the USJ, which was able to fight All Might on equal terms. He regenerates quickly and is capable of absorbing even hits from All Might.

There is an intermediate level between the highest (high-end) and the USJ, and they are incomplete Nomus. However, we haven’t seen them in the anime yet.

5. Like

9 - Boku No Hero Villains - Dabi

Real Name: Not Available
Birthday: January 18
Height: 1.76m
Quirk: Blueflame

Dabi is a mysterious character whose origin is still unknown in the anime. He joined the League of Villains after Stain’s rampage. Stain inadvertently used the League as a “group” to publicize his actions, and many like-minded young people joined the organization after seeing him on television.

He likes to fight, he likes combat, and he enjoys establishing himself as the strongest. Within the League he is the one who works the most on his own account, he has not established any connection with the people around him and remains distant towards them. He establishes a working relationship with Hawks, who poses as a double agent within the Paranormal Liberation Front, but does not trust him.

He is one of the most powerful villains within the series, as he appears to have been rigorously trained. He has a lot of logical reasoning ability in battle, as well as having an ability that allows him to deal a lot of damage. However, it is clear that he can’t stand his own quirk from him, and because of this it is known that if he gets carried away in anger, his body can suffer devastating consequences.


10 - Boku No Hero Villains - Dabi 1

  • Blue Flames / Blueflame: His body generates highly destructive blue flames throughout his body. You can project them quite a long distance and in large numbers. His flames seem more powerful than Endeavor’s own, and even become more powerful when Dabi feels strong emotions.

6. Overhaul

11 - Boku No Hero Villains - Overhaul

Real Name: Kai Chisaki
Birthday: March 20
Height: 1.79m
Quirk: Overhaul

Chisaki was the leader of a mob of villains called the Shie Hassaikai, a role that was inherited from him. His personality is that of a sociopath, and he suffers from a disorder called mysophobia, which is roughly the fear of germs. Thanks to a theory that the Quirks come from rats and his mysophobia, Chisaki believes that these abilities are a plague on humanity. Because of this, he wants to return the human race to his “original state”, prior to the quirks.

At some point in his history, Chisaki gained custody of Eri, the granddaughter of the organization’s former leader. The little girl has the ability to “roll back” a person, that is, by slightly altering the properties of her Quirk , she can eliminate the trace of her abilities. This, Chisaki takes advantage of and begins to use her blood to create bullets that eliminate the quirks of those affected.

In a confrontation with a rescue party, he managed to effectively remove Mirio Togata’s ability and fatally wound Sir Night Eye. In his battle with Izuku, he used his Quirk to bond with one of his subordinates and gain strength and stamina. After losing this battle, he loses both of his arms at the hands of Tomura Shigaraki and Mr. Compress, which completely removes the use of his Quirk from him.


12 - Boku No Hero Villains - Overhaul 1

  • Overhaul: Grants him the ability to disassemble anything he touches, as well as reassemble it to whatever configuration he wishes, giving him absolute control over matter. He can use it to wipe out his enemies or even heal his wounds. He is effective with other people and with himself, as he can use his Quirk to take other people’s abilities and fuse his body with them. This manipulation of matter is not limited to the organic, as he can modify his surroundings and turn any battlefield into a minefield full of traps set by himself.

7. Stain

13 - Boku No Hero Villains - Stain

Real Name: Chizome Akaguro Birthday
: N/A
Height : N/A
Quirk: Bloodcurdle

Chizome Akaguro, also known as the hero killer, Stain, is a villain and former vigilante. He gained almost instant fame as a menace to the public for indiscriminately murdering various professional heroes. He is the main antagonist of the sixth arc of the series.

The character is cold, calculating and ruthless. He dreams of clearing society of all fake heroes, as those who become heroes for fame and money don’t deserve to be called heroes. The only hero that has the respect of him is All Might.

Despite his radical ideology, he does not kill to kill, nor does he kill innocents. For this he does not want to have to do with the league of villains, which differs in these ideas with him. When he meets Izuku Midoriya, he realizes that the boy has all the makings of a true hero, so he decides not to kill him. However, in the case of Tenya Iida, he sees him as selfish who uses his ability to fill a personal agenda.


14 - Boku No Hero Villains - Stain 1

  • Bloodcurdle: Stain ‘s quirk allows him to paralyze his enemy after tasting their blood. The time varies depending on your blood type, having the longest duration from O, A, AB and finally the shortest duration with B. The paralysis time is 8 minutes in total.

8. Himiko Toga

15 - Boku No Hero Villains - Himiko Toga

Real Name: Himiko Toga
Birthday: August 7
Height: 1.57m
Quirk: Transform

Toga Himiko is one of the lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. She is a young high school student, presumably a year older than Izuku and Ochaco. She is a twisted girl, with strange notions about love and friendship. She also has sadistic tendencies, as she enjoys herself at the time of committing murder.

One of her motivations is to “transform” into the person she loves, and she seems to have a special fixation on Izuku Midoriya. She is very brave and confident in her abilities, and dares to spy and manipulate inside enemy bases by taking advantage of her transformation power. Recently, she awakened the full potential of her Quirk from her.

In her origin arc we find out that she was shunned by her classmates when her quirk awakened. Her case is similar to that of many villains, who see society’s rejection of them as something that is connected to the perception of evil when human beings awaken gifts that can be considered evil or questionable. She has a very close friendship with Twice, who seems to love her like a little sister.


16 - Boku No Hero Villains - Himiko Toga

  • Transformation: In her most basic version, Himiko can transform into the person whose blood she has drunk. The more blood she absorbs, the longer she can sustain the transformation. She can also change her appearance if she so desires when she consumes the blood of more than one person, even replicating her clothes.
  • After Deika City: After the last arc of the anime, his quirk fully awakens, allowing him to also use the ability of the person he has transformed into. But he has a limitation, which is that the person has to be very important to him, since he must have a great understanding of his quirk and the ramifications of it.

9. Daruma Ujiko

17 - Boku Villains No Hero - Daruma Ujiko

Real Name: Kyudai Garaki
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Quirk: Life Force

Also known as Doctor Garaki, Daruma Ujiko is constantly behind the scenes for the League of Villains. He is one of the greatest servants of All for One and Tomura Shigaraki. He is a mad scientist who follows the whims of All for One. However, like Gigantomachia, he didn’t think Tomura was the right heir to All for One until he finally defeated him.

Creator of the Nomu, he sees them as his children and treats the most advanced as masterpieces. He is very suspicious of his true identity, and doesn’t want to get in trouble if his true origin is discovered. However, outside of his role as a villain, he behaves like an ordinary doctor, and in fact his personality could be described as charming.

Ujiko is known to be at least 120 years old, and his quirk is what keeps him in good physical shape.


18 - Boku No Hero Villains - Daruma Ujiko

  • Life Force: His ability adds years to his life, and gives him a much more youthful appearance. However, it has a negative side, and that is that his mobility has been affected. Currently, she has a duplicate of her ability, since the real one has All for One.

10. Twice

20 - Boku No Hero Villains - Twice

Real Name: Jin Bubaigawara
Birthday: May 10
Height: 1.78m
Quirk: Double

Jin Bubaigawara, also known as Twice, is a villain affiliated with the Paranormal Liberation Front and the League of Villains. Jin is a complex character, with a volatile and constantly changing personality. Eccentric and funny, he often contradicts himself, usually in the same sentence.

This is due to a mental instability that turned him into a villain. In his youth, understanding his identity was the most important thing to him, but when he discovered his quirk , he started creating clones of himself to commit crimes. Eventually, said clones began to develop discordant personalities, and began to clash and have constant arguments.

The arguments led to physical altercations where the original Jin began to lose his sense of belonging and being. When the clones began to hurt each other and “die” and fade away, Jin began to think that whoever was alive was not the original. This creates a dependency on his mask, as it makes him feel safe and unable to “split”.

When Skeptic creates clones of Jin, he finally understands that he is the original. Because of this, he loses that dissociative disorder that affected him so much and left him vulnerable before. He is fiercely protective of his comrades, and has an especially strong connection with Himiko Toga, whom he loves and protects like a little sister.


19 - Boku No Hero Villains - Twice 1

  • Double: His ability allows him to create exact duplicates of anything, whether it is a living thing or not. To duplicate something correctly, you need its exact measurements and features. Previously, it was limited to two duplicates at a time, with the second clone being noticeably weaker than the first. Duplicates of him also had the same quirks as the original.
  • Sad Man’s Parade: This is the fully developed version of his Quirk , where Jin creates clones of himself, and those clones multiply with each other. It is an exponential growth so aggressive that it resulted in hundreds of thousands of clones, overwhelming any enemy.

11. Mr. Compress

21 - Boku No Hero Villains - Mr Compress

Real Name: Atsuhiro Sako
Birthday: October 8
Height: 1.81m
Quirk: Compress

He is the great-great-grandson of one of the greatest thieves in history, Oji Harima. Known as The Peerless Thief, he was a kind of Robin Hood, stealing from wealthy heroes to give to civilians. Compress has a personality worthy of a showman , he likes spectacle and chaos, and is very arrogant.

One of his most notorious tactics is to distract his enemies to focus their attention on something else while using his Quirk. This was what made him succeed in kidnapping Bakugo Katsuki earlier in the series. After a confrontation with Overhaul, he loses an arm, but after the Shie Hassaikai arc, he is able to get revenge and takes one of Overhaul’s arms.


22 - Boku No Hero Villains - Mr Compress 1

  • Compress: His Quirk allows him to “compress” anything in a spherical area around his arm into a kind of marble, without harming the person or the object. He can only do this if he touches his target. The marbles maintain a weight commensurate with their size, meaning that the size of the target is also reduced. He can also use his ability on specific body parts to shrink his opponent. He was previously able to use both arms to attack, but by losing one of them, he only has the left one left to activate his Quirk.

12. King-Right

23 - Boku No Hero Villains - Re-Destro

Real Name: Rikiya Yotsubashi
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Quirk: Stress

CEO of the company Detnerat, dedicated to support objects, Rikiya is one of the lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. His ideology follows that of his ancestors, who strongly believed that Quirks should not be regulated or suppressed, but celebrated.

He is a cold and calculating man, who is dissatisfied with the current society of heroes. Despite the wide variety of quirks that exist, he finds it unfair that people have to fill certain boxes to be considered heroes or villains.

Because of this, he has no respect for the League of Villains, and regards Tomura as an inferior being, first, for his lack of conviction, and second, for not having gone through a basic educational system. His ability makes him go through drastic personality changes, and this makes him emotionally unstable.


24 - Boku No Hero Villains - Re-Destro 1

  • Stress: Allows you to save stress and all negative feelings to turn it into power. When Re-Drestro activates his power, he gains tremendous power and his physical size increases exponentially. Since he must contain this stress to use it for his quirk , he developed baldness from a young age.

13. Skeptic

26 - Boku No Hero Villains - Skeptic

Real Name: Tomoyasu Chikazoku
Birthday: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Quirk: Anthropomorph

Another character who joins the cast of villains well into the series, Tomoyasu is a staunch believer in the Liberation Army of superpowers. Currently, he is one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

He is condescending and strict, expecting people around him to read his mind or to assume plans based on too basic information. This is unreasonable, but he also has a manic side that fears the possibility of losing.

Despite these characteristics, he is very smart with technology, and knows how to edit videos and audio, a task that he does almost effortlessly.


25 - Boku No Hero Villains - Skeptic

  • Anthropomorphic: His Quirk allows him to take an object that is the size of a human and transform it into a puppet that he can control, and that closely resembles the human he copied. He can set several puppets at once, and can create several of the same subject. He has the ability to control them remotely with his laptop.