All about Aquaman, the movie about the king of the seas from DC

December 21, 2018 is the release date of the long-awaited solo Aquaman movie , Warner Bros. and DC’s big bet on a character who, on many occasions, has been taken little seriously within the media itself. comics and pop culture in general.

The first step was to introduce the character in two previous films of his superheroic universe; first in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), where if you blinked you could miss his “appearance”; later, as a full-fledged member of DC’s quintessential superhero team, in Justice League (2017), where he demonstrated charisma, sarcasm, and physical power that took your breath away.

The second step was casting acclaimed James Wan ( The Conjuring, Insidious, Furious 7 ) as director, which is more than enough guarantee to expect an action-adventure movie unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Join us on a journey to the depths of the ocean to review everything we know about the Aquaman movie and what we can (and want) to expect from it!

A hero in the making

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa (Honolulu, August 1, 1979), with a Hawaiian father and a German-Irish mother, is chosen to play Arthur Curry, the charismatic half-human, half-Atlantean character.


The actor has appeared in series such as Baywatch , Stargate Atlantis (a sign?) and Game of Thrones , where he played Khal Drogo , chief of the Dothraki and first husband of Daenerys Targaryen, in the first season. He made his debut as the character in the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we didn’t get to enjoy his incarnation of the king of the seas until a year later, when he was recruited by Batman to be part of the Justice League.

Although his appearance is far from the comic book version (Arthur Curry can have short or long hair, have a beard or not… but he’s blonde), the actor meets all the requirements for his version of Aquaman to be the one we need. see on the big screen: imposing physical presence, menacing but sexy, warrior attitude and sense of humor.

Not only is he a superhero different from the rest, but he is a monarch who defends his people and fights for them, despite being divided between both worlds, the terrestrial one and the one in the depths of the ocean.


The actor has always enjoyed the trust of the studio and, little by little, of the (demanding) fans, who see him capable of carrying the weight of a solo film of the character on him, after the relative failure of the film of the Justice League, where he was one of the characters that shone the most.


The actor’s “mixed heritage” was decisive in his choice for the role and in the decision to present this new version of the character far removed from the Arthur Curry of the comics, with a suit and appearance (hair styles and tattoos included) that would give him the appearance of a warrior and a king.

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bubbly cast

The cast of Aquaman is a real luxury. On the one hand, the New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett in Star Wars: Attack of the clones ) plays Thomas Curry (a fisherman Atlanna rescues from drowning) and on the other Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ( The Get Down ) puts in the skin of Black Manta (supervillain and archenemy of the King of the Seven Seas).


Amber Heard plays Mera, after also seeing her briefly in Justice League; Willem Dafoe plays Aquaman’s advisor, scientist Dr. Nuidis Vulko, and Patrick Wilson plays Orm, Aquaman’s villain and stepbrother. The actor Djimon Hounsou lends his voice to the character of Fisherman King (King Fisherman).


21 years after playing Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, the great Nicole Kidman returns to the superhero genre playing Atlanna, Aquaman’s mother. The actress is stunning in photos that show her as the queen, but that’s precisely why it can be a little hard to believe her as the hero’s mother.


James Wan, from terror to diving deep…

The director, producer and screenwriter James Wan is responsible for great successes such as Saw , Insidious (the first two parts), The Conjuring (a third installment is being prepared) and Furious 7 (from the adrenaline-pumping Fast & Furious saga ). Born in Malaysia but raised in Australia, he has received the label of “master of horror”, a genre where he debuted and where he has offered works applauded by critics and audiences. However, he has shown that he can tackle any genre successfully and make his mark as a director.


Wan has acknowledged that when he sat down with Warner executives, they gave him complete freedom to choose between the Flash movie and the Aquaman movie. Despite the delays and recording of new scenes, the perfectionism of the director and the quality and personality that he has shown throughout his filmography assure us of a film that combines entertainment, action and adventure in equal parts.

“The underwater world that my movie takes place in is so separate and far removed from previous DC movies, it’s like I’m making my own sci-fi fantasy movie. This is a whole new underwater world that no one has ever seen before.” in live action.”

submerged villains

In the movie, Aquaman will have several enemies to deal with, mainly Black Manta and King Orm, the half-brother of the ruler of Atlantis.


Actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays David Hyde, who becomes the villain Black Manta , half mercenary, half pirate, with a costume very faithful to the one seen in the comics. The character resembles the version offered in the comics. by Geoff Johns, in which Manta goes on a revenge mission against Aquaman after his father’s death.

This commitment to a “flesh and blood” villain with believable motivations is far from previous DC movies, where we always saw our heroes facing mega-powerful beings that offered an overwhelming (and almost always confusing) visual spectacle that ended up leaving us frustrated. regarding the dramatic and emotional charge of the story.


The film’s other villain, King Orm , played by Patrick Wilson , is portrayed more as some sort of “ecological warrior” declaring war on the surface world, which has been polluting its oceans for centuries. He is a character with whom the public can easily empathize because of his motivations and can remind us of the already mythical dynamic between brothers who are led to kill that we have enjoyed so much with Thor and Loki in the MCU movies.

majestic atlantis

James Wan has stated that his intention with the film is to capture the fun spirit of high seas adventures, treasure hunts and sea monsters from classic films. One of the references when dealing with history is Star Wars, the film is even spoken of as an aquatic version of the mythical space saga, replacing space with the depths of the ocean, which opens up a whole world of possibilities for the creation of aquatic civilizations and sea creatures.


We can expect a majestic, cloudy and ethereal Atlantis, with a striking and spectacular visual aspect. Of course, there are no “air bubbles” for the dialogues between the characters…

Aquaman arte

Atlanteans riding great white sharks, giant octopuses, seven different underwater kingdoms, cannibals that live in trenches and even sea dragons… We have before us a new and rich scenario to which we hope to return in successive installments. Will we get Wan’s version of the image of Aquaman riding a seahorse from the Super Friends cartoons ?


Under the sea…

The cover of the special edition for the 2018 San Diego Comic Con of Den of Geek magazine , inspired by an illustration by DC Comics artists Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Marcelo Maiolo, could be an official poster for the great number of characters that accompany the DC Comics superhero and in it we can see the first official image of Willem Defoe playing Nuidis Vulko, chief scientific adviser to Atlantis in the comics, as well as a look at the terrifying underwater race of the Trench.

the geek

Stay tuned to this article, because we will update as we have more news.

Here we already have the first trailer for the film , on the occasion of San Diego Comic-Con ’18.

Aquaman – Official Trailer 1

And here’s a juicy preview of more than five minutes to make our teeth very long.

Aquaman – Extended Trailer #2 (Sub. Spanish)

Good dips to all and all!