All about Ghost, the mysterious villain of Ant-Man and The Wasp

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is constantly introducing new heroes and villains with every movie that hits our screens. In Ant-Man and The Wasp , the character of Ghost, played by actress Hannah John-Kamen , makes his film debut .


In the comics, this sinister villain lives to make life miserable for the great tycoons and businessmen of the Marvel Universe. On the big screen, the character is played by a woman, but the article you are going to read next refers to his namesake in the comics, which is a man.


Here we offer you a brief journey through the trajectory of this character and his story in the vignettes.

First appearance and mysterious past

Ghost made his debut in Iron Man #219 (1987), created by David Michelinie and Bob Layton and with designs by Layton and Julianna Ferriter. In his first appearance, Ghost was hired by the Roxxon Corporation to sabotage Tony Stark’s business dealings . Totally devoted to his mission, the hacker vowed to finish his work even after Roxxon tried to terminate his contract.

First apparition

For a long time, nothing was ever known of Ghost’s past prior to his conflict with Stark. The character used his abilities to erase all information about him and any trace of his trajectory, so we only had the anti- corporate, murderous villain image of his first appearance.


Although his true identity remains a mystery, we were able to find out a bit about his origin in the Thunderbolts collection . For those who don’t know, the Thunderbolts were born as a group of villains (the former Masters of Evil), “camouflaged” under new superheroic identities for evil purposes, but finally “converted” (some of them, at least) to the side. of the “good guys”. Ghost became a regular member of the group beginning with Thunderbolts #144 , but it is in Thunderbolts #151 (2010), by Jeff Parker and Kev Walker, that he reveals a bit of his past.


In that story we learn that he once worked as an engineer and programmer for a corporation called Omnisapient . During his work for the company, he created a processor capable of managing a huge amount of data and that became intangible before heating up, thus receiving the name “ghost technology”.


The corporation tried to take advantage of the invention without giving him any kind of benefit and planned a ruse to deceive him, even going so far as to hire a woman to “fall in love” with him and keep him happy and productive. When the woman was killed after trying to blackmail the corporation, Ghost designed a technology that allowed her to merge his own consciousness with the computer network. After discovering the entire evil network behind Omnisapient’s machinations, his transformation into an anti-capitalist supervillain was final.


Ghost has been a recurring Iron Man villain since his debut, regularly making Stark Enterprises the target of his attacks. However, he also battled Spider-Man and the Black Panther in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25 (1991), where the Kingpin hired Ghost to steal Roxxon’s plans to create synthetic vibranium.


powers and abilities

Ghost is a skilled inventor and hacker whose ability to interact with machines allowed him to design a special suit that gives him superhuman abilities. His technology allows him to connect to and control various types of technology even when he is not in direct contact with them. This suit also allows Ghost to become invisible or intangible at will (although not both at the same time), which is a huge advantage when trying to infiltrate large corporations undetected.


His suit makes him a difficult rival in battle, something that Iron Man has been able to verify over the years. Ghost has constantly upgraded his suit with different upgrades and weapons, being able to fire concussive and electric blasts, as well as possessing an arsenal of bombs and grenades.


Anti-capitalist motivations

While most of Marvel’s villains are busy trying to take over the world or feuding with the superhero of the day, Ghost is more motivated by a love of anarchy and a desire to punish oppressive corporations.


Ghost has dedicated himself to attacking the largest corporate empires in the Marvel Universe, using a combination of elite hacking skills and his “phasing” powers to dismantle them from the inside out.


Sometimes he works as a hired mercenary performing acts of corporate espionage and other times he chooses his own targets. But either way, Ghost is a real headache for any businessman, especially Tony Stark (Iron Man).


In several of his appearances we can see Ghost fighting figures that represent capitalism, whether they are heroes or villains. This staunch hatred of corporations may have arisen after his confrontation with Omnisapient. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Justin Hammer and even the very Roxxon Corporation have been targets of this villain.


Member of the Thunderbolts

After the Civil War event, Norman Osborn becomes the leader of HAMMER (replacement of SHIELD) and also assumes command of the Thunderbolts – which until then had already gone through various alignments – and uses the team of villains to capture superhumans against registration law in the United States. Under the new leadership, the group also led a relentless pursuit of Tony Stark, possessor of immense technology invaluable to Osborn’s plans.


As of Thunderbolts #175 the group became the Dark Avengers . In that period, Ghost continued as a member of the group under the command of Osborn, but with a single goal: to act as a virus and destroy the former Green Goblin’s empire from within. This moment marked a turning point for the character, who acted more like an antihero than a true villain. Ghost proved essential in helping the Avengers bring down Osborn and HAMMER. As a reward, he was allowed to join Luke Cage’s new team of Thunderbolts, a group dedicated to rehabilitating villains rather than exploiting them.


ghost woman

In the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp , the character undergoes a significant change, being embodied by a woman , which does not make much of a difference, due to his mysterious past and that he has always spent most of his time confined to his suit. . Actress Hannah John-Kamen (Black Mirror, Killjoys) will play the villain, who in this case is presented as Ant-Man’s nemesis and not Iron Man, as in the comics.


What seems clear is that among his objectives is Hank Pym’s company, which he will try to sabotage, not without great resistance from the scientist and, of course, from two tiny heroes who are not going to make it easy for him.