Discover the mysterious origin of the Joker, the Clown King of Crime

The Joker (also known as Joker) is the main archenemy of Batman and one of the most popular villains today. Despite being a favorite of comic book fans, the origin of this totally disturbed character is surrounded by many mysteries and details that are unknown to the common fan.

In this article we are going to try to unravel some of those mysteries and dig a little deeper into the origin of the Clown King of Crime.

The character was initially discarded


That’s right: at first not everyone liked the look of this character. In fact, the first time the author of it, Jerry Robinson , submitted his Joker designs, they ended up being rejected. At the time, DC Comics executives believed there was no point in having a clown-faced villain.

Later, however, Jerry Robinson’s idea was finally approved, thus giving birth to one of the most iconic characters of all time!

One of the most mysterious characters in the world of comics


The Joker appeared in the comics without any kind of explanation or origin story. His debut was in Batman #1 (1940), where the character was introduced as just another villain.

Until today DC Comics has not given as official any story about the “birth” of the Joker, his past being unknown and the identity of the man behind the clown smile remains shrouded in great mystery.

El origen en “The Killing Joke”


In Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s acclaimed graphic novel The Killing Joke , where the Joker is the main character, there was an attempt to give the Criminal Clown an origin story. In this story, the Joker is portrayed as a former chemical factory employee who decides to quit his job to pursue a career as a comedian.

However, his career in the world of comedy fails miserably, so in order to support his wife, who was pregnant with their first child, he decides to join a group of criminals who wanted to rob the factory where he had previously worked.

To avoid being recognized during the robbery, the former comedian disguises himself as the Red Hood (another famous DC character). However, before proceeding with the assault, he receives the news that his wife has died, as well as the unborn baby.

The criminals, however, manage to convince him to continue the hit. During the assault, things don’t go as planned and Batman shows up to capture the criminals. It is at that moment that the future Joker stumbles and ends up falling into a pit of chemicals. As a result, his hair turns green and his skin white, like that of a porcelain doll.

Unable to deal with so many misfortunes, nervous exhaustion drives him to lose his sanity, thus bringing about the birth of the Joker!

Despite this being the most popular origin story among fans, DC Comics does not recognize it as the official version of the character’s creation.

This guy is capable of anything!


The Joker is a controversial character because his madness has no limits. Batman’s archenemy is capable of anything and he doesn’t need a reason for it!

The most popular (and wild) events involving the Joker are tied to four very popular DC Comics characters.

The Clown of Crime was responsible for the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, whom he murdered in an extremely violent manner by hitting him with an iron bar and leaving him to die in an explosion.

After this, the Joker’s murderous instinct raged against Sarah Essen Gordon (the second wife of police officer Jim Gordon) and Barbara Gordon, although the latter managed to survive, becoming paraplegic after being shot at point-blank range, forcing her to abandon her career as Batgirl, later transforming into Oracle.

His insanity reached a fever pitch with his attack on Superman in the Injustice comic , set in an alternate reality where the heroes behave almost like villains. After kidnapping a pregnant Lois Lane, the Joker poisoned the Man of Steel with a mixture of kryptonite and “fear gas” from the Scarecrow, causing Clark to hallucinate and mistake his wife for the villainous Doomsday. As a result, a confused Superman ends up unintentionally killing Lois Lane, driving him insane and killing the Joker with her own hands.

Censored? Of course!


A character so violent and unpredictable had to have some legal problems, right? The Joker must be one of the characters that has been censored the most times in history. During the 1950s and 1960s, DC Comics had to lower the level of violence of the character after receiving indications from the reviewers of the Comics Code Authority.

This trend continued during the 1970s, and only in the 1980s did the Joker return to being faithful to his violent instinct, thanks largely to the publication of already classic works within the genre that opted for a more adult and realistic tone. .

In 2015, the character was once again a source of controversy after the release of an alternative cover for the Batgirl collection (wonderfully drawn, yes, by Rafael Alburquerque) that paid homage to the story The Killing Joke .

Finally, at the request of the author of the illustration himself, and in the face of criticism from those who saw in it an apology for abuse and gender violence, the publisher decided not to publish the cover, which you can see here:


His main power is his own madness!


Aside from being extremely resistant to pain and immune to his laughing gas, better known as Joker’s Poison”, he doesn’t have any kind of superpowers. However, what makes him extremely dangerous is his insanity and his unpredictability. His mental imbalance makes him fearless (everything is a joke to him), leading him to be able to do anything!

While Batman is a hero with a very high moral code, the Joker is the opposite extreme. The rivalry between the two is a competition that has the soul of Gotham as its prize. In all his confrontations, the Joker is an expert in placing Batman before impossible dilemmas, thus investigating his fears and weaknesses.

But what is the purpose of these attitudes? What is the true purpose of the villain? Before Batman crossed paths with the Joker, the Bat thought that all criminals were the same, that they were only looking for money and that there was always a logic to their criminal acts.

Upon meeting the Clown of Crime, he quickly realizes that he must never underestimate his enemies again and that his strong side can quickly become his weakest. Deep down, Batman becomes more and more cautious and thoughtful because of the Joker.

There is, therefore, for Batman a before and after the Joker; it is thanks to him that he becomes the Dark Knight, realizing that he has the ability to make choices that no one else can make, no matter how delicate.

The Joker isn’t an excellent villain just because of his iconic laugh or unique looks. He is extraordinary because of his deep footprint in the history of comics and in particular that of Batman, having established himself without question as the perfect antagonist for the Dark Knight.

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