Discover the origin and powers of Venom, the terrible Marvel villain

Venom, also known as Venom, is one of Spider-Man’s most classic villains and has a very intimate love-hate relationship with the hero. At the same time that he would love to be attached and connected to him, he also wants to have the pleasure of murdering Peter Parker. Learn more about this complex Marvel villain!



The Venom symbiote wasn’t always Spider-Man’s nemesis or a staple of his wardrobe. His origin is associated with a distant planet in the Andromeda galaxy, called Klyntar . Venom is a member of an alien race of symbiotes named after his home planet.

The planet Klyntar was a cold and wild world, where the law of the strongest prevailed. In that environment lived the Klyntar, a kind of inorganic, amorphous and symbiotic extraterrestrials. In their original natural state, they were benevolent and joined symbiotically with lesser species, transforming worthy hosts into noble warriors. In this way, the creatures that served as hosts enjoyed a greater chance of survival on such a cruel planet, at the same time that they were more protected as a race and a peaceful intergalactic society was guaranteed.

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As the Klyntar race evolved, this feeling of helping other species through symbiosis intensified. The Klyntar then founded the Agents of the Cosmos , an order of noble warriors destined to maintain peace in the universe who became part of a hive mind capable of sensing the “voice” of the Cosmos.

However, the hosts were not always worthy and sometimes used the powers of the symbiotes for evil purposes. Klyntar who joined with evil hosts eventually became corrupted and violent creatures that fed on negative emotions. These members of the race were then disconnected from the collective consciousness.

The corrupted Klyntar left the path marked by the Agents of the Cosmos and began to live as parasites . They managed to join other beings, forcing them to perform wild and terrifying feats in order to feed on the resulting adrenaline. Eventually, the hosts were consumed by constant stress and strain until death, after which the symbiote would seek out a new host and repeat the process.

Venom was one of the Klyntar who bonded with an unworthy host. His first host used the symbiote’s powers to decimate a planet’s entire population . After that, Venom transformed into a predator filled with rage and addicted to violence. However, he maintained his instinct to protect his guests, which was not enough to redeem him before his kind, who imprisoned him and sent him to the Battleworld (World of Battles) , created by the being known as the Beyonder (Almighty) and who is an amalgamation of several destroyed and merged universes.

First apparition


The first time Venom appeared in the comics was during the Secret Wars event in 1984. In this story, several superheroes and supervillains are kidnapped and transported to the World of Battles thanks to the almighty Beyonder , who wants to see who will win in that battle. battle of good against evil.

One of the heroes transported to that planet is Spider-Man, who decides to go in search of an alien technology that had been discovered by Thor in order to repair his uniform, totally destroyed due to several battles on that planet. Instead, Spidey finds the machine the symbiote was held captive in, and which had taken the form of a black sphere .

Upon touching the sphere, Peter Parker’s body was completely covered by the symbiote, taking the form of a black suit according to the thoughts of his host. This new “suit” managed to mimic other forms of clothing, store small objects inside and provide our heroes with an inexhaustible supply of webs even more resistant than the ones Peter himself made.

Returning to Earth, Spider-Man discovers the truth about the supposed alien “suit”, realizing that it was really a living organism that wanted to merge with him for good . Eventually, Spider-Man manages to get rid of the symbiote thanks to the sound waves produced by the bells of a church.

Rejected by Peter Parker, the symbiote finds the perfect ally in Eddie Brock . Eddie was a reporter who saw one of the articles he was working on get debunked by Spider-Man. Because of that he was humiliated, he lost his job and his girlfriend. His hatred towards Spider-Man attracted the attention of the symbiote and from the fusion of both Venom was born , the great villain who only seeks revenge on Spider-Man.



Despite his alliance with Eddie Brock, the symbiote was still attached to Peter Parker , seeing Spider-Man as his ideal host and still harboring hope that Spider-Man would accept him back. Should he be rejected again, the symbiote was ready to kill him.

It is important to note that the Venom symbiote is not evil by nature. He is just a Klyntar alien corrupted by his first host’s violent feelings that made him addicted to destruction . His union with Eddie Brock only aggravated his situation, as he interpreted that his feelings of rejection were reciprocated by the reporter’s hatred of the arachnid hero.

As his debasement worsens, the symbiote becomes increasingly sadistic, arrogant, and sardonic . He is shown to be like this mainly in relation to his hosts, not overlooking any of his delights and always showing them great contempt, constantly looking for someone stronger to join.

Another point that intensifies as he becomes more corrupted is his thirst for blood , which often causes him to force his hosts to commit cannibalism to satiate those brutal cravings.

Another interesting feature of the symbiote is its inability to lie . Every time Venom speaks. he is brutally sincere.

When Venom is purified by the Agents of the Cosmos, his personality completely changes. He ceases to be the barbaric monster that he was in the beginning and begins to show repentance , showing himself to be docile, submissive and friendly . However, due to his past, he can revert to his bloodthirsty form if he joins an evil host again.

Powers, abilities and weak points


In his hostless form, Venom is able to extend his mass in the form of tentacles and create white spots and a mouth full of teeth. However, only when he bonds with someone does he get to show his full potential. Here is a list of the powers he grants to his hosts.

Superhuman strength

Although his strength varies depending on the size of his mass, in his normal form, Venom is capable of lifting up to 70 tons , making him a match against incredibly strong characters like the Juggernaut .

superhuman stamina

It wouldn’t do any good to be able to go into combat against some super-strong enemies if it couldn’t take a few beatings. In this form, Venom manages to withstand physical blows and even shots from small caliber weapons. However, this is also where his greatest weakness lies, due to his vulnerability to heat and sound waves.

superhuman vigor

Venom also grants its host the ability to survive dangerous environments, filtering breathable air for toxins or even underwater, for example.

healing factor

The symbiote is capable of healing its host at a rate much faster than the organism’s own regeneration. This healing factor is so powerful that it is capable of curing diseases as serious as cancer or regenerating fatal wounds as irreversible as having the head cut in half or having the abdomen torn to shreds.

Genetic Memory

Once attached to a host, the symbiote shares the host’s memories and powers , being able to replicate them in the future. It was the case of Eddie Brock, who, by becoming Venom, had access to the memories of the time that the symbiote was united with Spider-Man, thus discovering his secret identity.

Offspring detection

He possesses the ability to physically sense when any offspring of his offspring is near.

creation of cobwebs

Maybe it’s just a variation of its ability to extend its own body into tentacles, but the fact remains that the symbiote is capable of mimicking Spider-Man’s webs. The webs designed by Venom are part of his biomass and are extremely sticky. Once outside the symbiote’s body, if they don’t reintegrate, they dissolve until they turn to dust.

Reconstitution of your biomass

Little used ability by Eddie Brock. With that power, Venom is able to transform some of his biomass into other forms , turning parts of his body into tentacles, sharp claws, sickles, axes, and shields. He also manages to stretch and deform his host’s mass without hurting him.

Extrasensory perception

Ability very similar to Spider-Man’s spider- sense , possibly acquired after the time he was connected to the hero, thanks to his aforementioned genetic memory. As Peter Parker was already a host to the symbiote, his body does not recognize Venom as a hostile entity , so the villain is able to attack Peter without triggering his spider-sense.


The symbiote has the ability to imitate any type of clothing or clothing, modifying its biomass. It doesn’t always need to be in the form of a huge monster full of fangs, but it can perfectly well take the form of a black shirt, pants and jacket.

poisonous fangs

As his own name indicates (Venom, in English, means Poison) the villain is capable of creating fangs loaded with a powerful toxin . This power arose as soon as the symbiote was abandoned by Spider-Man and bonded with Eddie Brock.



Over the years, various people have taken on the mantle (literally) of Venom. Here is the list of the most important characters that joined the symbiote.

alien with unknown name

First host and responsible for the symbiote’s corruption , transforming it into a hate-addicted monster. He used his powers to destroy the entire population of a planet.


Just as you are reading! Even before Spider-Man, Deadpool was the first human to come into contact with the symbiote . Deadpool was also in Battleworld and saw his suit destroyed. By using the symbiote to repair his uniform, he instantly realized that he was a living being and that he was interacting with his mind. Fearing that his madness would affect the creature, Deadpool returned it to his prison module, where he was found by Spider-Man shortly after.

Peter Parker

Venom’s main enemy and the one responsible for bringing him to Earth. For a long time Venom considered him the perfect houseguest .

Eddie Brock

The host with whom the symbiote assumed the title of Venom, thereby becoming the character most commonly associated with the villain.

Flash Thompson

We are effectively referring to Peter Parker’s old schoolmate. His union with the symbiote occurred during a new phase of Project Rebirth. The US military had captured the symbiote and intended to use it as a weapon of destruction. Flash, after losing both his legs in the Iraq War, enlisted for the project and transformed into the new Venom, keeping the symbiote in check through the use of some drugs. Fused with Flash, Venom became a force for good. It was also at Flash’s side that the symbiote regained its connection to the collective mind of the Klyntar, being able to be purified by members of his race.

other hosts

Many other characters have already found themselves in the position of becoming hosts for Venom. Among them are Mac Gargan (the Scorpion), Ms. Marvel, Red Hulk, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Lee Price, a former Army Ranger who has been their last host until the symbiote re-encountered Eddie Brock. .

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poisoned success


Venom (2018), directed by Ruben Fleisher and starring Tom Hardy , has become an unexpected success worldwide, despite the devastating reviews it received.

By toning down the violence that we all expected from a film like this, it has managed to reach a much wider audience and especially the young and the little ones seem to have warmly embraced Hardy’s histrionic performance, which oscillates between parody, schizophrenia and kiding you. Whether we like it or not, it is undeniable that it has become a real triumph for Sony, which has already given the green light, not only to its sequel, but also to the Morbius solo film played by Jared Leto.