Everything you didn’t know about Aquaman: essential history and trivia about the king of Atlantis

Aquaman is not only a hero with a great story behind him; he is also one of the founding members of the Justice League, the King of the greatest nation on Earth, and a devoted husband. He has faced heroes, interdimensional villains, and death itself (multiple times).


Aquaman has been around since 1941, back then fighting Nazis and communicating with sea creatures. Since then, his origin, powers, and trajectory have evolved and even been altered several times, but his legacy remains intact.

under the sea

Aquaman is also one of the most underrated heroes of all time. After Jason Momoa was cast as the hero and with his own movie, he’s finally getting the respect and attention he deserves, though we can’t overlook all the years that those who don’t know anything about the character and (even more bleeding) comic fans themselves, overlooked and underestimated the Atlantean hero.


But the history of Aquaman is very rich and complex, with adventures full of mythology and golden times in its history during its more than 75 years of existence. Discover with us the essential moments of the character and curiosities that almost nobody knows about the king of Atlantis!

Origin and trajectory

Aquaman was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris and first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (1941), in the midst of the Golden Age of American comics. Among the various stories that appeared in the comic (including the first appearance of Green Arrow), a superhero with superhuman strength derived from his Atlantean origin and who was able to swim at high speeds and talk to marine animals is not introduced. telepathically, a power that Geoff Johns would use rather ironically 70 years later.

First apparition

His enemies, something typical at that time, were the Nazis, whom he would face in the marine environment, shooting down different submarines belonging to the Axis. And so his appearances would continue in the same header and later in Adventure Comics , where he would have the opportunity to monopolize the leading role in many of his numbers along with Green Arrow himself.

His appearances in Adventure Comics were numerous and it is precisely in this header where his official origin will be established: Aquaman is the son of Tom Curry and Atlanna , an Atlantean princess. A short time later, in the middle of the Silver Age, the character got his first header in 1962 with Jack Miller and Nick Cardy as main authors, where he would share adventures with Mera , the love of his life, and Aqualad , Garth’s superheroic identity, who would be his sidekick for many years. years and where he would face one of his main villains: Ocean Master .


However, its headers would achieve irregular successes: its first stage lasted until 1978 with a break of 6 years between 71 and 77. Later, various volumes would follow one another in miniseries format where authors such as Jim Aparo in pencils and Neal Pozner would stand out. or Keith Giffen on the scripts. However, it would not be until 1994 when the character would shine again under the tutelage of one of the names that stand out the most when it comes to Arthur Curry: Peter David .

Blue suit

The revered screenwriter signed one of the most valued stages of the character that still endures in the imagination of fans. The first approach of him was in the miniseries of The Chronicles of Atlantis (1990), where he redefines all of Aquaman’s past, marking the line that will define the character throughout the nineties.

Chronicles of Atlas

So important was his work, that in 1993 the publisher trusted David to relaunch Aquaman with a miniseries entitled, Time and Tide , which started directly where The Chronicles of Atlantis left off, with which David expanded the origin of Aquaman and added new and interesting concepts that would lead him to be in charge of his new regular series for 46 issues (the series lasted until number 75) in which David totally modernized the character, changing his physical appearance and delving deeper into that rough attitude and furious that was already beginning to glimpse at the end of the 70s.


Would you sacrifice a few hundred thousand people to save the lives of billions? Aquaman came face to face with just such a situation when a large portion of San Diego sank into the ocean. This story belonged to the stage of Will Pfeiffer , a screenwriter who only stayed a few numbers in the next series dedicated to Aquaman, but who managed to make his powers relevant and powerful.

alan davis

After different creative ups and downs, different events caused poor Arthur Curry to undergo multiple changes, leading to his death in the Infinite Crisis event in 2006. This made Arthur Joseph Curry (a young human scientifically altered to live underwater ) assumed the mantle of Aquaman in the headline that Kurt Busiek wrote at the time and that would change its name on the occasion of One Year Later to Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis , to be definitively canceled in 2007.


Fortunately, Geoff Johns would resurrect Arthur Curry (and many other superheroes) in the exciting The Blackest Night event and bring him to the forefront in The Brightest Day maxi-event , where he took center stage. fundamental and would appear totally renewed and with its classic aspect.


With the arrival of the New 52 , ​​Aquaman became a character to be reckoned with and a more than dangerous opponent. This stage brought with it several changes, such as wanting to help humans more instead of fighting against the enemies of the sea. The new series also explained that Aquaman doesn’t “talk” to fish, but instead uses telepathy to nudge sea creatures to help him. Also in that new continuity he was a founding member of the Justice League and established himself as an incredible and powerful character in the new era of DC.


With Rebirth (Rebirth) Dan Abnett continued the trail that Johns left in the series, focusing on the internal conflicts of Atlantis (a bit in the style of Game of Thrones ), the weight that the crown has on Arthur and his struggle to maintain the balance between his facets of hero, king and diplomat. In this the most recent stage of it so far, Aquaman also tries to strengthen Atlantis’ relations with the surface world by opening an Atlantean embassy in Amnesty Bay, with Mera appointed as ambassador.


He’s not as nice as he seems

While Superman and Batman have a strict moral code, Aquaman is willing to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety of others. That doesn’t stop him from doing his best to find non-lethal ways to dispose of his enemies, but he doesn’t hesitate if he has to get a little more serious…


An example is when he accidentally killed Black Manta’s father, something he has paid for in spades. Mera, for her part, blames Aquaman for the death of their son. Aquaman shows mercy and restraint whenever he can, but he is also able to skewer Darkseid with his Trident. If you thought Aquaman was nice or harmless, we’re sorry to tell you that you were wrong.

He had a son named Aquababy

Arthur Curry Jr. is the name of the son of Aquaman (Arthur Curry) and Queen Mera. His first appearance was in Aquaman #23 (1965) and he had the ability to create life from water (something of a weird genetic manipulation).


Aquababy was killed by Black Manta, an event that forever changed Aquaman’s history. Black Manta kidnapped Aquababy and put him inside a sphere that slowly filled with air, as Aquababy couldn’t breathe out of water. Black Manta had Aquaman fight Aqualad in exchange for Aquababy’s life, which negatively affected the relationship between them.


After the fight, Aquaman discovered that Aquababy had died. He went after Black Manta but was unable to kill him and shortly after, Aquaman and Mera divorced. Aquaman buried Aquababy at Mercy Reef , the place where Aquaman had been abandoned as a child.


The truth is that the readers did not take well the idea that Aquaman had a son and DC got a little out of hand how to get him out of circulation and decided that the poor baby was killed, which led to one of the stages depressing in the history of the character, with Mera and Aquaman divorced and the latter drowning his sorrows in different meaningless romances.

trident with superpowers

Aquaman is a mighty hero in his own right: he can control sea creatures, swim at amazing speeds, and have strength great enough to take a beating from Superman himself. But just like Wonder Woman, Aquaman also possesses a mighty weapon with incredible powers.


The Trident of Neptune has had different powers depending on the time. Prior to the New 52 , ​​the Trident, bestowed by Poseidon on the ruler and protector of the seas, was indestructible and a very powerful melee weapon, as well as being able to manipulate water, fire bolts of powerful energy, and act as a spotlight to amplify magical power.

As of the New 52 , ​​the Trident is part of a collection of seven very powerful Atlantean magical items, forged by the first king of Atlantis who calls himself ‘The Dead King’. Regarded as the most powerful weapon (with the possible exception of the newly discovered seventh item), the Trident is completely indestructible and capable of damaging even the most powerful opponent, such as Darkseid.


Aquaman’s Trident is much more than an accessory; it is an ancient and powerful weapon symbolizing his royalty and abilities.

aquatic loves

Aquaman and Mera are one of the most iconic couples in DC Comics. Mera is not a simple human being, not even an Atlantean, but an exiled queen from another world, the Aqua Dimension. Mera has the power to travel between dimensions and the ability to change the density of water, using it to create hard objects.


Mera is also telepathic and partially amphibian. She is a powerful woman, especially when it comes to protecting her family. Fortunately, the Rebirth timeline has brought Aquaman and Mera together again, to resume their reign as one of DC’s most powerful couples.

However, both Aquaman and Mera have had their own adventures outside of the relationship. Aquaman’s first love was Kako , a young Inuit woman living in Alaska who became pregnant with her illegitimate child, Koryak, whom our hero would not know about until many years later.


Dolphin first appeared in Showcase #79 (1968) and was our hero’s partner for a time, until Mera returned from her exile from a dimension called the Netherworld and, at the same time, Tempest ( Aquaman’s first sidekick ) won the young woman’s heart. Eventually, Garth (Tempest) and Dolphin would marry and have a child…but their happiness was short lived. This thing about comics is one tragedy after another…


In case it wasn’t clear… He doesn’t talk to fish!

A widely held misconception about Aquaman’s powers is that he “talks to fish” and communicates with aquatic life. This is not really true. Although he often simply communicates telepathically with marine fauna, it is mainly out of courtesy, as our hero has the ability to force all beings in the ocean to follow his will directly, which in addition to his own (and powerful) Atlantean Army gives him the power to cause a full-fledged aquatic apocalypse if he so desires.


We can’t forget also his connection to the quantum force that connects and extends through all aquatic life and ocean elements in the universe (called The Clear or The Blue ), as well as his hydrokinetic and waterbending abilities.


In short, Aquaman could weaponize all aquatic life on Earth and the oceans themselves, so we’re lucky he’s one of the good guys. He envisions the rest of the superheroes taking on a Sharknado-type threat multiplied a thousandfold, mixed with a few drops of Krakens and giant octopuses…

don’t take it as a joke

Although originally dedicated to attacking Nazi submarines in the 1940s and 1950s, Hannah-Barbera ‘s cartoon series from the 1970s, the mythical (but quite terrible) Super Friends, achieved, thanks to its portrayal of character (a kind of Ned Flanders who sailed the seas with dolphins as a jet ski or riding seahorses) that Aquaman has not been taken very seriously (to put it mildly) for a long time.


The adult animated series Robot Chicken has done a whole series of skits detailing Aquaman’s blunders to the taunts of his teammates.

The Best of… Aquaman | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

In Family Guy, Aquaman is unable to avoid a sexual assault because he refuses to leave the water. Anyway, in the Seth MacFarlane series they are very fond of him…

In a kind of crossover-cameo on Cartoon Network he has to be saved by the Powerpuff Girls because: “My ability to talk to fish is no help!” .

In South Park , Kanye West rages at being mistaken for Aquaman, while the series features a character named Sea-Man who bears a curious resemblance to DC’s aquatic hero.

they love each other

In the HBO series Entourage , Vinny Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) is convinced by his manager, Ari Gold, to accept the role of Aquaman in a movie about the superhero. At first, nothing seems to indicate that things will work out, especially after seeing the designs of the aquatic superhero’s suit…


Of course, when James Cameron himself is in charge of directing the film, it becomes the highest grossing of all time (in the universe of the series, of course).


In The Big Bang Theory , Raj is very clear about what he thinks about the underwater king.