Into the Spider-Verse: Every Alternate Spider-Men in the Movie…And Many More

The animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) presents us for the first time on the big screen the concept of alternative realities and parallel universes, so common in comics.

Just as in the different Marvel animated television series, especially those of Spider-Man, we have already met different alternative versions of the arachnid hero, they still needed to be officially presented to the general public.


Some of these versions that emerged in the comics have been so successful that they have already made the leap to the official Marvel continuity (known as Earth-616). We are talking about Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen, who are the two main dishes of Into the Spider-Verse, where different Spider-Men from all over the multiverse come together to face a great threat.

We are going to take a tour of some of the countless versions of Spider-Man that have appeared over the years, both in comics and in other media, from the best known to the most crazy. There are many more, but we have chosen these. Hold on tight to your web, because the trip promises to be bumpy!



First Appearance: Marvel Tails #1 (1983)

Creators: Tom DeFalco and Mark Armstrong

The Peter Porker of Earth-8311 was born as a parody of our traditional Parker and had sporadic non-relevant appearances until he was rescued to participate in the Spider-Verse event , fighting the rest of the Spider-Men from the multiverse and stealing blueprints every time. the mouth appeared and/or opened, that is, the snout.

His participation in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse promises to become a discovery for the general public and we are sure that his charisma can match that of Groot. Get ready, Spider-Hamania is coming!

Spider-Man Noir


First appearance: Spider-Man Noir #1 (2009)

Creadores: David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Carmine Di Giandomenico

The Peter Parker of Earth-90214 was born in the 1930s, during the time of the Great Depression, in a dark and gangster-filled New York. Dressed completely in black, with a trench coat, goggles and even a hat, this version of the hero does not hesitate to face his enemies with a gun in his hand.

After appearing in the Shattered Dimensions video game and surviving the Spider-Verse of the comics, we also see him debut on the big screen in Sony’s animated film to the delight of his fans, of whom there are many.

Spider-Man 2099


First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #365 (1992)

Creators: Peter David and Rick Leonardi

On Earth-928, Miguel O’Hara is a geneticist engineer of Irish-Mexican descent who works for the Alchemax corporation. In the year 2099 of that reality, Miguel ends up receiving powers similar to the Spider-Man of the past.

After having his own header, he has been wandering around the traditional Marvel Universe and we hope that someone will recover him soon for great tasks, because he is a character that we love and that has incredible potential.



First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (2014)

Creators: Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Woman…while spending what little free time she has left playing with her friends in a band called The Mary Janes.

This character was a real success, causing a sensation among fans and enjoyed a series of its own with the same name. He recently changed his name to Ghost Spider and, after his triumphant appearances on the small screen, video games, and more, he’s another highlight of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse . This Gwen Stacy is very warrior and is here to prove it.

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Spider-Man (Miles Morales)


First appearance: Ultimate Fallout #4 (2011)

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli

When Marvel killed the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe, Miles took on the name of Spider-Man and, despite the controversy that arose between retrogrades and conservatives, the character fell in love with the majority of the public, who gave him the approval as a substitute for Spider-Man. hero on Earth-1610.

When Miles was integrated into the mainstream Marvel Universe, he found a kind of mentor in Peter, but he didn’t settle for that and continues to find his own path, as a hero and as a person. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is his debut on the big screen and we are convinced that the public will fall at his feet.

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Spider-Man (Peter Parker)


First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Creators: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

The original, the authentic, the first and best of all. Unique and inimitable, no matter how much they clone him or usurp his body. Without him, the rest of the Spider-Men of the Multiverse would not exist.

Whether it’s Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland, Peter Parker is the hero everyone looks up to. With great power comes great responsibility, and the Peter of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will have to accept that sometimes sharing that responsibility is not only necessary, but inevitable.

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Spider-Man medieval


First Appearance: Avataars: Covenant of the SHIELD #1 (2000)

Creators: Len Kaminsky and Óscar Jiménez

In a miniseries of rather dubious quality set in a medieval world of swords and sorcery (a bit like Game of Thrones, but with superheroes), the Avatars (yes, with two “a’s”) are alternate versions of Marvel’s best-known characters.

This version of Spidey lives alongside the rest of the heroes on a world called Eurth and has the same sense of power and responsibility as our lifelong Parker…

Ghost Spider


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 (2011), as Amazing Spider; Incredible Hulks Annual #1 (2011), as Ghost Spider

Creators: John Layman and Lee Garbet (Amazing Spider) / Al Barrionuevo (Ghost Spider)

On Earth-11638, Ben Parker never died and helped Peter train his spider powers and become the Amazing Spider. However, this alternate Parker had more evil intentions and built a machine to bring Spider-Men from other universes and then absorb his powers to become more powerful.

However, after dying in regret in an attempt to save Earth-616’s Peter Parker, he is rescued from Hell by that universe’s Sorcerer Supreme, none other than Bruce Banner. Given a second chance to redeem his sins, this alternate Parker becomes the new Spirit of Vengeance and helps official Peter return to his universe.



First Appearance: What If? Vol.2 #42 (1992)

Creators: Michael Gallagher and Kevin West

The official Peter Parker gained 4 extra arms thanks to a failed experiment that tried to eliminate his arachnid powers in one of the most mythical Spidey sagas during the 70s.

However, the Peter Parker of Earth-92100 could not count on the help of Morbius to get a cure and had to make do with 6 arms, which did not prevent him from continuing his career as a hero and even saving Gwen Stacy from the clutches. of death.

Spider-Man de House of M


First appearance: Spider-Man: House of M #1 (1995)

Creators: Mark Waid and Salvador Larroca

In the dystopian reality created during the House of M event , known as Earth-58163, Peter Parker is a fully happy man. The world believes that he is a mutant and enjoys the status of a world-renowned public celebrity, adored by all and happily married to Gwen Stacy, with whom he has a son (Richard). Ben and May Parker are also alive and Peter and his uncle run a company called Spider-Man, Inc. dedicated to science and charity work.

Everything would be wonderful if it weren’t for the fact that this reality is false and has been created by an unbalanced Scarlet Witch. Too nice to be true, unfortunately for poor Peter.

Spider-Man: Reign


First Appearance: Spider-Man: Reign #1 (2006)

Creator: Karee Andrews

Set 30 years in the future on Earth-70237, a retired Spider-Man continues his crusade against crime in a dark and dramatic take on the character that many have compared to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns . However, the story, while interesting, never lives up to expectations.

This poor Peter Parker has to deal with the death of his wife Mary Jane, who died because of the hero’s powers. In the Spider-Verse saga of the comics, he was killed by Daemos (Morlun’s brother), who rammed his head into MJ’s grave.



First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Family #1 (2008)

Creators : Karl Kesel and Ramon Bachs

What sets this spider hero from Earth-8101 apart is basically that he’s a monkey. In the world of the Marvel Apes , they are all apes, but have the same powers as their traditional universe counterparts.

Sadly, this curious version of Peter Parker was also killed off during the Spider-Verse event . Mind you, as “cute” as he was, this hero was more selfish and cynical than the original… and had no problem killing his enemies.

Captain Spider


First Appearance: What If? Vol 1 #7 (1978)

Creators: Don Glut and Rick Hoberg

On Earth-78127, Fash Thompson was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Like the official Peter, he participated for money in a fight against Crusher Hogan, but ended up accidentally killing the fighter due to not being familiar with his powers yet.

Consumed with guilt, he decided to become Captain Spider, but his career as a hero was not particularly successful. He was killed by Morlun during the Spider-Verse event .

Spider Ben


First Appearance: Spider-Verse #1 (2015)

Creators: Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos

Earth-3145’s Ben Parker was stung by the radioactive spider while accompanying his nephew to the famous experiment that created most of the Spider-Men. The Peter of that reality simply limited himself to designing his uncle’s costume.

When his worst enemy, Emerald Elf (the Norman Osborn of that Earth) discovered his secret identity, he killed his wife and his nephew. Later, after surviving the events of Spider-Verse , we were able to see him fight alongside the Web-Warriors.

Prince of Arachne (Sir Peter Parker)


First appearance: Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #4 (2007)

Creators: C.B. Cebulski, Mindy Owens, and Mike Allred

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, specifically Earth-71004, the Parkers were a family of noble knights who fought to protect their kingdom. Before the grave of some fallen in battle Richard and Ben Parker, the young Peter promises to face a despot Norman Osborn and win the hand of his beloved Gwendolyn along the way. To do this, he builds an armor that makes him the hero that his people need.

Kwaku Anansi

the neighbors

First appearance: Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #2 (2007)

Creators: C. B. Cebulski and Niko Henrichon

Actually, Kwaku Anansi (Earth-7082) can be considered the first Spider-Man. Son of Nyambe (African god of the sky) and Asase Ya (goddess of the earth), Kwaku Anansi is one of the Orishas, ​​a race of extradimensional beings worshiped by the gods by African tribes and by modern voodoo practitioners.

His power and knowledge are transmitted to all spiders in the multiverse through the Great Web, which unites all beings who possess these totemic abilities.

Old Man Spider (Ezekiel Sims)


First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (2014)

Creators: Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt

After Morlun kills Earth-4’s Peter Parker, Ezekiel Sims decides to take up the mantle of Spider-Man and become a vigilante.

Spider-Man 2211


First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man #1 (1995)

Creators: Peter David and Rick Leonardi

Doctor Max Borne is the Spider-Man of the year 2211. His suit is a kind of armor with four extra mechanical arms and he is part of an organization in charge of preventing disruptions in the time stream.

Spider-Girl (Betty Brant)


First Appearance: What If? #7 (1978)

Creators: Don Glut and Rick Hoberg

Another variable of the spider bite took place on Earth-78227, where Betty Brant took the place traditionally reserved for Peter Parker. However, it is not enough just to have powers to become a hero, and Betty hung up the costume and the nets, unable to withstand the pressure of so much responsibility.

The Spider


First Appearance: Exiles #12 (2012)

Creadores: Judd Winick, Mike McKone y Jim Calafiore

Earth-15’s Peter Parker is a dangerous murderous psychopath who becomes the host of a Klyntar symbiote. He is the closest thing to a complete fusion between Carnage and Spider-Man.

Spider (Izumi)


First appearance: Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #3 (2007)

Creators: CB Cebulski and Wei Kobayashi

This character is inspired by Japanese fables of spirits and ghosts. The young Buddhist monk Izumi is possessed by the evil spider spirit Tsuchigumo , which grants him fabulous abilities.

Spider-Man Zombie


First Appearance : Ultimate Fantastic Four #22 (2005)

Creators: Mark Millar and Greg Land

In case you didn’t know, there is an alternate reality (Earth-2149) where all the superheroes have turned into zombies. The Peter Parker of this time even ate his Aunt May and Mary Jane, proving that there is nothing that beats love… except hunger!

Spider-Man J (Sho Amano)


First Appearance: Spider-Man J #1 (2007)

Creator: Akira Yamanka

Belonging to Earth-7041, Sho Amano is a Spidey version of a shōnen character published in Japan in the children’s magazine Comics Bom Bom.

Spider-Man Mangaverse


First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man #1 (2002)

Creators: Ben Dunn and Tommy Ohtsuka

Marvel briefly published a line called the Mangaverse with manga versions of its main heroes. Despite his short career, this Peter Parker from Earth-2301, the last member of his ninja clan, is fondly remembered by many fans.

Cosmic Spider-Man


First Appearance: What If? Vol 2 #31 (1991)

Creators: Geln Herdling and Scott McDaniel

The Peter Parker of Earth-91110 was chosen by the Uni-Power and became the Captain Universe of his reality, unlike the Parker of the official continuity, who decided to give them up.

The Spider-Man (Aaron Aikman)


First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (2014)

Creator: Dustin Weaver

Aaron Aikman is a brilliant molecular biologist from Earth-31411 who experimented on himself by implanting cloned spider genes. After gaining powers, he designed special armor to aid him in his fight against crime.

Steam-Punk Lady Spider


First Appearance: Spider-Verse #1 (2015)

Creators: Robbie Thompson and Paolo Francescutto

The May Reilly of Earth-803 became Lady Spider. Although she does not possess spider powers, she does have mechanical arms and web shooters of her own making.

Spider-Man 1602


First Appearance: Marvel 1602 #1 (2003)

Creators: Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert

In 2003, Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert made an 8-issue miniseries set in a Marvel Universe that has emerged 400 years before the traditional one. In that reality, known as Earth-311, Peter Parquagh adopts the heroic identity of The Spider .

However, in the Gaiman miniseries we are only introduced to the character of Parquagh; It would be later, in a sequel written by Greg Pak when the hero receives the sting that transforms him into an exceptional being.

Spider-Man India


First Appearance: Spider-Man India #1 (2004)

Creators: Sharad Devarajan, Suresh Seetharaman and Jeevan J. Kan

The universality of a hero like Spider-Man is demonstrated by how his mythology is capable of adapting to any culture and any geographic location.

Pavitr Prabhakar, from Earth-50101, is a poor boy from India who moves with his aunt to Mumbai where… no, he is not bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead, he receives from a yogi the proportional strength and speeds of a spider.



First Appearance: Superior Spider-Man #33 (2014)

Creators: Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli

The Peter Parker of Earth-2818 is as mysterious as he is ruthless. In addition to his spider powers, he has cybernetic enhancements, including claws and a metallic arm that he uses as a weapon.

Spider-Man Turco


3 Dev Adam (1973), also known as 3 Giant Men is a Turkish film directed by T. Fikret Uçak and uses Spider-Man (here leader of a criminal organization), Captain America and the famous Mexican wrestler El Santo de unauthorized way by the owners of the rights of the characters.

3 Dev Adam (3 Giant-Men a.k.a. Turkish Spiderman) w/English Subtitles

educational spider-man


Electric Company was a television show from the 70s aimed at children and young people in which the arachnid hero taught the use of words and encouraged reading in a series of shorts called Spider Super Stories . The character communicated through “text balloons”.

Spidey Super Stories – Spidey Meets the Prankster



First Appearance: Spider-Boy #1 (1996)

Creators: Karl Kesel and Mike Wieringo

The Amalgam Universe was the result of a crossover between Marvel and DC in which the characters of both publishers merged creating a hero with combined powers.

On Earth-9602, young Peter Ross is a combination of Spider-Man and Superboy and the clone of a deceased scientist named Peter Parker. Among his powers, control gravity.

Spider-Man of Earth-X


First Appearance: Earth X #0 (1999)

Creators: Jim Krueger, Alex Ross and John Paul Leon

The Peter Parker of Earth-9997 is retired, overweight and has hung up the nets long ago. His daughter May has become the superhero Venom, but when she gets into danger, her father (whose identity had been made public) doesn’t hesitate to wear the tights again… even if he barely manages to get into them. .



The Spider-Man of Earth-51778 is named Takuya Yamashiro, a 22-year-old Japanese biker who receives his powers from a UFO and uses a giant robot called the Leopardon to fight numerous monsters.

This tokusatsu genre series produced by the Toei Company and loosely based on the character that aired between 1978 and 1979

Spider UK


First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (2014)

Creators: Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

Spider UK is the identity of William Braddock, a Captain Britain Corps recruit from Earth-833. Basically, he’s a mix of Spidey and Captain Britain.

SP//dr (Peni Parker)


First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (2014)

Creators: Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt

Peni Parker is a Japanese student adopted by May and Ben Parker and daughter of the deceased carrier of the giant robot SP//dr, a giant armor in the purest Transformer style , with which she has a psychic link and which she pilots along with a intelligent radioactive spider that only works with a specific gene (that of Peni).

Peni is a tremendously charismatic character who makes her debut in the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and we are convinced that she will become one of the favorites of the general public.

Spider Punk


First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #10 (2015)

Creators: Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel

Hobarth Brown of Earth-138 lives in a world ruled by Norman Osborn, whom he confronts with both his powers and his music. With a crest, custom jacket and guitar on his shoulder, this version of Spidey has become a sensation, both in comics and in video games.

Spider-Girl (May Parker)


First Appearance: What If? Vol 2 #105 (1998)

Creators: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

The daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson of Earth-982, May “Mayday” Parker, took on the identity of Spider-Girl after her father hung up the webs.

For nearly ten years, he enjoyed a high-quality series of his own within MC2, a possible future version of the traditional Marvel Universe. Morlun murdered her entire family in the Spider-Verse event and all of us fans are looking forward to hearing from her as soon as possible.

Ultimate Spider-Man


First Appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2000)

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley

Probably one of the most important alternate Spider-Men in all of history, the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe (known as Earth-1610) updated and reinvigorated Spidey for a whole new generation of readers…and brought back fans everywhere. life the magic of the times of Lee and Ditko.

Died in a fight with the Green Goblin, his death was decisive for Miles Morales to decide to take the mantle of Spider-Man, perpetuating the legend, but taking it down new (and necessary) paths. His collection (which lasted a whopping 160 issues) has gone down in history as the Spider-Man who became better and cooler than the one in official continuity.