Meet Ronan the Accuser, the villain from the Captain Marvel movie

Ronan , the Accuser , made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy , where he was defeated by the unlikely group of intergalactic superheroes. The person in charge of interpreting the character is Lee Pace , known for his participation in the television series Pushing Daisies and Halt and Catch Fire and the Hobbit trilogy.


However, that won’t be the last time we see Ronan on the big screen. The presence of the villain was confirmed for the Captain Marvel movie (2019). Discover with us everything you need to know about the character and what his participation can mean for the premiere of Carol Danvers at the UCM.

the accuser


Ronan was born on Hala, home planet of the Kree Empire, specifically in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Ronan belongs to the Kree alien race and is part of their elite. From an early age, Ronan trained and studied to become a member of the Accuser Corps, the main group dedicated to the application and execution of Kree law. This kind of intergalactic police is characterized by being judge, jury and executioner, applying Kree law immediately.

As soon as he was inducted into the Corps, Ronan began his meteoric climb through the ranks of the Corps, rising rapidly through his incredible dedication and hard work. After stopping a Skrull fleet (an alien race that has been at war with the Kree since time immemorial) from entering an area of ​​Kree rule, Ronan landed the position of Supreme Public Accuser, appointed by the Supreme Intelligence.


His position as Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire is the highest, not only in the troop, but in the entire Empire, making him the third most powerful being in the Empire after the Supreme Intelligence and the Imperial Minister of the Kree.

Just follow orders

Over the years, Ronan has crossed the paths of various superheroes, proving himself to be a fearsome and powerful adversary. However, it would not be fair to strictly classify him as a villain; Ronan is an Accuser, and as such, he must ensure that Kree laws are applied and enforced. He is just doing his job and his dedication is absolute. Although for a long time he was characterized as someone evil and unscrupulous, the latest approaches to the character strive to portray him as someone noble and heroic.

First apparition

His first appearance in the comics was in Fantastic Four #65 (1967), where he was sent to Earth to confront the Fantastic Four for the destruction of the robot Watcher-459, a Kree sentinel.


The Supreme Intelligence was not very happy with the results of the Accuser and sent a new group to Earth on a spy mission. The members are Una, Yonn-Rogg and Mar-Vell. The latter had the task of infiltrating the humans, to learn first-hand what he did. Mar-Vell grows fond of the planet’s inhabitants and will quickly come into conflict with Yon-Rogg, who was not exactly an admirer of the Earth’s inhabitants. When Sentinel 459 was activated to attack, Mar-Vell was forced to intervene and took on the identity of Captain Marvel, thus becoming the protector of our planet.


Ronan, a staunch defender of Kree law, failed to understand how a fellow countryman had fraternized with human enemies and became one of his most recurrent antagonists. Likewise, Carol Danvers who worked as head of security at Cape Canaveral (where she would meet Mar-Vell) would later receive powers of Kree origin and would become Ms. Marvel. The superheroine would also face Ronan on numerous occasions, demonstrating what she would become over time, the true worthy bearer of the name of Captain Marvel.


Ronan has also clashed with other groups of superheroes during his career, such as the Avengers, the Inhumans and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. Unfortunately, for a long time he was considered a second class villain.


The Annihilation event (2006), orchestrated by Keith Giffen, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, utilizes the staff of Marvel’s cosmic characters and redefines and highlights characters long forgotten or underused. From this story, Ronan is shown as a kind of misunderstood villain, with a nobility and a strong character that enrich him and make him a character full of nuances.


When the Inhumans defeat the Kree army, Black Bolt, through the mouth of Medusa, reveals to Ronan that the Inhumans’ intentions are to take the Kree to the next step of evolution. For his part, the Accuser admits that he feels like a guardian waiting for the true leader. Black Bolt takes possession of the entire Kree Empire and arranges a wedding between Crystal and Ronan to cement the bond between the two peoples.


Accusing and powerful

In essence, Ronan possesses no superpowers, only the attributes of Kree physiology in peak physical condition: superhuman strength (able to lift up to 10 tons), speed, heightened reflexes, environmental adaptation, toxic immunity, and superior bodily endurance. He is also a brilliant military strategist, a highly skilled soldier, and possesses extensive knowledge of the legal code of the Kree Empire.


His capabilities are increased through his Accuser gear, namely his exoskeleton armor : enhanced physical attributes and resistance, invisibility field creation, cosmic energy projection, and cold generation from his gauntlets.

The Universal Weapon

Of all the equipment of the Accusers, the most important is, without a doubt, the Universal Weapon. These weapons are in the form of a war hammer and Ronan’s is the most powerful among all the Accusers.


This device uses cosmic energy for a variety of effects according to the wearer’s will, including the disintegration, rearrangement, and transmutation of matter, the projection of concussive energy beams, the absorption of energy, the control of gravity, the creation of impenetrable force fields and “time-motion displacement fields” and interstellar teleportation through hyperspace passageways.