Meet the powerful and terrible Thanos, the Mad Titan!

After Avengers: Infinity War s (2018) and with the next Avengers: Endgame (2019) just around the corner, Thanos is on everyone’s lips for being the most powerful villain we have ever witnessed and the most interesting and complex from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Also known as the Mad Titan, Thanos forged his power out of rage at being ostracized because of his appearance. Although his origins and motivations are almost identical, the comic version presents some differences with the one embodied masterfully by Josh Brolin , in addition to having a complete and exciting story behind him.


We are going to take a short tour of the most relevant events in the long history of the character in his comic version. But let there be no doubt that, in either version of him, Thanos is the most destructive villain in the Marvel Universe.

Cursed from birth


Thanos is one of the sons of A’Lars, also known as Mentor. A’Lars was born into the society of the Eternals, an ancient race of humans genetically modified by Celestials, a race of mysterious aliens.

However, while all members of his species resemble humans, Thanos was born with deviant syndrome. This is a rare condition that makes him look like the race of Deviants , cousins ​​and enemies of the Eternals. His gray skin and deformed body made his mother try to kill him as a newborn.

During his first years of school, Thanos was a peaceful boy. But because of all the discrimination he received from him, both by his family and the rest of Eternal society, he ended up becoming a dark and vindictive child.

The revenge of a despised being

thanos titan

To feel more confident in himself, Thanos grew up trying to be more powerful than everyone around him, and as his powers began to grow, so did his ambition and desire for destruction . Thanos ended up stealing one of his people’s ships and traveling the cosmos, looking for mercenaries to create his private army.

Returning from his exile, the Mad Titan dropped atomic bombs on his planet, Titan, killing most of the population, including his mother, Sui-San. There, he declared himself the leader of the survivors and began preparing to conquer the nearest inhabited planet, Earth.

Your brother is a danger to women


Eros is the younger brother of Thanos and grew up good-natured and carefree, unlike his older brother who was ambitious and manipulative.

Already as an adult, in a campaign against Thanos, Eros fought alongside the survivors of Titan and with Captain Marvel and the Avengers. It was here that Thanos was first defeated, but even so, Eros traveled to Earth in search of the Avengers, asking to join the group . They accepted admission into their ranks, for which Eros took the name Starfox, and for months they fought together.

Eros was always spoiled and narcissistic and the different personalities of the two brothers made their relationship very contentious. Being an Eternal, Eros possesses extreme strength and the ability to fly. But his real superpower is what gives him a special charisma, since he manages to release a pheromone that stimulates the pleasure center in people’s brains, making everyone feel attracted to him.

Starfox spends most of his time seeking to seduce women and does not always act morally correct. However, even having slept with almost the entire universe, he always ends up returning to the arms of the prostitute Heater Deligh.

a love of death


Thanos became romantically obsessed with Death, which became the first true love the Mad Titan experienced in his life.

Like other sky gods, Death can take different forms. When Thanos was still a boy, she appeared to him in the form of a little girl, encouraging the sociopathy of a still young Thanos. With her, he learned all the dark secrets that led him to increase her power. When she reached adulthood, Death then appeared to her as a woman, binding both of her hearts together forever.

In order to be worthy of her, he decided that he would become the most powerful being possible. At first, he planned something simple, trying to get political power in his conquest of worlds, but he quickly started gathering powerful artifacts like the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Stones.

The relationship between the two had its ups and downs. On one occasion, Death ended his relationship with Thanos, banishing him from his realm. On the other hand, they had a son together, Rot.

Thanos was a father many times


His best known daughter is the assassin Gamora. Thanos adopted her and raised her as her own daughter with the intention of transforming her into his right arm . Gamora was the sole survivor of an alien humanoid race called the Zen Whoberis. When that town was wiped out by a religious order, Thanos took Gamora and took her to her space station, her Sanctuary, where he kept her safe, hiding her true nature from her girl.

Thanos also has a son, Thane. After a visit to an Inhuman tribe, Thanos impregnated one of the native women. Thane grew up among the Inhuman people, becoming a medicine man. When Thanos came back looking for his son, he had already developed his powers during the terrigenesis process, which allowed him to imprison Thanos in amber , in a state between life and death.

Thanos had many more children, but he ended up killing practically all of them, usually by destroying the planets where they resided.

Making of Santa Claus


Between destroying planets and wiping out entire populations, Thanos manages to find some time to celebrate Christmas.

In order to psychologically condition his adopted daughter Gamora, Thanos grants the girl as normal a childhood as possible. He believes that she would function much better, more rationally and less psychotically , if she had a childhood just like the other children. Thus, he celebrated the girl’s birthday and also Christmas, including gifts, a Christmas tree and even the illusion of Santa Claus. Thanos went even further, creating a time of truce around this time of year , and sending gifts to all surviving members of his family, including his brother Eros.

Thanos clones


For some time, Thanos developed extensive studies in genetics. After studying the DNA of most of the heroes and villains in the universe, he decided to clone them, putting together some of his own DNA as well. These clones, who look exactly like him and are known as the “Thanosi”, were created using basic cloning techniques and magic.

Later, Thanos ended up abandoning that project and eliminating most of his clones . However, five of them survived, being versions of Professor X, Iron Man, Gladiator, Doctor Strange, and Galactus. The real Thanos then had to ask for the help of some superheroes to destroy them, thus ending his army of clones.

His powers and abilities


When Thanos managed to gather all the Infinity Stones, he became the most powerful being that ever lived. At that time, he wiped out half of the life in the universe with just a snap of his fingers, while testing his newfound power.

But Thanos, being a mutant Eternal, has many innate powers. He is a genius who manages to create plans that cause great problems in his enemies. And, physically, he also possesses superhuman strength, extreme stamina, and faster -than-normal reflexes.

Additionally, Thanos boasts a set of esoteric powers such as telepathy , teleportation, and transmutation.

Your unconscious wants to lose


In one of his biggest stories, Thanos got hold of the Infinity Gauntlet and bonded it with the Infinity Stones. With that, he gained the much desired omnipotence that he always wanted and wiped out half the population of the universe as a tribute to his beloved, Death.

Earth’s superheroes, along with powerful cosmic entities such as Strange and Epoch, battled the villain, but despite his astronomical level of power, they were unable to defeat him.

Finally, Adam Warlock ended up recovering the Gauntlet, thus ending the war. After what happened, Thanos walked away, going into a period of introspection . Adam then recognized that Thanos’s attempts to gain omnipotence were ultimately thwarted not only by the direct intervention of the superheroes, but primarily by the Mad Titan’s own inner doubts and anxiety.

Apparently, Thanos has within himself a deep desire to be defeated, since he himself does not feel truly worthy to take the place of the most powerful being in the entire universe.

Drax was created to eliminate Thanos


Contrary to the version we see in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the Drax from the comics is a bit different.

Originally, he’s just a realtor named Arthur Douglas, driving in the Mojave Desert with his wife Yvette and their daughter Heather. Suddenly, a spaceship carrying Thanos arrived on the scene on a mission and, to keep its existence a secret, destroyed the car the family was in.

But, unknown to Thanos, his father Mentor and his grandfather Kronos jointly decided to imprison Douglas’s astral form before it permanently left his body and placed it in a humanoid body made from the soil of the Earth. And so Drax, the Destroyer, was created with the sole motivation of persecuting and killing Thanos as revenge for the death of his family.

Not even with Thanoscóptero managed to flee from the police


In one of his appearances in the comics, Thanos piloted his own helicopter and tried to steal the Cosmic Cube with it. However, this episode resulted in a rather humiliating defeat for the villain.

When Thanos managed to grab the Cube and fled in his “Thanoscopter”, Hellcat kicked the object so violently that it flew from Thanos’s hands, and fell into an alley, where he was caught by a child. . Thanos quickly attempted to retrieve the Cube, but was stopped by Spider-Man and Hellcat, and ended up being taken to the police station by human cops!

Defeated by Squirrel Girl?


Things didn’t always go well for the Mad Titan. Actually, throughout his history, he was defeated several times, but never in such an embarrassing way as when he lost to a human-squirrel and her army of furry companions.

Although not considered canon, this story was published in GLX-MAS #1 (2006), and tells how Thanos was defeated by Doreen Green, Squirrel-Girl, and her obedient squirrels.

Bonus Track


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