The 11 most powerful female superheroes of DC Comics

The world of comics does not live only on superheroes. Actually, one of the most important parts of this fictional universe is the female superheroes . They have a kind of sixth sense that gives them more than one advantage over their male colleagues.

To honor these characters, we’ve put together a list highlighting the 11 most powerful female superheroes from DC Comics .

NOTE: In this list we have not included neither villains nor anti-heroines. That’s why characters like Harley Quinn or Catwoman don’t appear in it!

11. Raven


Raven had a very difficult childhood and after discovering that her father was a demon, her life kept getting more and more complicated. However, she found the closest thing to a home with the Teen Titans (Teen Titans) and Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid-Flash, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire quickly became her new family.

This character became a super useful addition to the team of young heroes, thus gaining a specialist in the Occult and Magical Arts.

Raven is able to create portals to other dimensions, materialize objects out of thin air, and cast different types of spells, among many other abilities. On top of all this, she is extremely dangerous to all Kryptonians who are super sensitive to magic.

10. Batwoman


Batwoman is a tremendously mysterious character, and that is what makes her one of the most special. After being expelled from the army for being a lesbian, Katherine Kane decided to follow a quiet life, worrying only about going out at night to have fun. One day, she was the victim of an attempted robbery from which she was saved by Batman, which inspired the girl to become a superhero.

Despite not having any kind of superpower, Kate received rigorous military training, which makes her an excellent fighter and super disciplined.

In addition, he knows how to handle any type of weapon and can drive several vehicles. Like any member of the Bat-family, she is an excellent strategist, being able to come up with brilliant plans.

9. Power Girl


Yes, it is true that just because he is from Krypton he already has a reserved place on this list. Power Girl has a very similar origin to Supergirl, actually being a version of Supergirl from Earth-2. But due to her prominence in comics she has always enjoyed a special status among DC Comics fans.

As is more than evident, Power Girl is very… powerful! She possesses very Superman-like powers, and was one of the only characters (and the only female character) capable of defeating Wonder Woman. Never has a character’s name been so well chosen!

8. Katana


Tatsu Yamashiro, better known by Katana, is the first member of the group Birds of Prey to enter our list. This excellent samurai possesses a mystical sword called the Soultaker that possesses the souls of all those killed by the deadly metal. But don’t be fooled, as the Soultaker isn’t the only trick Katanna has up her sleeve. Like any other samurai, Katanna received martial arts training from a secret group called the Outsiders . In addition, she was also personally trained by Batman during his stay in that secret organization.

Physically, she is extremely agile, fast, and strong. But it is mentally where Katana excels, as her intelligence is above average, and she is also an excellent strategist.

7. Black Canary


Born into a family of heroes, with a superhero mother and a police officer father, she grew up surrounded by superpowers. As soon as she reached adulthood, and after training hard for a long time, she decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps. And so she went on to take on her mother’s costume and heritage, becoming Black Canary.

Black Canary is the first meta-human on our list, as she possesses a powerful cry called “El Grito del Canario” .

This ability allows him to reach super high sound frequencies, capable of breaking objects and even disorienting his opponents. It has recently been revealed that his scream is so powerful that he can even crack skulls.

6. Zatanna


Theoretically this superheroine can beat Superman himself. Is it hard for you to believe it? Zatanna is a powerful mage, capable of casting all kinds of spells.

He was born into a family of wizards, and his parents were members of a mystical tribe that called themselves Los Escondidos . Quickly, he learned to master the magical arts and became one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe.

Zatanna is a member of the Justice League and the Justice League Dark, a team that brings together the best characters related to mystical forces. Through her magic, Zatanna manages to control any of the four elements, but that is only a small sample of her true power.

5. Batgirl


Yet another member of the Bat-family and Birds of Prey on our list. Barbara Gordon, daughter of cop Jim Gordon, was the first Batgirl in a long line of characters to use this identity in comics.

Batgirl has practically all the characteristics of Batwoman at the level of skills, but her moral code is more rigid and respectful of life than that of Batwoman, who has resorted to murder several times to stop her adversaries.

Batgirl has one thing that sets her apart from all of Batman’s other sidekicks: her intelligence. Barbara Gordon is super insightful and knowledgeable in various fields and different disciplines. She is also a good fighter, with great speed and agility, but it is undoubtedly her intellect that makes her stand out from the rest.

4. More


Mera is the wife of Aquaman and the Queen of Atlantis and the Oceans. Despite that, Mera was not born in Atlantis, but rather she comes from a parallel dimension called Xebel. She met Aquaman and fell madly in love with the hero of Atlantis, causing him to leave her homeland and to sit beside Aquaman on the throne of the mystical city of Atlantis.

But Mera is not just a Queen, as she manages to stand out thanks to her truly spectacular super-powers and her moral code.

She is a fair queen and friend to her people, having no problem invading the battlefield to defend Atlantis. Mera possesses super-strength, super-speed and manages to control and manipulate water at will.

3. Starfire


Ready to embark with us on a cosmic journey? Starfire was an inhabitant of the planet Tamaran, who after seeing her planet destroyed, she decided to travel to Earth and found a new home there.

On Earth, she joined the Teen Titans with the aim of using her powers for good, defending the interests of what was now her new planet for her.

Starfire is an alien, and her list of powers is truly impressive. In addition to her traditional super strength, she can speak any language, fly, and even shoot energy bolts. Without a doubt, planet Earth is more than grateful to have a new inhabitant with such special characteristics.

2. Supergirl


Speaking of aliens, it is clear that we have to talk about Kara Zor-El, the Kryptonian who was sent to planet Earth to protect Kal-El, who was later known as Superman. Unfortunately, the ship carrying Kara got stuck in a negative zone and by the time she arrived on planet Earth, Kal was already a grown man and had become the greatest protector of planet Earth.

Kara has the powers of a normal Kyptonian, which for Earthlings is something extraordinary. She possesses super strength, super speed, heat vision, the ability to fly, and breathe air so cold that she is able to freeze objects and even her opponents.

1.Wonder Woman


Diana Prince, the Queen of the Amazons, is without a doubt the most popular superhero in the world! Currently, actress Gal Gadot is responsible for bringing this fantastic character to life on screen.

One of the greatest defenders of Peace in the entire world, Wonder Woman is also one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. The daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, she later became one of the founding members of the Justice League.

In addition to having at his disposal mystical artifacts capable of truly incredible feats, his powers are just as fantastic. Diana is the most powerful fictional female character, who also has the ability to fly, self-regenerate and is theoretically invulnerable.

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