The (complicated) love life of Marvel superheroes

Superheroes have had love affairs with each other forever. Having superpowers or wearing a costume to fight crime makes finding a partner not easy, since the life of superheroes is full of dangers.


These pairings often come and go, but rarely are they particularly long-lasting. But when two superheroes manage to make their relationship work, great love stories can be forged. Even if those relationships end in disaster (as they so often do), they’re still a very important part of the characters’ story.


The marriage of superheroes has always been a thorny issue for all comic book authors and publishers. Starting in the 1970s, the role of women began to disassociate itself from “that object that the hero has to rescue”, and headers dedicated to women began to appear that perfectly reflected the change in the role of women in society.


Obviously, relationships between characters of the same sex were not even contemplated. The Mavel of the 60s was innovative in a lot of ways, especially in being very attached to social realities, but the social values ​​were very different from the ones we live in now and the LGTBI reality would still be relegated and hidden for some years.


Fortunately, the relationships have been adapting to the times and have evolved along with the characters themselves.

We are going to do a (more or less) chronological review of these couple relationships within the Marvel Universe. Superlove is in the air!


1. The fantastic couple

Reed Richards and Sue Storm are the quintessential Marvel couple and the first to make the decision to walk down the aisle. Their relationship is built on an emotional trust that has helped them survive some of the worst crises a couple can go through. Sue is Reed’s emotional anchor and the soul of the Fantastic Four.


The couple got married in the mythical Fantastic Four Annual #3 (1965), with guests such as the Avengers, the X-Men, Nick Fury or Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves, who were denied access because they were not in the guest list.


Sue and Reed are one of the few couples who have been “allowed” to have children (and support them), both being an indispensable part of the life and adventures of the Fantastic Four; Franklin and Valeria, despite different ups and downs, are the quintessential descendants of the Marvel Universe. Now it only remains to be seen how their growth will be and if we will see them occupy a relevant position in the future…


2. The couple of discord

In Avengers vol. 1 #60 (1969), the work of Roy Thomas and John Buscema, it would be the turn of another couple whose lives had been united since the beginning of their adventures in Tales to Astonishing , Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne .


This couple has always been surrounded by constant crises, aggression, personality disorders, various obsessions and flirtations with fellow Avengers. When it seemed that they could be good friends, the fusion of Hank with Ultron has ruined the little normality that remained for the relationship of these two characters.


3. Wedding under the sea

In Sub-Mariner #36 (1971), the work of Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema, Namor marries Lady Dorma , who turns out in the end to be a burning Llyra of revenge and desire for power, transmuted into the body of the bride.


Llyra , former despotic queen of Lemuria had been left for dead after a confrontation with Namor. In the end, Dorma dies, but is recorded as Namor’s wife, thus Llyra’s plan to rule the Atlanteans goes to hell, and Namor goes from husband to widower in a matter of minutes.


4. Couples in sin

In the 70s, relationships between characters outside of marriage begin. For example, Daredevil and Black Widow shared life and head, as a de facto couple. The relationship ended up dissolving, but they remained good friends. At least it didn’t end in tragedy, like most of Matt Murdock’s romances.


Meanwhile, Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter lived their love story, after Cap hung up his tights and she decided to walk away from SHIELD to live a life totally dedicated to their romance.


Also Dr. Stange lived in his Sancta Santorum in Greenwich Village under the same roof as his Clea , his eternal love.


Marc Spector (Moon Knight) and Marlene Alraune also shared a mansion , although his schizophrenia did not exactly help them have a conventional romance.


5. Mutant-Inhuman Bond

In the pages of the Fantastic Four we had been witnessing the romance between Johnny Storm and the inhuman Crystal . This relationship is cut short by the appearance of Pietro Maximoff , the mutant son of Magneto and brother of the Scarlet Witch.

love triangle

The event occurs in the story that takes place between Avengers vol. 1 #127 and Fantastic Four vol. 1 #150 (1974), Crystal and Quicksilver married and settled on Attilan, marking the first marriage between an Inhuman and a non-Inhuman. At first, Crystal and Pietro were very happy together, especially after Crystal gave birth to her daughter Luna by her; but soon discrepancies arose between them that ended up ruining their marriage.


Crystal is currently the consort of Ronan , the Accuser, creating an alliance between the Inhumans and the Kree.


6. The Witch and the synthezoid

In Giant-Size Avengers #4, Wanda Maximoff , the Scarlet Witch, was finally married to the Vision . This wedding ended up being double, because at the last minute Mantis and the Swordsman were also encouraged .


7. My uncle, my enemy

When Aunt May is about to inherit an island, Dr. Octopus decides to woo her and ends up walking her down the aisle, much to the despair of an incredulous Peter Parker. Fortunately, the wedding does not take place and Otto Octavius ​​does not become the uncle of her worst enemy. Crazy stuff going on back in 1974, in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #131.


8. The many loves of Peter Parker

And we continue with Spider-Man. The love life of Peter Parker would give for an article in itself. The “bad luck Parker” the wall-crawler always complained about didn’t particularly affect his love life. From an idyllic and almost platonic first relationship with Betty Brant , to the arrival of the two great loves of his life, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson , the young Parker has always enjoyed one of the most moving and dramatic sentimental trajectories of cartoons. .


In the 1980s , Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat , entered the scene and turned our hero’s life upside down, possibly the relationship between them being the most interesting in terms of characterization and complexity than any other relationship in the history of Spidey. The romance between them was practically developing under their disguised identities, but as passionate as their encounters were, the relationship was doomed from the start.


For the rest, we all know that Spidey finally married the redhead, in the already mythical Giant-Size Annual Spider-man #21 (1987) ,…until their marriage was “annulled” by Mephisto in a story that even today it continues to divide fans.


9. Birds on the run

In Hawkeye ‘s first miniseries in 1983, he would elope with a newly appeared Mockingbird and the two would marry in secret. Another link that wouldn’t last too long…


10. Romance infernal

In The New Defenders #125 (1983), Patsy Walker , aka Hellcat, and Daimon Hellstrom are joined in marriage, despite the fact that his demonic heritage would end their union soon after.


11. I married a clone

After losing Jean Gray (things about your beloved becoming Dark Phoenix), a grieving and more giddy than usual Scott Summers meets a redhead with an uncanny resemblance to his late girlfriend, Madelyne Pryor, and in less than he a rooster sings, they fall in love, get married and have a son (Nathan Summers, who would later become Cable). The ceremony takes place in Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #175 (1983) and we already see coming from afar that things are going to end in disaster. Where would the fun be if it wasn’t, right?


12. Royal Wedding

In Fantastic Four vol. 1 Annual #18 (1984), one of the most anticipated weddings by fans takes place. Medusa and Black Bolt (Black Lightning) go through the vicarage and become one of the most stable and long-lived couples in Marvel, despite the fact that in recent times they have been experiencing a tug-of-war that seems to end with the return to fold of the two lovebirds.


Medusa and her sister Crystal have in common that they enjoyed the “hot” company of Johnny Storm .


13. Wedding in green

Another mythical couple, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross managed to say “I do” in Incredible Hulk v.1 #319 (1986), thanks to John Byrne. The misfortunes that befell the marriage are countless, so let’s enjoy a moment of peace in honor of tragic loves…


14. I married my best friend’s girlfriend

Another strange wedding that did not turn out to be what it seemed, that of Johnny Storm and Alicia Masters . In Fantastic Four vol. 1 #300 (1986), The Thing’s longtime girlfriend was marrying his best friend after Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew decided to stay on the planet from the Secret Wars and found his teammate and his girl had fallen in love during his absence.


Later, it was discovered that Alicia had been impersonated by a Skrull, Lyja , sent to spy on the Fantastic Four, and that she ended up truly falling in love with Johnny.

it's raining

15. Marital abandonment and remarriage

When the love of his life returns from the dead, Scott Summers abandons his wife and son to fall back into the arms of his beloved Jean Grey . This tricky situation (rather unethical on the part of a hero like Cyclops) would be solved in a bizarre way, turning Madelyne into a villain during the Inferno saga , revealing that she is a clone of Jean under the manipulations of Mr. Sinister and finally dying to be able to give legitimacy to the mutant couple par excellence. Mind you, they would have the decency to wait a few years, until X-Men vol. 1 #30 (1994) to get married and promise each other eternal happiness…which turned out to be more ephemeral than anything else.


16. Wedding without powers

Peter David brought together two great characters who shone especially under his pen. In Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #418 (1994), Rick Jones and Marlo had a memorable bond, which would end when Marlo fell in love with Moondragon.


Moondragon , in turn, would end up mating with Captain Marvel’s daughter, Phyla , the second Quasar.

moondragon- phyla

17. Clawful love

Listing the love life of Logan , aka Wolverine, is even more complicated than in the case of Peter Parker. Rose O’Hara, Silver Fox, Itsu (mother of his son Daken), Melita Garner, Yukio, Mystique, Domino… His unrequited love for Jean Gray has always marked his life, but the greatest tragedy he has ever experienced Canadian mutant named Mariko Yashida .


After being rejected by her just before their marriage for not being considered “worthy”, Mariko suffers a tragic death that puts an end to one of Marvel’s most tormented romances forever.


Few remember Logan’s bond with the evil Viper (Viper), in Wolverine v.1 #126 (1998). Wolverine and Madame Hydra, a marriage of convenience that was short-lived and ended amicably.

viper logan

It is de rigueur to mention the great friendship of Logan and Ororo , which has led them many times to enjoy benefits only shared with “special friends”. Two characters with clear things that have always put their friendship above all else. Of course, many of us have fantasized about seeing them as a couple…


18. Mutant loves

Obviously, Logan deserved a separate epigraph, but within the mutant family we can find many and varied romances, which have come to a better or worse end; because it is already known that if, in addition to having powers, you are hated and persecuted for your genetic condition, things are even more difficult.


We have our lovable blue-skinned elf and his relationship with sorceress Amanda Sefton


…or his flirtations with Meggan , then-girlfriend (now wife) of Captain Britain.


We cannot forget the passionate love story (loss and recovery of powers included) that Storm and Forge lived , intermittent lovers and protagonists of some of the best stories of the mutant weather queen written by the patriarch Claremont.


The relationship between Mystique and Destiny was always full of ambiguity, but we were all clear that they were a couple and that is how Claremont conceived it.


Another unexpected couple emerged from the ranks of the mutants: Magneto and Rogue . Although it was a flash in the pan, in the alternate reality of Age of Apocalypse , they are married with a child.


Other famous mutie couples are Havock and Polaris


Dazzler y Longshot


Professor Xavier and Empress Lilandra


Rictor y Shatterstar.


19. Colossus and Kitty Pryde

Others that deserve a separate epigraph. The youngest of the X-Men immediately fell in love with her partner Peter Rasputin. After years of comings and goings, meetings and disagreements, different relationships of each of them and deaths and resurrections of rigor, it seemed that the two lovebirds were going to promise eternal love and make their relationship official in X-Men Gold #30 (2018) .


But surprisingly, the ceremony took an unexpected turn, which has to do with our next couple…

20. Rogue y Gambit

Since they met, sparks flew between the two. Despite not being able to touch each other, the Cajun and the Southerner have been stripping the margarita for so long, we’d almost gotten used to seeing them as friends. But these two always have a surprise card up their sleeve and the pair have proven to be more unbreakable than ever.


21. Dating and various hookups

Apart from the more or less official relationships, Marvel has always surprised us with some sporadic relationships between heroes that have sometimes impacted us more than expected. Among the most mythical and accepted is the relationship (which became official) between Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man, Wanda Maximoff and Simon Williams , in a remembered love triangle with the Vision.


Wanda also had her encounters with Steve Rogers , Captain America…


…y con Clint Barton.

1 - Clint Barton

Clint Barton also had his romance with Natasha Romanoff , Black Widow…


…who in turn was involved with Bucky Barnes , the Winter Soldier.

Natasha Romanoff y Bucky Barnes

Another illustrious avenger, She-Hulk , has always lived in a very free and unprejudiced way. Tony Stark, Luke Cage, Starfox, Man-Wolf, Hercules, Juggernaut… However, we all fondly remember her relationship with Wyatt Wingfoot.


By the way, Hercules has a lot of familiar faces on his list of conquests… and some we didn’t count on.


Simon Williams y Carol Danvers.

simon carol

Hank Pym and Tigra .

2 - Hank Pym and the Tiger

Clint Barton and Maya Lopez (Echo).


Stephen Strange y la Night Nurse.

2 - Stephen Strange Night Nurse

22. Throwback Wedding

That character that appeared out of nowhere and that they tried to shoehorn us into, do you remember him? I apologize in advance to anyone who is a fan of the Sentry , but their wedding, a simple flashback on the cover of New Avengers #8 (2005), was a reflection of their strange history and development during the time of Bendis, which he never knew. very well what to do with it.


23. Historic Wedding

In Astonishing X-Men #51 (2012) Marvel’s first gay wedding took place , even if it was between two characters not especially known by the general public. Twenty years after coming out (hurriedly) from the closet, the publisher finally dared to marry Jean-Paul Beauvier (Northstar) and her boyfriend Kyle , echoing a reality that cried out to see itself reflected in the vignettes and silence many mouths.


24. Power Couple

In New Avengers Annual #1 (2006) one of Marvel’s most unbreakable couples to date, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones , married . Keep it up for a long time…


25. Youth know what they want

The couple made up of Karolina Dean (a member of the Runaways) and the gender fluid skrull Xavin , were among the first to break with taboos and prejudices regarding sexuality and gender in the pages of a comic.


Karolina is currently dating Julie Power (of the Power Pack), who defines herself as bisexual.


The Young Avengers Wiccan and Hulkling made history with their kiss in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #9 . This is a kiss between two characters who long ago recognized their attraction and decided they wanted to be a couple. And that’s why this kiss is important; because it took seven years to show a kiss between two characters who must kiss every day. It’s an important kiss because of all the times we haven’t seen it.


26. The love triangles of Scott Summers

In the X-Men comics of the 1990s, Psyloche has her eye on Cyclops and goes to great lengths to seduce him.


Psylocke’s only role here is to get Cyclops and Jean through another test and realize they want to get married. Her humanity is secondary to her sexuality. And honestly, everything she says and does is so sexually aggressive that she could have been sued for harassment. It is not a particularly pleasant treatment for Betsy Braddock, it must be said.

Now it’s time to talk about something really decisive and very controversial at the time. After his return from being possessed by Apocalypse, Cyclops discovered that his marriage had become obsolete. He ended up getting sexual advice from Emma Frost , the White Queen, which led to a psychic affair between them. Evidently, this didn’t make Jean Gray very happy when she found out…


After the (second) death of Jean Gray at the hands of Xorn/Magneto, Emma and Scott became a couple. The rest of the X-Men learned to accept their union and took over Xavier’s school. Until their calamities began again: possession by Phoenix force, separation, death of Cyclops and return of Emma to the dark side.


27. Loves that kill

Seemingly overcoming her wild tendencies, Marrina married Namor , becoming the queen of Beluvia. Shortly after, Namor and Marrina enter The Avengers. Unaware that she was pregnant (at first, she believed that the pregnancy was psychological), Marrina transformed into a gigantic creature, resembling the mythical monster Leviathan. After destroying several fleets of ships and laying waste to Atlantis, the Avengers decided to stop it once and for all. Finally, the Submarine Prince had to finish her off with the Black Knight’s sword.


Another case of long-suffering love is that of Betsy Braddock , Psylocke, and Warren Worthingthon III , the Angel turned Archangel. Warren Worthington’s wings and mind were warped by Apocalypse technology, and Betsy Braddock watched as her entire body was changed into that of a Japanese assassin. After undergoing two of the most drastic changes in X-Men history, they found each other in the mid-’90s.


In “Dark Angel Saga” , an evil Archangel plans to become Apocalypse’s heir and Betsy has to stab him in the chest with the Celestial Life Seed.

2 - Archangel y Betsy

28. The Devil’s Sweethearts

If we have to talk about a love jinx, Matt Murdock takes the cake. The Guardian Devil has always been a heartthrob, but rarely has he had such a “normal” relationship as the one he had with Black Widow . To this day, they remain good friends.


Otherwise, his relationship with Heather Glenn ended tragically…

2 - Heather Glenn

One of the mythical moments in Marvel history is Elektra ‘s death at the hands of Bullseye.

2 - Elektra and Daredevil

The villain would go on to claim the life of another of Matt’s girlfriends, Karen Page .


Eventually, Matt married Milla Donovan , but she ended up unhinged and committed to a sanatorium.


Daredevil also succumbed to the charms of the psychotic Typhoid Mary , with whom he had a love-hate relationship.


29. The Goddess of Time and the Panther King

One of the weddings that has raised the most expectations is that of Ororo Munroe , alias Storm (Storm) and T’Challa , king of Wakanda, better known as Black Panther.


30. Supervillains fall in love too

But what about the villains? Don’t they deserve love too? Although not as common as it is with superheroes, supervillains also fall in love, either with other villains or sometimes even with the very heroes they have sworn to kill.


A mythical couple in the Marvel Universe is made up of Titania and the Absorbing Man , Carl Creel.


Dr. Doom has had dalliances with various characters, such as Morgan le Fay, the Enchantress, The Scarlet Witch (under mind control). In any case, Victor Von Domm’s greatest obsession in life is the conquest of absolute power. He once married the supposed love of her life, Valeria, only to later hand her over to a trio of demons to increase her powers.


In the Secret Wars event (2015) it was revealed that Doom’s greatest wish is to have the family he never had, in this case, “stealing” it from his eternal rival, Reed Richards.

If we had to give an example of the toxic relationship par excellence, that of the Mad Titan Thanos and Death himself would be the first on the list.


Otto Octavius ​​(Dr. Octopus) falls in love with brilliant scientist Anna Maria Marconi when the villain is occupying the body of Peter Parker, during the events of Superior Spider-Man .


Wilson Fisk professes unconditional love for his beloved Vanessa , whom he met at a very young age. The villain fell in love with her immediately, seeing her as the only thing that rivaled her desire for power and at the same time as something to fight for and move forward to the top.


Deep down, let’s not fool ourselves, Vanessa is still a prisoner of the Kingpin and deep down their relationship is a mixture of the desire for power of one and the traumas of the other.


And finally, the worst “flipping” in the entire history of the Marvel Universe. In one of the most unusual, controversial and defunct sagas in Spider-Man history, it is revealed that Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn shared a night of passion while in Paris. But that did not stop there, but Gwen became pregnant and had twins named Sarah and Gabriel. Let’s run a thick fleece…

2 - Harry Osborn y Gwen Stacy