Who is Dr. Sivana, the villain of the SHAZAM movie!

In his first film within the DC Cinematic Universe, Shazam! He does not face Black Adam, as many fans would have liked. In order to see the character played by Dwayne Johnson we will have to wait (supposedly) for his solo film. However, the superhero will face the evil Doctor Sivana , his other nemesis in the comics.


The character is played by the excellent British actor Mark Strong, who already had the opportunity to play a DC villain in the ill-fated Green Lantern (2011) directed by Martin Campbell and played by Ryan Reynolds ( Deadpool ). In that movie, Strong played Sinestro , the villain/antihero who becomes the biggest threat to the Green Lantern Corps.


We can say that Dr. Sivana is the particular Lex Luthor of Shazam! This mad scientist is the oldest and most persistent enemy of Billy Batson, a super genius who believes that the world does not appreciate what he has to offer (hence he has found a new home on the planet Venus) and who is constantly devising new weapons and inventions to end the most powerful mortal in the world .

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Here’s everything you need to know about Shazam ‘s oldest and most persistent foe !

Origin and trajectory

Dr. Sivana is a character as old as Captain Marvel/Shazam himself and is the villain who has appeared the most in the character’s stories since his first appearance and the quintessential archnemesis of Billy Batson ‘s alter ego . The scientist also debuted in Whiz Comics #2 (1940), from Fawcett Comics. Created by Bill Parker and CC Beck, his name is a combination of the name of the Indian god Siva and the word nirvana.

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Thaddeus Bodog Sivana ‘s tragic origin story set him apart from the rest of the villains of the time. At first he was a good man who wanted to help humanity, but conservative businessmen and his own superiors tried to impede his work and even treated him like a madman, until, bitter and disappointed, the scientist decided to give up. He turned his back on humanity and moved to Venus, where he began plotting ways to control the earth and take revenge for the taunts he received and the contempt for his work.


On the planet Venus, he created his own (and peculiar) family, which joined his crusade for revenge against the Marvel Family. Upon his return to Earth, he established himself as a villain and faced then- Captain Marvel in what was the hero’s first fight.


After entering limbo due to legal disputes between Fawcett Comics and DC Comics , both characters were integrated into the DC Universe. At that time, Sivana’s personality and origin story were revised to fit his new continuity and changing times. The miniseries Shazam! The New Beginning (1987) revealed that Sivana was also Billy Batson’s step-uncle (really, the stepbrother of his late mother), while The Power of Shazam (1994). established that Sivana, like Lex Luthor, was once a successful businessman whose bitter hatred of his sworn enemy caused him to lose everything he had.

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However, the villain has also played an important role in the DC Universe outside of Shazam’s adventures. In the weekly series 52 (2006), Sivana and his fellow mad scientists took up residence on Oolong Island, run by the Intergang criminal gang, and ended up triggering World War III after capturing and torturing a Balck Adam who was undertaking his own path of redemption.

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Sivana also briefly collaborated with the good guys in Final Crisis (2008,) where he and Luthor helped stop Darkseid and the reincarnated New Gods.


With the initiative of The New 52, ​​Sivana has seen his origin updated again. In the story dedicated to Shazam! performed by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, it is established that Thaddeus is desperately searching for a magical cure to save his sick relatives. After failing in his attempt to form a lasting alliance with Black Adam, Sivana teamed up with Mr. Mind , a longtime telepathic caterpillar enemy of Shazam. Already within Rebirth , it remains to be seen how Sivana will evolve in the new series that Geoff Johns is going to write about Shazam!


powers and abilities

Sivana does not possess any special powers and all his abilities derive from his great scientific knowledge and high intellect, which makes him a genius and a brilliant inventor. He is able to create weapons, means of transportation, devices, robots… that most people would not even be able to imagine.


The scientist is not especially skilled in close combat, but he is a skilled strategist and a wicked manipulator.


As of his new remake in the New 52 and after being burned and half blinded by a magical bolt, Sivana has gained the small superhuman ability to see magical energy with the naked eye.


Not as popular outside of comics

Sivana would not officially appear on television until 1979, when he appeared in both episodes of the Legends of the Superheroes special , portrayed by Howard Morris, his only flesh-and-blood portrayal to date.

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Sivana played a recurring role in the 1981 animated series The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam! , voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.

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Since then, he has appeared in such animated projects as Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League: Gods and Monsters .


Finally, Thaddeus Bodog Sivana makes his big screen debut in the first Shazam! and we are sure that he will be a villain to be reckoned with and the definitive push for the mad scientist to be known by most of the super fans and by the general public.