Who is Ocean Master, the villainous brother of Aquaman in the DC movie?

In the movie Aquaman (2018), directed by James Wan and played by Jason Momoa in the role of Arthur Curry, the underwater hero has to deal with nothing more and nothing less than his own brother, Orm Marius , better known as Ocean Master , in a battle for the fate of the kingdom of Atlantis.

In the film, the villain is played by actor Patrick Wilson , a prominent stage and screen actor, and an old acquaintance and accomplice of James Wan, since he has appeared in both parts (a third is being prepared) of The Conjuring , as well as in the first two installments of the Insidious saga , all of them directed by Wan.


Here’s everything you need to know about Aquaman’s half-brother, the villain known as the Ocean Master !

My (half) brother, my (complete) enemy

The character was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy in Aquaman #29 (1966). Orm Curry was the son of Tom Curry and Mary O’Sullivan and thus the human half-brother of Arthur Curry, whom he hated for being a hero, which led him to dedicate his life to crime. After suffering an accident that gave him amnesia, he forgot his true identity, but kept his hatred of Aquaman alive. Adopting the name Orm Marius , he would become a high-tech pirate and call himself the Ocean Master .

First apparition

Orm has always been one of Aquaman’s staunchest enemies in his efforts to best rule his realm and promote peaceful relations with the surface world. But Orm would always choose war as his path in his attempt to establish Atlantis as the dominant force on the planet, whether on the surface or under the water.

half brother

When Aquaman found out who Ocean Master really was, he tried at all costs to avoid confronting him, but he never stopped thwarting Orm’s plans for war and conquest. In Aquaman #50 (1970), Deadman took possession of Orm’s body and unlocked his memories, but the villain decided to continue plotting against Orm’s half-brother.


A new origin… magical?

When Peter David took it upon himself to revitalize Aquaman in the early ’90s, he began to flesh out the Atlantis mythology and characters and take it down new (and exciting) paths, with major works like The Atlantis Chronicles and Aquaman: Time and Tide . As a result, Orm’s backstory was drastically altered. In this new version, the ancient wizard Atlan was revealed to be Orm and Arthur’s father, automatically giving Orm a more legitimate claim to the throne.


As in previous versions, he set about gaining control of Atlantis, this time bolstered by his supernatural powers courtesy of Neron . There was even a time when Orm cast a spell to take on the appearance of his brother so he could rule the sunken kingdom of Sub Diego.


Ocean Master underwent an even deeper makeover with DC ‘s New 52 reboot in 2011. Geoff Johns established that Orm and Aquaman share the same mother , the late Queen Atlanna. According to this new version, Atlanna conceived a child with Thomas Curry and left him in her care on the surface world. Afterwards, she was forced to marry a member of the Atlantean Royal Guard, resulting in the birth of Orm. For a time, Orm ruled Atlantis, until Aquaman claimed the birthright from him in the Throne of Atlantis saga (2013).


powers and abilities

Orm was originally an ordinary human who relied on advanced technology to survive the depths of the ocean and wage the war that would give him the throne of Atlantis.


Orm later gained mystical powers due to selling his soul to the demon Neron. At this point, he obtained a mighty trident, which gave him great power, but caused him excruciating pain when moved away from him.

mystic powers

Orm wears a helmet that allows him to breathe underwater and also wears a special suit that allows him to resist water pressure and provides resistance to physical attacks.


In his New 52 remake , Orm is described as a pure-blooded Atlantean with powers including super strength, gills, and the ability to communicate with marine life, much like his brother. He also wields an enchanted trident that allows him to control the weather.


animated orm

Orm has had a prominent role in several of DC’s animated films, notably Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2011) and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015), which was a very interesting adaptation of the comic book story.


Now we have to enjoy the film version of the character, which takes its inspiration from the version that was given to us in the New 52 , ​​in which he appears as the current ruler of Atlantis who clashes with his half-brother for control of the throne. It’s time for war!