Would Vision be able to survive if Thanos stole his Infinity Stone?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ultron created Vision using the Mind Stone . The superhero was born this way, with one of the Infinity Stones embedded in his forehead.

In Infinity War, Thanos finally manages to collect all the Infinity Stones. So what’s going to happen to Vision when the Mad Titan gets ahold of him and steals the Mind Stone from him?

These are our 3 theories!

1. Vision dies without the Mind Stone


This seems to be the most predictable hypothesis to happen. As we have seen at the end of Infinity War , Thanos has no problem killing Vision to get the Gem, something that does not surprise us knowing the history of the Mad Titan and his penchant for genocide.

The supervillain is a relentless being who will not be stopped by anything to achieve maximum power. Although Vision is very powerful, he is unable to resist an opponent of Thanos’ stature and succumbs to him under the horrified gaze of his beloved Wanda.

Without the Gem that gave him life, Vision will likely die , or at least be left in a “stasis” state . After all, we are talking about an android. There is a chance to rebuild the synthezoid and find something to replace the Mind Stone. That would be a good opportunity to go back to basics and give Vision the gem that she holds in the comics.

2. Vision becomes emotionless


Vision’s powers, feelings, and life itself are attributed to the Infinity Stone. And many believe that he will not die without the Gem, but he will lose his personality as we know it.

If we take away what makes him who he is, what do we have left? It is possible for Vision to become an emotionless, purely rational being . This would not be something strange for fans of comics, since there was a time when Vision was without experiencing any type of emotion, something that was deeply dramatic for his wife, the Scarlet Witch, and that led him to experience one of his most famous nervous breakdowns.

If this happens in the cinema, it is possible that it will drastically affect the romantic relationship between the two superheroes, which began to take shape in the Age of Ultron and that both live openly in Infinity War .

3. Apparently dead, but with his consciousness inside the Gem


If the Mind Stone is integrated into Vision’s head, we can consider him to be part of the Mind Stone as well. Even in the event of his death, it is possible that Vision’s consciousness was still present in the Infinity Stone. Due to its non-human nature, this may be a possibility to be explored.

Even more: the Jewel of the Mind is a true portal for the collective consciousness of all beings in the universe. Just imagine if Vision was able to interfere with Thanos’ Gauntlet to create a weakness or “gate” that the Avengers could exploit. And all through his disembodied awareness of her.