Akame ga Kill! Filler & Episode List

Akame ga Kill! was first published as manga by Square Enix on March 20th, 2010. Later it was adapted into Anime, but it does not follow the manga’s ending – filler episodes.

Canon Episodes:


Filler Episodes:

Full Akame ga Kill! Episode List

EP Title Type
01 Kill the Darkness Canon
02 Kill the Authority Canon
03 Kill Your Cares Canon
04 Kill the Imperial Arm Users Canon
05 Kill the Dream Canon
06 Kill the Absolute Justice Canon
07 Kill the Three: Part 1 Canon
08 Kill the Three: Part 2 Canon
09 Kill the Battle Fanatic Canon
10 Kill the Temptation Canon
11 Kill the Mad Scientist Canon
12 Kill the Newcomers Canon
13 Kill the Nuisances Canon
14 Kill the Colossal Danger Beast Canon
15 Kill the Religious Organization Canon
16 Kill the Puppets Canon
17 Kill the Curse Canon
18 Kill the Demon Canon
19 Kill the Fate Canon
20 Kill the Carnage Canon
21 Kill the Despair Mostly Filler
22 Kill the Little Sister Filler
23 Kill the Emperor Filler
24 Akame ga Kill! Filler